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                            Because of the warriors of the past, the present, and the future, we Americans
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                            For those of you of may not know, or have forgotten, Lt. Col. Oliver North was
                            wounded in Vietnam many times and never left the men he commanded.
                            I am now passing this on for you to watch.  It's not just enjoyable, it is
                            riveting! When you are done pass it on too, I think it's important ... don't
                            you? If you are a veteran, I say thank you, for everything!  You are SO special!
                            Take the time for this one.  You won't be disappointed ... the end is a kicker.  
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                                            CHRISTMAS OFFER 2013

                                  My name is Stephanie, I work at Disneyland and can offer u free tickets if u like
                                  Must be in the California area, like Camp Pendleton. Any family is fine. This is
                                  First come first serve,Sorry All out! > Thank you for your offer look forward to
                                  your 2014 offering.


                                  2013   527 Families asking for help 115 have been helped
                                  2014    45 Family   asking for help     have been helped
                                              CURRENT FAMILIES IN NEED 
                                                   Families in Need of Help
                                  Sadly this year our efforts yielded low resultsin 2012 primarily due to a bad
                                  Economy that affected our sponsors,donors and charitable entities. Of
                                  the 674 families asking for help this year only 136 were help. We thank
                                  all that contributed and helped for their efforts and kindness.

                                   PLEASE  PLEASE  PLEASE KEEP POSTS SHORT!!!!!!!!!NOW 100 WORDS MAX
                                   NO DOUBLE POSTING IT = IMMEDIATE REMOVAL  

                                   #201300527  12/30/2013
                                   Ft. Worth, Tx Army
                                   My name is SPEC. Michael Malloy in Fort Worth, Tx.  I have recently suffered
                                   a service related knee injury and a job loss not related however. But it may
                                   have been a strong but silent factor in my job loss. I was and now facing
                                   worsening rent bill and debt pile up, and eviction has been filed. Can anyone
                                   please help?
                                   #201300526  12/20/2013
                                   San Diego CA, US Navy
                                   My husband is in the Navy 19 years currently deployed on 14 month IA orders. I
                                   just started working. We are barely making it by as most people these days. I
                                   fell short this month and couldn't stretch not one more dollar. My tags are due
                                   on my vehicle in 3 days. My car insurance has been terminated. I am just looking
                                   for a small hand up. It is $155 to reinstate my insurance and $200 for tags. Any
                                   assistance would be a blessing. I will pay it forward on here as soon as I can.
                                   #201300525 12/30/2013
                                   jacksonvile, fl Navy       
                                   Good Morning, I am AT3 Williams. I am asking for gas help. I need to drive
                                   from Jacksonville to Norfolk and back. My  grandmother has passed away. Due
                                   to my bank doubling payments for car loan I am short by $85.00. anything will
                                   help please contact me as soon as possible.
                                   #201300524 12/22/2013
                                   Seattle, WA. Navy
                                   Single mom of two beautiful boys ages 13 and 9 in need of assistance. Christmas
                                   will be very short do to medical bills from cancer removal. We have already had
                                   our car repossessed 2weeks ago and everything else is falling right behind. I'm
                                   looking for help with providing a good Christmas meal on the table. Gifts not
                                   necessary. Just want to be sure I can keep the lights on and food on the table
                                   right now. Trying my hardest. I go to work steady by a 3hour bus trip and work
                                   long hours but I'm finding its just becoming overwhelming.I could use a blessing
                                   right now that in the future I can pay it forward when we are back to ok. Thank
                                   you very much. Merry Christmas.
                                   #201300523 12/22/2013 
                                   Spartanburg sc Army
                                   Se have tried to get my kids Christmas their dad has done best
                                   he could he bought what he could but between him living in another state me
                                   being disabled,i do not knpow what to do my son wants a bile my daughter wants
                                   and I phone her dad ordered old one on ebay only for it to be broke when we got
                                   it,my youngest wants my little pony house and horses with it .......I do not
                                   live near a base Christmas almost here im lost as to what m going to do nt from
                                   Windows Mail
                                   #201300522 12/21/2013
                                   Fort Lewis, Wa. Army
                                   We are a family of 6. We've been able to pay the rent and partially the bills.
                                   I'm not here to ask for gifts, but for help with making sure our children have
                                   a Christmas meal. Any and all help from our family to yours would be greatly
                                   #201300521 12/20/2013
                                   Chesapeake, Virgina   Navy
                                   GO THRU KEEP SAYING ERROR.ME AND MY SPOUSE ARE SHORT OF $900.00 IN RENT AND
                                   #201300520 12/20/2013
                                   Govetown, GA. Army
                                   Medically discharged from Army. Still waiting for disability to be corrected.
                                   Can't get a job. Phone, water, electric about to be cut off. No more money for
                                   gas in the vehicle. Kids have no Christmas at all. No money for Christmas dinner.
                                   Friends and family are all loaned out. Have no clue what to do or where to turn.
                                   Fighting depression, anxiety, PTSD. I'm ashamed, embarrassed, and just don't know
                                   what to do......
                                    Atty Robert J McDonnell Thank you
                                   #201300519 12/20/2013
                                   Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA, ARMY
                                   We are currently located in Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA, ARMY We are a family
                                   of three, I am currently pregnant and a veteran of the US ARMY.  Times have
                                   been very hard especially now around the holidays, out debt to income ratio is
                                   high, we cannot provide the best holiday experience for our daughter whom is
                                   two.  I understand Christmas is next week but I am pleading with you for help,
                                   or point us in the right direction.  Thank you so much for your time.
                                   #201300518 12/19/2013
                                   Indianola, MS USN
                                   Hello,I am a  medically retired USN HM single with one child.  Currently I am
                                   not working due to being enrolled in nursing school.  I am requesting help with
                                   buying gifts for my son and holiday dinner Any assistance is appreciated.
                                   #201300517 12/18/2013
                                   Glendale, AZ  Luke Air Force Base USAF. 
                                   Due to some issues with my pay, I am unable to afford anything for Christmas
                                   for my wife and myself. All we would like is just a nice meal to sit down and
                                   enjoy together and to possibly be able to give each other small gifts. Any
                                   help we can get is greatly appreciated. God Bless,The Evans Family
                                   #201300516 12/28/2013
                                   Ft. Irwin Ca Army
                                   Hi. Our family has really been struggling this year and are in desperate need of
                                   help if anyone is willing. My husband is in the army we are located in Fort
                                   Irwin CA. Any help would be greatly appreciated by my husband, myself, but also
                                   more importantly our 6 year old son. Thank you and God bless. 
                                   #201300515  12/18/2013
                                   Calumet city, Illinois, United States Marine Corps
                                   My husband and I have 4 children and we are in need of assistance. 
                                   My husband has been in the reserves for 5 years  and he is not on orders so
                                   we are struggling to keep a roof over our heads We don't have the money to
                                   pay our rent which is past due or our phone bill or even to buy our children
                                   any clothes our children are still wearing summer clothes and our 1 year old
                                   has summer shoes So I am asking anyone who can help to please help us in our
                                   time of need GOD bless you all
                                   #201300514 12/18/2013
                                   Reynoldsburg, OH Nat Guard
                                   My family is in need of some financial assistance. We currently have
                                   shut-off notices for our electric (our home is electric heated) as well as
                                   our water. We are behind on our rent and mortgage payments, as well. We
                                   have tried to right the ship as best as we can, but are now forced to ask
                                   for assistance. We are looking for any help we can get, but the total need
                                   to keep everything on and fine would be approximately $1,000. Thank you for
                                   your understanding and any help you may be able to provide.
                                   #201300513 12/17/2013
                                   Big Rapids, MI  Army Nat Guard Vet
                                   Hi, my husband is a recently promoted E5 in February of this year after an
                                   ADSW job he had been working ended. For 2mos we lived on unemployment and
                                   after child support was taken out, he cleared about $560/mo. We were barely
                                   surviving. In October, we weren't even to pay rent. Luckily, we have extremely
                                   empathic Landords, one is a veteran himself... THAT being said, I was wondering
                                   if it was too late to sign my family up to be "adopted" this Christmas. And if
                                   so, can you tell me of anyone who COULD help? We are a family of 4: my husband
                                   and myself, plus 2 boys ages 18 and 4...We are really struggling financially.
                                   #201300512 12/17/2013
                                   Jacksonville Florida United States Navy S K2
                                   Hi we are the Bowers family where a family of six with four children my husband
                                   was injured in Iraq six months ago due to his injury I had had to quit work to
                                   physically help take care of him being that is happened we are in really desperate
                                   need of help for Christmas for our children anything that could be donated would
                                   be greatly appreciated and considered such a blessing to my children thank you And
                                   may God bless you
                                   #201300511 12/17/2013
                                   Meridian, Idaho Army Vet
                                   I am a Combat veteran, recently medically separated from the US Army without
                                   a severance. I am still awaiting my VA benefits.  We had to move of the base
                                   we were station at, due to being separated from the military.  We just moved
                                   to Meridian Idaho.  It has been hard for me to find a job that provides enough
                                   for my family. With 5 children at home and two with special needs it is difficult
                                   for my wife to find work.  All I want is for my children to not feel the burden
                                   of my struggles and to have something to open under the tree this Christmas.
                                   But most of all to be able to afford to purchase enough food to have a healthy
                                   family Christmas Dinner together.  If there is a Christmas Angel out there that
                                   could help my family, we would be extremely extremely grateful! Thank you and
                                   God Bless.
                                   #201300510 12/17/2013
                                   Camp Lejeune NC Army
                                   My name is Jesse. I am currently on active duty in the navy at camp lejeuene
                                   North Carolina. I have a wife and 2 little girls. We bought a home here 3
                                   years ago and got in debt way over our head before our girls came and have
                                   struggled to get back on top. Our home is currently in a repayment plan and we
                                   are still behind and payment is due 19 December an we just don't have it and
                                   trying everything we can not too lose it. Thank you. 
                                   #201300509  12/17/2013
                                   Fairbanks, Alaska Army
                                   We are struggling financially in a big way. I lost my job due to having a
                                   miscarriage an being gone from work so long. Since then we have struggled to
                                   even pay rent. We have not yet received BAH/ or back pay since we've been
                                   married. It's been 5 months. Pay it's gone the same day or the next because 
                                   we are so behind on bills. My husband is always so stressed about making 
                                   ends meet. I don't know what else to do, we've exhausted all our options it seems.
                                   We aren't even having a Christmas this year because we can't afford it. My 
                                   Christmas wish is that my husband and I be at ease, even ifit's just for one day!
                                   #201300508 12/17/2013
                                   Norfolk, Va Navy
                                   I am HM3 Munch. I am asking for help with christmas because our home has been
                                   broken into and everything I have brought for my kids has been stolen. I don't
                                   have the money to buy more presents.. I really do want to provide for my kids
                                   for christmas. I have 3 kids 1 girl age 7  and 2 boys age 5 and 3. Please help
                                   my family..
                                   #201300507 12/17/2013
                                   andrews afb md  army.
                                   Hi we are a family of 6 looking for help with our car payment before the bank
                                   takes our van. I am an e-4 in the army with 2 girls ages 7& 5 and two boys
                                   ages 3 & 1.We have had a rough three months with my wifes grandpa passing and
                                   her mom passing two weeks later due to a car accident. That took money from
                                   bill expenses and christmas.we are a payment inca half behind.we managed to
                                   catch up by half a payment and now have a notice for repo on the 26th of dec.
                                   if you can please help. Thanks and god bless.
                                   #201300506 12/17/2013
                                   Ft. Stewart Ga  Army
                                   Hello, my name is Tamara Miller, my husband is in the Army. We pcs'd from
                                   hawaii to Fort Stewart GA in july 2013' and have had financial difficulties
                                   catching up. Im asking for help with christmas for the kids or any financial
                                   help with a few bills, I have girls 7&9 and boys 4&2. I was able to get local
                                   assistance with food, but i haven't found any local help for christmas. Not
                                   asking for anything big or specific just something so they dont go without.
                                   Thank you and God bless.
                                   #201300505 12/17/2013
                                   San Diego, CA Army
                                   Hi, My name is Natalie Gallardo, and I am a single mother to a 7 year old boy.
                                   My sons father was killed in action in 2007 in Baghdad, Iraq.. I have been trying
                                   my best throughout the years to keep and sustain my small family. As the years have
                                   gone by times are just getting tougher. I wasn't able to provide much for this
                                   holiday. I am currently living paycheck to paycheck. I have always been hesitant
                                   to ask for help, being that I have always wanted to do my best to provide for
                                   myself and my son. Anything Helps. Thank you all and God Bless.
                                    Cassondra Harig Thank you
                                   #201300504 12/17/2013
                                   Coolidge az U.S. Army 82nd airborne division
                                   I am a combat veteran served in Afghanistan in 02. I am not employed my son
                                   on 10/201 was born at 25 weeks and weighed 1lb. 13 oz and have been at his
                                   side since. But I have 9 and 7 year-old daughter's and a son that is 2. Need
                                   financial assistance too please
                                   #201300503 12/16/2013
                                   Ocala Florida Army
                                   Hello army spouse of two girls and 2 more on the way come feb....finances
                                   have been super tough. .my husband just returned home from afgjanistan wounded
                                   and between visiting him at the hospital and me not being able to work it has
                                   been super rough...we would appreciate gidt card to walmart for groceries and
                                   a few gifta for the girls
                                   #201300502 12/15/2013
                                   JBLM , WASHINGTON  Army
                                   Currently a homemaker married to an Active Duty Soldier whose able to be home
                                   this holiday season. My Christmas wish this year is to be able to surprise and
                                   put a smile on HIS face. He does and have given so much for our family and
                                   country. At this time I am unable to make this happen on my own. Thank You Angels
                                   #201300501 12/14/2013
                                   Fayetville, NC  Army
                                   My name is Jacqueline Fowler active duty military (army).I live in Fayetteville,
                                   NC; with my husband (a veteran), and two daughter. My husband lost his job,
                                   and after paying some of the bills, there is not enough money to get Christmas
                                   presents for our daughter.  Please Help Us! Thanks
                                    Brandon Hughes Thank you
                                   #201300500 12/14/2013
                                   FOUNTAIN ,NORTH CAROLINA U.S.ARMY  101st AIRBOURNE
                                   I,m A 100% DISABLED VIETNAM VETERAN MY SON & HIS FAMILY LIVE WITH ME. THREE
                                   KIDS ONE BOY 9 TWO GIRLS 7,& 3 & ONE ON THE WAY IN JAN 2014 ANOTHER GIRL SO
                                   THERE IS 6 OF US IN ALL TAKES ALL OF MY MONEY TO TRY & GET BY.WE ARE IN NEED
                                   STAIR,S WHEN VERY COLD.UNIT I HAVE IS OLD & ABOUT SHOT.I HAVE COPD & PTSD &
                                   NEW YEAR.GOD BLESS ALL.
                                   #201300499 12/13/2013
                                   San Diego, Ca  Vet Army
                                   Retired veteran from the United States Army with over 27 years of service 
                                   who has fallen upon cold and harse times.  I am homeless living in a van
                                   in San Diego, California.  My fiance, Estelle, lived with me in the van, but 
                                   after a lengthy illness, she died three (3) months ago after being with her
                                   for over 25 years.  Due to her not taking care of any funeral arrangements,
                                   etc., this has affected me and a few family members terribly.  I have become
                                   practically destitute and broke!  I do not have funds for gas, food, meds.,
                                   personal/survival needs, basic living expenses, etc.  I have gone to many
                                   organizations without any success  If I do not obtain some type of assistance,
                                   I will die in the streets, if anyone cares.  Is there anything you can do for
                                   me? A one time assistance would be surely appreciated, otherwise, my whole
                                   holiday season will be ruined.  What ever happened to the holiday spirit?
                                   #201300498 12/13/2013
                                   Jacksonville,Fl. Retired Navy 20 years 
                                   We just got home after 9 years Nov 2013 .Husband retiring under sanctuary honorably
                                   100% disabled with 3 collapsed lungs. December 1, 2013 we found out that the VA
                                   compensation wasn't there and having many complications trying to figure out what
                                   happened. Less than 1000.00 a month for our family of 4,2 boys 7 and 13. My husband
                                   is a wounded warrior he can't drive or cook ect.. he depends on me. I need surgery
                                   for cysts and endrometriosis. He has an Operation Iraqi Freedom medal ect.. All
                                   is not well. May God bless anyone reading our story prayers are what is most
                                   needed for our family! Thank you!
                                   #201300497 12/12/2013
                                   Jacksonville, Fl Navy
                                   I'm writing to ask for help with Christmas this year. We are a single income
                                   Navy family of 4.My wife, myself, our 7 year old daughter Makayla and our 5
                                   year old son Cortez jr. It has been an extremely hard and extremely stressful
                                   this winter for us due to my wifes mother passing and we had to cover the
                                   cost. My wife had to stop working because she has took this extremely hard. I
                                   just want  my kids and my wife a good christmas. AC3 Bagley
                                     Daniel Fitzpatrick Thank you
                                   #201300496 12/12/2013
                                   Fort Riley, Ks. , Army  
                                   I am asking for help this Christmas season for our family. My husband, an
                                   active duty soldier recently suffered Accute Renal Failure. As a result he
                                   will be medically retired. At this time we are unable to provide our children
                                   with a Christmas
                                   #201300495 12/12/2013
                                   Covington, Louisiana USAF disabled veteran
                                   I'm a 100% disabled vet. I have four kids. 12yrgirl 11yrboy 7yrboy 18mogirl.
                                   Our house burned down in 2012. We moved from Alaska to Louisiana with almost
                                   nothing. This Christmas is hard because of all the loss this year.I am getting
                                   tested for pancreatic cancer and am scared. I made all our ornaments and have
                                   done what I can but can't buy presents. Please help me.Thank you
                                     Uma pemmaraju Thank you                                     
                                   #201300494 12/11/2013
                                   Ft. Lewis Wa  Army
                                   Greetings and blessings. We are a family of 7. We've had to forego Christmas
                                   to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads. Our children contributed
                                   as well with their saved allowance. I'd like to put a smile on their faces
                                   this year. I'm asking for a Christmas miracle.
