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NOTE: Assistance is strictly for MILITARY families. Upon being contacted proof of billing must be submitted to Sponsoring Angel, who will pay directly in your behalf to that creditor. Funds are acceptable to purchase Grocery Gift Certificates to be sent. Also consider sending movie theater certificates that families may enjoy or even DVD movies which we can forward overseas. Select a family you wish to help by NUMBER and we will put you in contact with them.If soliciting help be sure to include:


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                         HOWEVER, will put you in direct contact with the party on approval. Be
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SPECIAL MENTION My name is Chris Neal and Iam 28 years old from Tacoma and Iam very ill and have severe lung disease and I live with my mom and we are on very low income and needing help also for Christmas and not going to have a very good one but I bought a 8 foot Christmas Stocking a few months and I slowly bought toys, games and candy to stuff the stocking to be able to raffle it off to raise money for medical and travel expenses to a hospital in Denver that's suppose to be the best Hospital in the world for lung diseases and I didn't get to sale tickets because my health gotten so bad and I could not get out to do it so now I have a 8 foot stocking full of toys, games and candy and it has about 50 toys and games and I wanna take it apart and wrap the gifts and give them to a famly that is not going to have much Christmas and I would like it to be a local Military Family if possible and If you could asst me in this and help me find the right family Thanks Chris Special A Special Thank you Chris for your generosity and the families you have helped. #131 December 26 2006 Fort Riley, Ks My current address is Sanford Florida 32771 the children are: Jordan, 16 Boy - Kyle, 15 Boy and Cameron, girl - 7 we would welcome any help at this time of the year - we are looking at moving to Fort Riley - Kansas 66442 in the next few weeks to see if we can get further help. God Bless you all. Caroline Scott Sponsor Assist Thank you Melinda Green Family #130 December 24, 2006 Ft. Hood, Texas Hello, my name is Nikita Chin-Kee-Fatt.My husband is deployed at this time.I am in need of assistance with Christmas gifts for my children. I have three-ages 9, 5and 1 year. Iam also expecting a fourth. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.Thank you very,very much. Sponsor Assist #129 December 23, 2006 Ft, Hood, Tx Hi there, My name is Tina, I am the proud wife of a US Soldier, and we are stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. We were hoping for a good Christmas for our little girls this year, but we have gotten caught up in so many bills.. I had to quit my job to help my husband when he broke his femur playing a unit softball game. So, money has been tight. As soon as he heals, he will be off for another tour in Iraq. We would really appreciate an help with Christmas we can get. I know this is last minute, but we just found out about this site today! This is such a wonderful thing, and hopefully one day we can be a donating family!! Thank you for having such a wonderful thing here!! Tina Knowlton Sponsor Assist #128 December 21, 2006 Reedsburg, Wisconsin I am an army wife whose husband is stationed in Korea. We are in Wisconsin and are trying to run two households on my husband's pay. I cannot work right now due to medical problems and am having a hard time paying the electric and the phone bill. I am now 3 months behind on the electric (which has been kept lower due to warmer temps than usual) and one month on the phone bill soon to be two. We support a 4 year old and an 18 year old that is still in school. Thank you. chris Sponsor Assist #127 December 21 2006 East Dublin, Ga Thank you Matt Roseberry for the Elec. Bill Thank you Melinda Green Thank you Benjamin Young & Friend #126 December 20, 2006 Camp Pendleton, Ca Hi, my name is Stacy. We are a Marine family stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA. We have 2 children, a son age, 5 and a daughter age 3 1/2. I'm sure I'm way too late for this, but I just happened upon this site and would like to see if there was a possibility that someone could help provide my little angels with a nice Christmas. My husband and I are struggling right now to keep things afloat. I have type 1 diabetes and have had lots of health issues the past couple years. I was working, but had to quit do to liver problems. I am now getting my health under control, but just purchased a CGMS (which insurance does not currently cover) for my health that cost us a pretty penny. Anyway, due to this cost and the continuous costs of it, my children will not be having much of a Christmas. We are clear across the US from any family (as usual with military life) and I just want them to have a wonderful day! As I said before, I'm sure I'm too late for this, but it's worth a shot, right? I would never ask for help were it not needed, as I know there are many that have it worse than us, but if you can find any help, I know two small children that would be extreemly happy and greatful (along with their mommy). Thank you for your time! Hopefully one day we will be in the position to be a sponsor for another family in need. Stacy Camarena Sponsor Assist Thank you Dr.Jerald Manley Heritage Baptist Church of Pensacola Thank you Voss Family #125 December 19, 2006 Camp Pendleton, Ca hi would like to know if u can help me my husband is @ 29 palms taking school he is a marine and we are here @ camp pendleton,ca and we don't have a car and i would like help with the kids for clothes or food which u can help with my kids ages r 2yr old girl and 4 yr old boy Thanks 4 your time Kelly Sponsor Assist Thank you Dr.Jerald Manley Heritage Baptist Church of Pensacola #124 December 17, 2006 Ft. Riley, Kansas My husband is active duty Army, stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas. We have 3 children, ages 8,4 and 2. I am unable to work because i have kidney problems and our 2 year old has severe asthma and hypoglycemia. Which makes money very tight for us. At this point we are about to lose our van. My husband has an older car that he drives to work, but it does not have appropriate seatbelts to be safe for the kids and also has a broken window. We bought a van thinking we could afford the payments but my daughters health has gotten worse and things are tighter now, our payment is $361 a month and we are 2 months behind right now. I am afraid to lose the van because then I will have no form of transportation for me and the kids. My husband is due to deploy in the spring, which will bring in some extra money, but I dont know how we will make it till then. All three of our children are in need of christmas stuff and clothes. Please, if anyone is able to help us out. Heidi K Sponsor Assist #123 December 17, 2006 Lakewood, Wa (Ft. Lewis, Wa) HI i am a newly married army wife my husand and i havent gotten are military money yet so we are unable to have a good chirstmas this year i raise my 17year old brother an im unable to give him christmas presents my husband an i are a army family staioned from ft lewis wa we are hoping a family might like to adopt us we have my brother and are 3 months pregant and have a baby on the way if some one would like to help us we would really like it some gift cards or anything we are so broke an dont even have money to buy food for are home thanks for looking at my add and hope you can find in your hearts to help this army family he deploys soon and ill be all alone thanks so much god bless. Thank you so much and god bless, my christmas is sad this year im facing my cell phone being shut off since our VA hasn't kicked in we dont even know how to pay are rent we have taken to loans out the last two months an only allowed to take 2 loans out at a time i work but my whole check goes for bills please look it in your hearts to make my husbands first christmas in 2 years home special thanks an good bless for helping us troops out. Beth Hopkins (Cheny Family) Sponsor Assist #122 December 15, 2006 Fort Hood, Tx Hello my name is April Deck and we are at Ft. Hood, Tx My husband is deployed.We have children the ages are 11yrs - 9 yrs -4yrs and 9 months if there is someone out there willing to help us out this Christmas we would be so greatfull for anything that is donated for our children.THANK YOU Sponsor Assist Thank you Dr.Jerald Manley Heritage Baptist Church of Pensacola #121 December 15, 2006 Camp Pendleton, Ca Hi! We are hoping to find someone who might be able to help us. We are a Marine Family stationed at Camp Pendleton. We have been struggling to pay our bills every month and have gotten behind because we had to pay extra money to get our car fixed. My husband is a Corporal and is Military Police. He has long hours that are unpredictable and hasn't been able to get a second job to help ends meet. We have an 8 month old who had a cleft lip, but still struggles to eat out of a bottle, so I have to be available at all times to nurse him. Because of this, I have not been able to find a job either. We only have the one car and we don't have enough money to make the car payment this month. We also don't have anything to really give our baby a nice first Christmas. This is the first Christmas and wedding anniversary that my husband has been home for in 3 years since he enlisted and now we don't have any money to make this holiday extra special or to even celebrate our marriage. If you can find it in your heart to help us, we would be truly grateful. We just need one kind person to help us get back on our feet. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas! Shanna Cox Sponsor Assist Thank you Mike & Holly Leon #120 December 13, 2006 San Diego, Ca Hello my name is Temecka Johnson and my husband is deployed on the uss thach and we have three children i've tried everything with that's in my to provide Christmas for my 3 year old, 12 year old, and 14 year old things have been a bit rough because recently my three year old was raped by a seven year old little boy and things have gotten ruff for me and it's hard to be strong right now i just hope that you all can help with Christmas for my children. Sponsor Assist #119 December 12, 2006 Camp Pendleton,CA Hi, my name is Lanie and my husband is a corpsman with a Marine Unit in Camp Pendleton. We were hoping to have a special Christmas this year because it will be the first in three years that my husband will be here for it. We have three kids, 9, 6 and 3. My husband was in Iraq the last two years for all of their birthdays and holiday season. Due to some very unfortunate circumstances, I got very ill and have been out of work for almost three months. All our money goes to the bills we can afford to pay. My kids have been great about it all and have said that the best present is having daddy home. They don't even mind that for the first time in their lives, we won't be seeing Disneyland during the holiday season. It breaks my heart because there are other families out there probably more deserving, but I am asking for my kids and my husband. They have endured so much in the past three years. My son (the 9 year old) has a serious heart defect and has had a rough year with being sick. Please help me make Christmas a little more happythis year! So for those of you who have helped other families, God bless you and your kindness. You should know that every little bit of generosity is GREATLY appreciated by us military families. Especially for us spouses who watch both our spouse and children suffer through long deployments to very scary places. God bless! Lanie Sponsor Assist Thank you Dr.Jerald Manley Heritage Baptist Church of Pensacola #118 December 12, 2006 Fort Bragg, Fayetteville, NC Hi, My name is Regina Matelsky and my husband Elijah Matelsky is in the army here at Fort Bragg in fayetteville N.C. We have feel on some hard time and have had many failed attempts to get help with christmas for our children this year!!!! We have two sons who are 4years and 8 years and we dont even have a tree to put up!! If there is anyway you can tell us where we might get help we would be forever thankfull!! Thanks, The Matelsky family Sponsor Assist Thank you Cheryl Bystrak -Katrina's Angels.org #117 December 11,2006 Fort Richardson Alaska Hi there,We are a military family stationed in Alaska. Our soldier is currently in Iraq, he has been there about 8 months. We have spent much of the last three years apart, he has been deployed for 2 years and went to school between deployments. We are struggling to make ends meet and Christmas gifts are not really in the budget. Not to mention that we are beginning to feel the pain of our husband/Father being away for so much of our lives and finding it hard to get into the christmas spirit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Our Childrens ages are boys 15yrs, 5yrs, and 2 yrs, Girls 13, 12, 10, 9, and 6.Thank you so much for taking your time to help military families.. God Bless, Christine Gillum Sponsor Assist Thank you Lynne Onufer Katrina's Angels.org Thank you Melinda Green #116 December 9, 2006 Wentzville, MO I'm actually writing this for a very good friend of mine. His name is Fred Boeving and he is from Wentzville, MO. He is a disabled vet, 80-84 Navy. I'm not familiar with all those military acronyms so I apologize if I'm leaving something out. Of course he has all sorts of documents to prove whats been going, on in his life... his Military service, Social Security Disability, a huge stack of overdue bills and a small stack of receipts from a grocery store, a Wal-Mart, pretty much nothing in that stack.On top of all this he is raising his 13 year old son Josh without any emotional or financial help from his ex wife. His son is ADHD, or ADD...again more acronyms I don't know a whole lot about. What I do know he is a good guy who has been struggling for quite some time. I would love to see a ray of brightness for him and his son this Holiday season.He's a proud man and was very reluctant to let me do this for him. But, he doesn't fool with computers much so I'd like to see him try to stop me...LOL He desperately needs help with utilities (gas and electric), which are getting close to being disconnected. A gift card to our local Wal-Mart and/or Save a Lot would help him get some much needed food as well as necessities around the house. I hope I'm not pushing it, but if there is still time and space for another deserving family, I know he , and especially his son, would just be tickled to have a decent Christmas this year. Thanks so much for listening and hopefully I can find him some assistance. Sincerely, Angela Jackson Sponsor Assist Thank you Melinda Green #115 December 9, 2006 Duluth, Mn 58812 My name is Kaite Robinson, wife of Sgt Chad Robinson. Chad has been down range for 16 months now and we don't yet have a date or even an idea of when he will be coming home. We have a 1 year old daughter, whom Chad has only spent 2 weeks with, who I want to have an amazing Christmas. If anyone is able to help, we can use anything at this point. I hate to ask for help but I want my baby to have a great Christmas if I can't give her Daddy. Thank you. Katie Robinson Sponsor Assist #114 December 8, 2006 Camp Pendleon, Ca We are a Marine family on camp Pendleton. My mom is living with us and she is disabled and we have four kids. I don't work because of health issues, so we are living on the income of my husband who is