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                            Because of the warriors of the past, the present, and the future, we Americans
                            can walk tall.
                            For those of you of may not know, or have forgotten, Lt. Col. Oliver North was
                            wounded in Vietnam many times and never left the men he commanded.
                            I am now passing this on for you to watch.  It's not just enjoyable, it is
                            riveting! When you are done pass it on too, I think it's important ... don't
                            you? If you are a veteran, I say thank you, for everything!  You are SO special!
                            Take the time for this one.  You won't be disappointed ... the end is a kicker.  
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                              married name. Thank you

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                            6.Third party posts. You have a son, daughter or friend in need and wish
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                              we can not accept third party posts.The recipient of help must be the
                              one requesting a post. No one else can do it for them.

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                                            CHRISTMAS OFFER 2013

                                  My name is Stephanie, I work at Disneyland and can offer u free tickets if u like
                                  Must be in the California area, like Camp Pendleton. Any family is fine. This is
                                  First come first serve,Sorry All out! > Thank you for your offer look forward to
                                  your 2014 offering.


                                  2014    62 Family   asking for help     have been helped
                                              CURRENT FAMILIES IN NEED 
                                                   Families in Need of Help
                                  Sadly this year our efforts yielded low resultsin 2012 primarily due to a bad
                                  Economy that affected our sponsors,donors and charitable entities. Of
                                  the 674 families asking for help this year only 136 were help. We thank
                                  all that contributed and helped for their efforts and kindness.

                                   PLEASE  PLEASE  PLEASE KEEP POSTS SHORT!!!!!!!!!NOW 100 WORDS MAX
                                   NO DOUBLE POSTING IT = IMMEDIATE REMOVAL  
                                   #20140062 4/20/2014
                                   liberal Missouri  USMC Reserve
                                   My name is Sarah my husband is the marine reserves and we need assistance
                                   paying march and half of Aprils rent and some help with groceries. We make too
                                   much for help from the state and I don't know where else to turn. If you could
                                   please email me back and let me know who might help us that would be great.
                                   Thank you very much. Sarah Davis
                                   #20140061 4/20/2014
                                   San Diego, Ca  Navy
                                   San Diego, ca Navy family of 8 only vehicle got repossessed owe 1495 to
                                   retrieve vehicle and catch up on payments!
                                   #20140060 4/20/2014
                                   Orlando, Florida United States Navy.
                                   My name is Lisette Acuna wife of Alexander Acuna and I come to you for help
                                   due to the very hard trying time my husband and kids are currently going
                                   through due to my husbands injury during his service to this country,
                                   Injuries include TBI x2, PTSD, Anxiety, Cervical Spine, Depression, Migraine,
                                   Tinnitus, and more. since being discharged from the military he has been
                                   unable to work and I just had to quit my job to care for my husband. We also
                                   have 3 boy ages 9, 1 and 4 months so we need all the help we can get. We need
                                   help with food and baby needs and help with a bill or two. I hope someone is
                                   able to reach us and help us during this very hard trying time. Thank you,
                                   #20140059  4/20/2014
                                   Carthage TN USN Vet
                                   I'm a USN Veteran receiving a honorable discharge in 2011 Anyone willing to
                                   help me pay my electric bill (220) ? We have tried everyone possible to help
                                   us. I type this I'm afraid my DD who is 4 will be without lights soon& My
                                   wife is 6 months pregnant we are in Carthage TN 37030
                                   #20140058  4/20/2014
                                   Ft. Sill, OK Army
                                   We are preparing for our son, Jon's third open heart surgery. He is 2 and a
                                   half. He was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, which means he has half
                                   a heart. 
                                   We are stationed at Fort Sill, Ok. My husband has been in the U.S. Army almost
                                   18 years. He's been through three deployments. We also have two daughters -
                                   Trinity 12 years old, and Destiny 3.5 years old.
                                   We are seeking help to prepare for Jon's surgery, scheduled for July 17th. Most
                                   medical costs are covered by TriCare, but not all travel expenses. Also I have
                                   to take unpaid leave from work, because I'll be out about 6 weeks (we are hoping
                                   no more) and don't have much paid leave to take - expenses will add up. Any help
                                   is appreciated! Thank you!! God Bless your organization. 