                                    Tom & Helen Langworthy Thank you
                                   #201300493 12/11/2013
                                   Yuma Az USMC
                                   We are a military family of 7 currently station in Yuma,AZ husband a marine
                                   for 12 yrs. I been out of a job for 1 yrs and it's been rough. Any help will
                                   be appreciate with Christmas gift, food basket for Christmas anything helps.
                                   Thank you!
                                    Tom &  Helen Langworthy Thank you
                                   #201300492 12/11/2013
                                   Chesapeake, Va USMC Vet
                                   My name is Joseph Tripp. I live in Chesapeake, VA . I served in the United
                                   States Marine Corps from 2000 to 2012. I have 3 children and I'm a disabled
                                   veteran. I was trying to get help getting Christmas presents for my family. 
                                   I've paid all of my bills but can't afford to get Christmas presents.
                                    Shana & Lance Toerien #150.00 Thank you   
                                   #201300491 12/11/2013
                                   Oceanside, Ca USMC
                                   My husband is an active duty marine @ camp pendelton and I am a full time
                                   student at Palomar community college in San Marcos. We have 2 boys, one 8 and
                                   the other 6 yrs of age. We spend a lot of money on gas due to work and school,
                                   and regular doctors appointments for our youngest child's medical issues. We
                                   have 3 EFMP members in our family, but respite funds have been cut and are now
                                   only available to severe medical conditions.This Christmas we are not wanting
                                   to go any further in debt to buy Christmas gifts, but our boys have been good
                                   boys this year!
                                    Shana & Lance Toerien #100.00 Thank you   
                                   #201300490 12/11/2013
                                   Linden, Virginia USMC
                                   We are a family in desperate needs. My husband just retired 3 months ago from
                                   the USMC, got a job and they let him go last week. we are really going through
                                   rough times now more than ever, I am also sick with a tumor on my back, which
                                   I go and get injections for and I have my first surgery next week (Dec 18) we
                                   have 4 boys ages 1, 5, 8 and 17. We are asking for Christmas help as well as
                                   some help with our bills, called the gas and elec company to hold off but not
                                   willing. but any help would be great full.Thank you
                                   #201300489 12/11/2013
                                   Lil Rock Ark  Vet
                                   I am medically retired 100% disabled veteran from injuries I sustained in Afghanistan
                                   when my humvee ran over an IED, I have a traumatic brain injury which is very life
                                   destructive in whey way unexplainable, needing assistance  getting a CHRISTMAS TREE
                                   and PRESENTS for my three children a daughter 13, son 11, and son 9 .V.A. in October found
                                   abnormal cells in pineal gland in brain now testing for tumors and cancer, I incurred
                                   medical co payments on limited income and had to move to smaller efficient home for medical
                                   condition and new financial hardship, just went through recent domestic violence separation
                                   on top of all that I got behind on only vehicle and going in repo status if not paid by next
                                   week please help me provide a Christmas for my children and opportunity to catch up vehicle
                                   payments along with prayers for ny health God bless!!!
                                   #201300488 12/11/2013
                                   Fort sill, ok  U.S  Army
                                   I'm writing because our family really need help this Christmas. My husband
                                   deployed over in Korea. U. S. Army. The kids are looking forward to Christmas
                                   and we can't make it happen. 9 yr. Girl , 6 yr. Boy and a 18 month boy Please
                                   help us make Christmas come true for our kids.
                                    Tom & Helen Langworthy Thank you
                                   #201300487 12/11/2013
                                   Mayport, Fl Navy
                                   Hello I am AO3 Strong. I am looking for Christmas help for my family. I have
                                   3 beautiful kids Asia,Anne, and Adam. age 7,5 and 2. I started a layway for
                                   them but our car broke down and We had to close it out and get a loan and get
                                   money from every resource to get it working again. Our Son adam was born a
                                   preemie and has chronic asthma so our car is very important to us getting him
                                   back and forth to the doctor and also work. Any help will be greatly appericated.
                                    Shana & Lance Toerien #150.00 Thank you   
                                   #201300486 12/10/2013
                                   Ft. Hood, Tx  Army
                                   My name is SGT Bullard-Dorsey, Shannon and I am active duty in the Army
                                   stationed in Fort Hood, TX. It has been a very hard year for us due to my
                                   husband's unemployment; we have fallen behind on our bills and car payment.
                                   I am requesting help with food for two months and toys for the children. If
                                   I don't get any help, there will be nothing for the kids on Christmas day to
                                   open (not one) and the same old meal (soup and sandwiches). Please help my
                                   family this Christmas.Thanks
                                     Daniel Fitzpatrick  Thank you  
                                   #201300485 12/10/2013
                                   Ft. Meade, MD Army
                                   I am a single mother of two teenage boys. I have recently been relocated
                                   to Fort Meade, MD. I have been in the area for only two months. In the two
                                   months that I have been here I've had to have a plumber make repairs to my
                                   bathroom. These repairs were needed because of a faulty shower. This issue has
                                   depleted my savings, which was going to be used for purchase Christmas gifts
                                   for my family. I appreciate any assistance your program can provide, thank you.
                                     Alexis Johnston  Thank you    
                                   #201300484 12/10/2013
                                   phelan, ca navy vet
                                   I am a 100% disabled vet and I am married with 3 kids of my own and my wife
                                   has 3 kids and we have a 1 year old little boy. Times are hard right now and
                                   we are barely getting by because my ex wifes child came to live with me because
                                   of problems with her and her mother. I am asking for help with Christmas and
                                   gas for my car so I can get to my appointments that are not so close to my
                                   house. I really just want to have my kids happy on Christmas even if thy don't
                                   get alot. If anyone can help or help me find resources to help me out I would
                                   appreciate it. Think you very much and have a happy holidays.
                                   #201300483 12/10/2013
                                   Norfolk, VA  Navy
                                   Hello. I am a military spouse and I am very proud of my husband for his desire
                                   and dedication to serve the country. My husband is a corpsman stationed at
                                   Norfolk, VA. We have depleted our savings and took out some loans because he
                                   furthered his studies to be a better sailor.  We have an amazing 11-yr old
                                   daughter who worked real hard with her studies and because of that she was
                                   able to get a scholarship to participate in an extra-curricular activity. We
                                   pulled her out of the previous ones because we can't afford it anymore. This
                                   Christmas, I would love for Santa to reward them for being really awesome for
                                   working real hard. A blessed holiday to you! Thank you.
                                   #201300482 12/9/2013
                                   Oceanside,CA Camp Pendleton.
                                   Due to cut backs we are in the process of getting out of The Marine Corps.. We
                                   are in need of assistance to buy tires for our truck they are very expensive
                                   due to being lifted. We could also use gift cards for gas/food while traveling.
                                   We will be traveling 1700+ miles to Texas. My wife has health issues that will
                                   make us stop frequently, and we have a 4 yr old son. We are expected to leave
                                   California the day after Christmas. If anyone could please help we would very
                                   much appreciate it.
                                   #201300481  12/9/2013
                                   Keesler AFB, MS United States Air Force
                                   Merry Christmas.  I am an E5 with three children one of which can not be with
                                   me this year due to finantial issues. This will be my first Christmas home in
                                   two years, and I am worried about the small things for christmas.I would like
                                   to give my girls (8, 6, and 4 months) a nice christmas as this is the first
                                   year I will have them alone, and a recent car accident has left me pennyless.
                                   My thoughts and prayers go out to each and every family on this site. I wish
                                   everyone a Merry Christmas. Thank you
                                   #201300480 12/9/2013
                                   Oceanside, CA USMC Vet
                                   Bobby Schenk family of 4 two Autistic children myself and husband he is a war
                                   vet has been in 10 years 4 wars and now having to be medically retired from
                                   the marine corps due to bladder cancer he is a 2/4 echo company ssgt anything
                                   you may be able to help us with would be a blessing 
                                     Kyle Conner-Diven Thank you  
                                   #201300479 12/9/2013
                                   San Diego Ca Navy
                                   Greetings to all angels out there.I'm a fulltime housewife and mom to 6 kids
                                   ages 18,16,13,9,7&5.My husband is an E5 in the Navy and serving for 12 years
                                   in San Diego Ca.This Christmas will be our first Christmas as a complete
                                   family since my husband just got home from deployment and my 2 kids just got
                                   here from the Philippines last May.The best gift i could ever receive this
                                   Holidays is to see their big smiles on their faces.Please help me make their
                                   wishes come true.
                                   #201300478 12/9/2013
                                   Ft. Hood, Tx Army
                                   Hello my name is Marco money tight this year due to me having to get my vehicle
                                   fixed last month i have not had enough money to buy my 2 1/2 year old or wife
                                   presents this year we couldn't even afford a Christmas tree anything helps and God
                                   #201300477 12/9/2013
                                   Moffett Field, CA - USMC
                                   I've been blessed with an amazing family and have the great honor to wear this
                                   uniform & serve my Country. It's hard to put your pride aside and ask for help.
                                   But this year has thrown us every curve & I'm not sure what else to do. After so
                                   many deployments I've missed so much of my children's lives, I'd just really
                                   love to see my family smiling on Christmas morning. Thank you so much for your
                                   time and happy holidays.
                                   #201300476 11/9/2013
                                   Greensboro, NC Army
                                   I am the wife of a military soldier. My husband has been in service for 11years.
                                   Around this time last year he came off of active duty and it was difficult for
                                   him to find a job. He was drawing unemployment but then it was cut. I worked two
                                   part-time jobs at the time, then around late April I was let go from one of the
                                   jobs and the other one ended during the summer. At the time it got very rough but
                                   we manage to get through it. Since then he has found a job but we are far behind
                                   on bills and we are trying to get caught up and don't know how we can provide a
                                   Christmas for our four little ones.  I would like assistance for our children's
                                     Jeanne & Wayne Saulnier Thank you     
                                   #201300475 12/8/2013
                                   Ft. Bragg, NC Army
                                   Hi, We are a military family stationed at Ft Bragg NC. Due to sickness I have
                                   been out of work and unable to provide gifts for my children. How do I apply
                                   so we can be adopted? Thank you
                                   Tom &  Helen Langworthy Thank you       
                                   #201300474  12/7/2013
                                   Ft Bragg NC  Army
                                   Myself and my family are in need of Christmas help. we are an active duty
                                   army family and im stationed at Fort Bragg residing at Raeford, NC if you
                                   would like to know .we have 4 kids( boys 4, 11)( Girls 7,9)
                                   #201300473 12/7/2013
                                   Fort Stewart GA  Army
                                   Family of 6 in desperate need of food and Walmart gift cards . My husband just
                                   returned from Afghanistan. He  NEVER received his proper pay during his
                                   deployment, (we are still waiting). Im unable to work and had several major
                                   surgeries and was hospitalized  . The day my soldier came home, I threw a blood
                                   clot to my lung. My poor husband came home to financial ruin, his wife in life
                                   threatening condition, our vehicle reposessed, our children "holding down the
                                   fort" and no means to even provide food or Christmas for them.  Please help us!
                                   #201300472 12/7/2013
                                   Smithtown NY, USMC
                                   Relocated to Smithtown NY from Ca and ever since our move we've
                                   been struggling with money. It is very expensive living here. We've got 
                                   to pay a lot on bills and we have 3 yr old who's still in diapers and I had 
                                   a baby girl 3 months ago and buying diapers,groceries, etc for the kids 
                                   has gotten very tight. We've been living paycheck to paycheck .The
                                   children have needs we hold off on buying because of expensive living
                                   here in NY. My sons crib broke and my husband "fixed" it but I know its 
                                   dangerous . A little help at least for my 3 month old for things she needs 
                                   will greatly be appreciated. Thank you! God Bless.
                                   #201300471  12/7/2013 
                                   Camp Pendleton, CA USMC 
                                   I am writing on behalf of my family. My wife Julie had a double lung transplant
                                   4 years ago and 2 years ago started going through organ rejection. She has lost
                                   60-65% of her lung function since then. Recently she was hospitalized for days
                                   the cause is still unknown. Then the hospital caused her IV to become infected.
                                   Due to immune suppressant a simple infection can kill her.. So we went back to
                                   the hospital and spent several more days in the hospital to treat the infection
                                   and blood clot.Continues to have care for quite some time at home. Due to health
                                   she really can not handle normal every day home duties. To her our house and family
                                   her #1 priority. We have two daughters Analiese 15 and Bella 10. Christmas this
                                   year will not be much for us because of Julie's health. I am crushed I can't do
                                   anything for Christmas for my family. Finances are tough and Julies hosp crushed
                                   all the extra money we had. Any support you can help with would help eliminate some
                                   stress and anxiety of the Christmas Season, if this is possible we would be so
                                   excited and I would be so grateful. Thank you for all you do for so many people.
                                   It's good to know that even if we don't get support there will be blessings for
                                   many through the help you provide. Merry Christmas to you and your family
                                     Kathleen Douglas ChambersGroup,Inc Thank you       
                                   #201300470 12/7/2013
                                   Savannah, Ga  Army
                                   As of 12/5/13 I was just finally awarded custody of my three children; who
                                   were in a horrible situation. I fought for 3 years and I always lost due to
                                   me being in the Army. I just recently got out and we went into serious debt
                                   fighting so hard for my pride and joys. With this unfortunately I am unable
                                   to buy them one thing for Christmas and it is so hard knowing when they wake
                                   up on Christmas they will have nothing. Please help us make them happy.
                                   #201300469 12/7/2013
                                   West Monroe, Louisiana USMC 
                                   Hi I'm zack I need some Christmas assistance this year unforantly bills are
                                   getting behind. I need help for two girls (9&13)! Thanks
                                   #201300468 12/7/2013
                                   Lady lake, FL  USMC
                                   Lady lake, FL know it's a little late to ask, but we need it we thought we
                                   could do it on our own but can't. Im a wounded warrior. I was in the Injured
                                   overseas. We have three beautiful boys. I know christmas isn't about toys but
                                   I would like one day were they don't have to worry about chores or worry about
                                   helping me out. I just want them to have fun. They didn't deserve this.
                                   Anything will help. Cory
                                   #201300467 12/7/201`3
                                   Fort worth, Tx Army NG
                                   Im an E-3 in the Army National Guard, times are very hard this year and i need
                                   help getting Christmas gifts for my 4 son and 12 yr old daughter. Any help would
                                   be a blessing!
                                   #201300466 12/7/2013
                                   Ft. Gordon, Ga Army
                                   Hello My husband is a soldier in the Army and is stationed at Ft. Gordon. I
                                   his wife and 4 kids are living in Texas so that I can finish school. It has
                                   been two years since he has been with us for Christmas. We have tried all
                                   options to get help but are over extended. If there is any help that could be
                                   given we would greatly appreciate it .
                                      Atty Robert J McDonnell Thank you  
                                   #201300465 12/7/2013
                                   Macdill Tampa, Fl USAF
                                   My husband is active duty in the Air Force at Macdill in Tampa, Florida. We
                                   have 3 small children 7,3, and 8 months. Our 3 year son has a disability, we
                                   are currently 1500.00 behind on our rent and the rental company has given us
                                   until 12/13/2013 to have the money order in the office or we will be evicted.
                                   I lost my job one year ago and diligently looking for employment. Please help
                                   us any way possible. Thank You
                                   #201300464 12/7/2013
                                   San Diego, Ca  Navy
                                   My husband is an E4 (Navy) and I'm currently an unemployed student, persistently
                                   searching for work in San Diego, CA (where my two children (7 & 8 years old) and
                                   I reside). Every year they have Christmas wishes, but we've convinced them that
                                   Santa cannot afford to fulfill them, all the time, because he gives to ALL the
                                   children of the world. We just moved from housing into an apartment, in order to
                                   utilize any of the difference from BAH, but still we struggle to afford necessary
                                   expenses. Please help us make this a merry Christmas for my family.
                                      Craver Family Thank you
                                   #201300463 12/5/2013
                                   Ft. Benning Ga Army
                                   6 Children, extreme hardship.  struggling with rent at new duty station and our
                                   house payment back at ft bragg. At first I stayed back to keep working but it was
                                   so difficult on our family as we had just survived a 6th deployment had to quit
                                   my job to move. I haven't found work yet. We haven't Christmas for our kids barely
                                   making it by on food. Our kids have been through so much. Please help my humble
                                   family in desperate need. God bless you.
                                   #201300462 12/5/2012
                                   FORT LEWIS WA ARMY
                                   We are struggling with bills and are living pay check to pay check. Ive been
                                   taken off work due to my pregnancy. We were relying on a bonus from my husband
                                   for christmas but we didn't get it and most organizations have already hit cut
                                   off date to register. I am asking for help for our 8 year old son,
                                   I don't want him to wake up christmas morning and see nothing under the tree.
                                   That shouldn't be the reason I have to tell him about santa. My son loves video
                                   games, pokemon, bakugan, clothes size 8 and books.
                                      Jodi Bosanko Thank you 
                                   #201300461 12/5/2013
                                   Davenport, Fl. Army Vet
                                   I am a wounded warrior who recently retired medically from the US Army. After
                                   retiring, I relocated from NJ to FL in hopes of starting over, going to school
                                   and going into a new career field. 9 days after relocating, my mother passed
                                   away and the funeral expenses were on me because my family had no money at all
                                   to assist. I have been struggling financially since then. I am currently
                                   unemployed but I am seeking employment. I have no way to buy a tree, feed myself
                                   and my family for the Christmas holiday or give my daughter any Christmas gifts.
                                   I am a single parent and am doing my very best to get back on my feet. I would
                                   appreciate any help you can provide. I reside in Davenport, Fl. Thank you.