a SGT. We are having a really hard time this Christmas because of bills and feeding our kids and all. My kids are 8,6,5 and a four month old. My husband is home right now, but he has been to Iraq and will be going back over next year. If you can find it in your heart to help please do so. I know there are others who need the help more then us, but I want to give my kids a good Christmas since daddy wasn't home last year and they have been through enough hardships in their lives including the death of a baby brother in 2004. Please help me give them a good Christmas Thank you for the support and God bless you,a proud air wing Marine wife Sponsor Assist Thank you Louise Voss #113 December 8, 2006 San Diego, Ca Hi and Happy Holidays. My name is Sandra. I am a veteran, and now an Navy spouse of eight years. My husband is currently deployed and we have two daughters ages 13 and 5. We will be without Daddy this Holiday season and also for many upcoming holidays. I am requesting assistance to help make my daughters Holiday special in hopes it can take their minds off of Daddy being away and what he is doing if only for a day. Due to an unforeseen expense due February 9th, I am having to save $1800 and was only given 3 months to do it so it leaves little money left to provide a Christmas for my children. Although, they are not asking for much, I would love to make their Christmas special. If you can find it in your heart to sponsor us this holiday season, I would be ever so grateful. God Bless You and Happy Holidays. Sandra Sponsor Assist Thank you Stuart Henning & girls #112 December 7, 2006 Mountain Top, Pa Hello my husband is a returning Iraqi freedom now vet. We were living with my mom helping her with finances and she in turn made my family leave. I have four children and find christmas impossible. We are renting our furniture and bills have just piled up. Is there any help for giving a nice or suitable Christmas to my children? We cannot sustain the finances for a payday loan it's just not feasible. Please let me know Thank You Tracy Clocker Sponsor Assist #111 December 6, 2006 Dewitt, Virginia Hi! i didn't know if you can help me but here is my story. I am a returning iraqi freedom vet who is fighting with the va for compensation. I am behind one months rent and can't afford christmas for my kids. my husband and i do work but are behind in bills and trying to catch up but leaves no money for christmas. If someone could help by catching up our rent and maybe some food and a few gifts for my boy 7 dakota and girl andreana 6. They are not asking for much. Tried other help angel tree said may get help may not? I served my country and now can't seem to get a good paying job due to being sick with gulf war illness 2. I live in dewitt, virginia. I came here to help my mom who is becoming disabled due to a back condition. I only make 9.75 an hour and we get food stamps. Can you believe i served my country and now am on gov assistance? I can provide proof of being behind and too many bills and not enough income. my husband cant get a second job because we only have one car and cant afford another one right now. My kids need clothes, and maybe a few educational toys and such. anything would be greatly appreciated. thanks, kimberly reeves Sponsor Assist Thank you Janet Arp, Katrina's Angels.org #110 December 6, 2006 Perryville, Missouri 63775 Hello...and Best Wishes and Happy Holidays to all of the people in need, and the special Christmas Angels! I enlisted in the army reserves in hopes of being able to put a down payment on my wife's gallbladder surgery with the 15,000 enlistment bonus. However, after going to Texas to enlist, while inprocessing in my unit I found out that I would not receive my bonus until after AIT, which is scheduled July 2007. And then came another hard blow, I lost my full time job while I was enlisting in the reserves..because I did not have orders.My wife's liver enzymes are now elevated to the extent of liver failure, and the Dr's decreased her dilantin in half (medication for a seizure disorder)in order for her liver to function.However, she is now having multiple seizures per day. My family and I do not have health insurance, we are close to be evicted from our home, loss of utilities, and our 11 year old son and 12 year old daughter will not have any Christmas presents this year. Please keep my wife and children in your prayers.God Bless! Spc.Robert T Wright Sponsor Assist #109 November 29,2006 North Carolina at Camp Lejeune hi my name is melissa my husband is kyle (a us marine) there is also ali 17 and micheal 16 we live in north carolina at camp lejeune this is me and my husbands first christmas together he has been gone on deployment for the last ones we also have a 16 yr son and 17 yr daughter we have nothing for the kids for christmas and no way of going home to see family i want nothing but i just want them to have a good cristmas together for once it makes me cry knowing i cant do anything weve had to sell stuff to get buy and know we are broke if anyone can help just bring more of a happy christmas for my husband and kids i would appreciate it thank you melissa beck Sponsor Assist Thank you Don Kildebeck #108 November 28,2006 Searcy, Ar My name is Lacy and my husband is in afghanistan for 1 year. We have 3 small children a 4 year old and a set of 2 year twins.We have been married for two years and have only seen each other about 3 months out of 2 years because of deployment. We are having a really hard time keeping all of bills paid and have christmas for our 3 children. If there is anyone out there willing to help us out for christmas we would greatly appreciate it and god bless everyone. Sponsor Assist Thank you Benjamin L Young #107 November 28, 2006 Spartanburg, South Carolina. Hello My name is SPC. Desilva, I'm getting ready to be sent to Afghanistan for over a year.I was in Iraq a year ago. It has been really hard on my wife and kids. I need help with my rent so I will know that they are ok while I am away from home, I leave sometime in Jan. or first of Feb.. I'm behind for the month of Nov. and now Dec. is coming up.Could you please call me so I can speak to someone.I just also want to say it is people like you guys that helps soldiers do their job.I want to thank-you very much. Also I would like to speak to someone about help for my kids Christmas. Thank-You from my heart, SPC. John Desilva Sponsor Assist Thank you Kristen Kildebeck #106 November 28,2006 Mount Orab, Ohio 45154 Hi. My boyfriend, Robert, is from San Diego and just recently moved here to Ohio because his wife left him and their 2 children. He served 4 years in the Marines and 4 years in the Navy in San Diego. He is currently a full time student at Devry University. Right now we are in dire need of help. We are good people trying to keep it together and it's not happening. We have a total of 5 kids. Our only vehicle broke completely down and I lost my job because now I have no transportation. We can't even get back to the vehicle where it broke down at to get. We live in the country where there is no public transportation. We cannot pay rent this month or the water bill. Christmas is less than 4 weeks away and we can't even get our tree out of storage because we were not able to pay that bill let alone buy presents for all the children. We have tried to get help from everywhere and no one can help. This is our last resort. I would like to think that Robert serving for his country that we could get some kind of help.None of that matters. Everyone treats him like bum when all he needs is getting help with a fresh start.If we could get a vehicle that is big enough for our family and reliable then we could get jobs to get back on track. Can this program help us? We need a hero to help in a Christmas miracle. Thankyou, Arlene Garrett Sponsor Assist Thank you Don Kildebeck #105 November 27, 2006 NAS Lemoore, California Hello My Name is Timothy Buren, My Family and I are away from are family and unable to travel home. We just had to spend all of are saving on repairing are car and I don't know if I will be able to get any gifs for Christmas for my 4 year old and my new born. It is really hard for us. It is like I take 2 steps forward and then I get knock back 10 steps and have to pick up the piece it cost me $2600.00 to fix the car which left me with nothing for Christmas for the kids and I thought maybe that I could ask for help it is really hard some times to have to ask for help. I would be great full for any help that I would get for my children. Thank You, PR AN Buren Sponsor Assist Thank you Hy Libby Aptos, Ca #104 November 21, 2006 Camp Pendelton, Oceanside ca 92054 Please help my USMC marine brother a single father of three for a nice holiday dinner Tori Sponsor Assist Thank you Jaime Gilliam Thank you Juliana Bert #103 November 21, 2006 Ft. Stewart, Ga The reason why i need help is that i suffer from medical problems and me and my husband had to file bankruptcy after paying all of bills we have nothing left and we are struggling really hard this year to make ends meet. we just found out that my husband will be deploying again to go back to iraq again for another year. my son and my daughter also have medical problems my son has adhd, serve asthma, serve allergies, reflux, and speech delay my daughter has allergies and serve reflux. myself i have high blood pressure, allergies, reflux, serve tension headaches, neck and back spasms, tendintious, arthristis,asthma. i am sceduled to go in and have a surgery done so they can try and fix my reflux because it is so bad. Me and my husband are trying so hard to make ends meet and to get caught up on things but we worried about our kids being able to have a christmas because we won't be able to afford to get them anything for christmas please help us we don;t know what else to do. thank you. Tina Sponsor Assist #102 November 21, 2006 Ft. Stewart, Ga I am a military wife. My husband is getting ready to deploy in Jan. We have two young children and I'm pregnant with our third, due in Feb. We are struggling to make ends meet. He joined the army when I became ill with a chronic disorder that has left me unable to work and sent us into debt. I am worried that I won't be able to give my children a christmas at all, this is our first christmas not living with the folks so we have no decorations and I know we aren't going to be able to get a tree let alone presents, and since my husband will be leaving right after Christmas I had very much wanted this to be a very nice christmas for everyone. I know it's not about presents, but any parent knows what it is like to want so bad to give your kids what they need and want for that matter and not be able to do it. I'm worried this may be our last christmas with my husband, I am trying to think positive, and I really believe God will bring him back to me, but Just the same I'd like to treat this as if it were the last just incase. My car payment is passed due almost two months, and my husband's CO refuses to sign an AER loan. To top it all off my 17 yr old brother killed himself last month and I had to fly back home to be there for my family and the funeral which stripped us of any available funds we may have had. This is for sure the most stressful time of year. I have a 4 yr old daughter and a 2 yr old son. All of my family is in California, so far away it makes it even more difficult. Danielle Sponsor Assist Thank you Kathee #101 Removed by Request #100 November 17,2006 Rio Rancho, New Mexico We started out our year with a lot! We had a premature infant that was sick and had to stay in the nicu. Mom has suffered from postpartum depression, which in fact I have almost overcome! Our soldier has been deployed since July and will be gone for a year in Iraq. We we would just like to make our four year old's Christmas special and our 9 month old's first Christmas memorable! With toys or clothes. Thank you Giselle Sponsor Assist Thank you Juliana Bert Thank you Melinda, Michael & Timmy Green #99 November 16,2006 Gloversville,NY Hello i have no idea how to go about this or where to turn maybe u can help us or point us n the right direction. my husband is a vet and was laid off. he then came down with double nomoina. since he jsut got out of the national guard i was a stay at home mom. i have been seeking work but still have found nothing. we are 2 months behind in rent. our phone and stuff is due to be shut off in less then a week. it is christams and my children will not be having one in less i get help. all i wnat is for them to have a roof over there heads and a christmas. they are 2 and 5 and deserve it. can u help me find out wha to do.. thank u very much jessica LOve you all!!Jessica1 Sponsor Assist #98 November 8, 2006 Sioux Falls, South Dakota My husband is currently deployed to Iraq. I want to make my daughters first Christmas to be as special as it can be with out her daddy. She has only seen her daddy for 10 days of her life. Thanks Ashley Sponsor Assist #97 November 7, 2006 Muskego, Wisconsin New Post See # 165 for 2007 I am married to a soldier currently deployed overseas. Our son has recently been diagnosed as autistic. Due to the diagnosis, I am currently not working to care for our son. Aidan was born 11 1/2 weeks premature and he has accrued medical bills totaling around $65,000. Although we were fully insured through Blue Cross, they have continued over the past two years to deny to pay our claim. I am still working on this but in the meantime we have purchased a modest home. We had a significant amount of money put aside, but now that I am not working, I have used a large portion of this money to pay our living expenses. In the past two months, I have suffered many obstacles within my immediate family. My father has become increasingly ill, my nephew has been diagnosed with a rare but terminal illness, and my brother has suffered a terrible drug addiction which has resulted in him stealing things from us. With the leftover amount from savings invested in our new home, I am unable to provide neccessites for our home including things such as small appliances, groceries, etc. I also fear that my children may have little or nothing for christmas this year. Please help in whatever way you can and bless you! Mrs. Robyn M. O'Donnell Sponsor Assist #96 November 7, 2006 Jacksonville, NC Removed at petitioners request. Issues solved. #95 November 6, 2006 San Pedro, Ca Hello, I am a single E-4, serving in the Air Force with two small children, ages 2 and 4. I am currently behind a month with my child care payments. I owe $608.I am not receiving any help from their father and would greatly appreciate any help given. Thank you. Sponsor Assist #94 November 2, 2006 Killeen, Texas Hello I am a military spouse in need of help. My husband just left for Iraq and I am 9 months pregnate. We have very little for our daughter on the way and to boot our electric has been turned off. I can only get so much help from the military and as it stands it is not enough. I no longer know where to turn. At this point in time any help would be great. I live in Killeen, Texas. Thank you for your help Tina Sponsor Assist THANK YOU! I have a daughter who is 6 months and so have several items of clothing I can donate. Please let me know where I can mail them... Nancy Thank you Kristen Kildebeck #93 November 1, 2006 Willow Springs, Mo My husband is a service connected disabled vet and im needing to know where i can get some help with christmas presents for our 7 children we are desprete this year and really tired of fighting with va and cant