                                   #20140057 4/2/2014
                                   Schofield Barracks, HI. Army
                                   I am in the Army. My wife and I are located at Schofield Barracks, HI.
                                   We have recently run into financial trouble. My car has broken down and we
                                   can not afford to fix it. The money we have saved up we use to bring my wifes
                                   3 year old son for his visitation from Washington. Because of custody issues
                                   she only gets to see him twice a year. We can not save enough to fix my car.
                                   Thank you for reading and god bless.
                                   #20140056  4/2/2014
                                   Ft Worth, Tx  USMC
                                   My name is Terrence Freeman and I am a Corporal in the Marines. I reside in
                                   Frisco Texas but work in Fort Worth Texas. I am asking for help with paying
                                   our electric bill. I'm experiencing a financial hardship that has left me
                                   unable to provide for my family efficiently. I need help with our electric
                                   and phone bills. The electric is due for disconnect wednesday. Any assistance
                                   you may be able to provide is appreciated.
                                   #20140055 4/2/2014
                                   PA   National Guard
                                   Hi my name is anthony wiatrowski. I'm an E-3 in the National Guard of PA. I 
                                   was recently kicked out of my place I was living cause me and my ex broke up
                                   and she got me in trouble with food stamps cause she lied to me about the
                                   whole situation so I'm dealing with that and my car just blew up this morning
                                   and I don't have 1800 to fix it and I need it for my job and for my 2 kids
                                   I'm in a really bad spot right now I'm staying at my unit now please help.
                                   #20140054 4/2/2014
                                   Port St Lucie, Fla Army
                                   Hello, My name is Bianca Moore. I am currently a wounded vet, and I am out of
                                   work right now and I am needing assistance with my rent and utilities. I am
                                   in Port Saint Lucie Fl. Thanks
                                   #20140053 4/2/2014
                                   Ft. Bliss, Tx Army
                                   Hello, my name is Freda Ballez my husband is a Soldier here at Fort Bliss Texas.
                                   We have 2 vehicles and currently 1 is down we have 4 kids 1 is in High School
                                   and is active in Sports and we have a Special needs toddler. We have a son who
                                   has to be driven to school in the morning and my other daughter gets bussed to
                                   school. We are sharing 1 vehicle I've had to walk a few times to pick my son up
                                   from school. Buts it starting to put a strain in our house hold. We are asking
                                   for assistance to help fix my husbands truck we've replaced the battery and the
                                   alternator but it won't hold the charge any longer than a couple of hours! Thank
                                   #20140052  4/2/2014
                                   lebanon indiana army national guard
                                   I am asking for help for utilities and food I'm currently the only one
                                   working due to wife being sick and taking care of three kids if anyone could
                                   help I would appreciate it thank you. Sean minard and family
                                   #20140051 3/12/2014
                                   San Diego, Ca Navy
                                   Hello my husband is an E6 with the US Navy and has been with the Armed Forces
                                   for almost 13 years. We have 5 wonderful children and is expecting our 6th in
                                   June. We are financially struggling with only one income in the household and
                                   have been living paycheck to paycheck and at times have been forced to allow
                                   how account to go on a negative causing a domino effect increasing our burden
                                   and making it harder for us to get caught up. We are 2 months behind on both
                                   our cars and have been told that if we don't make 2 payments this month they
                                   will be up for repossession. We humbly ask for help in getting caught up with
                                   our car payments, clothing for the children, food and baby needs for our
                                   expected new addition to the family. Please if there is anyone that can help
                                   our family, we thank you in advance and thank you for all you do! God Bless!