                                   #201300460 12/5/2013
                                   San Diego Ca Navy
                                   My husband is gone and desperately need help paying rent, I'm pregnant and am
                                   very afraid we will be evicted and I will have no where to go, please please
                                   help,  we are stationed in Coronado, ca. But live in San Diego, ca And he is
                                   in the navy
                                   #201300459 12/5/2013
                                   Clayton NC  Army
                                   We are a family of 3. My husband has been recently been medically discharged
                                   from the military. Adjustment has been rough for us financially and mentally.
                                   Things are tighter than ever and we would really like for our daughter to have
                                   a happy Christmas this year. We are asking for holiday help. She is 8 years
                                   old. We know that this is short notice, but we personally want to thank you
                                   in advance. Thank you so much.
                                   #201300458 12/5/2013
                                   Norfolk, VA Navy
                                   Hello, I am Seaman Apprentice Larry Corrion; an E-2 in the Navy. My wife and
                                   I are trying to get home for the holidays. My leave is approved, but it doesn't
                                   look like we are going to come up with the funds needed to get home. My E-2
                                   pay is scarce and my wife is attending school Full Time. We haven't been home
                                   in two years. I am praying to god we can see our families. Thank You
                                   #201300457 12/4/2013
                                   San Antonio Tx USMC
                                   Hi My name is Jeffrey Wilkins, I am 100% disabled combat veteran recently
                                   discharged from the Marine Corp.I have four children 3 girls age 8,11,14 and
                                   1 boy age 10. With the holidays coming up and on a fixed income its been
                                   really tight. At this point anything would help us out. I reside in San Antonio
                                   Tx with my wife and children. I just want my children to have a good Christmas
                                   Thank You  for taking the time to read my story. Thanks Again and God Bless
                                      Samira Bitar Thank you
                                   #201300456 12/4/2013
                                   Silver Spring MD Navy
                                   We are a family of four looking for some help for the holidays.  We have have
                                   two daughters (3,4). We recently were visiting home and my wife's grandmother
                                   passed so we used our Christmas funds for a change of tickets. We currently live
                                   off my E3 pay while my wife attends school. Right now we are faced with holiday
                                   dinner or a Christmas present for each of our daughters.  My family thanks you
                                   for whatever you are able to provide.  God bless
                                   #201300455 12/4/2013
                                   Ft. Campbell, Ky Army
                                   Family of 5 , husband has recently been diagnosed with two growths in his brain.
                                   He has been in and out of the hospital, including a stay in ICU. I lost my job
                                   after staying at home care for him, and around that time, I found out I was
                                   expecting. We are so behind on bills right now because of this and Christmas is
                                   going to be a struggle. We were planning on going home for Christmas, but with the
                                   amount of our past due bills, we are not going to be able to afford to. Praying for
                                   an Angel to help us through these though times.
                                   #201300454 12/3/2013
                                   Lemon Grove, CA USMC
                                   Good afternoon my name is Alberto Vazquez im a Drill Instructor in Mcrd San
                                   Diego. I live in Lemon Grove, CA and part of the USMC. i have been going thru
                                   some difficult especially with my car. I was hoping you could help me with my
                                   car. i have a family of 4 and we would all appreciate it if you could help us.
                                   thank you.
                                   #201300453 12/3/2013
                                   El Paso, Tx Army
                                   My husband is in the Army and his job is our only source of income. We live
                                   in El Paso, Texas.  We have 3 kiddos, 1 girl and 2 boys that will wake up on
                                   Christmas morning very unhappy. I know this is kind of last minute, but my
                                   husband, all 3 kids and myself would be extremely grateful for anyone who
                                   could help us make Christmas happen this year for our kids. I'm asking for
                                   someone to please help.
                                   #201300452 12/3/2013
                                   Indianapolis, IN Army Reserve
                                   My name is David. I am a SFC in the Military.  I returned home from overseas
                                   in July 2013.  Since returning I have fell in really hard times.  We have
                                   collectors calling on credit cards, we took out another credit card to insure
                                   we were able to get Christmas for our five children. Applied for jobs with no
                                   luck.  I get unemployment that $188 a week due to child support being taken
                                   out.  My drill checks goes to child support as well. Our furnace went out and
                                   we are using space heaters.  We are unable to afford a furnace for the house
                                   as it will cost around $2200 for the Heater to be here and installed.  Any
                                   help or guidance would be appreciated.
                                   #201300451 12/3/2013
                                   Fort Hood Texas  US Army
                                   I need help to buy gifts for my boys this year. About two years ago I had to
                                   pay out of pocket a surgery for my wife that Tricare did not cover. Every year
                                   its been harder to get gifts for my boys Raul 15 Jose 14 Kane 9 and Abraham 3.
                                   I am not asking for anything big. Any gift given with love will make them happy.
                                   God Bless you all.
                                   #201300450 12/3/2013
                                   Dallas, Tx  Army Nat Guard
                                   My husband is in the TX Army National Guard (Dallas, TX area). We need help
                                   ASAP paying rent for 12/2013.  We have 2 young boys (6 &4) & my husband was
                                   laid off from his civilian job back in 7/2013.  Our savings is now completely
                                   gone. He just took a low-paying job about 3 weeks ago but we need a push to
                                   help until his checks are regular.  ANYTHING will be greatly appreciated.
                                   PLEASE HELP!!!!
                                   #201300449 12/2/2013
                                   Ypsilanti MI Army
                                   Currently deployed to Afghanistan and my wife is at home with our six
                                   children ( ages 5, 5, 14, 16, 16, and 17 ). She is having a very difficult time
                                   right now due to financial limitations and problems with appliances. Several of
                                   our major appliances are having problems or are not working at all. The one
                                   that makes it hardest is that our dryer is not working, which makes doing
                                   laundry for seven people difficult. If there anyone could help it would be
                                   greatly appreciated.Thank you
                                     Pat & Rick Juliano Thank you 
                                   #201300448 12/2/2013
                                   San Antonio, Tx  Army Vet
                                   My name is Sgt Michael lassey. I am a combat injured veteran in the US Army
                                   in dire financial stress. I am in need of gift cards for clothing and toys to
                                   give my three children a Christmas this year. We are saving up for a lawyer
                                   to file bankruptcy, but my Grandmother passed away November 5th and going to
                                   her funeral took what little I had managed to save. We reside in San Antonio
                                   Texas currently. Was sent to Bamc and continued therapy for my recovery after
                                   getting hit by an ied in Afghanistan. I hope someone can find it in their heart
                                   to help my family this year. Thank you and God bless you.
                                      Samira Bitar Thank you 
                                      Daniel Whitney Thank you 
                                   #201300447 12/2/2013
                                   Independence DFAC USAF
                                   My husband and I are deployed for the holidays and I was wondering if there
                                   was a way you could send my kids some gifts for the holidays please.If there
                                   is a way please email me so I can give you any information you may need to
                                   help me in this matter please it would mean the world to my kids especially
                                   since my husband and I won't be there for the holidays.Thank you, 
                                   #201300446 12/1/2013
                                   Ft. Stewart, Ga  Army
                                   We are a military family of  3 stationed at Fort Stewart, GA, we could use
                                   some help this year as my husband just returned from deployment and we will
                                   not be able to travel home this year, it has been a hard year, financially
                                   and emotionally. We have 3 kids, 1 boy Xaiver age 6, Alexis age 14, and Megan
                                   age 16.
                                   #201300445 12/1/2013
                                   Ft. Carson, CO
                                   We are a military family in Colorado Springs This is one of the few years I've
                                   been home to spend Christmas with my family. I have been deployed twice and
                                   injured recently so I will not be able to deploy again this deployment until
                                   I am fully healed it has been hard to keep up with all our bills and we seem
                                   to find everytime we get ahead we fall behind because something major comes
                                   up. It would sure be nice to give my 4 year old a little more Christmas and
                                   any gifts for her would help. This past couple of months have been hard on us
                                      The Parents of a Marine Thank You 
                                   #201300444  12/1/2013
                                   Ft. Hood, Tx  Army
                                   We are a family of 4.  Husband is active duty us army. Having money issues.
                                   We had a tree fall on our truck last month. We are barely making bills. Truck
                                   note is 2 months behind. All of our groceries come from food pantries or we
                                   wouldn't be able to eat as we make just above the cut off amount for food
                                   stamps. Any help for Christmas, groceries, truck note, or repair money would
                                   be great. Kids are 2 year old boy turns 3 December 17, and a 7 year old girl.
                                   Husband is in medboard injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thank you
                                   #201300443 12/1/2013
                                   Vancouver Washington Army Reserve
                                   My husband is a recent veteran (honorably discharged 11/2012) and current
                                   reservist who served his tour in Iraq two holidays ago. We have two beautiful
                                   daughters, age 2 and 4. He is currently enrolled in a technical school 40
                                   miles from our house and we just surrendered our second vehicle because we
                                   were so behind in payments. We haven't received his BAH for the last three
                                   months due to errors with the VA, and we now find ourselves unable to pay our
                                   rent, let alone find the money for Christmas presents this year. Any help
                                   would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. -
                                   #201300442 11/30/2013
                                   Antelope, California  Army
                                   My husband Charles is in the Army Stationed in Camp Humphreys South Korea .
                                   Our Children and I are in Antelope, California. We have 6 wonderful children.
                                   We are struggling financially right now. It has been hard being separated and
                                   we have had some unexpected bills. I would like some help with grocery money
                                   or gift cards. Thank you all
                                   #201300441 11/30/2013
                                   Versailles Indiana . Army national guard.
                                   Requesting help for Christmas in the operation Christmas care for
                                   My little boy this year
                                   #201300440 11/29/2013
                                   Cincinnati, Ohio USMC
                                   My name is Keya and my husband was an Infantryman(0311)in the USMC for 12years
                                   in the USMC. In August my husband was honorably discharged due to service
                                   limitations.He received his PurpleHeart during the BattleofFallujah in 2004.
                                   He has deployed to Iraq
                                   4times and spent his 5thdeployment in Afghanistan. We have five sons and a
                                   girl,. It's extremely stressful to maintain the basic daily expenses of our
                                   household. Our financial hardships are a burden on my husband and he hasn't
                                   found a new job. Any help to bring holiday cheer to our children would be a
                                   greatly appreciated blessing.
                                      The Webster Family Thank You  
                                   #201300439 11/29/2013
                                   Ft Carson, Co Army
                                   I have a wife and kids I'm in the army at fort Carson. We could really use
                                   some help with Christmas gifts for the kids, 1 boy 3, and 1 girl 2. I could
                                   use help with food too if possible. We have been struggling financially.
                                   #201300438 11/29/2013
                                   Harrisonburg Va Navy
                                   Hi I'm Angela, we are a Navy faily with 4 wonderful boys. We are currently in
                                   Va while my husband is in San Diego until he can come east in a few months.
                                   We made the hard decision for the boys and I to come ahead of him. My goal
                                   was to have them in a house by Christmas but it has been imposible to get the
                                   depost, first month rent and trying to buy Christmas.  I am just hoping for
                                   someone with an incredible heart that can help us. All I have to offer is a
                                   huge thank you and happy holidays!
                                   #201300437 11/29/2013
                                   Fairfax.Va  Navy Retired
                                   I am a Navy wife "Retired" and mother of 4.  We currently live in a shelter
                                   in Fairfax, Virginia and I am seeking help with Christmas for my children.
                                   The ages of the children are Dewayne,15, Sierra, 13, Elijah, 7, and Chris, 4.
                                   Looking for a family to adopt us.  Anything would greatly be appreciated.
                                   Thank you
                                    Josh Hillman   Thank you   
                                   #201300436  11/28/2013
                                   Los Angeles, CA.  Retired Disabled Military Vet USN
                                   My name is Thomas Elliott, I'm 79 years old. I have fallen on really hard
                                   times. I'm a Disabled Veteran-Retired United States Navy - 1951-1971.  In
                                   2006, I had an Aortic Abdominal Aneurysm surgery.  Without the help of my
                                   fiancée, Patricia (49) and our daughter La Christa Elliott (21), I may not
                                   have made it. I can't walk; I'm wheelchair bound.  Eighteen months ago,
                                   Patricia resigned from USPS to care for me full-time. We had major plumbing
                                   problems and had to replace our old refrigerator this month.We need assistance
                                   with our Mortgage, Car Payment and Grocers Certificate.  Thank you.
                                      Thank you David Lighten 
                                   #201300435 11/28/2013
                                   Biloxi, MS USAF 
                                   Hello, my husband and I have four beautiful children ages 6, 8, 9, and 10.
                                   The military moved us overseas a few years ago, then back to the States last
                                   year and we used all of
                                   our savings and our children are not going to have much of a Christmas this
                                   year. Any help would be truly appreciated. God Bless.
                                     Thank you Greg Merecka 
                                   #201300434 11/27/2013
                                   Mesa AZ  National Guard
                                   I'm a PFC in the Arizona national guard. Recently my fiancé left me. We had
                                   an apartment together but his name was never on the lease only mine. I only
                                   have a month and a half before my lease is up but without his income I can
                                   not pay my December rent. I have a 3 year old son and no where to go and I'm
                                   facing eviction if I can not find a way to pay this months rent. Once my
                                   lease is over I can find a cheaper place to live but for now I'm unable to
                                   pay for my bills this month on my own. I'm in a very hard place right now and
                                   I can not end up getting evicted and have no place for my son to sleep at
                                   night. I really need the help just for this months bills. Please help me any
                                   help I can get even if it's not the full amount I need.
                                   #201300433   11/27/2913
                                   fort hood tx, army
                                   We are in really need of help this christmas we took on my 12 year old sister
                                   and with going to ny for court  3 times& to get her we have had to put off
                                   paying bills and uesing all the money we had in saveings so with out help
                                   christmas wont be a very happy day for my lil girl and my sister .thanks for
                                   all you do.
                                   #201300432 11/27/2013
                                   Ft Benning Ga USMC
                                   My husband is GySgt Crescencio Gonzalez have 5 beautiful children. My husband 
                                   is a marine stationed on Fort Benning, Ga. We are always struggling to make ends 
                                   meet but this year as been a tough one. We don't have any extra money to spend, 
                                   let alone be able to afford to buy our kids Christmas gifts this year. The military gets
                                   so many organizations that are a great support for military families during the 
                                   holidays.  Even though he is an E7 we have a large family and only 1 income. If you 
                                   are able to help make this Christmas a memorable one for my family it would be more 
                                   then greatly appreciated. My daughters ages are 19, 12,5 years old and my boys ages 
                                   are 14, and 9 years old. Thank you and God bless you!!!
                                   #201300431 11/27/2013
                                   San Marcos, Ca  USMC
                                   We are a family of four. Since moving to Ca. We have struggled more then ever.
                                   Husband is active duty and I recently got my hours cut. We were raised that if
                                   you work hard and do the right thing, everything will work out.Were trying to
                                   that however, in the meantime our kids are paying the sacrifice. Just hoping
                                   to get alittle help with Christmas to brighten things up. Praying for even the
                                   smallest blessing. Thank you. The Ross family.
                                      Charisse Kaufman President  Lives of Promise, Inc Thank you
                                   #201300430 11/27/2013
                                   McDonough, GA  ARMY
                                   My husband is in the Army an E6 stationed at Ft Benning.Need help for Christmas
                                   we are struggling badly, husband was in a wreck and had to pay thousands out
                                   of pocket that we didn't anticipate putting us behind 2-3 months on bills. My
                                   mom got our gas back on for the kids (cold) a 14 year old, 10 year old, 9 year
                                   old, 7 year old, and a 2 month old. Want a nice Christmas for them so they aren't
                                   affected by the adult situations. Thank you will pay it forward in the future.
                                   #201300429 11/26/2013
                                   Jacksonville ,Florida Navy Nas Mayport
                                   Requesting help for Christmas and to make it magical for my children since their
                                   daddy will be deploying for christmas. It has been extremely hard because I had
                                   to quit my job because of a high Risk pregnancy.We have four small children. Our
                                   twins are now 2 months old and were born premature. We have a set of twin girls
                                   and 2 boys ages 7  and 10. We are asking for help with an holiday meal and toys
                                   anything will help.  Thank you to all who support the military and families.
                                   #201300428 11/26/2013
                                   San Antonio Tx USAF
                                   My name is Victoria, I have been overseas for the last 2 years and have had
                                   serious setbacks during my PCS. I am USAF now stationed in San Antonio, TX.
                                   I'm not sure I can make rent this month, let alone pay other bills. I haven't
                                   seen my family since last December when a drunk driver almost cost my brother
                                   his life. Any help to catch up on my bills and possibly get home for the
                                   holidays to see my brother again is truly appreciated.
                                   #201300427 11/26/2013
                                   Valley Stream, NY Vet USN
                                   I'm struggling to make ends meet for my daughter (3 yrs old) since my husband
                                   abandoned us in Mar 2012. Suffering severe financial complications since Aug
                                   2013, my husband tried to take full custody of my daughter. I had to take off
                                   work for one week, find and pay for a lawyer to get her back, and travel to
                                   Ohio three times in one month for court dates. My paycheck alone doesn't pay
                                   all the bills. I'm trying to save up every dime just to pay for food and
                                   #201300426  11/26/2013
                                   Jacksonville, Fla Navy
                                   Jacksonville Florida currently serving in the Navy. Recently pcsd and am
                                   looking for any possible help. We are a family of four, we have two children
                                   a 4 year old boy and 15 month old girl. Currently have no winter clothes and
                                   are way over budget with incredible debt. Please help in any way possible!
                                   #201300425 11/26/2013
                                   Jacksonville, Fla Army
                                   Hello I'm an army wife from Jacksonville fl ....I have two girls and twins on
                                   the way...my husband got deployed so I had to quit my job...we have had car
                                   repairs on top of dental emergencies for my oldest daughter.