find anyone to hire my husband since he got back please let me know thank you the merritt family Sponsor Assist Visit http://helmetstohardhats.org They are working on finding jobs for veterans. We will find some sponsors for the childrens Christmas. #92 October 27, 2006 Sheldon,Iowa My husband is in Iraq and Christmas is going to be hard this year both emotionaly and financialy....I am wondering if there are any programs out there for help for the holidays so I can make my three children's christmas brighter? Thanks- Jessica Sponsor Assist Thanks John Uythoven for your help to Jessica and her family. And to: First and foremost I would like to thank you and your family for the sacrifices you make to assure the safety of so many. A month ago we celebrated my son's 7th birthday with an Army party that he had requested. Two members of the local Army recruiting office led by Sergeant Earl L. Blizzard volunteered there time to come over and spend some time with the kid's. This proved to be the best birthday party possible for my son and his friends. When I offered them money for there time, they responded by saying no thank you. They did mention that I could contribute in other ways, but were not very specific. I think your email has answered my question on how I could make a difference and say thank you to Sergeant Blizzard. If there is anything my family can do to make your Christmas brighter for your three children, please let us know. It would make me very happy to know that my family could make a difference for yours. My email address is listed below and I look forward to hearing from you. Regards,Douglas Flynn Raytheon Company #91 October 20, 2006 Chicago, Illinois hi, my name is alice and my husband is deployed in afhganistan...he has been gone since 9/06 .im a mother of 5 children (ages 16,13,7 and 3year old twins) . my husband has been calling home on the cell phone because its easy to reach me since im allways on the go . and now my cell phone bill is over $800.00 and i call the cell phone company and they say i got to pay....with a family as big as my is difficult to pay that amount...i cant afford to have my cell phone disconnected since my twins have health problems and one has cerebral palsy and other delays.. if theres any way we could have some assistance it will be deeply appreciated. thank you alice chlopek Sponsor Assist #90 October 18, 2006 Knoxville, Tennessee HELLO MY NAME IS AMANDA BURGESS I HAD MEDICALLY RETIRED FROM THE MARINE COPS. MY MOTHER IN LAW HAD PASSED AWAY AND MY HUSBAND AND I HAD TAKEN HIS SISTERS BECAUSE THEY HAD NO WHERE ELSE TO GO I HAD BEEN TO SO MANY FOUNDATIONS AND THEY COULD NOT HELP ME. IF YOU CANNOT ASSIST ME CAN YOU PLEASE DIRECT ME IN THE RIGHT PLACE SO I CAN GET ON MY FEET. I AM ENROLLED IN THE PURPLE HEART FOUNDATION FOR TRAINING BUT THEY DO NOT KNOW WHEN I WILL BEGIN. THANK YOU A. K. BURGESS Sponsor Assist #89 October 14, 2006 West Columbia, Texas hi my name is jennifer my parents are having a hard time making it my dad served 4yrs i know thats not a long time, but he did serve. they can't afford to pay the light bill and are lucky if they can buy groceries, my dad is disabled and almost died in may. now on tuesday night @ 11pm they rushed my 17 yo brother to the hospital to make a long story short they found out he has an enlarged heart, and needs to see a heart dr. well they can't take him cause they don't have the money, and medicare tells them they make to much money all they get is social security. i try to help but my husband serves in the air force and we are stationed at dyess which is 6hrs away and we have 6 kids so i don't really have the funds to help her either, if u can help my parents in any way i would appreciate it so much.. Thank You, Jennifer Hite Sponsor Assist #88 October4 2006 West Point , NY My name is Sharisha and I am a single parent of 3 children in the Army.I didn't think it would be this hard after I got to the states to make it in the Army. I am here with my kids ages 12, 7, and 3, and I am struggling everyday. Daycare for me is $398 per month, I have a car payment $556 per month, and my insurance is about to be canceled. I have been playing catch up for 3 months since I came from Germany, and I didn't think that the pay here would be that different. I am not getting the government assistance that I was getting in Germany because the cost of living here is high. I don't qualify for much when it comes to assistance. I am depressed and stressed out daily and I don't know what to do. I need help financially, and in any other way to keep my head above water. I don't even think that I will be able to get my kids a Christmas this year either because of my struggles. Please someone out there I just need to have a second chance to be able to sleep without worrying for a minute. Due to my hardship in the Army, am going to have to request for a hardship chapter to be able to take care of my kids. I will be hurting for a couple of months until my VA benefits start. I don't know where else to turn if you can help I would greatly appreciate anything. Clothes, food, help with bills, a phone call to be able to talk to someone that would be able to listen. I am so sad right now. Thank you very much. Sponsor Assist #87 September 16, 2006 San Antonio, Texas Hello,My name is Connie Hale. My husband just left the states yesterday, 9/15/06, to go to Iraq. I am here in San Antonio, TX, with my 2 year old daughter, Mackenzie. Since he left so suddenly, I was forced to quit my job and await the family seperation pay to begin. My husband was always my "babysitter" while went off to work at night. And we both needed a full time job to support our bills & needs. I would just like to request ANYTHING! Help with bills, groceries (HEB or WalMart) or gas, anything would be a big help until I can find a job....God Bless Connie Hale Sponsor Assist #86 September 9, 2006 Norfolk, Va Oceana Naval Air BAse I need help with my dental bills for my family. I have been putting this off for over a year now, and my families'teeth are getting bad. My son's teeth will cost me about $210 to get fixed and my wife's dental bill be around $3400. We have all documentation from the dentist. I just don't have the money. I would really appreciate any help with this, what ever it may be. This Navy family thank yous in advance. We are in Norfolk, VA. Sponsor Assist I was in the same situation myself with dental work needing to be done after i returned from iraq. luckily i found a dentist who gave me a 25% discount on everything! it doesn't sound like much but i needed a few cleanings, cavities to be filled and a root canal! don't be afraid to ask for a military discount especially if you don't have insurance!!!! Helene Karlecke #85 September 5,2006 Mobile, Al HI MY NAME IS AUGUSTINA OWENS I,AM THE MOTHER OF THREE KIDS AGES RANGE FROM 14 TO 4 I,AM IN NEED OF A FINANCIAL BLESSING I LOST MY JOB OF FIVE YEARS AND NOW MY UNEMPLOYMENT HAS RAN OUT I.AM FACED WITH A TEERIBLE FEAR I HAVE NO MONEY TO PAY MY RENT IS DUE AND IHAVE WENT TO MANY OF JOBS TO PUT IN APPLICATION AND YET NO ONE HAS CALLED I EVEN CHECK TO SEE ONCE I PUT THEM IN TO SEE IF THEY ARE INTERVIEWING AND EVERY ONE STATES WE WILL CALL IF WE NEED YOU,PLEASE HELP ME IN MOBILE AL PRAY FOR ME AS IDO PRAY FOR MY SELF ,AND FAMILY WE NEED MONEY TO PAY RENT SO WE WANT BE IN OUR CAR, MY HUSBAND JOHN W MITCHELL BUT WE ARE GING THREW A NASTY DIVORCE AND HE WILL NOT HELP ME AT THIS TIME I HAVE TRIED ORGANAZATIONS AND STILL NO RESULTS ITS THEY ALWAYS PUT YOU ON A WAITING LIST AND WHEN YOU AND YOUR KIDS ARE ABOUT TO BE PUT ON THE STREETS HOW CAN YOY BE PUT ON A LIST ITS HARD TO LOOK IN THEIR EYES AND SAY WERE ARE ON A LIST BUT UNTIL THEN WE HAVE TO SLEEP IN CAR. I have tried groups and churches everyone wants to give food and clothes but i need help with the rent is their any one who can help us please. Sponsor Assist #84 September 5,2006 Dallas Georgia Hello i am a mother of three wonderful children . I am in desperate need of financial assistance with my rent. I owe for one months rent. My children lost their father two years ago to a service related illness. Their father committed suicide and the children are the ones who found him and they have been through alot in the past two years. Everything was going good until the VA starting messing up on my checks and they were making the checks out to the deceased veteran instead of me and i have been returning the checks and getting replacement ones that is until August when i recieved a letter addressed to the next of kin for me. The letter said they had suspended my benefits because they now think that i am deceased. I have been to the VA and they hopefully will get it straightened out soon in the mean time because of them withholding my checks i can not pay my rent. If someone could find it in their hearts to help me and my children i would be forever greatful. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story.. Kelly Carmack Dear Sir i am sorry to bother you again. I was just wondering if there have been any replys to my ad. I am so stressed i have nowhere to go with my children. All this because of the VA and now i can not get help from any Veterans organizations or even my local agencies. Thank you Kelly That's okay i am just thankful that you tried everything possible to help me and my children. No one tried like you did. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This is why i will keep you informed of our situation.. Hi Mr Mealey, I guess this will be the last email you recieve from me. I have started packing up my house. I really just can't understand what the VA's problem is and why they can not get this straightened out. But i thank you for all you have tried to do for me and my children. Noone has taken the time to help me and my children.. I will email when i can get all this straightened out and get my back benefits. I will keep you informed of how we are doing again thak you for your help.. Kelly Carmack Sponsor Assist #83 August 23, 2006 Fort Knox,Ky. My husband is a veteran of two foreign wars, he is a very proud solider. recently we had a third child and with in a year she got sick and now we have some pretty hefty medical bills. we also have two car payments and things are tight. we need some serious financial help. please help us if you can.. thank you Amber Sponsor Assist #82 August 23,2006 Olympia, Washington Ft. Lewis I am an Army Specialist. My wife and I purchased our first home in April. We closed on it a few weeks after learning that we would soon be having a little girl. Shortly thereafter, we found that the house needed water pipes fixed and had electrical problems (that the inspector apparently "overlooked"). For the safety of my family, I addressed these problems immediately, knowing that it would put us behind on bills (what choice did I have). Now we are behind on our car payment and utilities. I cancelled the cable and cut out all leisure activities, but we are still behind, months later. My wife just started maternity leave and that will make it all the harder. Please help me provide for my family. I will not forget when I am a Senior NCO, the kindness bestowed upon me as a junior enlisted. Si Z. Taylor Sponsor Assist #81 August 9, 2006 San Diego, CA If anyone can help, our son, his wife and three year old daughter is stationed in San Diego in the Navy. They arrived in December 2005 and bought a Rodeo. After only just a few months the motor blew up. They had bought and extended warranty with this vehicle but the dealership refused to do anything to help them. It will cost about $3,000.00 to fix it. They need to get it fixed desperately but do not have a way to come up with that much money at one time. They are certainly willing to repay a loan, but don't know where they could get an unsecured loan. If anyone can help or can give us any suggestions, please help. Thank you so much. Drewan Nugent Sponsor Assist I am a Marine wife at Camp Pendleton. I found this site accidentally, but when I saw this plea, I knew I had to help. I can't do a lot, but would like to help by donating some money. I will talk to my church on your behalf,provide me with your full and address. Looking forward to hear from you. Rena Denault #80 August 9, 2006 Fort Belvoir, Virginia Hi I am specialist hicks I am a soldier who is about to be kicked out of my home because I got really behind in my rent when I took out loans to pay for my fathers funeral he died of a drug over dose and the company would not pay out his insurance which left me to pay the bill I cant seem to catch up and theses loans are payday loans and they are hard to pay back I will be deploying on ague 1st and I don't want my 12 year old son not having a place to live while im gone if you can help me I would greatly appreciate it this is a very stressful situation and I will except any help you can give thanks. Jewell P. Hicks, SPCUnit Supply Specialist HHC 29TH Infantry Division (L)Fort Belvoir, Virginia 22060 Sponsor Assist #79 August 9, 2006 Buckhannon, WV My name is Patty and my husband is currently deployed to Iraq. We are in dire need of assistance with home repair. Our "home" is in need of major repairs. All of our windows are cracked, the pane has slipped exposing the outside, and don't close properly. We have no furnace, we are currently using gas space heaters. Only 4 out of the 7 work properly and we do not have heat in all the rooms. We do not have electrical outlets in each room, so we are overloading and running extension cords. And our home has no insulation whatsoever. We are falling majorly behind on our bills and food is getting scarse. My children (15,11 &10), my husband, and myself would appreciate any help we may be able to get. Thank you and God Bless. Patty Brown Sponsor Assist #78 August 9. 2006 Alabama my name is sharon mitchell and i'm the wife of a deceased military. my husband name was phillip mitchell ss#. my family has been struggling every since the death of my husband. I suffered a nervous breakdown behind his death he was killed in an automobile accident in 1999 and i havent been the same since. I applied for disability in 2000 but was turned down. I have been looking for work but know one would hire me. I have a resume posted on monster.com and career builders.com but still can't find work. The car i drive needs plenty of work done on it, it is a 1995 ford, but i can not afford another one and can barely put gas in it. will you please help my family with a loan i'm 3 months behind on my rent and the gas in the house is so high and was cut off on Friday April 28, 2006 the bill is at $900.00. please help my family. I have two children and they know that every day i am on the computer trying to find a job and when i have gas and the car is running fine, i go to temporary companies that are close to my house to keep from getting on the free way and breaking down. please help my family. Thank you kindly, Sharon D. Mitchell Sponsor Assist #77 July 28, 2006 Tennessee We live in Tennessee. My husband left with only 2days notice to go to FT lenardwood for basic. We were in the middle of moving so I could be closer to my sister to help with the kids as I have frequent kidney infections so severe I am admitted to the hospital. He would have received 2 more checks from his civilian job. We are not on food stamps and went to apply just to get by till august 15th and I'm not sure what will happen as I was told that dhs counts the income when he makes it NOT when we get it and have access to it. We were told it will be August 15 before his pay is deposited. Due to his leaving the electric company is going to turn off the power on the 1st of august and there is no way I can pay it before august 3rd which is the day we move and have the electric transferred. I am at a complete loss as of what to do. The balance is $150.00 I am requesting any type of help for either food or the electric bill. My internet will be turned off any second which we can live without that till we get moved and August 15th is here, but since it may be turned off I wanted to give my information. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and to anyone that can offer any help. I am willing to pay back any help also. We have never had our electric turned off before and you would think that the electric company would be more understanding. Sincerely, Cindy Jones Sponsor Assist #76 July 24,2006 Miramar Station, San Diego, CA Removed at petitioners request. #75 June 28,2006 Chillicothe, Ohio My husband recently departed from the Marine Corps after serving for 6 years. We had planned to stay in and retire but things didnt work out that way. We have 3 children, and had to spend our entire savings to get our family moved back home. Now, we have a home, but it seems that we cant make the bills. We dont have anyone to watch our children, so only my husband can work. After he left the Marines, it took him 3 months to find a job so we got behind on our bills and now we cant catch them up. We just received a disconnect notice on our electric bill and the total is nearly $800!!! A disconnect on our telephone for $200!!! Also, our auto insurance has lapsed, so now we dont have any home or auto insurance either. It seems like we will never get out of this dark hole that we are in! We manage to pay our rent and to buy groceries and gas for the car, but thats it, there is never anything left after that! If nothing else, I would be ever so grateful if someone would jsut think of our 3 children. Because we are always so strapped on money, we arent able to go out and do things with our kids, or buy them things like other families can. Our children are ages 9, 4, and 2 and they would be happy to have anything that isnt a hand-me-down or something that we have dug out of the good will box in the parking lot of kmart. Any help at all would be extremely appreciated! Sponsor Assist #74 June 28,2006 San Diego, CA hello. i am an navy wife we have just moved here to san diego from new jersey in need....... i have 3 children 5, 2, and 6 months we only have 25 dollars in our account right now. our phone just got shut off today and the cell phones also. i been penny pinching to get by on food for about a month now. 2 of my kids are still in babies still. we need help please. My 2 yr old we just found out she has to get sugery in july and my phone just got shut off today and i dont have a cell phone that got shut off on last Monday now we dont have a phone in order the doctors to contact me. We don't have very much food and we are stuggling with the bills we have aready. i need the doctors to contact me my dzughter needs this done.please email me back if u can. we need a phone in important to the walfare of my child to have a phone in the house. in the house i have 3 children all under the age 5. the creditors are on our backs. please help if u can. i dont have a phone to contact u on so please email me as soon as possible i so scared we need help i dont know what to do. my five yr old starts school soon but we dont have any money to put in the gas tank. please if any one can help please do so. god bless A navy wife Sponsor Assist #73 June 22.2006 Deatsville, AL My name is Briana, I am 14 yrs old from Deatsville, AL , my dad is in the Air Force. My 3yr old sister was diagnosed with AML Luekemia, May 24, 2006 Will someone please help us with our bills. There are 4 kids in all, and my mom had to stop working her job so we lost her $35,000 salary a year. Please help. From a caring sister Thank you Sponsor Assist Thank you Dr.Jerald Manley Heritage Baptist Church of Pensacola #72 June 11, 2006 Phenix City, Al Need help with my power bill before its disconnected. Thank you Mary Beaver Sponsor Assist #71 May 9, 2006 Louisiana We are an air force family living in Louisiana and we have 2 wonderful children. Erin will be 12 soon and Ryan who is 4. Ryan is autistic and needs a special carseat that will keep him safely harnesses longer then the standard 40lbs. I can not afford the $300 for the carseat that will keep my special little boy safe in the car. He does not have the mental capacity to understand that taking off the seatbelt is not ok. He has no fear of the outside world. Tricare has denied the request for the seat as they say it is not medical equipment. Please if you can help me keep my son safe in my carthat would be more help then you can ever know. The carseat I need for him can be seen here. This seat will hold him safely until he is 80lbs. Thank you Christi wife to Ron usaf mom to Erin 11 and Ryan my special little guy with autism age 4 Sponsor Assist I would like to ship one of these car seats to Christi for her son.Please let me know how to do this. Thank you, Mary Middlebrook "I am sure you know this but I had a lady offer to send me a car seat for my son...I want to thank your website for the wonderful thing you all are doing... thanks so much Christi" #70 May 8, 2006 Camp Pendelton, Ca I am a Marine Wife at Camp Pendleton, and we are living "out in town". We just found out that I have a brain tumor, which was a total shock to us. We had just two weeks earlier moved downtown, in anticipation of my husband getting out of the military as soon as he deploys and returns from Iraq. We used all our savings for the move for rent deposits, etc. I go in to the emergency room at Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital for a migraine, and walk out having found out that I have a brain tumor the size of a golfball. Now we are faced with high travel expenses to the treatment center which is 60 miles one way. Tricare (the military insurance) will not reimburse if the treatment center is not more than 100 miles one way. However, with Southern California traffic, the time needed for appointments, tests, etc, this is an all day trip involving high gas cost, extra money for meals, extra child care costs, etc. I feel I have become a burden to my husband and don't know what to do to help. We have not paid utilities to make sure we had enough for the expenses to go down to the doctor.Documentation of unpaid utilities, gas expenses, doctor's diagnosis, etc can be provided. Thank you. Sponsor Assist I am a Marine wife at Camp Pendleton. I found this site accidentally, but when I saw this plea, I knew I had to help. I can't do a lot, but would like to help by donating some money. Barbara Johnson Dear Mr. Mealey, The Glassman family contacted me and they were very kind to me. .I was literally brought to sobbing tears with their kindness and they willingness to help someone they don't even know or has ever met. Thank you for interceding for me. I think they were as skeptical as I was initially, about getting help and/or giving help to someone solely off the internet. They wanted to help out, even with just a gas card and possible help with an electric bill (that is due to be cut off on the 26th, we were just overwhelmed with the number of hospital and doctor visits and are now stretched past the limit). I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that they did contact me. Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Elaine Margeson Families from this point on also need Christmas help and more. Keep them in mind #69 May 5, 2006 Shakopee, Minnesota Hi my name is Becki and my Husband ids Ben he is in the army national guard in Iraq. he has served in all branches of service except the Navy. We have 4 kids 3 girls and 1 boy. I am having a tough time with paying bills our phones have been shout off and now it is back on but will get shout off again soon. My electric is getting shout off today and my heat we have no food in the house and are having a hard time.I ant working right now I have been trying to find a job but there has been no luck besides I cant afford child care. I Hope there is a way you can help me get back on my feet. also my oldest daughter has many disorders she has ADHD,ODD, and bipolar it is very difficult to do anything. thank you for your time Sincerely Becki Hedstrom Sponsor Assist #68 April 30, 2006 Fort Richardson, Alaska I served on active duty for 11 years and 9 months. While on active duty I got myself into some really bad credit situations which is causing me to live from pay check to pay check and make it difficult to purchase a home for my children. Moving around from post to post initially caused me to get behind in bills and once they got so far behind I could not afford to pay them and take care of my children. Can you help me with these bills. My spouse is active duty and I am a civilian now. Even with both incomes it is difficult to make it and with interest on these bills we will never be able to pay them off. Sponsor Assist #67 April 3, 2006 Ft. Myers, Florida Removed at the Request of the family #66 April 3, 2006 Beaufort, South Carolina Hello. My name is Jamie. I am a Marine Currently stationed in Beaufort, South Carolina. My wife and I have one 2 year old son and just found out that she has one on the way. She is going through a high risk pregnancy because of her prior miscarriages, so she can't work. I am trying hard to make ends meet with one paycheck, but I keep coming up short. Recently I had a pay oversight, so for the next two months I will be only be receiving about 350.00 per paycheck to live off of. If there is anyone out there to help us with our bills and groceries, it would be MUCH appreciated. Our big bills are our car note (495.00), and our phone bill (100.00). A food voucher or gas voucher would be much appreciated also. Whatever you can help with would help us out. I know that God will see us through this hardship as he has every other time. Thank you and God bless. Sponsor Assist #65 March 4, 2004 Vicenza, Italy Hello, my name is Christopher Rice. I am currently in Afghanistan,but my duty station is in Vicenza Italy. My wife is pregnant with our first child. Her due date is around August 30,2006. We are already buying and saving to buy the things one needs to raise a healthy child. I am scheduled to return to Italy sometime in the end of March. I was planning on spending my leave in Italy to save more money but that is not possible. My spouse and I need to go to the states to take care of some visa issuses. This is costing me a little more than $2,400 dollars. My spouse and I were planning on using this money to purchase a ticket for my mother to come witness the birth of her first grandchild, and also to help take care of household matters and aid in the recovery of my wife. I work long hours both while deployed and in Italy and it would be a blessing if we could have an extra hand around. My mother lives in California and we would like her to come to Italy for two or so weeks. All we need is a ticket, we have our own place and an extra bed. Chris Rice Sponsor Assist #64 FEBRUARY 10,2006 Waco,Texas Hello, I am a soldier in the Army. I have been in for over 14 years, 9 of those years I have been married to a very special lady. We have two wonderful daughters. Due the constant financial strain we are under due to bills tricare and Concordia wouldn't cover and because a military hospital made several mistakes during my wife's delivery of our youngest, she cannot work. I know there is worst cases out there and understand if no one contacts me. Currently I am in Kuwait, but when I return I would like to actually take my family on a real vacation before my next assignment since its a very good chance I will be gone for an undetermined amount of time. We have never been on any real vacation because we barely have the money to make the bills and then sometimes we end up borrowing money from our parents. Since I am in Kuwait and unable to work second jobs, my wife is being forced to do without alot of things they need. It hurts deep down to know that I can't provide everything my family needs and for once I would like to see a smile on everyone's face. If anyone would like to help, God Bless.... Thank you for all the support everyone shows. Sponsor Assist #63 January 2, 2006 Orlando, Florida Dear Sirs, My husband has recently been activated to train Soldiers going to Iraq and consequently we have no "man" in the house - I have three children who are truly a blessing - we are in need of a fence around our property to stop our youngest child from wondering off (or anyone coming in ) while our child plays in the back yard - which she loves to do. We live in Orlando Florida and do not know anyone locally (as my relatives are in England) who could help us put up a fence - my two oldest sons try and help but I think this job is a little bigger than they could possibly handle at 13 years old. If you know where we could get any help with anything like this or property repairs I would be most grateful....Thanks and have a Blessed New Year - The Scott Family. Sponsor Assist #62 December 15,2005 Little Rock Air Force Base, AR Hi, My name is Crystal, I'm writing because my family is in need of financial help right now...My husband is active duty army reserves. We have two children, our son is 15 months old and our daughter is 6 years old.We have found ourselves in a rut because when we first got here which was a year ago in January(this is our first duty station) my husband was supposed to be promoted to SGT..well that took awhile, we had struggled before my husband went active duty and had to sell all of our things in order to get by so when we got here we had to buy everything over again, we are paying for his truck which is 3 months behind leaving us oweing $900.00 right now to get it caught up, when we first got here we bought me a little clunker of a car just to get me around in to run errands and take the kids to the doctor and so on, but the car broke down, we had to get a loan to buy me another car because my husband was having to take off work and be late alot of times from trying to do the errands I usally did such as taking the kids to doctor, me to the doctor, and taking my daughter back and forth to school, we have had to take out several loans to get by so we could put food on the table for our kids, we've appled for food stamps but got turned down because they look at the BAH which we dont even get because we live in base housing....I have been looking for a job but it's hard to find something that pays enough to pay for childcare for two kids I've been out of work for a while now because i suffer from severe sleep apnea and severe migraines...the help I'm asking for is just for my kids to have a good christmas and help with this late truck payment ....we dont have the money to get the kids anything for christmas and we've spoken to the company where we got my husband's truck and they said if we can just pay anything then it'll show that we're trying but we honestly dont have anything that we can pay because all the other bills pilling up..any help that anyone can give would be greatly appreciated... I know that there are so many people on this site that are in great need and I ask and pray that if you come across any of them that need it worse than I do you will help them...i look at all their stories and it saddens me so much...I wish I could help each and everyone of them and I would if I wasnt struggling myself..it's sad to see so many families of people