                                   #20140050 3/12/2014
                                   Lawton Ok, Ft Sill Army
                                   My name is specialist Loretta Hyman -Mcnulty currently stationed in Lawton,
                                   Oklahoma ,Fort Sill , I am in the united states army I am asking for help
                                   with my car payment that I feel behind in I reenlisted in may of 2013 only to
                                   find out a month later that I was going to be medically separated. I have two
                                   children ages one and two due to this unexpected event I have fallen behind
                                   in my bills trying to prepare myself and family for civilian life.I am married
                                   but my husband takes care of the children while I work so I am the only source
                                   of income at this time . I would really be grateful for the the assistance thank
                                   you for your time
                                   #20140049  2/12/2014
                                   San Antonio Tx 78236, lackland afb
                                   Recently got stationed in san Antonio and am in need of assistance with a car
                                   payment. Wife has been unable to find job and all responsibility has fallen
                                   on me. Im united states airforce and would appreciate some assistance. God
                                   #20140048 3/5/2014
                                   Ft. Bliss, Tx Army
                                   I am contacting who this may concern because I sincerely need assistance with
                                   utility, phone, and groceries. I recently was stationed in fort bliss Texas
                                   and having a hard time recovering financially.
                                   #20140047  3/5/2014
                                   Waterford, CT US Army
                                   Hello I am currently deployed I. Afghanistan with the US Army and my wife
                                   contacted me to let me know that there is a lien on our house due to our special
                                   needs child's medical bills. It is a great expense that I can't handle while I'm
                                   here. If anybody could please help it would be greatly appreciated. She said we
                                   will lose the house in a week and it's making me sick. My wife lives in waterford ct 
                                   My child has autism, cerebral paulsey, and epilepsy. 
                                   #20140046 2/25/2014
                                   Cleveland, Ohio Army
                                   I am a Iraq combat vet who is working hard since getting out of the Army. I
                                   have been working hard at my job and trying to further my education. I have
                                   three kids and one on the way and I am struggling to make ends meet with the
                                   salary and VA disability I receive. I have been working hard to improve my
                                   life and do things the right way but I continue to struggle. I had to start
                                   over after my divorce in 2009 and it has been a struggle to get help. My family
                                   is currently facing being homeless, because the property owners sold the property
                                   and we have to move in 30 days. I work hard but live pay check to pay check to
                                   make ends meet till I can go to school and make more money. I have a career
                                   building job and am working on new project that will further my career and life,
                                   but I don't get paid what I should and I need help.
                                   #20140045 2/25/2014
                                   Prince George,  VA NAvy
                                   My name is Jessica and my husband is an E4 in the Navy.We live in Prince
                                   George, Virgina. After coming up with a new financial plan at the end of 2013
                                   to try to get caught up with bills, we are still short and need serious help
                                   with food. The car stop working last week and the money we plan to get a new
                                   one went to other unexpected bills. I have a 9 year old and I barely made it
                                   though Christmas. We need help with clothes for her size 10 in pants and shirts
                                   size 10 or medium in girls. She has out grown most of her clothes except three
                                   pair of pants and a few shirts. We also need food. Anything to help us will be
                                   greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!
                                   Brown Family
                                   #20140044 2/25/2014
                                   Valrico fl Army.
                                   Were in need of clothing for are children and personal needs we have 4
                                   #20140043 2/19/2014
                                   Lawrence, KS,  US ARMY
                                   I am my husbands VA caregiver thru the caregiver program and need assistance
                                   with getting family members here to help us out due to current trust issues
                                   in my family about past wounds that have triggered my mental health.  He is
                                   100% service connected p and t thru the VA for PTSD , MEB post 9/11 vet medically
                                   retired for his service in Iraq, and he only trusts certain people in his
                                   family.  His sister was due to come out here but has had financial difficulty
                                   and car repair needs that have delayed her family for coming out here for spring
                                   break.  I am back to my baseline mental health wise, but the personal
                                   drama on my side of the family continues to trigger my husband.  Any programs
                                   that will assist them in their travels to get to Kansas from Utah.  Thank you ,
                                   Margaret Benally 
                                   #20140042 2/17/2014
                                   Covington La National Guard
                                   My husband is deployed and we are buying a house that need a roof repair and
                                   its going to cost 4700 and we need help we have to beautiful little girls who
                                   are 5 and 6 and we are living with a family member if we can't get it all can
                                   we just get a donation to help please
                                   #20140041 2/17/2014
                                   Jacksonville, NC USMC
                                   Good evening, 
                                   I am a Marine Corps Afghanistan veteran fighting with PTSD and TBI. My wife
                                   is pregnant and we've fallen into financial hardship and maxed out our credit
                                   card. I'm behind a few payments on my car and I'm about to loose it. I have
                                   to decide wether paying my bills or keep food on the table. Please help I
                                   feel like a failure and I have no where else to turn to. Thank you Luis c
                                   #20140040 2/17/2014
                                   Covington, La USAF  
                                   I am a 100% disabled veteran w/pancreatic cancer. My husband is a 30% disabled
                                   veteran. I have four kids, A 12yo girl, 11yo boy, 7yo boy, 20mo girl, I need
                                   help with Easter baskets and a special meal for my children to mark the
                                   significance of the holiday. Anything is welcome. We have other financial needs
                                   but holidays are the hardest. Thank you, Anna Beale 
                                   #20140039 2/17/2014
                                   Somerset, MI USMC
                                   My name is Katryna, my fiance served in the Marine Corps a couple years ago.