                                   ..xmas this year isn't gonna happen if we don't have help...I'm asking for help
                                   with a few gifts for xmas and maybe a few things for the new babies to come in
                                   feb..maybe giftcards to walmart or babies r us
                                       Alex Shaver Thank you 
                                   #201300424 11/25/2013
                                   San Diego, California. United States Marine Corps
                                   My wife and I are requesting any kind of financial assistance for the holidays
                                   to help our family. We have just filed bankruptcy and are still in a custody 
                                   battle for my step son. It is costing us a lot. We cannot afford to go home for 
                                   the holidays. And cannot afford much for our children. We have 3 of them.Ages: 6,
                                   2, and 1. We are unable to move from our house that takes FULL BAH because of the
                                   bankruptcy, and cannot find a way to make sure our financial difficulties don't get
                                   taken out on our children this holiday season. Thank you for your time.
                                      Charisse Kaufman President  Lives of Promise, Inc Thank you
                                   #201300423 11/25/2013
                                   Camp Pendleton, Ca Navy
                                   We are the Winters Family of 4 stationed on Camp Pendleton,Ca. My husband is
                                   a E-4 Corpsman in the Navy and has deployed 3 times the past 8 years.We have
                                   2 beautiful children a daughter named Nevaeh 8 years old. And a son Randall
                                   Jr. who is 3. We are going through some financial hardships this year and
                                   would like any help with Christmas this year. It has been a huge struggle
                                   trying to get gifts our kids want these past few years. Our bills have taken
                                   a toll on us and all we want is to put a smile on our kids face. Any help will
                                   be truly appreciated. Thank you so much and god bless.
                                       Alex Shaver Thank you 
                                   #201300422  11/25/2013
                                   Fort Hood Texas Army
                                   Husband is a 2 time wounded warrior currently in the WTU. He is 100% disabled
                                   and will be medically retired. we have three children. We live off one income
                                   as I am my husbands only care giver and I have to assist him with many daily
                                   living activities. money is tight as we travel 3-4 times a week for dr appts
                                   as we gear up for yet another surgery to add to the list . Christmas will be
                                   non exsistant this year unless we have a blessing from someone. we have two
                                   wonderful boys and one precious girl that has her daddys heart.
                                    Rick & Pat Juliano Thank you 
                                   #201300421 11/25/2013
                                   Covington la national guard 
                                   My name is keanna hill and my husband left this month on the 
                                   15 th of November 2013 for deployment he will be gone a year 
                                   abd something we have two lovely girls and i need help getting 
                                   them clothes for christmas i wil appreciate it thanks   
                                   #201300420 11/25/2013
                                   Ft. Lewis, Wa  Army
                                   We are in need of help for our 22 month old for Christmas, we can barely pay bills
                                   living pay check to pay check and after paying bills we just have enough to buy some
                                   Groceries and diapers for our lil boy. Husband back from overseas earlier this
                                   Year he left when our lil boy was on 2 1/2 months and got back when he was 14 months.
                                   This is our first Christmas together and all we want is to be able so see our lil boys
                                   face light up on Christmas morning any toys for age 2 and up and warm clothes and
                                   pajamas size 5t-6t anything helps.
                                   Ashley Spinella Thank you 
                                   #201300419  11/25/2013
                                   Olive Branch Ms  Army
                                   I have fallen on hard times Im a three time combat vet two tours in Iraq one
                                   tour Afghanistan as a route clearance counter IED team.  I was in thirteen
                                   strikes on my vehicles and lost some of my own guys I now suffer from ptsd
                                   anxiety depression anger sleep problems knees and back problems going thru
                                   divorce have two kids  VA says I'm 80% disabled will recieve $1451 a month
                                   from them. My rent alone is $1250 I have been approved for social security
                                   disability threw the wounded warrior program but wont get my first check till
                                   feb 2014.I'm in dire need of help i don't want to loose all I have fought to
                                   #201300418  11/25/2013
                                   Andover, NY Army
                                   We live in Andover New York he severed in the army.We have three little girls
                                   age 6, 4 and 8 months we would like help with Christmas for them.Thank you
                                   #201300417 11/25/2013
                                   fort hood texas 8th engeeires
                                   We have 4 kids one girl three boys  we are looking for toys , clothes, electroices
                                   shoes ... we have had a hard year  . right now our daughter is in the hosp ..
                                   I have been in 15 years
                                   #201300416 11/25/2013
                                   Fort Sill OK   Army  
                                   I have served in the Army for 8 years, been on 3 deployments. We have 3 children
                                   a 14 year old girl, an 8 year old boy and a 4 year old girl. We recently just PCS'd
                                   here and are a little short on money after paying bills. As like other soldier's I
                                   haven't got to spend many holiday's at home and it is truly a blessing in its self
                                   to be able to spend this time with my family, but I would like to give my kids some
                                   kind of Christmas, no matter how small it is, they sure have earned it. Any help at
                                   all would be appreciated, thank you.
                                    Alex Shaver Thank you 
                                   #201300415   11/25/2013
                                   Las Vegas, NV Navy
                                   My family has had to move from San Diego to Las Vegas NV to move in with Family.
                                   I am getting ready to retire from the navy 20 years and will be the only income.
                                   I have a wife and 5 children. I am trying to find a job but most places are
                                   offering min wage. My wife had a surgery recently and is unable to work right
                                   now. I would love some assistance until we get on our feet. Warm clothes, food
                                   and toys would be an extra bonus. I have two childern that still belive in Santa.
                                   Please let me know if your program can help.Thank you
                                   #201300414 11/25/2013
                                   Ft. Bragg NC  Army
                                   Soldier currently deployed to Afghanistan. My family is in desperate need of
                                   any type of Christmas assistance, we are a family of seven living off one
                                   income. Our only vehicle broke down last week costing us over $800.00 in repairs
                                   not including towing fees. My wife is also in need of immediate dental work
                                   as she is constantly in pain. With Christmas swiftly approaching I would hate
                                   to disappoint my kids this year, any type of assistance would be greatly
                                   appreciated. We thank you in advance, God bless.
                                   #201300413 11/24/2013
                                   Jacksonville, Fl Army
                                   Husband is a recently retired E-7 in the army and we have fallen on hard times.
                                   I recently had to take custody of my daughter's 3 children (2 girls and 1 boy)
                                   due to her dying from cancer. This has been extremely hard for us financially
                                   and emotionally. I am asking for help to provide the children with a wonderful
                                   Christmas because they have been through so much that they need a little joy in
                                   life. If for Christmas I can put a smile on their faces I will be extremely
                                   grateful thank you!!
                                   #201300412 11/24/2013
                                   Shaw AFB, SC USAF
                                   We just recently PCSd to Shaw AFB. My husband is having serious medical problems,
                                   during his previous TDY we spent hundreds on fuel getting him to and from appointments. 
                                   Now we are moving a second time in 6 months and our rent has doubled. Our children
                                   (daughter age 9, son age 6) have no idea that he is seriously ill, or that we are
                                   struggling financially. I don't know how we can provide them with a decent Christmas My
                                   Daughter desperately needs medical assistance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
                                   #201300411 11/24/2013
                                   Ft. Leonard Wood, MO  Army
                                   I'm seeking help with clothes for my children. Each one has hit a growth spurt
                                   at the same time and I can't keep up. Any help would be amazing.If there is also 
                                   any help for Christmas that would also be wonderful but not a necessity. Our 
                                   daughters are ages 11 and 9 and our son is 4. Thank you for all you do.
                                   #201300410 11/24/2013
                                   Ford Lewis /Mchord Army
                                   I'm married to Erick he's an E-3 nd stationed at Ford Lewis /Mchord I'm
                                   currently staying back home in Cahokia I'll due to the loss of my twin sister
                                   it put us in a financially biind as we had to pay outta pocket for funeral
                                   expenses nd also with our 7 children we took in 3 of hers to make a long story
                                   short we need help with deposit $895.00 to move also help with Christmas if it's
                                   possible please nd thank you it will be a blessing May God bless You!
                                   #201300409 11/24/2013
                                   San Jacinto, CA (USMC)
                                   For the past 9 years, my husband has been serving our country and made many
                                   sacrifices to provide for our family.  He will return home in 2 weeks with no
                                   job lined up. We can't pay our mortgage or bills. All my husband ever wanted
                                   was to put a roof over our heads and serve his country. Our world is deteriorating
                                   for us. As a wife and mother of 3 beautiful girls I am asking for help.
                                   #201300408 11/23/2013
                                   San Diego Ca  Navy
                                   Our family is stationed in San Diego. We have 2 boys 5&3. I lost my job due
                                   to attendance my oldest is Autistic & attends many therapies, once my employer
                                   found out I wasn't worth keeping. I had hoped to get a tablet for my son or to
                                   take my babies to Disneyland which they've wanted for a while now. Dad's income
                                   can barely covers all our living expenses and I no longer have a job to help
                                   alleviate some financial burden from him and any help for Christmas to be truly ap
                                   apreciated. God Bless!
                                      Charisse Kaufman President  Lives of Promise, Inc Thank you
                                   #201300407 11/23/2013
                                   San Diego Ca Navy
                                   Hello my husband is a usnavy seabee we have 3 kids how can I sing up for the
                                   Christmas program or adopted a family program we station in sandiwgo California
                                   my zipcode is 92110  thank you
                                      Thank you David Lighten   
                                   #201300406 11/22/2013
                                   Jacksonville Fl  Navy
                                   I am an E-4 AD Single mother in the US Navy. Stationed at NAS Jacksonville.
                                   I Have 2 beautiful daughters Eternity age 6 & La'Naya age 5 I am asking for 
                                   holiday help for them. This year has been a bad year for me and I'm trying my 
                                   best to hold on and carry on. From moving from my house because a pipe burst
                                   (water bill tripled) to my old landlord refusing to return my deposit.Now I am
                                   having car trouble a $600 repair between that I don't know how I will provide 
                                   Christmas. Anything will help and My daughter will be very grateful.
                                   Thank you for your consideration. 
                                    Regina Pope   Thank you 
                                   #201300405 11/22/2013
                                   Lemoore,CA and Navy
                                   I am a current military spouse of 3 little boys (ages 2,1, & 5 Months and still
                                   legally married to my husband their father where in the process of a divorce
                                   due to his inability to keep his hands to himself  
                                   I dont recieve any assistance from the state  or child support I have filed
                                   but he doesnt pay I am being faced with eviction I know my kids wont have a
                                   Christmas thats fine I just want to keep my apartment I have tried everything
                                   this is a last resort
                                   #201300404 11/22/2013
                                   Fort Sill, Ok U.S. Army
                                   Seek help with groceries and clothing for our kids. My husband of 14 years
                                   has served 17 years in the Army and going deployed three times. I myself
                                   served 5 years. We have 3 beautiful children, our youngest was born with half
                                   a heart and he just turned two! We are very blessed, but life has been extra
                                   hard on us and we would appreciate any support we could get. One day we hope
                                   to pay it forward! Thank you!! God Bless your organization. 
                                    Josh Hillman   Thank you   
                                   #201300403 11/22/2013
                                   Georgetown, TX National Guard/US Army
                                   I'm currently undergoing a medical retirement from the military in the Wounded
                                   Warrior program/Medical Hold Unit while I'm awaiting my final disposition. However,
                                   I'm unable to work due to my combat related injuries and wanted to see if there are
                                   any programs available for Thanksgiving meal assistance and/or Christmas present
                                   assistance?  I have 3 small children and am due to deliver my 4th in the next few
                                   weeks.  I never thought that I would be in this situation, but am facing difficulties
                                   paying my utilities, much less buying a big meal or presents.  I would appreciate any
                                   information you may have available.
                                   #201300402 11/22/2013
                                   Lebanon Oregon Army National Guard.
                                   We have 5 boys and my hubby has done 4 deployments and is struggling with PTSD
                                   and physical injuries, so is having a hard time maintaining a job. We need help
                                   paying for daycare so we can work, to pay the phone so we can call for jobs and
                                   food to feed the guys. We also have 2 birthdays in Dec and would love a tree.
                                   thanks Tasha
                                   #201300401 11/22/2013
                                   Wheat Branch MI Army
                                   Hello I'm an army wife from weat branch michigan who's husband is deployed...
                                   I have two sweet girls and another girl on the way..witj him being deployed I
                                   had to quit my job bevause daycare was to expensive. ..lookong for help with
                                   thanksgiving and Christmas. .. anything helps
                                   #201300400 11/22/3013
                                   Ft. Carson Co Army
                                   Hello. My name is Summer. My husband serves in the army and we just pcs'd to
                                   fort Carson, co. Due to moving expenses and bills piling up we do not have
                                   enough funds to do Christmas for our 3 children. Amarii (girl, 7) Emanii
                                   (girl, 3) and Steven (boy, 1) We pay a lot of money for child support for my
                                   step son which leaves us with little money to do extra for the 3 kids at home
                                   with us. It would mean the world to them if anyone would help out. Thank you
                                   and God bless!
                                   #201300399 11/22/2013
                                   Bush La  Army
                                   My husband is a disabled veteran of the United States Army. Currently in
                                   foreclosure, 2 months behind on utilities & we have 3 children that deserve
                                   a great Christmas.      
                                   Any help would be a blessing & truly appreciated.
                                   #201300398 11/21/2013
                                   Manhattan KS Army
                                   My husband was just medically discharged after 12yrs service for severe ptsd. We
                                   have 3 children ages 8,6, and 3. We are finding it hard to get back on our feet
                                   and are hoping for any assistance for Christmas for our children. Thank-you
                                   #201300397 11/21/2013
                                   Fort Bliss, TX  Army
                                   Single Mother /Soldier (E4)of a 6 year old girl! After a challenging and
                                   traumatizing 6 months, I have recently been divorced and have left financially
                                   strapped, not only to prepare for the holiday season, but to prepare for an
                                   upcoming deployment shortly after Christmas also. While there is still unspoken
                                   challenges that remain, it's important to me that my little girl has a smile on
                                   her face on Christmas morning. I want her to have a good memory other then the
                                   divorce to get us through this deployment together. Thanksgiving help would be
                                   appreciated also. Thank you.
                                   Jill Johnson Thank you 
                                   #201300396 11/21/2013
                                   San Diego Ca Navy
                                   Looking for some assistance for Bills and the holidays.Recently transferred
                                   to San Diego with my family. My husband made a sacrifice to take a hardship
                                   discharge from the military and be home with our son who has been ill since
                                   being born. With the discharge, the higher cost of living, and only one income
                                   coming into the household, we have become behind on our bills. We have been
                                   searching everywhere for assistance and can't even afford Thanksgiving Dinner
                                   let alone even think about trying to provide Christmas toys for our three
                                   children. My husband car payment is 515, and we are currently in need of
                                   assistance for Toys for our three chilren. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
                                   Thank you.
                                   Kathleen Douglas ChambersGroup,Inc Thank you 
                                   #201300395 11/20/2013
                                   Bedford, Indiana Army
                                   Hello I am former SGT Efrain E Fuentes my son Evan and I live in Bedford Indiana.
                                   I am an Army disabled American veteran. I am requesting help with my rent $850,
                                   Electricity $207, water $120 and our cable bundle $559 phone and Internet included
                                   which I need for my mental health monitor to VA.
                                   Half our home uses propane for heating but the tank is empty and will require a
                                   minimum of $200. At the time we have no money for food or gas. Any amount of
                                   help will be a blessing, I am totally and permanently disabled by the VA. Thank
                                   #201300394 11/20/2013
                                   Alva, OK Army Veteran
                                   My husband has recently gotten out of the Army and transitioned into a new
                                   job. We are a family of 7. We are currently living off of one income. One
                                   paycheck goes towards rent which has required us to depend on food banks and
                                   churches for food. If there is anything you can do to help provide Christmas
                                   for our kids we would be forever grateful. Thank you.
                                   #201300393 11/20/2013
                                   Ft. Carson Co Army
                                   Hello, my name is Cyndel Sorenson. My husband is David, e4 in the Army,
                                   stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado. We are drowning right now - we are
                                   attempting to pay of our debt, but it is to the point we are living off of 20-40
                                   dollars every 2 weeks. We have 5 children (4 boys ages 2, 3, 7, 8 and 1 girl age
                                   5) whom are severely suffering due to our financial state. We are seeking help
                                   with Thanksgiving food, possible Christmas help, and/or gas cards (we live quite
                                   a distance from base). 
                                   ReaMichelle Jakubowski and friends Thank you   
                                   #201300392 11/19/2013
                                   Rome Indiana Army
                                   Private Jon Bryant was in the Army as 13Fox Fire Support Specialist who lives
                                   in Rome, IN 47574.  He was injured in service and recieves $320 monthly for
                                   being 30% disabled.  Due to recent ICU stint uninsured and unable to be released
                                   to work, our families only income is $320 a month.  As his fiance and mother if
                                   kids, I'm also disabled with pending benefits.  Our family is in dire need of
                                   gas cards, electricity, and walmart gift cards for christmas gifts for our boys.
                                   Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
                                   #201300391 11/19/2013
                                   Oceanside Ca USMC
                                   My name is Stewart C Neville I live in Oceanside CA and Im a U.S Marine.
                                   I made very ill advised financial choices that are now seriously affected me
                                   and my wife. Im trying to get help with finical assistance and counseling
                                   to get my life back on track and headed in the right direction.
                                   #201300390 11/19/2013
                                   Fort Hood,TX Army
                                   I'm a single active duty  father, stationed out of Fort Hood, Texas , serving
                                   in the Army for 14 years. I was just recently awarded sole custody of my 3
                                   daughters, Isabella 3yr, Elliana 5, and Olivia 8. Due to the difficult custody
                                   battle not just emotionally & physically but financially also; my resources
                                   are low.             
                                   Christmas by no means should be about the gifts under the tree, but merely the
                                   people around it, however given the past circumstances of the year I would like
                                   for my girls to have the nicest Christmas as possible.