that serve our country struggling so badly. it really makes you wonder if we're really being taken care of like we should be...I am very proud of my husband for what he does...he's served in Iraq once and they say he could be called up at any moment to go again.....I send all my blessings and prayers out to all the other soldiers and their families....May God Bless each and everyone of you in your times of need!!Thank you for listening!! Crystal Arnold Sponsor Assist #61 November 30, 2005 Washington State, Fort Lewis. Removed no longer qualified., #60 November 25, 2005 Columbus, Ga 100% Service connect Retired Combat veteran US Army I am really unsure on how or even if I serve too ask for this, A short history on what my issues, How I ended up in this spot. I am 100% disabled combat veteran wounded a number of times. I was able too make it work , Until first I have two major heart attacks and surgeries, Just before my heart attacks ( Deemed service connected based on secondary too my injuries) My wife of 35 years Had a brain tumor surgery was done at Emory hospital and somewhat successful in extending her life although it cause many other long term major heath problems for her , She was placed in a critical care unit with a complete organ shut down, She then while in a coma had congestive Heart failure , This progressed on for 3 moths the doctors all 5 specialist told me each day She was not going too make it , Even too the point of waking up. I will not bore anyone with this, long prayer great medial care, and Gods gift too be she lived, and although bed ridden service diabetic we still fighting too get her sugar too stay under 300, I have too try shopping cooking cleaning and much more because I am her care taker This makes for a odd couple the helpless helping the helpless, I too with all am also diabetic (service connected) I will manage and make no complaints. Although I hair ramps , and widen door ways and Handicap the bathroom so each time I do any thing even shower is a adventure of danger, The number of time I have fallen is not even countable. Yet it has been fighting asking for this so called benefit for a long time. I am in a wheel chair. From wounds incurred in legs, chest, lungs, abdomen, Shrapnel wounds too hands arms, back, white prospers wound too right arm and shoulder. I will do with out air and heat Using the fireplace, and though my cooking, cleaning skills leave much too be desired and with my disabilities that should they be taped with make great TV , I will find a way too do what is far to little when compared too the gifts she gave me all these years. So I will care for her as best I can, I write this request when I would let what will be , Happen But she serves more so I humbly ask that you please understand ,I can skip my doctors, some of my medications I will risk not taken, I worry that cold floor will get my wife even more problem should either of us get pneumonia would kill her so I will take care of all she needs. But I can not set and let her be at a greater risk. I have no clue on what I do leave my address, Phone Number phone number on request I guess Wm Hill For complete text from this petitioner contact us. Sponsor Assist #59 November 22, 2005 Jacksonville, Florida Hello, I just read about the other familes in need and I feel blessed in so many ways. Althought we have our own problems. My husband has been in the Navy for 6 years. We recently moved into base housing in Jacksonville Florida, which mean we no longer get BAH. When that happened so did our financial problems. We have a 200 dollar phone bill, most of it is reconnection fees from it being shut off last month and the month before and so on. We have 2 cars one is a 2000 Jeep grand cherokee which is currently broken its been parked in the drive way we dont have the money to find out whats wrong much less to have it fixed. So we are relying on his car a 1996 toyota camry with over 100,000 miles of problems, It leaks oil no a/c and we have heat it just doesnt blow out of the vents, I'm sure the tires are bad and we probably shouldnt drive it but we have no other choice. We also have a 3 year old daughter, she has out grown almost all of her clothing. She is 3 and still sleeps in her crib we cant afford a new bed for her. Our home is partialy furnished, we have a "hand me down" couch and love seat.In our bed room we only have a mattrress on the floor, which is an up grade from the air mattress we slept on for months. Our clothes are in piles and in laundry baskets on the floor a few are hanging in the closet. We desperately need a washer and dryer. We can only affort to take our clothes to the laundrymat once a month and thats only to wash the important things like his uniforms. I hand wash most of the other clothes in the bath tub and hang them to dry. Like most of the other needy families our food is mostly mac and cheese, raman noodles, soup, canned veggies and instant mashed potatos. I am sure our daughter isnt eating like a toddler should but its what we can afford. I recently got a job, at the commissary as a bagger ( working for tips only) I can only work limited hours, we cant afford child care so I have to wait for my husband to get off work so he can watch our daughter and drop me off. I thank God for that job the 10 to 20 dollars I make in a day there has provided bacis food and diapers in our house in between paydays. We need and appreciate any and all help. Thank You, Jamie Weaver Sponsor Assist #58 November 18,2005 North Carolina My name is Christine and my husband served 22 years in the marine corps he is now retired and not doing well we have two small children ages 2 and 5 we need help with a deposit for a new place so we can move closer to the base in North Carolina....the deposit is $625 anything will help if not a gift certificate to a store where we can buy an open back trailer to move would also be helpful if not gas certificates and some help with utilities would be fine the kids like toys of course...My husband has been in the service all his life and is not adjusting to civilian life well or the dramatic cut in pay so we are really struggling if you can help please let me know Thank you Christine Rollins, Chloe and baby Jonathon Sponsor Assist #57 November 17, 2005 San Diego , Ca hi, we are in major need in help i hate having to ask for help but we have no choice i am 5 months preggy and we are having major money problems we dont even have enough money to go grocey shopping we cant afford to pay our house phone or even buy gas for my husband to get back and forth to work this is our first christmas actually togeather he was deployed last christmas and the christmas before that he was at A school and so we are both really upset we cant afford anything not even our bills so i would be greatful to any help what so ever anyone can offer to us. God bless and happy holidays Tara cloud Sponsor Assist #56 November 7, 2005 Ft. Stewart, Ga Hi, I am writting in hopes that someone can answer my prayers. My husband has been deployed now for a little over a year and bills are starting to take their toll. My husband and I have a baby girl who just turned 5 months. I am currently unemployed and now trying to make ends meet with one income. My husband is only a PFC so for anyone that knows military pay, its not much, lol. But we are now with out t a vehicle. The car we had finally quit on us. But not only are the bills pilling up, but with me having to make all my dr visits for my medical condition my husband is "supposed" to come home in january and our daughter and I are here in michigan still. We have no way of getting moved back to Fort Stewart when he comes home let alone we wont even be able to be there the day he comes in. Of all the things that have gone wrong that is the one thing that is hurting me the most, knowing that when my husband comes home, like some, he is not going to have anyone there on that parade field to welcome him back, and he has yet to see his daughter. They would not send him home when she was born. If there is anyone out there that could help, even if, with just this, I would be so blessed. I appreciate everything that the good people of this country have done to help our loved ones and their families. Thank you to ALL! God bless!! Come home soon!! Heather & Mikayla Walker "We're so proud of you dadddy! Come home safe and soon!!" Mrs Heather Walker Sponsor Assist Oh my goodness, thank you so much. i had completly forgotten about that. i didnt even think that anyone would ever read it. i cant thank you enough for this. im about ready to cry right now, its so great to know that people actually care, about all of us. Thank you so much and god bless you! Heather & Mikayla Walker #55 No longer Valid #54 Oct 13, 2005 Fort Stewart, GA Hello...My name is Beth My husband just recently got deployed for the 4th time overseas to Iraq. We have two Children age 8 and a 3 year old. We have been struggling for money for awhile and now that he is deployed it is getting harder. The extra money that we are suppose to receive has not kicked in and I am coming up short. I think this month we will have $29. And I still need to pay my car payment, get food for the house, and also gas in case I need to go somewhere. Yesterday I had to voluntary repo my car so I would be able to pay the bills that we have on the 1st. If anyone could help me out..it would be greatly appreciated. Beth Dews Sponsor Assist #53 9/11/05 East Haven, CT Hi, I am writing to see if there is anyone that can assist my family. My husband is a Navy Reservist and was deployed on Feb 14, 2005. He is currently serving in Iraq. Right now we have no idea when exactly he will be coming home, it seems that everytime I talk to him the date changes, it gets moved from an earlier time to months and months later. I have 3 children at home that I am taking care of by myself during his deployment. I have a 14 year old, a 3 year old and a 16 month old. My husband left a job as a carpenter with unlimited overtime and many side jobs to go overseas and has taken a drastic pay cut in doing so, but was proud to have this opportunity to serve his country. Now I am in a financial situation where I just don't know what to pay - I have a mountain of bills and not enough money coming in to pay it all. First is food, I have to make sure my kids eat, but then the mortgage and car payments are extremely important because we need a place to live and a car to get around in. My electric bill was over $400 this month due to the excessive heat we have had pretty much all summer long. I couldn't shut the air conditioner off because my 16 month old is in a hip brace about 20 hours a day due to hip dysplasia (she was born with this) so the heat makes her very uncomfortable as it traps in heat and makes her twice as hot. I have just started a part time job at night but can only get about 15 hours a week so I am doing that now. Not that it's going to make me rich, but it will help with something. I cannot afford to put my children in daycare, it's way too expensive here. At this point anything would be very much appreciated - gas cards, grocery store cards, diapers, a payment to any of my utility companies...I am getting desperate and have no place to turn to for help. We do not live on a military base as we are a reservist family. Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity. Wendy Miller Sponsor Assist #52 9/05/05 New Bern, NC We live in new bern, nc which is about 25 minutes away from cherry point the mcas air station marine corps base. hi my name is crystal caldwell...we are a military family who now resides in north carolina my husband just transferred from camp pendleton ca to cherry point north carolina... hes a sgt in the marine corps... we have 4 children and im now 7 months pregnant. we have twins that are 4 yrs old, a 2 yr old, a 9 month old and expecting another in november. im a high risk pregnancy and i cant work... my husband was just put in jail a couple of weeks ago for a felony charge and now no one will help me and my children from going homeless. hes facing a felony charge assault by strangulation.. he did it to me and m pregnant. hes done it to me for a while and i just got strong enuff to say thats it... now im scared that i will let my babies down.. Can you please help me and my family.??? ive tried the military, navy relief, family advocacy on base, churches, foundations, operation homefront, red cross, salvation army, social services, domestic violence groups, and etc.... please help. We need help with our morgage, diapers, lights, phone, car, and car insurance. i also have nothing for my new baby coming ... but a bassinet and a play pin. from my 9 month old son... plus i have a vehicle that isnt even big enough for me to bring my baby home from the hospital with the other children all in car seats. im scared the reason it took so long for me to leave my husband was that he was the soul provider when it came to money. and i knew this is what would've happened if i tried then... but i couldnt hang in there with the nightmares and living in fear every day whether i was awake or asleep... Can you please find a sponsor or sponsors that will help me and my children even if we live here in north carolina???? Thankyou Crystal Caldwell 10/1/05 im honestly getting scared my baby is due at the end of november but i just went to the doctors on friday and they said that i already dilated.. but its going slow so they sent me home on bedrest but i have 4 other little ones here at home.. my husband is still in jail and the da told his public defender that he either pleas or we will see him at trial... hes already confessed and we have the confession. so hes pleading guilty. we still have no income coming in and i cant work still for a while... we need help badly or me and my 4 children will be homeless, and then i will have a new baby soon.. i dont know what to do.... its obviously bad timeing because of the storms.. Sponsor Assist #51 9/01/05 Ft.Hood, Texas Please help my family in this time of war!!! I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me or my family. We are doing the best that we can with what we have. We recently sold our '95 Jeep to pay medical bills. Unfortunately, it is not enough! I have 2 young boys (3 yrs. and 1 yr.). My husband joined the military in Feb of 05. As most of you know the military doesn't pay much. We need all the help we can get. We have very little furniture and we usually eat Ramen noodles or mac n' cheese to save money. My 3 yr old has Athsma and allergies, so he needs medication and regular visits to the doctor. My baby is still on formula nd that tends to be pricey. Of course I would never keep them from eating, so most of the time I skip at least one meal during the day to ensure that we save as much money as possible. My husband has gone to NTC (training) until November and will be leaving for Iraq in December. I am sure some money will be saved with one less mouth to feed. Please, if there is anyone who can help, we would be so greatful!!! God Bless!! Shay Foster Sponsor Assist #50 8/24/05 Elgin, Ill Hello, My name is Pamela and my husband is serving his second tour of duty in Iraq. I moved into a place just before his deployment. We have three children (13, 9, & 4). I am in Elgin Illinois I need help. There are so many helps for reservist that went active but none for active duty family members. We are in need of living room furniture, beds, clothes, help with the electric bill(which was $89 just for 10 days of service), food, my 97 mercury grand marquis need O2 sensors which I can