                                   We are going through some really tough times and are behind in all of our
                                   bills. Our electric just got shut off today and we don't know what else to do
                                   for help!?? We need assistance in getting it turned back on! We have a 7 year
                                   old little boy also and we are desperate at this point! If you can or know a
                                   place or some one that can help us, I would deeply appreciate it from the
                                   bottom of my heart! Thank you so much!
                                   #20140038 2/6/2014
                                   Chesapeake, VA  Navy Retired
                                   GO THRU KEEP SAYING ERROR.ME AND MY SPOUSE ARE SHORT OF $500.00 IN RENT AND
                                   WE HAVE 100.00 LEFT FOR FOOD FOR THE REMAINING OF THE MONTH WE ADVISE THE OUR
                                   EMEREMECY THANK YOU VERY MUCH
                                   #20140037 2/5/2014
                                   Riviera Beach, Fla Army
                                   Hi,my name is Lisa Dishman I had been employed making $15 hr. My doctor at VA
                                   medical took me off work 10/16/13 due to work related incident that exazerbated
                                   my ptsd symptoms.I was denied workers comphensation,and my company laid off
                                   over half their staff,i will be getting unemployment eventually but there is a
                                   Connect issue in their computer portal.Its time for me to renue my lease and i
                                   have a previous balance of $900.09 my daughter lives with me shes in school in
                                   job corps- Jacksonville and im getting ready to be a grandmother.I am in serious
                                   jeopardy of loosing my housing, i live in Marsh Harbor Community.Thank You in advanced!
                                   #20140036 2/3/2014
                                   Chambersburg,PA  Army National Guard
                                   My husband has been in the PA Army National Guard for the past 23 years ago
                                   we allowed my daughter her husband and their 4 children to move in with us.
                                   They were supposed to move out last year but my daughter was involved in a
                                   hit and run car accident. Thankfully she is ok but I was off work for 4 weeks
                                   to help her when she came home from the hospital and then the transmission
                                   went in my husband's truck which took all of our savings. We have fallen
                                   behind in all of our bills and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank
                                   You for your time.
                                   #20140035 2/3/2014
                                   Davison, Michigan    Army
                                   My name is Sondra Winkos I am the wife of Joseph Winkos We are currently
                                   waiting on VA benefits.  Time is really rough right now we have no money to
                                   get basic necessities like diapers shampoo ect.; pay for our car and or gas
                                   to get back and forth to appointments for him if in any way we could get a
                                   little help it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you
                                   #20140034 2/4/2014
                                   Camp Pendleton, Ca USMC
                                   I am a U.S. Marine currently serving aboard Camp Pendleton in Oceanside
                                   California. I am Currently in debt due to fighting for the health of my son, he
                                   was diagnosed with PCD which is a lung issue. My wife and I have taken Jacob to
                                   every Pulmonologist that would see him until we have maxed out our credit cards
                                   and put ourselves $20,000 in debt. Because of our efforts Jacob no longer is
                                   diagnosed with PCD but the financial burden is all too much. I am due to deploy
                                   in a few months and we are currently at the income that we have to decide
                                   whether to pay our bills or buy dinner for our two boys. We not only have our
                                   credit debt but childcare, car payment, insurance, phone, etc... we are
                                   currently selling furniture to buy food and paying only one bill a paycheck. 