                                    Jill Johnson Thank you 
                                   #201300389 11/19/2013
                                   Phenix City, AL  USA army
                                   I am SGT Michael Olsen RET. Wounded Vet I am asking for Christmas help for my
                                   family. I was medical retired this year on 1st of May and with the pay getting
                                   messed up waiting for the VA we got behind on bills and I am trying to play
                                   catch-up. We have 6 kids and 3 grand babies. Our kids are Brittany she is 23
                                   with 2 of our grand babies conner is 2 and caylee is 1 and we have Shelby she
                                   is 22 and she has Emma Lynn that is a month old. We have 3 other daughter
                                   Stephanie is 18 nad Roberta is 17 and Mady is 12 and we have a son that is 18.
                                   I am asking for help cause I like to see my family have a good Christmas and I
                                   know we are not in a money wise about to get nothing for them. Thank you so
                                   much and have a nice day.
                                   #201300388 11/19/2013
                                   Greenville, SC USMC
                                   We are a Marine Corps Family in need this Christmas.  My name in Shannon
                                   Johnston, I am married with 3 children. Ages 7,14,16. I am recently medically
                                   retired from 12 yrs in Marines. I injured my back in 2009 and I have hard time
                                   finding work. We are behind on Car payments and phone/internet payments. I
                                   make $2100 a month but my debt is over $3000. We survive on food stamps and
                                   donations from our church. We are a family that lives on faith that God will
                                   provide and he  always has. Please help my family this Holiday season as we do
                                   not have funds. Thank you.
                                   #201300387 11/18/2013
                                   Tacoma, Washington Army
                                   Army wife from Ft. Lewis-McChord asking for help. My family and i have just
                                   moved back here from Germany a month ago to take care of my disabled mother
                                   in law. It has drained us financially. We also have two children ages 4 and
                                   13. Trying to sell our only vehicle for money to get us through the holidays.
                                   Asking for help for the holidays!!! Please, Please help our family! We live
                                   in Tacoma, Washington at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, branch of service is the
                                   #201300386 11/18/2013
                                   Ft Bliss, Tx Navy
                                   Hello navy wife from fort bliss tx looking for help for thanksgiving and xmas.
                                   we have two beautiful girls 4 and 2 and twins on the way....things arw super
                                   tight barely getting the bills paid. ...gift cards for walmart or toys r us
                                   would be greatly appreciated
                                    Joan Orent (Blankets) Thank you  
                                   #201300385 11/18/2013
                                   Lemoore, Ca Army
                                   My husband and I have been living paycheck to paycheck for the last four r
                                   five months barely making ends meet. I've had to defer car payments phone bills
                                   a credit card payments. My credit cards are maxed out and bank accounts are in
                                   the negative we have no savings. Things become worse when my husband pcs to
                                   California and his bah dropped over 300 + dollars and we used cash advances to
                                   pay bill where we were short. Now that I have lost my job I've had to surrender
                                   my vehicle because my husband cant afford it on his paycheck alone. We have no
                                   money for groceries and my 3 year old had no birthday and will have no Christmas.
                                   We thought taking a 6000 personal loan would help but because we were behind
                                   every month that money was exhausted and were stuck with that bill . We need
                                   #201300384  11/18/2013
                                   Sweets Ferry, NC USMC
                                   My husband is in the Marines stationed at Camp Lejeune, but currently deployed
                                   in Romania until spring of next year. We have always struggled financially, but
                                   because of this deployment, we are actually losing $200 a month. We aren't able
                                   to afford any gifts for our 2 children this Christmas or any birthday presents
                                   for our daughter's birthday on December 20 . My mother has even been having to
                                   send me money each pay period so that I can buy groceries. Without her we wouldn't
                                   even have food to eat.  Any help we can get whatsoever would be greatly appreciated.
                                   Our daughter is 11 (she'll be 12 on December 20) and our son is 9.
                                   #201300383 11/17/2013
                                   Fort Campbell, KY, Army.
                                   My husband is active duty. E4 and I'm due Jan 25 we are having a girl and
                                   have been unable to save and buy anything due to bill's and our 4yr olds
                                   expensive child care on base. We are in great need of any kind of baby girl
                                   items. Clothing, stroller, etc. Thank you
                                    Mr & Mrs Richard Juliano Thank you
                                   #201300382 11/16/2013
                                   Fort Benning Ga Army
                                   Husband has been deployed 3x we have always been a two income house 
                                   just to get by but over the past two years we feel on hard  times I had a
                                   miscarriage then twins and another miscarriage but have we a healthy baby boy
                                   I am able to go back to work but we are so behind on bills also have a 11 and 18 yo
                                   We need clothing for the children and any other help would be greatly appreciated.
                                    Teresa and Sara Story Thank you     
                                   #201300381 11/16/2013
                                   St. Louis, Missouri Army Nat Guard
                                   My husband was deployed to Afghanistan last year.  While in Afghanistan he
                                   received a Purple Heart and has since been diagnosed with mild traumatic
                                   brain injury and PTSD.   We are awaiting his VA claim.  Currently both my
                                   husband and I are enrolled full-time in school: my husband for Master Woodworking
                                   and me for Elementary Education.   We have three young children 2, 4, and 6 and
                                   are trying to do the best for our family's long-term future.But, this year
                                   Christmas will be a challenge in our household.
                                    Julie C Toys for the children Thank you    
                                   #201300380 11/16/2013
                                   Collinsville, OK  Army
                                   Hello all, we are the Allison family. My husband was wounded two years ago
                                   overseas and we are now living solely off his disability. Due to his
                                   disability he is unable to retain employment. We have three children of our
                                   own and are also raising my husbands two sisters without any financial support.
                                   We truly need help for Christmas as we don't have the funds to provide any
                                   extras for our children. We are trying our hardest to survive the hand we've
                                   been given, but a hand up would be upmost appreciated.  Food is our main concern
                                   for our family, anything else would be a blessing.
                                   #201300379 11/16/2013
                                   Ft. Stewart, Ga  Army
                                   We are in desperate need of help, my daughter is 11 months old and we are
                                   urgently living on post in fort stewart. In the last 3 months she has been sick
                                   4 times, we tried to apply for the aer loan and my husbands 1sgt said our
                                   daughters health "is not an emergency." We have been told by her doctor it's not
                                   allergies and that she is developing a full sinus infection every time she gets
                                   sick. We need help with getting a deposit, first months rent and the $150 to
                                   break our lease on post. Please help, thank you in advance!!
                                   #201300378 11/16/2013
                                   Ft. Hood Tx Army
                                   We are the Oregishe's   a family of 5 ( 3 y/o son & 7 y/o girl )in Fort Hood
                                   TX. My husband is an e4/ Army. We just received a $77.00 paycheck from DFAS.
                                   His pay was audited, the money he at one point was overpaid was deducted
                                   without notice. We're depleting our savings so we can pay our mortgage and
                                   utilities. This is a financial burden as a portion of our savings was for the
                                   holidays. We would be forever grateful for any help for a Thanksgiving meal
                                   assistance and maybe a small Christmas for the kids. Thank you!
                                   #201300377 11/15/2013
                                   Cumberland VA Dis Navy Vet
                                   This is Clyde Gentry, I'm in need of financial help. My car payment is due of
                                   $400.00. My car insurance is due of $150.00. My electric bill is also due of
                                   $400.00. Christmas is coming up and I have four small grandchildren an a 16
                                   year old son of my own and nobody in my community are willing to help. I'm a
                                   disabled navy veteran non-service connected. Thank You and have a blessed day.
                                   #201300376 11/15/2013
                                   Richmond Hill Georgia US Army 
                                   My Husband is due to medically retire in about a month and we are at a loss on
                                   how to make We are a blended family and have a total of 4 kids between us 3 boys
                                   and one Princess.  The boys are 10, 13,14, and our girl is 3 1/2. My husbands
                                   truck recently had the window smashed out in the middle of the night and now both
                                   our dryer and wash have broke.  We don't have the money to fix any of these items
                                   ends meet along with being able to get our kids Christmas and food on the table.
                                   We would love to be able to even buy a used washer and dryer, But more than anything
                                   we want the kids to have Christmas and food on the table. I am going to apply for
                                   the care giver program but cant till his final day of the Army and it will take
                                   about 3 months if we qualify, his VA Disability which is 90% is behind so it wont
                                   start for at least 6 months.  We would be happy with any help we get weather
                                   it be Christmas presents, washer, Dryer, money for rent and food, or even gift cards.
                                   Thank you for taking the time to read.
                                   #201300375  11/15/2013
                                   Ponce De Leon, Fla Army Vet
                                   Hi i am a disabled veteran, served two years in iraq and was medically
                                   discharged for injuries sustained in iraq, i am married with four children.
                                   i live in PONCE DE LEON, FLORIDA, WAS ACTIVE ARMY. and we are trying to find
                                   some help. please contact us.
                                   #201300374 11/15/2013
                                   Ft. Lee Va Navy
                                   I am in the Navy and stationed in Richmond, VA, but we live i n base housing
                                   on Fort Lee. After having to travel to Florida due the loss of a very close
                                   family member and then having to pay for the funeral because of lack of insurance,
                                   we fell behind on the rent. We've been struggling to get it paid, but we've already
                                   received the delinquent notice and are awaiting paperwork for the court date. We
                                   could really use some help. Thanks for any assistance.
                                   #201300373 11/15/2013
                                   Fort Drum, N.Y. ARMY
                                   We would like to ask for some help for Christmas for our 5 children.Normally we
                                   don't ask for help,in fact we help others whenever possible. But this year has
                                   been hard on us.I'm no longer working but looking for work. Any help at all that
                                   we can get would be more than appreciated.We would love to see some smiles on
                                   our kids' faces this Christmas.Thank you so very much!
                                   #201300372 11/14/2013
                                   Fort Lewis, Washington, Army
                                   My husband and I are pcsing to Ft Lewis from Orlando Fl at the beginning of
                                   the year. The trip will take about 46 hours and we could use some help with
                                   gas, food, and hotel stays. Moving will make our finances a lot tighter, we
                                   are looking for some assistance to help make the move a little less stressful.
                                   Anyway someone would be willing to help would be greatly appreciated. Thank
                                   you very much.
                                   #201300371 11/14/2013
                                   Virginia Beach, VA Navy,
                                   My family and I moved to VA a little over 2 months ago. I have been having a
                                   hard time looking for a job. We have two children, 5 month old girl and a 12
                                   yr old boy. It's been really hard trying to makes ends meet. We would appreciate
                                   any help, please, especially with the holidays soon approaching. It's hard
                                   being away from home, even harder with financial problems. Thank you, God bless.
                                    Brenda Sawyers Thanksgiving Dinner Thank you    
                                   #201300370 11/14/2013
                                   Ft. Bragg NC Army
                                   We're station in North Carolina Fort Bragg. We are in need of a little bit of
                                   help over this holiday season. We have two wonderful boys that we would love
                                   to make this holiday special for them. This year we just seem to be struggling
                                   because I am a stay at home mom while my husband is always on duty or out in
                                   the field it just makes it harder, so any  help would be greatly appreciated.
                                   Thank you!
                                     Tammy Croom | Caliber Technologies Thank you     
                                   #201300369 11/14/2013
                                   Ft Stewart Ga Army
                                   I'm Terrie and I'm married to a wonder man who is serving in the U.S. Army.
                                   We are asking for Christmas Assistance this Christmas season.  We PCSed last
                                   year and after being homeless for a few months due to miss-communication with
                                   housing we haven't really gotten out of debt because of it.  My sons last year
                                   didn't have a Christmas last year because of having no money I would love for
                                   them to have at least something this year.  My boys are 13, 7, and 14 months
                                   old.  Thank you
                                   #201300368 11/14/2013
                                   San Diego, Ca  Navy
                                   I recently joined the navy and am now stationed in san Diego attached to the
                                   the uss Carl Vinson. Me and my family of 5 can't make ends meet.  We were on
                                   the food stamps program Prior to enlisting but now we are denied. My family
                                   and I took military housing because trying to fit my family in a small 2
                                   bedroom apartment would not work.
                                   So with one vehicle that cost 225 pls insurance which is 200 and gas in San
                                   Diego is ridiculous. Thenof course we have food and baby diapers and food.
                                   There's just a lot with my wife 2 children and a new born.  On a E-2s budget.
                                     Claire Nelli Thank you     

                                   #201300367 11/14/2013
                                   Ft Riley KS Army
                                   I am currently stationed at Fort Riley in kansas my wife just recently just
                                   received a job offer from the local school district and our family really
                                   needs this job to go through but shee does not have the appropriate clothing
                                   for the job the job requires a business casual attire if there is anyway that
                                   you may be able to help are whole family would greatly appreciate it thank
                                   #201300366 11/14/2013
                                   Ft. Bragg NC  Army
                                   My husband is currently an E5 in the US Army. We are stationed in Fort Bragg
                                   NC. We are a family of six and in need of assistance for food  & Christmas
                                   gifts. Can we please sign up for assistance. Thank you please email me back
                                   at any given time
                                     Tammy Croom | Caliber Technologies Thank you     
                                   #201300365 11/13/2013
                                   Charlotte NC National Guard
                                   Our family is seeking Christmas assistance. We recently relocated back to NC
                                   from TX. Coming back it was hard to find employment, and I had to accept a
                                   very low paying job to make ends meet. We are a family of 7 and really are
                                   looking to get back on our feet soon. Any help we could get for the kids would
                                   be greatly appreciated.
                                     Neilsa Mark Thank you   
                                   #201300364  11/13/2013
                                   San Diego, Ca Navy
                                   We have been going thru some hard times due to health issues with our special
                                   needs daughter which is the reason my wife stopped working. Also, we had a
                                   house which we tried to keep and due to tenants who destroyed it, we used all
                                   of savings to fix and still will loose house. Recently my wife went back to
                                   school to be able to find a better job and hopefully will ....so things can
                                   get better. Thanks for everything that you do...you are a blessing
                                   #201300363 11/3/2013
                                   Honolulu, HI US Navy
                                   Family of five struggling quite badly since our move to Hawaii. Wife has been
                                   seeking  employment with no luck thus we are a one income family. Have faced
                                   many hardships this year including wife's mothers passing, son being hit by
                                   an uninsured motor vehicle, and huge dental bills. Plus the huge cost of living
                                   in Hawaii,  we just don't have any extra income to provide a Christmas to our
                                   children (male) age 15, and two females ages 14, and 12 I would love to see
                                   some huge smiles on their faces, however it just is not possible for us o make
                                   that happen for them this year and fear that they will have to face yet another
                                   disappointment. We are reaching out to anyone that can help us.
                                   #201300362 11/13/2013
                                   Richmond, IN  Army
                                   I am 27, serve in the Army. I was medevaced out of Afghanistan due to being
                                   assaulted. I suffer from sever PTSD. I was also diagnosed with Chrones Disease ,
                                   my case is very critical & also a spine disease where my spine didn't form
                                   right. We are living pay check to pay check & still unable to cover the bills.
                                   I have 2 Children 1boy 4yrs & 1 girl who will be 3 Dec 30th. I would just like
                                   to be able to give them Christmas even if it isn't much, as they have been
                                   without mommy for a year. Anything will help & be a true blessing.
                                   #201300361 11/13/2013
                                   Fort Bragg Nc  Army
                                   Fort Bragg Nc Active Duty Army Sgt David Brown.. We are a family of 6 that have
                                   come upon rough times this holiday season and we are looking for any assistance
                                   to give our 4 children the holiday season they deserve! We appreciate any and
                                   all help.. God bless!
                                     Tammy Croom | Caliber Technologies Thank you     
                                   #201300360  11/13/2013
                                   Gulfport, Mississippi United States Navy/Seabee
                                   We are a family in need of some Christmas help.  My husband is deployed this
                                   Christmas, but the finances are proving to make buying our two daughters gifts
                                   very difficult this year.  Any help would be appreciated, Lord knows asking
                                   for help is never easy.  Thank you for your time and God Bless.
                                   #201300359 11/13/2013
                                   San Antonio, Texas USMC
                                   I am, LCpl Blanco, U.S.M.C. (O.I.F) Veteran who is asking for help with my
                                   mortgage or Christmas assistance. Unfortunately I suffer from P.T.S.D and
                                   have fallen behind on my mortgage and am close to being foreclosed ($3,300
                                   pass due). My wife and I have been struggling to make ends meet and are over
                                   our heads with trying to catch up. I have four children. I just want to be
                                   able to provide a happy Christmas this year for them and not have to tell
                                   them I have lost our home. Any help given would be a blessing in our time of
                                    Jesse, Erlenbush TSgt, USAF Thank you    
                                   #201300358 11/13/2013
                                   San Diego Ca Navy
                                   Hello my name is Shanice Jones stationed in San Diego CA serving in the Navy. I
                                   would like to get assistance with my car payment and help for Christmas for my
                                   two kids since we were put in a bind when I got deployable orders then they got
                                   canceled after spending all my savings to get my kids to Ga with my parents.
                                   #201300357 11/12/2013
                                   Belleville, NJ  Army Vet.
                                   My husband is an Army Vet., We are both currently unemployed. We have 3
                                   children and would like to give them a nice Christmas if there is any help
                                   you can provide we would greatly appreciate it.
                                   #201300356 11/12/2013
                                   Ft Sam Tx USMC
                                   AD Marine family of 5 stationed at Fort Sam TX is in need of help for Christmas.
                                   My husband is set to retire in 6 months and we can't provide a Christmas for
                                   our 3 children (12,9,8) all boys. let alone a Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas
                                   dinner. We have fallen on some rough times and are trying to get our heads above
                                   water. I pray someone can help us. Anything to see my boys smile Christmas morning.
                                   Thanks in advance.. 
                                     Jesse, Erlenbush TSgt, USAF Thank you     

                                   #201300355 11/12/2013
                                   Fort Polk, Louisiana, Army 
                                   My husband is  Active Duty Army.  We are gearing up for a deployment in June
                                   2014 and we want this Christmas to be very special since my husband will most
                                   likely not be here next Christmas.  We live paycheck to paycheck while we are
                                   working on paying off bills.  This Christmas is going to be very difficult for
                                   us.  We won't have any family to help this year. Any Help would be greatly
                                   appreciated. We have two boys, ages 8 and 4. Thank You for reading.