not afford to fix(when emissions testing comes up this year it will not pass and my license will be in jeopardy), and help getting a job. I do have a folding card table in the kitchen. I have tried to find help but i am new in this town. Being there is not an army installation in Illinois i do not know where to turn. I have not been able to contact my husband for weeks. The furniture doesn't have to be new. I just need help. As well I am trying to fight identity theft I found an attorney that is willing to help but I can not afford his fees My personal information was used as an alias for a person who has an outstanding warrant for arrest so when I apply for jobs and the background check comes back they deny me a job(sometimes I don't even get the opportunity to explain the situation) the warrant is in that persons name. Feel free to contact me. Pamela Lewis Sponsor Assist #49 8/3/05 Camp Pendelton, Ca I recently returned home from a my second deployment in Iraq. When I left my wife was pregnant and having pregnancy difficulties, so I was forced to send her back to Texas. The move back was some what costly and I must say that it put us in a financial rut. We bounced back though. However recently our car broke down. A 2000 dodge stratus. With a family of five I am sure you can understand that the 2500 dollars that it will take to fix the vehicle. I am not sure if anyone could help me, but I know I would be greatful for any assistance. I am sure over time I could pay it back, but it might be a while. I am a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps stationed at camp Pendleton California. If noone can help I know it is a lot of money. I am sure we will find a way to manage. Thanks so much sponsors, Cpl Castaneda , Monica , Skyla, Mariah, Aaron Sponsor Assist 7/12/05 SPONSOR I AM A ARMY WIFE MY NAME IS TONYA I OWN A ORGANAZTION TO HELP . MILITARY FAMILIES.I DO NOT HANDLE MONEY BUT I DO OFFER OTHER THINGS THEY MAY NEED LIKE CLOTHES ,SCHOOL SUPPLIES FOR THERE CHILDREN,DIAPERS AND SO ON IF YOU COULD CONTACT ME I WOULD LOVE TO HELP PLEASE EMAIL ME AT ASoldiersWifeE2@aol.com #48 7/11/05 WONDER LAKE, IL. I have been trying to find some help with our current situation. My husband is a mobilized reservist and have a child with exstensive medical needs. she is at home with nursing when we get it. Our electric bill is over 800.00 dollars. It cost alot of money to run her medical equipment and i dont get any assistance with that. If you can help please get in contact with me. Jennifer Gulas Family Reradiness Group Volunteer HQs, 85th DIV(TS) 847-456-1708 Sponsor Assist #47 6/28/05 PHOENIX, ARIZONA Hello, my name is Maria and I'm from South America. I am writing in desperate need for any help available. I live by my self in Arizona, Phoenix.My husband is a Marine from 1/5 currently deployed for 3rd time in Iraq. He left from Camp Pendleton on March 1st. We have been struggling ever since withour bills. I'ts very hard for me, as you may know as a foreign military spouse, due to an immigration law in the United States, we are not allowed to accept any employment opportunities while they are overseas unlles we pay the hole process in one payment. Unfortunatley, this is because they want to make sure we wont get any benefits if the American soldier, who is the sponsor, dies in combat. Also I'm going with this process in order to finally after 3 years waiting without leaving the country, received my authorizacion to start working and studing in the US, all the forms we have to send them (to USCIC) are very expensive for us ...Petition for Alien Relative ($185), Aplication to Register Permanent Resident($385), Medical Examination($190) Aplication for Employement Authorisation($164) of course they want all the forms together and their fees,I wrotte them a letter to see if they can waived some fees,but they think cause he is a Marines in combat for third time we have enough money. .LOL!. I have been sick with a seriously asthma attack I was at the hospital for a few days (Baptist Hospital) they gave me prednisone and oxygen to help me breath. They said it was a reaction from stress and anxiety; they can cause fatigue, which may affect the immune system and, in turn, increase either asthma symptoms or bring on an attack.. After those days, they send my the bill!!!!!We have Military insurance with TRIWEST, the anount billed was $2.009,that's Crazy!!!They allowed $814 paying $692.21 the rest wich is $122.16 is the beneficiary Responsibility. (me!) So there we go all I have is more and more and more bills of course we cant pay all,we just have one income and is not enough to pay the immigration process(so I can start working) plus the hospital bill,plus the rent,and utilities or food (anybody needs food!!)wich Im always late or I have shut off notice like this month with SRP and just not to mention As you can imagine, I wait all day long just to hear from him, silence is too hard and I never know when will be the next time I'm going to heard from him.In the last to month he called me during daytime from Phoenix,(due to his work conditions in Ar Ramadi,they are 11 hours ahead.)and we went over the minutes for more than 800 minutes in two month,so every minute is $40 cents plus fees and fees ,now we are trying to pay that bill wich is almost a $1000 dollars (Cingular Wireless)and they desconcted last month because I did not make the full pament.so now is even worst because I cant have any contact with him or either with my family until we save the money to pay the amount due. I Wrote them to see if we can make some payments arrangements to resolve this matter and/or allowed me to turn on my service as soon as possible, once the payments goes thru.but,I have no answers yet. I'm also a volunteer form a non-profit organization, called packages from home; we send 3 packages per soldier from any branch. They are also trying to donate me a PC, so I can at least communicate with my loved ones thru the internet Im more than upset and tired going with all this issues just me,I don't know a lot of people here even If I want to leave the US and just wait for him outside with my family.. I cant do it, or I lose my place with immigration after three years period just waiting for them!! You have my full permission to forward this letter to anyone that you think may be able to help. Anything that you could do would be greatly appreciated. If there is some kind of contacts our there that can give us a hand with our needs , we would SO much appreciate.I would be happy to do something in exchange for this help. Any Community Services, I'm bilingual Spanish/English and I have many other Administrative skills. (I've attach some documents for you, if you need to verify my information) Please I would ask to keep this personal information (SSN and other important inf)only with the person that received the emal, thank you so much.. Maria T Sponsor Assist #46 6/28/05 LAKE CHARLES. LOUISIANA Please someone help me get back home with my hree small children. My husband is deploying for a year to Iraq, and I would like to go back to the states to be with my family. I need assistance with the outragious cost os living and utilites! Is there anyone out there that helps the spouses and there kids go back home with there families to have the family support that we all nedd at a time like this. How do I find a decent house, trailor, or apartment in lake charles, louisiana. I nned my support from my other family.........This is going to be hard o do with my husband gone! The least that could be done is for someone to help us find a decent place to live closer to home. thank crystal virine Sponsor Assist #45 6/15/05 BENTON, IL My wife is in the national graud she is at AIT right now. We have three kids and in need of a little help to get back on our feet. If there is anything you can do Please help. Thank you for your time in this matter. YOURS TRULY JAMES NATHAN COX Sponsor Assist #44 6/15/05 My husband had an affair while serving stateside with the national guard. He was deployed from 2003 to 2004 we are divorcing and he will not help me and our 2 kids one is an autistic daughter16 years old. I am going to take correspondance course to get my degree in early child hood development after being a stay at home mom for the last 8 years. I need help with the the mortgage so my kids and I do not have to move. We owe $38,000.00 on a 20 year old mobile home its a single wide and for that reason cannot get it refinanced. I have been ill for the last 4 years with cronic kydney stones. I also had 3 major surgeries in the last year and a half and I will have surgery on my face in the near future to repair my nose following a serious dog bite I received in march. I am looking for part time work. Please help me keep my home the land it sits on was a gift from my family. We were married 22 years last October. Cheryl Harris Sponsor Assist #43 6/15/05 NEWPORT NEWS, VA Hello, My name is Heidi and my husband is in the Navy. We are in Newport News, VA. I usually work as a CNA in a convalescent center. I am unable to work for the next month and this is going to make it extremely hard to pay our bills and get food. I have to have surgery on June 14th and will be out of work till July 8th...that day I have my post-op check up to see if I can go back to work then. I just don't know how we are going to make it...even me missing work for a month makes it a struggle for us. Please can anyone help us to pay anything? Thanks so much! Heidi Sponsor Assist #42 5/28/05 Norfolk, VA My name is Erin and my husband is currently overseas for a lengthy time. I am in a new neighborhood, and don't have anything for myself or our daughter. The bills are out of hand and I've already borrowed tons of money from the family. I am in need of some serious financial help till the B.A.H. kicks in. Could you please give me some advice? I am located in Norfolk, VA Erin Sponsor Assist #41 6/15/05 Camp Pendelton, Oceanside , Ca I have only to FRIDAY to pay the rent or I am in eviction and it takes 18 days. I have been to these agencies and they say I can not get rental assistance. The phone # to my landlord at my apartments is 760-602-4242 Jennifer Sanchez at Sunny Creek Apartments. If someone could help I would be appreciative. I will take any numbers. Danielle Capers Original Post 5/24/05 My name is Danielle and I am a marine wife who went through three deployments between Iraq and Afganistan. My husband came home as I man I didnt know and know I am alone with no family and no help. Please will someone help me just to pay rent while I find a job that will pay my bills. He gives me no assistance and I have tried everything. We are divorcing and I have nothing. I havent eaten alot either, I dont have money for food or gas. I have went and sold everything I could to make it and now find myself hungry and almost homeless. I have never asked for help like this and even contact Navy releif but my spouse wont even help me there. I went to the church but they said as I have no children I do not qualify for help. If anyone can help just with even food, I would repay them when I got on my feet. God Bless I am at Camp Pendleton Oceanside CA The Womans Resource Center for Domestic Viloence has provided two bags of soup and noodles.I am greatful. Sponsor Assist * 5/9/05 Kessler AFB My name is Lindsay. I saw your Email and it really touched me. I happen to be stationed at Keesler AFB, and know a few things here and there about ways to go about getting assistance when in need!! I'd start with the United Way Help Line they are a number that links families with several agencys. The Salvation Army, provided they have a thrift store can write you a clothing voucher for your son. Also Keesler Airforce Base just opened up a Airman's Attic and they help out E-5 and below with housing items, furniture and clothing items all donated. They just opened up The number to Family Services here at Keesler AFB os (228) 388-8628, they could help you with any questions. -Best of luck and hope this helps! Lindsay #40 5/6/05 Bay Area, California Hello. I'm writing because I seen your email and wanted to ask you for your address. My husband is an Army recruiter and we live in the Bay area of California. Our little girl who is also 3 is EFMP and I know that it is not only emotionally hard but finanically also. We are always in and out of Childrens Hospital, too. We would love to help you anyway that we can starting with blankets, toys, and some clothes for your 3 year old and newborn. Please write me with anything else that you may need and our family will do what we can to help as there have been times we have been in the same situtation.I look forward to your response and meeting you. God bless. Jamie Sponsor Assist #39 5/6/05 Oceanside, Ca. Hello, My name is Shawna and my husband is a marine currently deployed. He just returned from Iraq in September, and he is now deployed to Okinawa for 7 months. The phone bill was outrageous the last time he was gone. We would like to keep in touch as much as possible, but calling cards get very expensive. I was wondering if anybody is willing to send us calling cards so we can stay in touch, and minimize our phone bill. It would mean so much. Anything that you could do would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Shawna Sponsor Assist Thank you Jaime Gilliam #38 5/5/05 Ft Rucker, AL Need help buying infant clothes... My husband is an E4 in the Army. We are stationed in Ft Rucker, Al. Our oldest son is three and he has special needs. We often have to travel as far as Biloxi, MS to Keesler AFB, and Children's Hospital. If we have any money on our credit cards we put it on that, but then by the time Tricare reimburses it I usually need that for the next appointment or groceries. I have about $10,000 total of credit card debt. We don't get AER for his trips because they are continual to treat his intestinal issues, asthma, and developmental issues. Because we have so many bills and expenses I am having a hard time buying things for our new baby on the way. He is due in September 2005. Because of my first son's expenses put the new baby's careast on layaway at the PX. We owe $139.00 because it is a four in one and we will never have to buy another one for the baby. We thought it was over all better to try to get that type to avoid the future cost of buying more seats. I don't have many boy clothes, a baby swing, or blankets for the baby. We are also in the process of beginning a compassionate reassignment to try to get to another post where all of our little one's medical needs can be met. I am not sure what expenses will be involved if we move. Thank you. Sponsor Assist #37 2/2/05 MIAMI,FLORIDA Hi my name is Tivoli Bryant I am a wife an navalmen,and a mother of three,one newborn.One child is newborn 3mos,I am going through hard times with finances and trying get something too eat and getting clothes for my children to wear,because of bill and rent.I'm not able to work due too,Me being sickly myself,I'm hydrocephylis/ epilepsy and I have two kids that's diagionse with sickle cell Anemia and and my eight year old has sickle cell trait.It's just me and on an daily basis it's hard and I need help really badd. Being that my husband is away.So If you could please help with this situation Id very much appreciate it. Sponsor Assist #36 1/28/05 TACOMA,WASHINGTON Our son is twenty-five years old and is stationed in Seattle-Tacoma at McChord AFB. He flies C-17 transport planes, and has not been able to take leave enough to come home in over two years. We have three other children at home. Two