                                   #20140033 2/1/2014
                                   Copiague, NY Disabled Vet
                                   Need assistance with: child care, electric bill (just to catch up I am so far
                                   behind), and money for car repairs. I just recently got a new job so i need
                                   to become current on all my bills. Thank you kindly for you time 
                                   #20140032 2/1/2014
                                   Oak Harbor, Wa Navy
                                   I serve as an active duty corpsman for the US Navy, am currently serving in
                                   Oak Harbor, WA, My wife and I both work and take pride in having a successful
                                   life together...however, she has recently been diagnosed with a rare brain
                                   deformity and will be undergoing surgery on Feb. 13. We are living completely
                                   across the country from anyone we know outside of military co-workers and
                                   worried about her being out of work for 6 weeks (at a minimum) after her brain
                                   surgery.. Currently looking for any help that is available to military families.
                                   We will be losing one of two incomes, driving back and forth from hospital to
                                   home and paying for hotels/meals while she is in hospital.
                                   #20140031 2/1/2014
                                   Virginia Beach, VA  Navy.
                                   Hi, I'm AC3 Tiemstra. I'm stationed at NAB Little Creek in Virginia Beach, VA.
                                   My wife and I have recently dealt with some fraudulent activity in our checking
                                   account which we were supposedly responsible for the fees on. I deploy soon and
                                   she's moving home. We could desperately use some financial assistance in paying
                                   some bills including our electric and car! Thank you!
                                   #20140030 2/1/2014
                                   Biloxi, Mississipi  Navy
                                   I am a veteran of the US Navy. I am a single parent with two daughters. I have
                                   no transportation and no job. I am barely making ends meet from day to day. I
                                   would appreciate any help that is offered to me in the form of transportation
                                   or clothing etc. I reside in Biloxi, Mississippi.
                                   #20140029 1/28/2014
                                   Millington, TN Army
                                   Hello, I am SFC William J. Ramsey, I have been in the service for over 26
                                   years and have had 4 combat tours from, Persian Gulf War, 2 tours in OIF and
                                   1 Tour in OEF and will be heading back to Afghanistan at the end of this
                                   year. I am in Millington, TN. My Wife's Name is Carroll, we have been
                                   married 21 years and we have 4 children and 2 Grandchildren. Desperately
                                   need Financial Assistance. Blessings to you and your family
                                   #20140028 1/28/2014
                                   Edmond, Oklahoma. USAF
                                   My husband, airman Angelo Garris, a 15 year veteran is currently incarcerated
                                   for a felony. I lost his entire paycheck forever and I (the victim of the
                                   crime) and have had to miss months of work.  I have lost all of my sick leave
                                   and my paycheck is $600 less this upcoming month.  I really need help.My mortgage
                                   is $859, so I am short $600 to pay it on Feb. 15.  I think I can stretch everything
                                   else to make ends meet but I really really need some help. Can someone please
                                   help me?
                                   #20140027 1/28/2014
                                   Ft. Campbell KY National Guard
                                   We have 3 children, 2 boys ages 10 and 6 and a 3 month old baby girl. She has
                                   acid reflux and I found a bean bag that helps with that but we can not afford
                                   it at the moment due to her hospital bills, going back and forth.
                                   Also asking for help with baby items for her. We have bassinet, few clothing,
                                   baby bath and car seat. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Here is the website
                                   that carries these bean bags, http://www.babayah.com/6uwfs
                                   #20140026  1/27/2014
                                   Ft Bragg, NC  Army
                                   Hello my name is Jenny my husband is in the army at fort bragg NC. We have
                                   two children and we also take care of my sister , her son and my mother. My
                                   mother has many health problems as well as my sister and my sister is disabled
                                   so she has no income and I can not find a job. Just wanted to see if we could
                                   get some help paying rent which is $900. Anything will help. Thanks
                                   #20140025 1/27/2014
                                   New port richey, fl USMC
                                   My name is Rafael Rivera, i am a Marine Corps. Iraq disabled vet. My family and
                                   I are in need of assistance with food, backed up rent, backed up utility bills
                                   and backed up car payment. thank you.