                                   #201300354 11/12/2013
                                   Kingsport TN National Guard
                                   My husband has tried very hard to give me and the kids a decent life. This
                                   year has been extremely hard on us due to a bunch of dental bills. He has had
                                   to take out alot of loans. He is a proud man and tries not to show stress but
                                   it has finally caught up to him. We have 5 children in the home. 15 girl, 13
                                   boy, 9 girl, 7 girl and took our adopted grandson (from his dad we had also
                                   adopted) in this year he is 4 and has some small issues with learning. We have
                                   our lights with AEP and are normally on a budget, but we fell a little behind
                                   and now we owe the whole budget balance. Our power is due to be cut off tomorrow
                                   and not sure how long before we will get them back. I am asking for help so my
                                   family will have power for the holidays and winter. Thank you for any help you
                                   can give and God Bless
                                   #201300353 11/12/2013
                                   Honolulu Hi Coast Guard
                                   We are a family of 5, single income of a deployed Coast Guardsman serving in
                                   Honolulu, Hi. Financially we are struggling because of the extremely high cost
                                   of living and college tuition for my wife. We also paid for funeral expenses for
                                   my father while I was deployed last time. I would appreciate help purchasing
                                   gifts for my children since I will be underway again for the 2nd Christmas in a
                                   #201300352 11/11/2013
                                   Milwaukee Wisconsin US Army 
                                   This is my family's first deployment. This is very hard for us we live pay
                                   check to pay check a month before my husband left I got into a car accident
                                   and my car was totaled the other person didn't have any insurance. I still
                                   have to make car payments and I am worried that I wi t be able to give my
                                   daughter a Christmas. Any help that u could would be wonderful if not god
                                   #201300351 11/11/2013
                                   Fort Riley Kansas  Army
                                   I found your website in search of help for Christmas this year. My husband
                                   returned from Afghanistan thankfully a few months ago. We are having financial
                                   issues this year due to my son's cleft lip & palate surgery's. Tricare covers
                                   sum but not all of the expenses. We are a family of 6 and times are hard. We
                                   would like help for Christmas gifts or gift cards to provide a nice holiday
                                   this year.  We have 4 kids 14,10,8,3 Not sure how I sign up on your site but
                                   any help is appreciated thank you for your time.
                                   #201300350 11/11/2013
                                   St. Cloud Florida Retired Army.
                                   Hello I was wondering if you could possibly help me with Christmas this year.
                                   My name is Andrea and I was just recently medically retired from the Army and
                                   just moved down to Florida. I'm a single mom of a 4 year old little girl, and
                                   I am unable to work due to my injuries which puts a huge damper on the holiday
                                   season. Anything would help me provide her with an AMAZING holiday after an
                                   EXTREMELY tough and trying year. Thank you and God bless.
                                    Elizabeth Sykes Thank you
                                   #201300349 11/11/2013
                                   Allenhurst GA Army
                                   I am writing to see if you could help our family for Christmas this yr. We
                                   live in Allenhurst GA my husband was in the army, but has been medically
                                   retired due to injuries substained while in Iraq. We have been having a hard
                                   time since he got out and adjusting to being on a very fixed income.  We have
                                   4 children and have not been able to  start any Christmas shopping yet. We
                                   have 1 pay between now and Christmas but wont have very much left over after
                                   we pay bills. All of this is very hard on my children everyday and I would
                                   just love to give them a good Christmas.
                                   #201300348 11/11/2013
                                   Abbeville South Carolina VET
                                   Christmas help needed for a family of 5, 12 year Veteran, who has been furlough
                                   from his job since summer. We have 3 children boy age 11, girl age 5 and boy aged
                                   4. Looking for any help at all this holiday season. Children are happy with
                                   anything and everything. Toys, gift cards anything what so ever, anything that
                                   can help. With now paying medical bills since we no longer have military insurance
                                   bills are now getting beyond our control. We have dental work needed for the family
                                   we can not even afford to do. Please considering helping this veteran family.
                                   #201300347 11/11/2013
                                   Fleming Is, Florida Army
                                   I am posting this because I am scared that my daughter is not going to have
                                   a Christmas. My husband has  deployed to Afghanistan Okinawa and Africa. We
                                   are very limited on funds because I am on able to work I have an immune
                                   disease I also have scoliosis degenerative disc disease a deteriorating spine
                                   to bulging disk and arthritis in my back which I am unable to work.I am hoping
                                   someone will read this and want to help out a military family that is deeply
                                   in need this will be my husband second Christmas with us as a family. I
                                   appreciate you reading this and I really hope this talk to someone to help us.
                                   #201300346 11/11/2013
                                   San Diego, Ca Army
                                   I'm active duty in the army and I came across your website , I'm currently
                                   forward deployed in South Korea and my family is located in San Diego ca. I
                                   would like to take them to Disney land next month for Christmas as well as
                                   birthday gift for my soon to be 4yr old. I will be taking mid-tour leave on
                                   08 DEC 2013 thru 28 DEC 2013 and I was wondering if that's something your
                                   organization can help with.
                                    Hicks Family Thank you 
                                   #201300345  11/11/2013
                                   Virginia Beach, Va Navy
                                   Hello my name is Alicia Novacek, I am currently serving in the
                                   US Navy. I have 2 daughters, Makayla 5 and Kadence 2. I am going through
                                   a hard time right now filing for divorce and bankruptcy, I not real sure
                                   how to ask for help with Christmas but some one gave me this website. If
                                   this is the wrong place please just send me an email and let me know.
                                   Thank you so much. 
                                    Brenda Sawyers Thanksgiving Dinner Thank you    
                                   #201300344 11/10/2013
                                   Titusville,Florida Airforce
                                   I am a struggling single mommy with 2 autistic boys a 8 and 11/2 yr olds..
                                   Their dad is a disabled vet who no longer is able to be in their lives and
                                   cannot help financially exept through the VA , please help if possible??
                                   #201300343 11/9/2013
                                   Prairie Farm Wi Army reserves
                                   I am an army reserves wife. my husband is dealing with ptsd right now and was
                                   just let go from his job. i have been looking for work with no luck. the reason
                                   that i am messaging you is i am looking for any help that you can offer. we are
                                   about 4 months behind on rent and trying to pay it off little bit at a time and
                                   im not sure that we will have money to pay for presents for our 2 children this
                                   year. we havent even been able to really buy groceries the past few months. if
                                   you can offer any help at all that would be awesome. Thanks for any help u can
                                   #201300342 11/9/2013
                                   Camp Pendleton, Ca  USMC
                                   We are a family of 4 and we are seriously hurting financially. We moved to
                                   camp Pendleton California in April from North Carolina. We own a home in NC
                                   and with the cultural differences we have been struggling to pay the mortgage.
                                   My husband is a sgt in the marine corps and he brings home $350 a paycheck.
                                   We have done everything in our power to make ends meet and in turn our children
                                   will not be getting much for Christmas. Owning a home is a great thing until
                                   you move and this happens. We would greatly appreciate any help we can get.
                                   Even if it's for groceries. Thanks for the consideration.
                                   #201300341 11/9/2013
                                   Owatonna, MN  National Guard
                                   My husband is currently serving in the Minnesota National Guard. He recently
                                   lost his job and I am working as much as I can but I'm going through
                                   chemotherapy and radiation for bone cancer. We have 3 children and we don't
                                   want them to have any more stress. We are behind on our house payment and could
                                   really use some help. We would also love to be able to give them something for
                                   Christmas. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!
                                   #201300340 11/9/2013
                                   Colorado Springs Colorado Army
                                   I have been in the military for 8 years I have been hurting with money the
                                   past 5 months when my sewer lines and water lines busted and flooded my house
                                   and cost me $8700 dollars out of my pocket and haven't been able to afford
                                   anything I have a wife and 4 kids to take care of but since I put myself into
                                   debt I haven't been able to do anything for my family or support them the way
                                   I should well thank you
                                   #201300339 11/9/2013
                                   Fort Bliss,Texas Army
                                   We are asking for Christmas help for our 5 kids 12 yrs girl, 13 yrs boy, 11
                                   yrs boy, and twin 4 yrs boy/girl this year we are really tight in money and
                                   will not be able to get the kids Christmas. Dues to the fact we have a child
                                   with special needs and been in and out of the hospital having to pay someone
                                   to watch the other cause my husband is down range. Please help my family and
                                   give the Christmas every children deserve thanks.
                                   #201300338  11/9/2013
                                   Fort Riley Ks   Army
                                   Our family has had a very rough year. Due to family medical needs we have had to
                                   take a compassionate reassignment to our current post. The move has caused us
                                   not to be able to provide a Christmas for our kids. I have had to watch my wife
                                   cry because she is worried our kids will wake up Christmas morning with nothing
                                   under the tree. Our only wish is that the kids have a Christmas. Thank You.
                                   #201300337 11/7/2013
                                   Ft Bliss, Tx  Army
                                   We are an active duty family stationed at Fort Bliss (3/1 1-41.) We are asking
                                   for any help with Christmas presents for our three children.
                                   #201300336 11/7/2013
                                   Camp Pendleton Ca USMC
                                   We are a family of six. We have 4 great and amazing little ones. We are hoping
                                   someone has the financial possibilities of helping a family in serious need of
                                   help. We have fallen on some hard times this yr. We are now negative in our
                                   account and every month it keeps getting worse and worse because once you go
                                   negative so every paycheck more and more we keep falling behind.I hope someone
                                   can help us give our kids a wonderful Christmas they deserve. We will not be
                                   able to buy them anything this yr. and they deserve the world. It is so depressing.
                                   To make it even worse the youngest ones have birthdays on November 22nd and
                                   December 5th and wont be able to celebrate their birthdays because we have any
                                   money for a cake let alone a present. God Bless everyone.  Thanks for taking
                                   the time to read this.
                                      Jerry Caulder Thank you 
                                   #201300335 11/7/2013
                                   Mount Sherman, KY National Guard  
                                   We are a family of 5 in need of a little help. My husband injured while in
                                   National Guard and is waiting on honorable discharge papers, now considered
                                   VET. He has PTSD along with other injuries. We have 3 kids, our oldest turned
                                   10 today and he has PTSD, ODD and mood disorder. Our 6 yr old son and then our
                                   daughter is a few weeks old. I myself lost my job before getting pregnant due
                                   to having surgery 8 times back to back for kidney stones. So now we find our
                                   selfs behind on bills and unable to do anything for Christmas. Please anything
                                   would be a blessing to our family.
                                   #201300334 11/7/2013
                                   San Diego, CA USS NAVY 
                                   At this time our family is in need of some assistance with electricity bill Co
                                   pay for dental work and food and christmas gifts for our 4 year old son. This
                                   year has been really hard on our family and we have been doing our best to try
                                   and make this holiday memorable for our son with a nice meal and gifts to wake
                                   up to. We have got behind on a few bills and as well as I need all four wisdom
                                   teeth pulled with no income for the co pay. Anything will help thank you for
                                   taking the time out to help.
                                   #201300333 11/7/2013
                                   Colorado Springs Co U.S Army
                                   Hello, we r a family of 5, this year we lost a family member and have had a
                                   lot of dental bills. It's been really hard on us and was looking for assistance
                                   in toys/ clothes for our three kids and maybe a food voucher to get thanksgiving
                                   dinner. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated and in our prayers every
                                   #201300332 11/7/2013
                                   Ft. Bragg, NC Army
                                   Hi, we are a military (army) family of five located in the Ft. Bragg, NC area.
                                   We are currently making ends meet from one paycheck to the next and this year
                                   we will not have the funds to purchase anything for our boys (ages 8, 6 and 4
                                   months) this Christmas. Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in
                                   #201300331 11/7/2013
                                   Osteen Fl Army
                                   We are looking for help for our kids for Christmas. We have five children and
                                   are moving a few weeks before Christmas and can't afford all expenses and
                                   Christmas. And help would be wonderful. Our kids range in age from 17 to 8
                                   months. We are looking for anything from gift cards to actual gifts. My
                                   husband is active duty army.
                                   #201300330 11/6/2013
                                   Clayton, NC National Guard
                                   Hi, I'm writing to ask for some help with Christmas this year.  My husband is
                                   full time National Guard.  I recently lost my job and have been unable to find
                                   another one.  I have been keeping a couple of children for some extra work, but
                                   now I'm only watching one, so that has decreased our income even more.  My
                                   unemployment has run out.  I wouldn't ask for the help if it weren't for my kids.
                                   I can't imagine not being able to provide them with gifts.  Thank you for
                                   considering us.
                                   #201300329 11/6/2013
                                   Fort worth, TX  Army
                                   My husband is an active in the Army. This is the very first year that we will
                                   not be able to afford to give our children the Christmas they deserve. My
                                   husband has just left for deployment to Kuwait and it's really hard doing
                                   things with one income. I am also eight months pregnant and on bed rest. When
                                   my husband deployed our kids and I had to move closer to my family which is
                                   in Texas. Our sons are 5, 3, and the last will be born Dec. 27, 2013. It would
                                   be a pleasure if we could have some assistance. My family would be very grateful
                                   for everything you're able to do.
                                   #201300328 11/6/2013
                                   spanaway wa, army
                                   Is there anyone out there that can help me out with my two children will not
                                   have a Christmas this year due to financial issues please anyone out there
                                   anything helps thank you and God bless you
                                    Michelle Yorke Thank you 
                                   #201300327  11/5/2013
                                   El Cajon, Ca Navy
                                   My family is requesting assistance this holiday season. We have a lot of
                                   expenses that are unforeseen and therefore I doubt we will have a christmas. 
                                   We have a mice problem and caused me to throw out most of my foods that were in
                                   cabinets. My daughters toys that were also covered with feces were thrown out. 
                                   Asking for any assistance for my family this holiday
                                   #201300326 11/6/2013
                                   Ft. Carson Co Army
                                   Hello we are the Like Family we are in the Army located at Fort Carson Co, we
                                   have three kids 8,7 and 5. This years we have had a family death and a large
                                   amount of dental bills. My wife has been ill and is difficult for her to
                                   function day to day and if anyone would be able to help out with food, clothes
                                   or toys for thanksgiving and/ or Christmas you would be in our hearts forever in
                                   this difficult time this.
                                     Barbara King Thank you     
                                   #201300325 11/6/2013
                                   Camp Pendelton CA USMC
                                   hello my name is Roberto Porras Im an E-3 in the Marine Corps and
                                   Station In Camp Pedleton a family of 2 babys we're in a financial
                                   situation were it's gotten to the point of having an empty fridge
                                   please if you could help us
                                   #201300324 11/6/2013
                                   San Diego California Navy
                                   Family of 7 with only 1 income In the family. We got Pcs orders to Japan and its
                                   our daughter senior year, so we decided to make a sacrifice for her & stay in
                                   San Diego and let my husband go alone. This has been hard on us financially &
                                   emotionally. With all the household expenses, senior year activities and my
                                   husbands own expenses in Japan, we might not be able to provide presents for our
                                   kids this year. We have very grateful kids that understand our sacrifices, but
                                   as parents we would like to give our kids at least a nice Holiday dinner so some
                                   gift cards for food will be gratefully appreciated. Thank you very much and god
                                   bless you.
                                     Charlene Brady Thank you
                                   #201300323 11/6/2013
                                   San Diego, Ca USMC
                                   Hello I am  a marine corps wife out of san diego...my husband just was sent
                                   home from adghanistan due to  injurys received over there..we have two
                                   beautiful girls 5 and 2...with him getting hurt and me having to help take
                                   care of him I had to quit my job...we are asking for help with food for
                                   thanksgiving and xmas gifts to put under rhe tree..anything helps
                                      Charisse Kaufman President  Lives of Promise, Inc Thank you
                                   #201300322 11/6/2013
                                   Fort Lewis (JBLM), WA  ARMY
                                   WHO IS 21 MONTHS OLD THIS WILL HELP I JUST WANT MY LIL BOY TO HAVE A GOOD
                                   MUCH IN ADVANCE
                                   #201300321 11/6/2013
                                   Barstow, Ca Army
                                   Hi we are a Army family of 5 stationed in barstow california, we are requesting
                                   Christmas help, my husband has lost 90% hearing due to his last deployment to
                                   afghanistan and we have had several car problems in the last 2 months, we just
                                   want our children  all boys ages.11,11,and 6 a decent christmas this year!
                                   #201300320 11/5/2013
                                   Ft. Lee VA  Army
                                   I am disable veteran with 8 children. I have five girls, ages 13, 10, 9 (twins),
                                   and 3. The boys are 12, 5, and 4. My husband is in the Active National Guard and
                                   we have to provide for our children. It is hard trying to get them Christmas plus
                                   everything else that they need on a daily basis. We would be very appreciative
                                   for any help that can be provided.
                                   #201300319 11/5/2013
                                   Fort bliss us army
                                   Hello. My name is brandi. My husband is an e4 in the army. We live at fort
                                   bliss and our family is back home in ga. My grandfather is in the hospital
                                   and its not looking good. I am asking for help with being able to travel
                                   there to see him before something happens. He had heart failure a while back
                                   and his heart is weak. He doesn't eat and fluid is building up on his lungs.
                                   When they get the fluid out it comes right back. Please any help would be
                                   appreciated very much. I'm so scared something will happen and we won't be
                                   there with him. Thank you so much
                                   #201300318 11/5/2013
                                   ft. Indiantown gap Pa Army
                                   MY husband serves in the 628th asb ft. Indiantown gap Pa. The government
                                   shutdown has really taken a toll on our family and with catching up on bills
                                   we are afraid we will not be able to give our 5 children boys 8-5-4 girls 7-2
                                   Christmas this year. We have tried local agencies but they are only helping
                                   homeless and welfare recipients. We would appreciate any help anyone can give
                                   so our children may have a Christmas and not feel the effect of this hard time.