years ago, our youngest child began having episodes of Status Epilepticus during her sleep. We have spent over twenty thousand dollars in the past two years out of our pocket trying to find out what was wrong and in attempting to treat her. She is presently not seizure free, and so both my husband and I feel that we should not leave her and travel to see our son without her. Last summer we did travel and had to take her, and it cost us about $3000, with plane and food there. We had to put that on credit, and we still owe for that.I have fibromyalgia and a few other health problems, and ended up having to quit my job of 13 years last year. I also had two surgeries last year. Our request is if there is any help with airline tickets for our family to be able to go see or son this next summer/spring. Any help would be appreciated. We miss him very badly. Our kids are very close and miss their brother. Thank you, McKinney family Sponsor Assist #34 12/30/04 OCEANSIDE, CA My husband is in Iraq and I was 6 months pregnant when he left. I have been at home and am still not working. We can't afford the daycare for an infant and a 2 year old. So it's cheaper for me to stay home. We've been doing ok and christmas was ok. I would just like some assistance with buying furniture for my 2 year old. The furniture that she has in her room will go to our little baby boy and she's left with nothing and I need everything for a little girl room. If anyone can help in any way, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Bianca Sponsor Assist #33 12/17/04 Hi my name is Charly. I am writing in desperate need for any help available. Last January my husband (E-3) and I were stationed in the Washington DC area. We have been struggling ever since with our bills. The cost of living has almost trippled for us from where we came. We are trying to support three kids, one of which we just pay child support to. We have been everywhere looking for help. Because of the BAH on our LES the state is offering us no help. We live on post and have tried to explain that we don't get that money but no one will listen and we are left with no where to turn. Before moving out here we had bought a new truck, we are making a payment of 669.00 a month and paying about 200.00 a month in gas for my husband to get to work, which at the time we could afford,we have tried everything and everywhere to get rid of this truck, we even tried to get it repossed until they told us we would end up still making payments on at least 10,000.00. Then just last week our child support payment for my husbands other son was raised to 508.00 a month, because of the money for BAH. We don't know where to turn. The truck and child support is taking all of our money. We have charged 4000.00 in the last year on credit cards just to get food for our family. IF there is anyone out there willing to help us. We could use help with food more then anything, but if anyone is willing to make even one month of our truck payment, Auto Insurance, or gas payment we would be forever grateful.Thank you and God Bless You!! CHARLEY Sponsor Assist #32 12/8/04 SAN DIEGO,CA Hi. My son is in the United States Navy and is stationed in San Diego California. He is having a hard time paying his cell phone bill because it gets so high each month. He calls me everyday to tell me how things are going and right now that is a blessing. Soon he will be on a ship and he will not be able to talk to me as often. My husband and I have 6 children and one grandchild on the way. We have one daughter finishing college and one still in high school. My husband is a vietnam veteran and is disabled and is not working. I am a teacher so we have a hard time making it each month plus we try to help out all of our kids. If someone could please help my son with this we would be so appreciative.God Bless Your Generosity. Michelle Aro Sponsor Assist #31 12/8/04 SAN DIEGO,CA I am a SAHM, and my husband is in the USMC in the San Diego area. We are currently in financial hardship due to an injury I sustained at work a year and a half ago. I have not been working since my injury and although we barely manage to get by every month, there isn't a much left for extra's. With Christmas quickly approaching, we have decided not to go home for the holidays due to our financial hardship (not being able to buy gifts for other relatives) and are spending a nice, quiet Christmas here in San Diego. We would appreciate if anyone can help us out with gifts for your 2 children. Our son is 12 and our daughter is 9. Thank you for your consideration, and have a blessed day. ~anna Sponsor Assist #30 12/7/04 ILLINOIS Hi, We are currently stationed in Great Lakes, IL. We were recently relocated here with our three children from San Diego. (It's So COLD Here) With the holidays fast approaching I am really getting depressed. We are still trying to settle in and make a home here, and are having a hard time doind so. My Children's winter clothes in San Diego were long sleeves and sweats. Here the climate is so much more severe that they need so many more "real winter things" that I'm really getting overwhelmed. We "boycotted" Thanksgiving because we really couldn't afford the Turkey and trimmings due to the move and getting settled. I'd really hate to have to do the same for Christmas. I would love for someone/anyone to help our children for Christmas and with clothing. Daddy and I can make due with our sweats and long sleeve shirts. Also, If there is an organization that helps with Christmas dinners that would be great too. My oldest son keeps talking about the Turkey he didn't get on Thanksgiving and really is hopeful Santa will bring one. Thank you for taking the time to listen! Thanks so much! Amber Sponsor Assist #29 11/29/05 PORT ORCHARD, WASHINGTON I am a now stay at home mom, due to torn tendons of my right wrist (the doctors think), plus I am bi-polar. The doctors are still adjusting the meds. I have two children, both of them have been thru alot and have been wonderful. My husband is deployed and money is extremely tight. We could use a guardian angel to help with basic bills and groceries. As for Christmas presents, I can't even afford anything there. Please help ...in dire straights. No where to turn. In short we have $200.00 to make it till Jan I feel so lost, and could really use some advice, assistance, oh, help in general. I think I will have the phone/internet for a little while, they will be cutting service soon. I just need to be able to pay the basics. PLEASE HELP!! Loretta Allison Sponsor Assist #28 11/27/04 SAN DIEGO, CA My husband is in the US Navy and I am an at home mom. We currently are going through some real rough financial problems. I cant work due to the fact that we barley have enough money to pay bills and have money for groceries left, We have a 2 year old son and we cant even get him into day care so that I can get stated working. We would really appreciate some kind of help if you can, Thank you so much. God Bless you for starting something like this. Love, Mandie Nicholas Sponsor Assist #27 11/23/04 WISCONSIN I would like to make a request for the upcoming Christmas holiday. My husband was deployed this summer for service to Iraq. He is an E-4, serving active duty with the US Army. I'm having a really difficult time trying to provide my children with a very special and magical holiday season. Any assistance possible would be deeply appreciated. Anything, everything. I don't need anything for myself, just my children. They are the important ones this Christmas. If there is anyone out there (or a business, etc.) who is willing to adopt a military family this Christmas, I'd be extremely grateful. Thank you for your consideration -- Angel: S. Ricci SA in Wisconsin Sponsor Assist #26 11/17/04 COLORADO Hello! My name is Becky my husband is in the US Army and we live on a military base here in Colorado. My neighbor is a young 24 year old mother of 2 young children and is due to have her third baby in early December of 2004, her husband is an E-3 in the US army and is leaving for Iraq in January of 2005. As a young military family they have fallen on some very hard times. In a recent conversation my friend was telling me that they just got paid and only had $50 left over to get them through for the next two weeks after the bills were paid, that same day was her little girls 7th birthday and they didnt even have enough money to take her out for ice cream. Of course that is not a NEED and that is not why I am writing. As I said she is due to have her third child in early December and she has nothing for this new baby girl. She is so stressed out with everything and just seems so lost, trying to decide on weather to pay the bills that need to be paid of buy food for their children has taken a large toll on their family. The impending deployment is only making things worse for her and her husband, all he does is worry about how his family will get along with him gone. If their is anyone out their who would like to help this family they truly need the help. As a mother to three children myself I know that when your bringing a baby into this world you want to provide for them and she can't even afford to get a pack of diapers right now let alone a crib, carseat, and clothes for this new child. My husband and I do what we can to help this family, weather its taking them places they need to go, or buying a gallon of milk for them when its needed, it's not a lot but having three children of our own and living on a military paycheck ourselves its all we have right now. Any help for this young family would be greatly appreaciated. Thank you & God Bless. Thank You: Becky Angel: S. Ricci Sponsor Assist * 11/10/04 GIVING TO SOMEONE IN AUSTIN , TEXAS AUSTIN, TEXAS I live in Austin, Texas and a local law firm was looking to sponsor a military family with a mom or dad serving in Iraq. I found your organization on the net and was wondering if you can help with that. Thank you Jennifer, Sponsor Giving #25 11/09/04 Hello, my name is Sharon. I am requesting assistance in paying my phone bill. Just the other day I received the phone bill and it is $250. Over half of this is from two phone calls, a total of 16 minutes that my husband made to me collect from Ireland while he was in route two and from Iraq for his two weeks leave back in September. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Sharon. Sponsor Assist * 11/5/06 GIVING Indianapolis Hi, my name is Shawna Durick. My mom's office is looking for a military family in need in Indianapolis or surrounding cities. They would like to buy their Christmas presents for them. Since my husband is serving in Iraq right now they picked me to help find someone in need, but my husband serves out of West Virginia so it's not practical. If you could help me out I would greatly appreciate it! You can respond to me at our email address! Thank you Very much for your time! Shawna Sponsor Giving #24 11/3/04 I am a navy wife, have two children and i am in need of assistance. My husband and I tried to refinance our home to save it from foreclosure. The company we paid refused to take our calls and then finally (oct. 6th) I found out they couldn't help. I tried in vain to save our home but it was sold on the courthouse steps Nov. 2nd. Anyway, I have taken steps to get our money back from that rotten company, but it will take time. Of which I do not have. I have a $1200. rent payment due now.I have been unemployed due to illness, but I am currently looking for ANY job I can get. I have about $500. coming in until January 2005. There are other circumstances that contributed to my situation also. To much to get into.I would really appreciate any help that is offered.Thanks Lauri Sponsor Assist #23 11/1/04 I would like to request assistance with my electric bill, telephone, and rent.My name is Tiffany Reynolds and i have a 5 year old, my husband is currently deployed in Iraq. I can be reached by email Thank you. Sponsor Assist #22 10/19.04 Hello This is our Soldier over seas. We have a 2 kids and our youngest is recovering from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Her dad got deployed in Januaray of last year. If you could help us with clothing for both of our children, we would be greatful. Thank you very much. Our oldest is 15 and our youngest is 11. There names are Kristen and Samantha. John is in the Army resevers. Now stationed over seas. Thank you Mrs. Seuss Sponsor Assist #21 10/18/04 I am a wife of a US Army MP. My husband has been told to be ready at even a moments notice of deployment. This is very scary for me as I am currently pregnant with our 4th baby and have a 3 yr old, a 20 month old and a 7 month old. Keeping food, diapers and needs is taking alot out of us. All the children are in diapers and this is very hard on us. We are also in need of a family car that we can rely on. We have a german Opel station wagon, but only 5 seats. When baby arrives in early January we will have no room for it in the car. If there is some kind of contacts our there that can give us a hand with our needs and the car, we would SO much appreciate it. Thanks, Patience Edmondson Sponsor Assist #20 9/15/04 FLORIDA Hello, my name is PFC Billek, Danny J. I am an active service member currently serving in Iraq and my family is in need of assistance. My wife and son have been caught in the middle of 5 hurricanes in the past few weeks, we have had to pay for 4 evacuations and many hurricane survival supplies such as boards for the windows, bottled water, dry can foods etc. Plus the evacs have taken a toll on us. We are in desperate need of financial assistance, for we have paid out almost 700 extra dollars in the past month alone. Any kind of assistance will be greatly appreciated. if any one could please help, email me and I will let my wife know right away. The Army Emergency Relief program has declined me for any assistance and now my family is in a tight spot. I will email a pic as soon as i can. Thank you, PFC Billek, Danny J B122 Sig Bn 2ID, Iraq. I am a soldier currently deployed in iraq. I am requesting financial assistance for my wife. We recieved a medical bill in the amount of 1000 dollars that tricare is refusing to pay. This bill was for our son when he got sick. Tricare refuses to recognize the facility he went to as an emergency facility when in fact that is what it is. We are unable to pay for this and are asking for some assistance. If you can help please do. Thank you. PFC Billek, Danny J, Proud Husband and Father, us soldier. Sponsor Assist
                        #19   8/25/04
                              My husband is in Iraq and I have 4 children in the lasst 2
                              months the army has stated that they have overpaid all the soldiers
                              by about 1400.00. Because of that overpayment I have not recieved
                              a paycheck for 1 month I am living on my savings which is now gone.
                              I had to make a desicion pay some on the electric bill or feed my
                              kids, I chose to feed my kids. I owe 2 months of service plus my
                              current bill which is right around 800.00. Anything would help. I
                              need at lest 300.00 to not get it shut off. Thank you for your help
                              and I would be happy to do something in exchange for this help. I
                              process home loans for a living and have many other secraterial type
                              skills. Thanks Again

