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                          Joining Forces


                          Modestneeds.org can help with bills,car repairs etc.

                          "Operation Komando"
                              ADDITIONAL SOURCES OF HELP TO CHECK NOW 

                           Asbestos Exposure illness
                           My Health Vet
                           Mesothelioma Resource
                           National Center for PTSD
                           Jobs for X-Military and Spouses 
                           Wounded Warriors Veterans Directory
                           Salute Americas Heroes
                           Veterans K-9 Corps
                           Service Dogs for Americas Heroes 
                           Ipads for Troops
                           We Are One 365
                           Help Family travel to visit wounded soldier
                           Support Our Military
                           Heroes Night Out
                           More Family Help Resources
                           Assistance to Military Families
                           Our Military Kids
                           Armed Forces Relief Trust
                           Modest Needs
                           Military quick approval loans
                           Social Network to help with your needs 
                           Calling Cards for the Troops
                           Emergency Relief
                           Army Emergency Relief
                           Advance Military Pay Loans
                           Omni Financial
                           Family Help
                           Reserve Family Help
                           Nat. Guard Family Help
                           Paralyzed Veterans of America
                           Any Soldier Delivers 
                           Forgotten Soldiers Outreach, Inc.
                           Wounded Soldiers and USO
                           Heroes to Hometowns org
                           Food Pantries
                           Ending Hunger
                           Feed the chidren
                           Help for Getting food
                           Job-Applications.com - Armed Forces Jobs
                           Care Packages
                           Care Packages to Troops
                           Family Care
                           Date HookUp
                           Strength.org Food for Children
                           Modest Needs.org Help with some bills.
                           Armed Forces Relief Trust Help needy Families
                           College Programs
                           Funds for Vets & Family  Click This Text Line Now
                           VA Loans Info Mortgage Expertise
                           National Military Assoc. Sources of help
                           Resources & Financial Aid for Military Families Resources & Financial Aid for Military Families
                           National Military Family Assoc. Helping solve problems that affect families.
                           Military Support Organizations Help with Moves 
                           Eviction-Soldiers & Sailors Civil Relief Act Help with Eviction

                          Eviction- When a Military family is faced with eviction of a deployed military person. First
                          contact the unit commander of that individual for help,second check rights under the Soldiers
                          and Sailors Civil Relief Act. (SSCRA)

                                   To receive toys from Toys For Tots - 
                                   1.  Visit www.toysfortots.org 
                                   2.  Go to "Find a Local Campaign Office"
                                   3.  Select your state - click "go"
                                   The names of local TFT Coordinators will appear
                                   4.  Select the TFT Coordinator nearest you
                                   5.  Contact by phone, FAX, email
                                   Recommend you use email
                                   Click the hypertext email address
                                   An email form will appear
                                   Fill out the form by providing your name, phone
                                   number and address. Provide the ages and gender
                                   of the children and request that toys be provided
                                   for them.  The Coordinator will then contact you
                                   for more information to help.
                                   Thank you!
                                   TFT Team




                                                        Lenny & Larry's

                                   "If you're a member of New Beginnings or a military family,
                                   please visit Lenny & Larry's at  www.lennylarry.com. Email us
                                   your story, so we can figure out a way to help you. We salute
                                   the brave members of our armed forces."
                                   Email Lenny & Larry's
                                              Do enter your zip code

                                   This is a program that has come to our attention that could with
                                   a little effort create a steady income for a participating party.
                                   It would be ideal for military housewives that are taking care of
                                   the home front. There is a cost to start but ask Joe McHenry for a
                                   entry consideration to get you started.
                                   Visit the site here  Click here
                                   Be sure to ask questions before committing to any work at home Program


                                                  ANGEL TREE PROGRAM - Toys for Children
                                   Run by Salvation Army-Register Your Children at one of their
                                   Stores or Facilities.Check Local Listings for closest in your area


                                  Themurraygreyfoundation.org is offering a program
                                  Contact : Dave Walsh   Dave@themurraygreyfoundation.org


                          Some entities depending on locality have services with food and toys.
                          Check YMCA, Community Services, Ask Local TV and Radio Stations if programs
                          are available, Check with Religious Organizations, Ask Base Commander.

                          Base Guides Base Guide all Services

                          Ft. Lewis, Wash Resource Guide  Guide
                          Ft. Lewis source

                          Here is a website for anyone near Joint Base Lewis McCord in Washington state.
                          This program offers military dependents the ability to go shopping for their
                          kids for Christmas at their shop.  They also can hook you up with ACS- Army
                          Community Service to get help in the food arena for the holidays.  They will
                          do utmost to help anyone in true need.
                           Source for Ft. Lewis area help <- Click Here
                          Ft. Campbell, Ky Resource Guide  Guide

                          Airman & Family Readiness Center (Sheppard AFB)
                          New steps to apply for emergency assitance through the Air Force Aid Society:

                          Register online at the following link: https://my.afas.org/memberportal/Login/Login.aspx

                          After completing the online application, call the A&FRC for an appointment at (940) 676-4358
                          Air Force Aid Society - Eagle 
                          If you are an active duty Air Force member, spouse of an active duty Air Force member, a
                          Retiree, or a Widow/Widower and are within 50 miles of an Air Force installation, you may
                          apply for Air Force Aid Society assistance using this online application.

                           Help for those in the SanDiego, California Area
                          There's an organization in San Diego called Military Outreach
                          Ministries that might be able to help.

                          For additional resource info, there is an Armed Services YMCA
                          located at Camp Pendleton find out about free programs of
                          all kinds that might help you.

                          The SD Armed Services YMCA has many free services, including
                          a Christmas toy drive you can register for during the holidays
                          to receive free toys.

                          Call the office at 858-751-5755 and find out about all the
                          services. There is also an In-Home Crisis Counseling program
                          to help out when there are specific problems.
                          Please call me at the Armed Services YMCA in San Diego at
                          858-751-5755, ext. 103.

                          The SD Food Bank has pick-up points for food. Let me know and
                          I will research the info for you.
                          We may be able to help. I will check to find out.

                          Teri in San Diego

                          Transcontinental Management/Spirit of Sharing
                          (SpiritofSharing.org) Contact me Jaime Gilliam @ 760 439-8611
                          or email me
                          We are located in Oceanside, Ca. Helping Marines.
                             More Specific Help Resources 

                          That is a really nice thing that you are doing for the families.
                          I am a staff member of the Army Reserve Family Programs.  We
                          have a lot of access and such to resources for families.  There
                          are a lot of resources like AER [Army Emergency Relief], American
                          Legion, and VFW ... to name a few.  Also, placed geographically
                          within the US and other misc.territories, there are staff members
                          like myself who could also assist the families. If you are
                          interested in the listing of such staff .log into www.arfp.org
                          and follow links to direct you to the map out of all the staff.

                          We are interested in learning of other programs and such ... and
                          try to network with them when possible.
                          Again, thank you for your service to those uniquely serving us ~
                          MS DENISE A LESLIE
                          Mobilization Deployment Assistant
                          Army Reserve Family Programs
                          Contractor (SERCO)
                          Phone (724) 287-5687/(800) 453-9269
                          FAX:  (724) 287-0733

                           Nationwide Food Pantries

                                                 Source of Body Armor

                          Request for Assistance

                           See The Family Requests         Our Men & Women In Harms Way
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