                                   Last possible option please help!
                                   #201300317  11/5/2013
                                   Camp Lejune NC  USMC
                                   We are a single income active duty Marine Corps family struggling to survive
                                   in the current economy. We have two children who deserve the world. I have been
                                   unable to work due to many health problems and surgeries I have become permanently
                                   disabled. I fear each year as to how I am going to support my children's needs
                                   or how I will make Christmas happen for them. Husband is a two time Iraq war vet
                                   and just finished serving in Afghanistan served for 8+ years. I can't sleep at
                                   night I'm am so worried. Our boy is 11 and our girl is 8 and sadly we struggle
                                   daily bills, food ,clothes for children every month. I do everything I can to make
                                   every dollar stretch. But we literally have nothing left at the end of every month
                                   If anyone out there can help or knows where I can go for help I would be so thankful.
                                    Kathy Peniston Thank you
                                   #201300316 11/5/2013
                                   Fountain Colorado (Army)
                                   We are a family of 4. My husband is In the Army. Our financial hardships are
                                   a burden on my husband. Our children need some relief from the stress of our
                                   lifestyle. We have 2 children a girl 4 and a boy 3. We are currently living
                                   paycheck to paycheck and going to food banks on weekly basis. We are asking
                                   for assistance with Thanksgiving food and a little Christmas for the kids we
                                   are not able to give them that this year. Thank you.
                                     Dawn Thomas Pemco Ltd Thank you    
                                   #201300315  11/5/2013
                                   Linden, Va  USMC
                                   Family in need of financial help, my wife was just diagnosed with a tumor on
                                   her back attached to her spine, which limits mobility. having to get injections
                                   and traveling to another state makes it hard to pay bills and food on the table.
                                   I do work but not as much as I can due to wife's conditions right now we are
                                   about to loose a car due to falling behind in payments, but we are at least
                                   paying the rent to have a place to stay with our kids. please help with money,
                                   food ect anything will help
                                   #201300314 11/5/2013
                                   Fort Drum,NY Army
                                   This year is a hard year for the rosario. I was involved in a rollover in a
                                   depolyment an has suffer from some injury I have been traveling back an
                                   forward to walter reed an has cost a lot between bills an living I would
                                   please like some help not for me but my five kids me an my kids can go
                                   without but i want them to smile alittle more this begin year please help
                                   me an kids have a little peaces this year thank you
                                   #201300313 11/5/2013
                                   Virginia Beach,VA NAvy 
                                   We have struggled this year. We had to travel thousands of miles due to a family loss 
                                   My children mean the world to me. My husband just has surgery last Friday on is knee. 
                                   Both cars have had to be fixed, we had home repairs. I just want my children and
                                   husband to have a good Christmas and a great Christmas dinner. Have a little something
                                   under the tree. Thank you and God bless. We just found out my husband has a tumor on
                                   the back of his leg.. He is now served 17 years in the navy and only an e6 . My only
                                   two wishes this year is for my children that are 17 and 14 and my husband to have a
                                   great christmas, and for my husband to get better thank you for taking the time to read
                                   this and offering to aid the armed forces this Christmas.
                                     Danya Aboras Childrens Place Thank you
                                   #201300312 11/5/2013
                                   Collinsville,Tx Army
                                   Living paycheck to paycheck and the holidays are upon us with little to
                                   nothing to go towards gifts for our 2b & 4g year olds. My husband is a 24 and
                                   60% medically disabled from his service. While we do receive his disability
                                   (which we are truly grateful and blessed to have) our finances barely cover
                                   bills. My greatest fear is that my kids will wake up to nothing at Christmas. I
                                   know this is probably a long shot but I truly don't know where else to turn. 
                                   Thank you for taking the time to read my email and God Bless!!!
                                   Katie Rathbun Safety Director Miller-HFI, LLC & RRC-Holdings, LLC Thank you
                                   #201300311 11/4/2013
                                   Ft Riley, Ks Army
                                   Family of 5  Recently Iost my job due to a hip injury that requires surgery. We
                                   have gone to a one income family and have cut out every possible thing that is
                                   not a necessity but still are falling short on our bills. Without knowing when
                                   worker's comp will start we are hitting a huge financial wall. We have to keep
                                   our 2 year old in daycare because I can not care for him at home due to my
                                   injury. Any help would be welcomed, for daycare fees, Christmas for the kids or
                                   even just helping with food.
                                   #201300310 11/4/2013
                                   Bessemer Alabama US Army
                                   I was given your information at Operation Home Front.  I have fallen behind
                                   in my bill while awaiting my MED/PEB process thru the Army and VA. I served
                                   in OEF in January 2009 thru January 2010. I had to be retired due to my
                                   disabilities of PTSD and left hand injury. I need financial assistance due to
                                   my central air and heat unit going out and I had to get it rebuilt.I couldn't
                                   afford not to get due to 100 degree weather this summer.I need assistance with
                                   my mortgage,car payments, food, personal loans, dental bills and utilities.
                                   Due to my disability I am not able to work and now receive social security and
                                   VA 80%. I am in  hardship and its causing major problems for. I would be very
                                   greatful if you could help me.
                                   #201300309 11/4/2013
                                   Oceanside Ca Navy
                                   Family of six here. CA. Our eldest son was born with a severe and complex
                                   congenital heart defect.  We are finding that his emotional wounds run deep.
                                   My wife has not been able to work because she is needed to tend to his health
                                   issues.  I was away from my family for over fourteen months and in that time,
                                   the expenses compiled and we barely make it to the next pay check. We have
                                   fallen behind on our mortgage, having a rough time catching up and in dire
                                   need of help.
                                   #201300308 11/4/2013
                                   Suffolk, VA  Navy
                                   Military family of soon to be 13. 17b,16 b,13b,12g,11g,9g,8g,7b,5b,2g,baby due
                                   11/08/13. My husband is an E6. We are asking for Christmas assistance for the
                                   kids. They have been through alot this year. June they lost their great grandma
                                   to cancer, then in July we found out that their grandpa has less then a year
                                   left. When we asked them to make list for Christmas all they want is to visit
                                   grandpa for thanksgiving. I cried when they told me, so in turn what we had
                                   saved up for Christmas is now going into gas money to drive 12 hours to Indiana
                                   I don't want them to miss spending time with their grandpa. Any kind of help
                                   small or big is more then enough.  Thank you and god bless:)
                                    Robert J McDonnell Thank you
                                   #201300307 11/4/2013
                                   Biloxi MS Vet
                                   My family and I need some financial help while awaiting on VA rating increase.
                                   I am 70% disable vet that suffers from severe PTSD, TBI, COPD  and memory loss.
                                   I was recently hospitalized in the Biloixi, MS VA until Aug 2012 for severe PTSD.
                                   I have a standing appointment with the speech pathology weekly to help me with
                                   my memory loss. We need help with gas, food and bills. I also have a wife and
                                   3 children. If you can help us in any way, we would be greatly appreciated.
                                   Thanks and May God bless you and this organization.
                                   #201300306 11/4/2013
                                   Ft Stewart, Ga Army
                                   We recently PCSed and are still trying to recover financially from the cross
                                   country move.   Finances are such that we can not visit family for the holidays
                                   let alone give gifts. A hard decision because this was the first time in three
                                   years his brothers would all be in the states. Three of his five brothers have
                                   or are serving in the military so it is rare they can all be together. I was
                                   hoping for help so I could surprise my husband with a road trip home to Virginia.
                                       Tim and Becky Webster Thank you for Gas Card   
                                   #201300305 11/4/2013
                                   Ft. Benning Ga Army
                                   I am located in Ft Benning, GA in the Army. I am in need of assistance due to an
                                   emergency move and my car breaking down and needing a new engine. All I would
                                   like to do is give my 3 children a decent Christmas. Please help if you can,
                                   thank you.
                                   #201300304 11/4/2013
                                   San Diego, Ca Navy
                                   Family of 6, my husband is active duty in the Navy, here in CA, we did know
                                   that it will be this expensive to live here so we have been struggling for
                                   awhile trying to make ends meet. Since coming from my home and my mother
                                   having 8 strokes has made it hard for us to catch up on all our bills and
                                   even Christmas. We are asking for assistance with food for Christmas and
                                   anything you can give us to help make our kids have a bless holiday. Thank
                                   you so much.
                                   #201300303 11/4/2013
                                   Titusville, Fl  USAF
                                   Hi my husband is in the airforce. We have two children.. My husband has been 
                                   in the service for six years and is over seas in Iraq.. We've never needed help 
                                   until this year and we were hoping to get a Christmas tree. We live in titusville 
                                   fl now. If you can help please. thank you
                                   #201300302 11/4/2013
                                   Fort Bragg, NC  Army
                                   We are a military family of seven, this past year has been particularly hard
                                   on us. Usually we are the ones able to give...but not this year. Both of our
                                   vehicles managed to break down, we are paying for our daughter, who is autistic,
                                   to homeschool. We just want to give them the best holiday possible, thank you
                                   so much in advance?
                                   #201300301 11/2/2013
                                   Pueblo Co USMC Vet
                                   Im a Marine Vet with two young children. My utilities are being shut off and
                                   have tried ALL local & Gov. Orginazations and there is no funds.if u can
                                   assist with electric bill. THANK U 4 YOUR TIME
                                   #201300300 11/2/2013
                                   Jacksonville, Fl Navy
                                   We are located in Jacksonville Florida. Please help us our Provider United
                                   State Navy Chief  went missing on May 28, 2013 at 2:30 in the afternoon, from
                                   a local mall in Jacksonville FL, was wearing his navy blue NWU uniform. We are
                                   having such a difficult time financially, please help us to pay a 750.00 Electric
                                   bill, and a 500.00 car note. without help we are facing our light being turn off
                                   and our only source of transportation being taken away from us. Please help us
                                   to get on our feet. We are still trying to find Chief . Thank you in advance.
                                   #201300299 11/2/2013
                                   Camp Pendleton, Ca  USMC
                                   We are a family of six. We have 4 great and amazing little ones. We have fallen
                                   on some hard times this yr. We are now negative in our account and every month
                                   it keeps getting worse  we keep falling behind.  I hope someone can help us give
                                   our kids a wonderful Christmas they deserve. Their mommy and daddy will not be
                                   able to buy them anything this yr. and they deserve the world. It is so depressing
                                   To make it even worse the youngest ones have birthdays on November 22nd and December
                                   5th and wont be able to celebrate their birthdays because we have any money for a
                                   cake let alone a present. God Bless everyone.  Thanks for taking the time to read
                                   #201300298 11/2/2013
                                   Ft Lewis, Washington Army
                                   Family of 5 currently serving in Fort Lewis, Alaska with three children. This
                                   is our favorite time of year, we love Christmas and everything it stands for.
                                   It saddens me that it seems the bills just keep piling up and at this point
                                   in time I have no idea how my wife and I are going to be able to afford Christmas,
                                   we have 3 amazing kids who I would give the world to if I could, but money is
                                   tight and although Christmas is not about the presents, it would be nice to give
                                   them something. Thank you and many blessings.
                                   #201300297 11/2/2013
                                   Ft Hood, Tx Army
                                   Family of 4 stationed out of Fort Hood, Texas, with my husband enroute to
                                   Aghanistan. The past few months we have barely made ends meet. Setting your
                                   pride aside is not an easy thing  when it comes to asking for help.
                                   However at the end of the day my children come first, and I want them to have
                                   an awesome Christmas despite their daddy being deployed. Thank you.
                                    Santas Workshop Ft Hood Thank you
                                   #201300296 10/31/2013
                                   San Diego, CA E-3 Airman
                                   Live in San Diego, CA. Im currently an E-3 Airman in the united states navy.
                                   When we first moved out here from Florida we had fraud on our debit account.
                                   The bank gave us a temporary credit but just yesterday took it all back saying
                                   they cant prove it was fraud. I lost over a thousand dollars, My daughter turns
                                   1 on Dec. 18th and that money was all i had not only for gas and groceries but
                                   also for my daughters birthday and christmas as well as my wifes christmas. So
                                   now we are short on bills, gas and groceries and those 2 important days look
                                   like they may not happen. Me and my family would be so grateful for any help
                                   you could offer.
                                    Katie McDaniel-Stevens Thank you
                                   #201300295 10/31/2013
                                   Fort Riley, Kansas HHC 1-1 BSTB MP PLT
                                   Recently divorced and had a baby, paying for 2 car payments one of which is my
                                   ex wife's. Paying child support and all these expenses by myself. Very difficult
                                   deploying within this year. Help would be appreciated
                                   #201300294 10/31/2013
                                   Deltona, FL Army. 
                                   I've been in the Army since 1996-Dec 31, 2012. I've been waiting on VA Disability
                                   since January of 2013. The wait was only supposed to be 3-6 months, but now my
                                   savings is gone. Is there someone who can help me with my car payment for this month?
                                   I only need help for this month ($415). Thank you for reading and for your
                                   #201300293 10/31/2013
                                   Camp Pendleton, Ca USMC
                                   Hello was wondering how we can get help for Christmas gift for our kiddos. My
                                   husband is stationed in camp Pendleton. We have had a rough year. We have
                                   two daughters. I have a lot of medical conditions. Lupus, I recently had a rupture
                                   of a brain aneurysm. We have little cash.Thank you and god bless
                                    Charisse Kaufman President,  Lives of Promise, Inc Thank you     
                                   #201300292 10/31/2013
                                   Ft stewart, ga army 
                                   My husband is an active duty e-4. We have a three year old boy and 3 month
                                   old daughter. We are financially unable to provide for our children at the
                                   moment and have no where to turn. We know we cannot provide a Christmas for
                                   them, hopefully next year will turn around, but we are seeking assistance so
                                   that we can purchase them winter clothing. Also, our alternator just went out
                                   in our only vehicle and we don't have the funds to repair
                                     Sai Gopal Thank you                
                                   #201300291 10/30/2013
                                   Trenton Ohio USAR
                                   We are active duty with the Army reserves.  Unfortunately just before our
                                   last PCS I was diagnosed with skin cancer and had to quit my job to undergo
                                   multiple surgeries.  We depleted our savings account trying to keep up but
                                   now we are down to nothing.  We would really love if anyone can help us "get
                                   home" for the holidays.  All we are asking for is a gift of gas cards.  My
                                   family provides for our children, we just need help getting them there!
                                   #201300290 10/30/2013
                                   Hampton VA  20 Year Navy Veteran
                                   Need assistance for rent, utilities, and food/clothing for one month.
                                   Recent death in family(Concetta Natale, 93, mother) and was providing hospice
                                   with no assistance from the VA, died on 10/27/13.Now need money for next month's
                                   rent because Social Security check is unavailable, thanks.Son is also using cane
                                   and cannot walk without.  Thanks again for listening.
                                   #201300289 10/30/2013
                                   Ft Stewart Ga Army
                                   We have two kids and my wife is due with our third on Jan 11th. I'm struggling
                                   to buy food and winter clothes for my kids. I cant afford to take out a loan
                                   because money is already tight. please help..I'm in the army stationed at fort
                                   Stewart Ga.
                                   #201300288 10/30/2013
                                   San Diego, CA Navy
                                   My name is Olivia DeMoray and I am a human resource specialist E-4 Army
                                   Reservist, married to an aeronautical electrician E-5 active duty in the Navy.
                                   We live in San Diego, and are expecting our first child (Reina) January 2014.
                                   My husband was in a car accident due to inclement weather. His tires lost 
                                   traction on the road and spun out, causing his car to hit a guard rail,
                                   deploying the side airbag and almost totaling the car. My husband is fine (thank
                                   God) but our car is not. Our insurance deductible is only $1000, but with the
                                   baby on the way and other due bills (hospital, etc) we may not be able to pay to
                                   get his car fixed. Really hoping some kind-hearted person out there will be able
                                   to help us with this issue.
                                   #201300287 10/30/2013
                                   New Gloucester, Me Army
                                   My husband is a disable veteran. We have 4 children that are in need of warm
                                   clothes for Christmas. We live check to check and struggle to put oil In the
                                   tank, as it gets very cold here in Maine. After we pay bills and get oil we have
                                   no extra money. If anyone can help us with the holiday we would very much
                                   #201300286 10/30/2013
                                   Quantico, Va USMC
                                   My name is Reknea Bingham. My husband are asking for assistance thing holiday
                                   season. We have two children. Our son Justin is 4, wears sizes 5/6, and loves
                                   trains. Our daughter Jurnee is 3months, wears 3/6months clothes and doesn't have
                                   an interest yet. My husband is in the USMC and is stationed at Quantico. 
                                   #201300285 10/30/2013
                                   Cartage, NC Army
                                   I live in Cartage, NC near Fort Brag. I'm in the Army. My wife lost her income
                                   almost a year ago. She recently got a job and in a great school district so we
                                   moved near her new work. I just deployed. The new house has a mold problem and
                                   my wife is having reactions to it. The landlord gave her 30 days to move out and
                                   does not plan to fix it. I don't have the money to move again. I would like to
                                   keep my kids in the same Moore county school district if possible. Can anyone
                                   help us pay to get into a different house? Thank you.
                                   #201300284 10/30/2013
                                   Greenville NC Army
                                   We are the white family and we are a family of 4 with one on the way. We live
                                   in Greenville, NC. Our children ages are a 8yr old-boy, 18 months-girl and a
                                   little girl on the way. My husband is retired army man and we are having a
                                   financial hardship. He has recently lost his job and we are living pay check
                                   to paycheck with his VA benefits. We are struggling feeding our family and
                                   getting the necessity things. We are asking for assistance with food for thanks
                                   giving and a little Christmas for our children. Also any baby items. If anyone
                                   could help us we would be so grateful for anything you can do to help us out.
                                   Thank you and God bless!!!