                             Sponsor Assist

                        #18  8/25/04
                             ROCKFORD, ILL
                             Need help in my home, Food, Painting, New faucet in bathroom
                             Floor sinking, Im in Rockford, Ill
                                                              Thank you
                                                              Valerie Lazo

                             Sponsor Assist

                        #17  8/12/04 I'm a E-1 in the USAF active duty, I'm on applette leave
                             and not drawing any income from the Airforce  and is two month
                             behind of my mobile home mortgage payment.  I also behind on my
                             phone bill and my tire on my car need to get fixed.  i also had
                             to pawn my personal items to pay some of my debts.  as you can
                             see i need some help.  if some help's me it will be appreciated.
                                                              Thank you,
                                                              John E. Crafter

                             Sponsor Assist

                        #16  7/24/04
                             Yes I was getting food stamps for my family of about $465
                             until Jan 04. when I recieved about a $30 dollar raise. For that
                             $30 dollar raise my food stamps was cut completely off. I have a
                             wife and 4 children of my own. But I have also taken custody of my
                             niece because my sister had gotten really bad on drugs and had went
                             to prison. I was doing alright with the food stamps as a corperal
                             in the army. But sense I have lost them I have been struggling
                             really hard, but have still made it until now with grace of god. I
                             have sense gotten promoted to SGT, but had went so long struggling
                             that I have gotten in a bined. My rent is paid , my utilities are
                             paid because these bills are taken strait out of my check by the
                             army. I have refinanced my car and yes I have been promoted but it
                             will take at least 1 month before I will be able to do any better.
                             So what I am saying is that I just need a little help with food for
                             my family and diapers for my baby and my niece.
                                                        Sgt Joe H. Boyd, Jr.
                                                        US Army

                             Sponsor Assit
                          *  10/21/03 We have a very generous sponsor willing to help a military
                             family located in the Tampa, Florida area. If there is one in that
                             are in need contact us immediately so we may put you intouch with
                             this benefactor.
                             Sponsor Assist

                        #15  4/3/03
                             CAMP PENDELTON. CA
                             Hi my name is D Gomez. I'm writing this letter because of
                             the many reasons and concerns I have.  Right now my husband
                             O Gomez who is stationed in Camp Palenton, California was
                             deployed to Kuwait, but now he is in Iraq "I'm Not sure what
                             place in Iraq he is in" all I could say that god is with him.
                             Ever since he left and I started school I been having some
                             financial problems, My son is in a Nursery and I can't even
                             afford it, I pay $225 a week plus I have to pay rent weekly
                             which is $100 and on top of that I'm a full time student in
                             school who needs all the help I can't get. So in total I waste
                             a month $1,400 which is hard for me because I have to pay for
                             my School $4,000 and also I have to pay for my books and
                             transportation, I know that financial aid is covering only
                             $2,056 but then the other half I can't afford it please help
                             me out I'm in desperate need.
                             Email: ASK

                        #14  4/03/03
                             SAN DIEGO, CA
                             Our rent is 1300 per month if we could get some help with
                             that for this month that would be a big help. The apts are
                             Jefferson at Carmel Mt.Ranch, San Diego, CA.  If you need
                             more info please contace me right away. We are a Marine Core
                             family from Camp Pendleton.

                             I have 3 boys and its a little tough but we are getting by.
                             We live in California, and its very expensive to live here.
                             Email: ASK

                        #13  5/1/03
                             Hi, my name is M B, me and my two children are living with
                             my parents while my husband is in Iraq. I am trying to make
                             payments on my daughter's medical bills, her name is Sirenity,
                             few months ago she got her finger cut off in a door and had
                             to have it reattached, which was successful.  My husband's
                             military insurance paid a portion of it but i still owe a
                             considerable amount and would appreciate any help i could
                             receive.. .  I do not have a picture of him, everything is
                             in storage. Thank you so much for this opportunity, and
                             thanks for supporting our troops.    M B
                             Email: ASK

                        #12  5/1/03
                             MIDLAND, TX 
                             MY SON IS SK3 MICHAEL B. FISHER. MICHAEL IS 23, HE HAS BEEN
                             FIRST CHILD OCTOBER 3,2002, THE WAR, AND NOW HE IS FACING A
                             THE 2ND IS HERE IS OUR NEW BABY, THE 3RD IS HERE IS THE DIVORCE
                             WALKING OFF THAT SHIP FIRST.. TO NOTHING, NO WIFE , NO BABY,
                             WILL BE IN. I GUESS WHAT I'M GETTING AT IS THAT IT IS A SHAME
                             TO GREET MY SON, I KNOW I CAN ONLY WATCH THIS O! N THE NEWS NOW.
                             I DIDN'T HAVE 21 DAY NOTICE OR EVEN 2 WEEK NOTICE THAT MY SON
                             PARENT FACED WITH THIS..
                             COUNTRY..I GIVE YOU MY SON TO DEFEND AND PROTECT...
                             THANK YOU
                             A SAILORS' MOM

                             RENEE FREDERICK
                             MIDLAND , TX

                        #11  6/4/03
                             My name is J S, my husband is currently deployed I just
                             received our long distance phone bill and for seven calls MCI
                             charged us $690.05.  They promised us that their phone card was
                             better than any other phone card or prepaid card.  We have a
                             two year old daughter and one on the way.  There is no way we
                             can afford the bill.  We are already behind on the rest of our
                             bills.  We've tried to cut corners in every way.  I can't work
                             because I've already lost other pregnancies and I had such
                             trouble with one we do have.  We stay with family as much as
                             possible for the help, but that is costing us in transportation.
                             I'm just asking for help with the phone bill, because I do not
                             want the phone shut off and then I will never hear from my
                             husband.  Thank you.                Contact Us if wish to assist.

                        #10  6/4/03
                             GUADALAJARA, MEXICO
                             Hello, my name is J N. S and I do not think your organization
                             offers the kind of help I need, but maybe you could direct me
                             towards the place that can help me and my kids.
                             We were stationed in NAS Kingsville in Texas until last July,
                             when my husband got orders to transfer to Everett Washington,
                             onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln, I am sick (fibromyalgia,
                             lupus and a herniated disc on my back) for which my adopted
                             parents said " Why don't you and the kids move down here and
                             like that we can help you while your husband is away" well the
                             help didn't happened, we moved and everything went wrong, we
                             were robbed by the movers, and now wee don't have enough to
                             eat, the meds I need do not even exist in here, I am desperate;
                             we do not have any money to move to Everett ( we are in
                             Guadalajara Mexico)  we do not have a house, car, clothes for
                             that weather, furniture, I mean nothing, and every night I cry
                             and I pray to God to send us help, because I just want to go
                             home, my adopted parents don't even offer help not even for
                             food, (for me) it is been 3 days since I last ate, please if
                             you can't help us please guide us, thank you, God bless
                             Contact US if you wish to assist

                         #9  6/4/03
                             INGELSIDE, TX
                             Currently my husband and I are falling behind on our bills. We
                             don't exactly know what to do. My husband is in Bahrin on
                             deployment. He will be there for the next 5-6 months. He's
                             next tour of duty is in Ingleside, TX. When he come back we
                             won't be getting as much money so we don't know if we are going
                             to be able to keep up with the bills. If there is anyway you
                             can give us some advice or help. Please let me know
                             Love,  L.W.
                             Contact US if you wish to assist

                         #8  6/21/03
                             My family is in need of help Ican pay the bills but shopping is
                             hard food at the end of the or pay day there never seems to be
                             alot left my husband is in the army reserve unit841st and well
                             our two pay check family is now one so times do get hard .

                             Contact us if you wish to assist.

                         #7  8/8/03
                             My husband is a retired army vet and we have had a lot
                             of extra bills as of late with car repair and our sons needs 
                             for school. this has put us in need of 350.00. we can't get 
                             a loan due to a chapter 13 bankruptcy that has one and a 
                             half years to go. my husband gets anxiety attacks so bad 
                             from vietnam that he doesn't even sleep well. he has
                             episodes from the war that he thinks he was exposed to
                             agent orange because he and the troops were in the area 
                             where the agent orange was dropped. now please help us 
                             as we have tried so hard to make our ends meet. we are not
                             the type to spend  as we can't even go to a movie because 
                             there is no extra money. we just need this money so we
                             dont have to pull from another bill and get further off track.
                             PLEASE HELP!!!
                                   Deborah Clark
                             Contact us if you wish to assist.

                         #6  8/14/03
                             Any help you can give me with groceries at Krogers or gasoline
                             for my car would be greatly appreciated.  My husband is deployed
                             to Kuwait, and I lost my job last week.  Don't know where else
                             to turn but the internet to look for help.
                             Thank You
                                   Shiloh Edmonson
                             Contact us if you wish to assist.

                         #5  10/6/03
                             My husband is in Iraq. He was in Kuwait. He is with the Georgia
                             Army National Guard.  We have a son with a brain tumor (Juvenile
                             Hypothalmic Astrocytoma) that has left him legally blind. We also
                             have a daughter, who is a senior in high school this year. We are
                             in need of assistance with medical bills at the Scottish Rite
                             Childrens Hospital in Atlanta Georgia and Childrens Healthcare
                             Of Atlanta.Our son is a high school junior.Thank you for any
                             assistance or prayers.    Theresa M.
                             Contact us if you wish to assist.

                         #4  10/8/03
                             My husband is in the Missouri National Guard and is currently on
                             Active duty in Qatar and last we heard he  should get to come home
                             sometime in April 2004.So here is my problem, my cars transmission
                             decided to go out today.  The transmission in our other car went
                             out last year and we have not had the money to get it fixed, so now
                             here I am without a vehicle.  I have a 6 year old who is in the 1st
                             grade and a 3 year old in preschool.  I am also starting school Oct
                             13, but not I have no way to get where I need to.  I dont know if
                             you guys will be able to help me in any way, or if you might know
                             of someone in my area who could help.  I have no idea who to contact
                             or even where to start.
                             Thank you so much, this is a wonderful thing you are doing for people.
                             Contact us if you wish to assist.

                       #3    10-18-03
                             My husband is deployed over to Iraq at this present time.  We have been
                             apart since October 2002!   I have tried to get financial assistance
                             through usa cares in the kentucky area, however they are out of funds
                             at this time.   I am back here without my husband while he is deployed
                             with 4 children and I am facing my vehicle getting repossessed because
                             of some unexpected finances, etc.  and I am going to need assistance
                             with food for this month.  It is getting colder and the kids are needing
                             warmer clothes since they keep growing!  I am just REALLY stressed and I
                             dont know where to go and I need help financially   thank you
                             Contact us if you wish to assist.
                         #2  11/3/03

                             My husband left three weeks ago for his 20 month deployment in the U.S.
                             Army. We just found out last week that we are expecting our second
                             child in July and that the hospital I have to go to (because of my
                             severe asthma) is not covered by TriCare insurance. The bill will be
                             nearly $1200! We are having such a hard time now that this bill could
                             ruin us. If there is anyone out there that could help us with this
                             please contact me.
                             Thank you!
                             Nicole, Diesel and one on the way.
                             Contact us if you wish to assist.

                         #1  6/5/04
                             Hi my name is Christie, my husband has been deployed in 3
                             different places in the last 3 years. We have only seen
                             him 5 months total out of the last  3 years. We know have
                             started feeling the burn of all these deployments. It has
                             been so hard on us but we have somehow made it this far.
                             I found this website by mistake and thought how nice for
                             someone to care. I always pay the bills first but usually
                             have no money left for enjoyment. So I just thought I
                             would see it there is anything you can do for us. It is
                             just me and my 2 wonderful kids. ( age 6 and 2) Movie
                             tickets or maybe just a gift certificate to a restaurant
                             would be nice. Thanks so much and my god bless you all.

                             Contact us if you wish to assist.
                             Request for Assistance

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