                                   #20140024 1/27/2014
                                   JBLM, Wa Army
                                   I served 3 years and some months in the Army stationed at JBLM, WA. Discharged
                                   as General under honorable conditions, decided to stay in WA cause apartment
                                   told me I can't break my lease, I have bills dat are way overdue cause I been
                                   waiting on my last paycheck and come to find out after 60 days of waiting that I
                                   owe them for my reenlistment contract. 
                                   #20140023  1/27/2014
                                   Norfolk, Va Navy
                                   We are located in Norfolk,VA and my husband is an MM2 in the navy. We are
                                   in need of financial help. Our pay has been messed up for the past 2 pay checks
                                   and as of right now we have no money in our account and come the 1st we will
                                   be in the negatives once all our bills and car loans are taken out. We have 3
                                   children (2,1, and 4months). We are staying in a hotel right now while my husband 
                                   is in AC&R school which we only have until feb 4th because we still owe on it ($3,000).
                                   My husband needs tires for his truck as well. Any help we appreciate!!
                                   #20140022  1/27/2014
                                   Waldorf MD MD National Guard
                                   Hello sir or ma'am im in need of help to pay my utility bills and rent. I'm
                                   currently unemployed as my benefits have expired. I served for 8 years active
                                   duty in the usmc. Now I am in the MD national guard and is my only source of
                                   income thank you for your help.
                                   #20140021 1/27/2014
                                   Bellefonte PA  Army
                                   I have been separated from my family. I just recently had a son, and my
                                   last finance office over estimated my travel pay and now I've inquired a
                                   large debt taken directly out of my pay each month. My family and I have
                                   fallen really behind on rent, auto payments, and most importantly funding
                                   for food and other necessities. I am looking for assistance to catch up on
                                   my rent and auto payments to get back on track. Living two lives separated
                                   from each other costs drastically. Thank you very much
                                   #20140020 1/17/2014
                                   Gary Indiana  Nat Guard
                                   My name is Russell Turner from Indiana. I am a guardsman deployed to Afghanistan.
                                   Before I was deployed my rent fell behind and I am struggling to pay it back up
                                   along with all my other bills. All I have left to pay is $600. If you could help
                                   my wife and I would greatly appreciate it.
                                   #20140019 1/17/2013
                                   Edgewood, MD Wisc Nat Guard
                                   I need help paying the remainder of my rent due for January. A reduction in
                                   work hours and pending federal budget issues regarding drill pay has me behind.
                                   I live in Edgewood, Md. I serve in the 157th Meb in the Wisconsin National Guard
                                   #20140018 1/17/2014
                                   Ft . Lewis Wa Army
                                   Military Family in Fort Lewis WA needs immediate assistance, facing homelessness
                                   due to trying to remain current on a home mortgage at a previous duty station
                                   that the economy took a dump on and we have had a terrible time renting out. We
                                   can't foreclose on it because of the risk of security status. Our current rent
                                   plus car payment and mortgage is overwhelming when you factor in children, rapid
                                   deployments, and my wife being chronically ill and unable to work. I'm desperate.
                                   Please help.
                                   #20140017 1/17/2014
                                   SPC Paul-Mikael Howell Carmel, IN. INANG = Indiana Army National Guard.
                                   I recently started a federal position with the guard at USPFO-IN however I
                                   do not get paid until January 23rd. My last paycheck from my former job was
                                   the December 20th. I am in need of gasoline to get me to and from work and
                                   some food until my paycheck is posted meaning I need 5 days worth of gas =
                                   $50 dollars, and $25 for food. I am allowed to stay over at work but cannot
                                   due to pregnant wife and 2 year old at home to care for. Thanks.
                                   #20140016 1/17/2014
                                   Millington, Tennessee - USN -HM1 
                                   My husband and I recently depleted all of our savings and took a loan out on
                                   his retirement to help with unexpected legal costs associated with adopting
                                   my son. We have also had unexpected travel due to illness in the family and a
                                   funeral. We are slowly falling deeper into debt. We have two children 12 (EFMP)
                                   and 3.  We recently PCS'd from Hawaii and had almost every piece of furniture
                                   we own destroyed in the shipping crates and the moving company only reimbursed
                                   half the cost claimed. Any assistance to pull our heads above water would be
                                   greatly appreciated. We have been treading water and are starting to sink.
                                   #20140015 1/17/2014
                                   Ft Lewis Wa Army
                                   Hello, my name is Erika Pacheco and my husband is in the Army. We just got
                                   stationed on Ft. Lewis in Washington. I have not been able to find a job in my
                                   dental field. I make all the way to working interviews and then nothing. I don't
                                   hear back. My father just had a stroke, he lives in Maryland. My mom can't take
                                   care of him by herself. She doesn't have anymore leave from her job. She needs
                                   help. I can't afford for my son and I to fly back home to help take care of my
                                   dad. So if anybody can help with one way tickets for my son and I. I would
                                   greatly appreciate that.
                                   #20140014 1/17/20/14
                                   Ft Campbell ky ARMY
                                   I am a soldier with A wife and three kids. I have been diagnosed with an
                                   illness that causes me to black out and have seizures. I am writing this in
                                   regards to vehicle repairs for our family car...TIRES... I can not drive so
                                   my wife has to take me to all of my appointments that being said we have wire
                                   showing on two tires and a spare on now as well. We just simply need help if
                                   some one could. Thank you kindly,
                                   #20140013 1/17/2014
                                   Port Hueneme Ca Navy
                                   My name is Preston Christensen, I am a Navy Seabee; stationed in Port Hueneme,
                                   Ca. I am an E-3 with two children 1 girl and 1 boyhood. My wife is a stay at
                                   home mom and we need some financial help. Thank you, Preston
                                   #20130012 1/17/2014
                                   Camp Pendleton, Ca  USMC
                                   State CA area Camp Pendleton 92058 unit 2/4 I'm a active duty SSGT marine J
                                   SCHENK . I have deployed 5 times 4 of those were war zone deployment i have a
                                   family now children are autistic so all left over money I have goes to there
                                   medication tricare only covers a certain amount so I find myself in a bind every
                                   month I am in need of any food support children clothing plz help any thing
                                   would help thank you
                                   #20140011 1/10/2014
                                   Colorado Spgs. Co Army Vet
                                   Disabled army veteran rating of 100%. Family of 6, with children ranging from
                                   1-13 years old.  Trying to move to a new home.  We rent from a soldier so did
                                   not want to stiff him.  Paid rent here and are pawning items for half month
                                   rent at new home due the 15th.  But need to rent truck and hire movers any help
                                   is appreciated.
                                   #20140010 1/10/2014
                                   Clarksville,TN  National Guard
                                   My name is geraldo veguilla  i moved eight months ago from puerto rico.Im currently
                                   living in clarksville tennessee  im national guard my branch  G-Troop 1-230 th cav
                                   Regt... im only part time meaning only drills once a month  and im currently unemployed
                                   me and my wife have been trying to look for employment and honestly having a rough
                                   time,im worried about my stability being that i dont  have any of my rent  money and
                                   my rent is due  at the end of the month .Me being national guard theres really not
                                   much help out there.Ill appreciate any help i can recieve till i get back on my feet.
                                   Thank you 
                                   #20140009 1/10/2014
                                   Ft. Wainwright, Alaska Army
                                   Alaska is where we are located, Fort wainwright is the city, Alaska, branch
                                   is Army. My family needs help. Our housing company pulled $250.00 out of our
                                   bank account instead of the $100.00 they had originally planned too.
                                   Unfortunately they refuse to work with us and this has left $2.00 in our bank
                                   account till the 15th. We need help with groceries because we were unable to
                                   buy any this paycheck.
                                   #20140008 1/7/2014
                                   Seattle, Wa US Navy
                                   I am a single mother of 2 beautiful boys.After Doing the best job I could to
                                   provide a good Christmas for my kids and a good meal on the table I had to
                                   sacrifice a lot.I am in need of a helping hand to help us get a good start on
                                   the New Year. 2013 has brought us many struggles. We lost our home. Ended a
                                   11year marriage and now our car was repossessed the day after Christmas and I am
                                   lacking the funds to meet all my bills. I'm having a hard time staying afloat
                                   even after working long days and hours. I need a helping hand that I can either
                                   pay back in time or pay it forward when I can.I've tried help from the state but
                                   they only help those who don't work.i work tremendously hard and still can't
                                   make. I just could use a blessing. A push forward. Thank you.
                                   #20140007  1/7/2014
                                   Ft. Bliss, Tx Army Engr
                                   My husband is on active duty .i have 3 daughters and I'm in need of help with
                                   my bills.my name is Chiquita Jackson
                                   #20140006  1/7/2014
                                   NewPort News, VA  Navy
                                   I am an active duty service member in the United States Navy. I am currently
                                   attached to PCU Gerald R Ford which is currently in the shipyards in Newport
                                   News Virginia. I am currently residing in Hampton Virginia with my fiancee and
                                   2 small children. My fiancee was recently in a car accident and we are barely
                                   making ends meet and we are unable to pay the deductible my car insurance
                                   requires us to pay to have the car fixed. Now I am out of a way to work and
                                   we have run out of options. Please help!
                                   #20140005 1/7/2014
                                   Virginia Beach, VA Navy
                                   I am requesting financial assistance to prevent eviction from my home. The
                                   amount that I am kindly requesting is $1120.00. Any assistance or references
                                   would be greatly appreciated.
                                   #20140004 1/3/2014
                                   Texas Texas National Guard
                                   Recently transitioned into TXNG after 8yrs active. Family going thru hard
                                   times, death and unemployment in the family. In need of financial asst. while
                                   seeking job and can get back up on our feet. God Bless!
                                   #20140003 1/3/2014
                                   Hemet, Ca USMC
                                   I am a US Marine stationed in California. My wife and I as well as our two 
                                   children live in Hemet, CA and have came into a financial situation where
                                   it seems that there no other way to go and am hoping that there may be 
                                   someone that is willing to take our burden off our shoulders. As hard as it 
                                   is to bear that we have gotten ourselves in this situation we cannot bear 
                                   this burden. Our bills range from rent, to utilities, and auto repairs that have 
                                   we are to the point of falling behind on or being shut off. I know it is expected
                                   that only one bill be paid but if anyone is willing to help I am more than grateful 
                                   for any assistance that one may be willing to offer. Thank you for your time and
                                   patience concerning our needs. God bless. 
                                   20140002  1/2/2014
                                   Portsmouth, VA Navy
                                   I am SH2 Highsmith, active duty, single mother of three. I am in need of financial
                                   assistance. I currently live in base housing in Portsmouth, but I work in Norfolk.
                                   I am trying to move to Norfolk and have found a reasonably priced apartment for my
                                   family and I but I am having trouble coming up with the first months rent with my
                                   bah still going to base housing. I really need to move because I am already living
                                   check to check and now on top of taking my entire bah, they have implemented a
                                   utility bill for military housing plus there are tolls due to start on the tunnels
                                   between Portsmouth and Norfolk starting next month.Please help if you can.
                                   #20140001 1/2/2014
                                   Columbia, SC
                                   We are really in need of help with providing groceries from my home. My wife
                                   is finishing up school and my MIL became ill and is staying with us. This has
                                   added a financial burden on us to the point I can not get food in the house if
                                   all the bills get paid. I am ok with not paying some bills to get food in the
                                   house and that is what I have been doing. However with it just being Christmas
                                   I can not neglect the bills for the next few months. I am beyond appreciative
                                   of anything that will help. I am not as much worried about my wife and I but
                                   more about my daughter and MIL. I am currently in search of a second job at
                                   nights and my wife is also in search of work so that we can get out of this
                                   mess. From the bottom of my heart thank you for your time!God Bless

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                                   A heartfelt THANK YOU!
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