                                     Peggy Orrey Thank you    
                                   #201300283 10/30/2013
                                   Ft Benning Ga Army
                                   3yrs at Fort Benning deployed twice. A father of 4 and a grandpa 
                                   to one at 33 years old. My wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer
                                   and had to undergo a  hysterectomy 9weeks ago. Our youngest son 
                                   has had to many medical issues to count. I don't know how we got 
                                   so in debt but we did. We could really use assistance for the holidays 
                                   with clothing for the kids. If anyone be of assistance that would be 
                                   amazing and such a blessing. The kids are understanding that mommy 
                                   can't work right now and Santa can't bring much, but I'm hoping to at 
                                   least be able to give them the clothes they need for the winter.
                                   Pastor Smith Jackson Chapel Church Thank you 

                                   #201300282 10/30/2012
                                   Lakewood wa ARNG
                                   I am a 19 year soldier in army guard I have a 6 month old and my fiance with
                                   me living in out apartment we got in car accident on apr13,13 I lost my civilian
                                   job we are now living pay check to pay check we can barley get,by we are on
                                   foodstamp so food is ok but we are at risk of losing our home due to a few
                                   months of unpaid rent and electric please I have done everything I can and
                                   now I am so worryed we will lose our home anything will help
                                   #201300281 10/28/2013
                                   Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States Army
                                   I have a disability claim in with Veterans Affairs (since June of 2012), but
                                   it is taking a very long time to process, and the job I do have doesn't pay
                                   much, and is also bad for my back injury, but it is all I can find for now.
                                   This morning my car was repossessed since we have fallen so far behind in our
                                   monthly payments.  We are also behind on our Credit Cards, our phone bills,
                                   and our power bill.  If there is assistance available we would certainly
                                   appreciate it.  Thank you for your time.
                                   #201300280 10/27/2013
                                   Corpus Christi, Tx Navy
                                   Im Thelma K. Cobb,living in Nas Corpus Christi, a spouse of Navy and we have
                                   4 children who's living with me.I am here to desperately ask your help because
                                   me and my children are suffering from financial problems due to what my former
                                   husband did to us. Need food and clothing for my kids Please help us for our
                                   travel ans expenses going to Nevada so we can start our new life and be happy
                                   again and help me with the 1st month rent and security deposit so that we can
                                   have our new place that we can call a home. This will be a huge help to me and
                                   my children and I wanna see them happy again and feel safe and my goal is to
                                   become good provider someday so that I can give what they need and want.
                                   Thank you so much for all your help and God bless you 
                                   #201300279 10/27/2013
                                   Ft Drumm NY Army
                                   Trying to find a way to get help this holiday season. Places I tried in the
                                   past have no funding or told me they can't help this year.We just found out
                                   last week that my husband is leaving to go over sea's in two weeks. If you
                                   anyone I can try. We have 4 kids from 13yr -7months.We also just found out
                                   that of our kids is being tested for mental problem. If you can help thanks
                                   ahead of time. All I need is a point in the right direction.
                                   #201300278 10/25/2013
                                   Shamong, NJ WW
                                   I am a Wounded Warrior Project Alumni with severe PTSD, depression and anxiety
                                   secondary to PTSD, and more. We are four months behind on our mortgage, behind
                                   on natural gas, trash removal, , need our septic tank emptied, pre-school for
                                   my four year old son, and a few other bills.  We are working with as many
                                   organizations as we can find to assist while my disability compensations are
                                   approved I currently reside with my spouse and three children [three boys ages
                                   5, 4, and 5 months]. I have five Active Duty Tours
                                   #201300277 10/25/2013
                                   Tucson, Az USAF
                                   Hello. We are asking for help to get our little one Christmas this year.My
                                   Husband is Air Force  We took custody of our 3 year old grandson with special
                                   needs and will start the adoption process hopefully soon.Paying for all the
                                   court cost and therapy items he has needed out of our own pocket has caused
                                   us to fall short and unable to buy him Christmas this year.Definitely a spot
                                   we never thought we would be in, but he is our world and we would do it all
                                   over again. Thank you
                                   Karen Flick Thank you 
                                   #201300276 10/25/2013
                                   Honolulu, HI Navy
                                   CG ship will be deployed for 2nd Christmas in a row. Ombudsman is planning a
                                   Christmas party for the children & does not have a budget. Would really
                                   appreciate donation of small gifts to handout to the crew members children. All
                                   age children. Any help is appreciated. We have been struggling with finances
                                   because finding a job in Hawaii is very hard, as the business know we are
                                   military and prefer long term employees rather then someone that will move
                                   within 3 years.
                                   #201300275 10/24/2013
                                   Ft. Stewart Ga Army
                                   I'm Terrie and I'm married to a wonder man who is serving in the U.S. Army.
                                   We are asking for Christmas Assistance this Christmas season.  We PCSed last
                                   year and after being homeless for a few months due to miss-communication with
                                   housing we haven't really gotten out of debt because of it.  My sons last year
                                   didn't have a Christmas last year because of having no money I would love for
                                   them to have at least something this year.  My boys are 13, 7, and 14 months
                                   old.  Thank you
                                    Shana & Lance Toerien #100.00 Thank you   
                                   #201300274 10/24/2013
                                   Niles, MI army
                                   We are located in Niles, MI and husband is a veteran of desert storm. After
                                   23 years finally sought help for ptsd and substance abuse. No disability and
                                   only source of income was him but inpatient until after Christmas. In desperate
                                   need of help for bills and christmas presents for our family and children.
                                   #201300273 10/24/2013
                                   Virginia Beach, VA Navy
                                   Hello, we are in Virginia beach, va. My husband is in the Navy. We have struggled
                                   this year. We had to travel thousands of miles due to the loss of my grandmother.
                                   My children mean the world to me. My husband just has surgery last Friday on his
                                   knee. Both cars have had to be fixed, we had to move due to sewer leaks in the house.
                                   I just want my children and husband to have a good Christmas and a great Christmas
                                   dinner. That is what is wish for this year. I wish nothing for myself but hope that
                                   all will be fine, and my family can wake up and have a little something under the
                                   tree. Thank you and God bless.
                                   #201300272 10/22/2013
                                   Fort Benning , Ga.  Army
                                   We are a family of 5 requesting help this year for Christmas we have 3 girls
                                   ages 7-4-2 that have been through a lot this year we have fell on some hard
                                   times and are not going to be able to give our girls a good Christmas I just
                                   want to make sure they have gifts under the tree Christmas morning and right
                                   now in our situations it is not going to happen. in advance thank you so much
                                   my girls will appreciate anything that they receive...
                                       Whitney Jacobs Thank you    
                                   #201300271 10/22/2013
                                   San Antonio tx USAF Reserve
                                   My husband is in the air force reserves he left for bootcamp in March and
                                   finished tech school in September. We have an apartment, a car payment, car
                                   insurance, many bills, and on top of that a baby on the way. With the government
                                   shutdown he wasn't able to start his active orders. We don't have enough money
                                   for next months rent or any of the other bills we have to pay. Anything helps.
                                   #201300270 10/22/2013
                                   Raeford, NC  Army
                                   I'm a US Army single dad and I have custody of my 2 girls, age 14 and 17,  I
                                   needing assistance with Christmas and college applications fees for my oldest
                                   daughter, I receive no assistance from my ex wife and try to make it on my own
                                   but it does get tough around Christmas time, 2000 dollars would definitely put
                                   smiles on their faces plus my daughter works and is struggling with college app
                                   fees, it would help greatly.
                                   #201300269 10/22/2013
                                   Springfield MO  Army
                                   I am a Gold star widow with 5 kids. My Husband was KIA in Iraq on May 21, 2009.
                                   His name was SSG Paul Faris Brooks. I am short on money this month and with only
                                   a little over a week to go until payday we are almost out of food and out of gas
                                   which I need in order to get my kids to tutoring for school. I don't need much,
                                   maybe $300? Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.
                                   #201300268  10/22/2013
                                   Indianapolis in Indiana national guard  
                                   I am a veteran and was diagnosed with PTSD and now require seeing a therapist
                                   to get the proper help I need. I'm in desperate need to have my tricare
                                   reinstated for my family of 6 it requires two months of premiums upfront to
                                   get it back. I work and pay for insurance but I never have any extra money to
                                   get it back. I'm seeking any assistance to help me get it back
                                   #201300267 10/20/2013
                                   Hawaii USMC
                                   In a year our health's has gotten 10x worse. We have four children but one I had to
                                   fly back because her asthmas is far worse than the other two that also suffers. My
                                   youngest daughter and myself are now taking steroids to control her breathing and
                                   mine.Also her eczema is worse due to the weather here. I have migraines everyday
                                   due to the weather. My second oldest son is Asperger's Syndrome is still 16 yrs old
                                   and his behavior has gotten worse. We need money to help fly us home and find a place
                                   to stay for about 3 mos. My husband dedicated his whole life to the Marine Corps and
                                   did several tours in the Iraq (got injured) and he cannot believe how they just flat
                                   out show no empathy. As long as they have him that is all that is all that matters. I
                                   do not want him to lose all of his benefits over our health issues. If you can direct
                                   us to other organization that can help that would be welcomed greatly. I thank you for
                                   your time.
                                   #201300266 10/20/2013
                                   Oak Grove KY Army
                                   Requesting financial assistance to a dual military family with an 8 month old.
                                   We have quite a bit of debt, one in particular is a truck my husband voluntarily
                                   repossessed. When we found out we were pregnant we knew we could no longer afford
                                   the truck and voluntarily repossessed under the assumption it would greatly
                                   decrease our monthly payments. This unfortunately was not the case and are expected
                                   to pay $589 a month which we honestly can not afford.My husband and I are in the US
                                   Army, stationed at Fort Campbell, KY, residing in Oak Grove, KY. Thank you for your
                                   time and consideration.
                                   #201300265 10/20/2013
                                   Biloxi, MS USMC E-4
                                   We were wondering if there is any help for Christmas. We have 4 children age
                                   9,5, 2, & 8 months. We recently relocated to MS and our funds our low. Any
                                   help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you The Mikottis Family
                                   #201300264 10/20/2013
                                   Milwaukee, WI. Army
                                   Hi, im PFC Lenard Anderson out the 996th En Co in Milwaukee, WI. Ive been
                                   unemployed and really need help paying my rent. I received a 14 day notice
                                   and really appreciate your assistance. Thank you
                                   #201300263 11/20/2013
                                   WeStport Indiana National Guard.
                                   My name is Sgt. Hermann and we are in need of help for the holidays.  I am
                                   currently going to be away for a PTSD clinic as they have me as 100% disabled
                                   due to PTSD.  My Large family has struggled enough is there any way you can help
                                   us out??  We need help with Christmas as well as food for a holiday meal. Let me
                                   know what I need to do to get help.
                                   #201300262 10/19/2013
                                   Crown Point In, Army
                                   Currently going through the medical board process to medically retire from
                                   the army due to injuries sustained during combat. Going from active duty pay
                                   to VA pay during the holidays (and from what I have been told, there is a BIG
                                   gap between paychecks) I have 5 kids that will go
                                   without a Christmas this year if we do not get help. My wife can not work due
                                   to being my 24/7 caregiver (as I am 100% disabled).  
                                   #201300261 10/18/2013
                                   Fort Benning, GA  Army 
                                   We are requesting Christmas help this year for our Son 13 and our daughter 9.
                                   My husband is an active duty soldier and I am a full-time student.I have been
                                   searching for a job, but with no luck. I am also having surgery in November
                                   and will not be able to work for at least 3 weeks due to the recovery process.
                                   This does make it harder to get hired. We have always made things work, but
                                   this year has been tough on us. If you are willing to help our children Thank
                                   you so much and God Bless.
                                   Pastor Smith Jackson Chapel Church Thank you 
                                   #201300260 10/18/2013
                                   Fayetteville,NC Army
                                   Looking for Christmas help for my medically challenged child, he recently had
                                   his 24th surgery and will be having number 25 in a few weeks. He is 5 years
                                   old and severely developmentally delayed. Back in may after his 5th birthday
                                   he was diagnosed with epilepsy.
                                   He loves things that light up and make noises and cars.. If you could please
                                   help me give him a good Christmas that would be wonderful. I'm unable to work
                                   due to his health and in march I was diagnosed with a sever heart condition
                                   that will need open heart surgery in the next few years.
                                     Tyson and Ali Owen Thank you 
                                   #201300259 10/18/2013
                                   Gonzales, LA National Guard
                                   Member of the 62nd Civil Support Team (WMD) and am AGR in the Louisiana
                                   National Guard stationed just south of Baton Rouge in a town called Gonzales,
                                   LA.   About 7 months ago my wife and welcomed our 2nd child into the world.
                                   Unfortunately or new baby boy suffered a massive stroke during, or shortly
                                   after birth.  Due to the challenge, my wife has had to quit her job to stay
                                   home and both facilitate, and engage in physical therapy several times per
                                   week.  We have maxed out our credit cards, and are having a really difficult
                                   time keeping up financially.  Any assistance offered would be greatly
                                     Melissa Lemaire Thank you    
                                   #201300258 11/18/2013
                                   Lemoore,Ca Navy
                                   Hello. I was wondering if you could help my family out. We are a Active Duty
                                   Navy family with 6 kids and 2 adults. We are almost out of food we have enough
                                   for 2 days. I am in Lemoore California. I have 6 kids ages 16,13,12,7,5 and 2.
                                   Then there is me and my husband. Thank you.
                                   #201300257 10/18/2013
                                   Oceanside, Ca USMC
                                   Our family of 3 has been paycheck to paycheck for awhile now and the thought
                                   of not being able to provide a wonderful Christmas for my family brings tears
                                   to my eyes daily.  It's been difficult for me to reach out for help because I
                                   am always the first in line to help others.  It's hard to admit to failure,
                                   but I am putting my pride aside and asking for help to provide my family with
                                   a Christmas they deserve.  Thank you in advance for helping our family!  God
                                   bless you :)
                                   Charisse Kaufman President, Lives of Promise, Inc THANK YOU   
                                   #201300256 10/18/2013
                                   Jacksonville, Fl Navy
                                   We are a family of 3 my husband is active duty in the Navy, he's been to Afghanistan,
                                   Japan, and Africa. We are very excited to spend a Christmas together but money is
                                   beyond tight. Asking for Christmas help for our 6 yr old daughter. I am unable to work
                                   because I am an Immune Disease, Scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, arthritis in
                                   my back and a deteriorating spine along with b-12 injections and iron infusions. We are
                                   just making it by paycheck to paycheck and would be so thankful and appreciate christmas
                                   help. We would just like our daughter to have a great Christmas with Daddy being home this
                                   year.Thank You for your support it is GREATLY APPRECIATED!
                                   #201300255 10/18/2013
                                   Ft. Knox, Ky Army
                                   I am the caregiver of my husband who has PTSD, severe head disorder, and 
                                   chronic back and leg pain. We have six boys from 2 to 18. I was working at night
                                   and taking care of my family when not working but was forced to give up my job to
                                   care full time for everyone because of my husbands triggers and command. Due to a
                                   my husbands fathers death recently we used all of our funds to live until housing
                                   was made available.We recently had to file bankruptcy because we were living off
                                   of our credit cards and have used all of our savings. We live off pasta and ground
                                   beef mainly because of funds. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Any. We
                                   are not greedy and would be so happy if we could just get help to give each kid
                                   one gift for Christmas or food for Christmas dinner. Thank you so much.
                                   #201300254  11/18/2013
                                   Fort Bragg, NC Army
                                   Family of six stationed at Fort Bragg, seeking any type of assistance for Christmas.
                                   We are currently  having financial difficulties. I am unemployed but actively seeking
                                   employment with no luck thus far. Our children ages are 17,13,5,2 and 3months. My
                                   husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan, during his previous deployments he was
                                   able to be home for Christmas however, this year we will be apart. I would like this
                                   Christmas to be extra special to our children during the absence of their father.
                                   Thank you for your time and God Bless.
                                   #201300253 10/18/2013
                                   Radcliff,Ky Army
                                   Hey am still married to a guy in the army three months ago he left me and the
                                   kids I work 2 jobs to just to pay the bills he not helping at all I hope un help
                                   we are station at Fort Knox in the army but we live in radcliff ky plz if u can
                                   help us my kids deserved a great christmas right now they not having one
                                   #201300252 10/18/2013
                                   janesville wi, us army reserves
                                   my husband and are recently off of active duty and coming into the reserves, are
                                   having trouble keeping the home we have been blessed with after being homeless for
                                   a month with our two year old son.
                                   it was the hardest month of our lives, worse than both deployments but together!
                                   we are asking for help with rent money or even food. anything will be appreciated
                                   and when we are on our feet again i will give back when i can. thank you for your
                                    Bobbie Nielsen.Oshkosh Corporation Thank you
                                   #201300251 10/15/2013
                                   FT Lewis, WA  Army 
                                   We are a family of five. My husband just got back from a very hard tour in
                                   afganistan. We are in a financial rut badly, and seeking help for  our three
                                   kids for christmas. We will be in the middle of a very long pcs to ft campbell
                                   ky during christmas and sadly to say we will not be able to provide christmas
                                   for them. Anything would be a blessing to our kids age 5,7 and 11. Thank You
                                   for taking time to read this and God Bless.
                                   #201300250 10/15/2013
                                   Ft. Bragg, NC Army
                                   Good afternoon, I was wondering how do you go about getting assistance for
                                   Christmas. I have a some who is in the hospital just about every month and
                                   traveling from ft bragg to unc has made things rough. I don't want a lot but I
                                   just wanted to see if there were any organizations or places you might be able
                                   to direct us with. My hope was to get my son an iPad, which his sister and
                                   brother could share but that's just not happening since gas, and the parking
                                   garage has taken a lot from us. Thanks god bless and sorry for the bother.
                                   #201300249 10/15/2013
                                   st.helen Michigan  Army
                                   Army wife from st.helen michigan..my husband was deployed and while
                                   in afganistan got sent home due to finding out he has cancer...we have two
                                   wonderful girls..but with all the financial stress of him being in and out of
                                   the hospital we do not have money for winter clothes thanksgiving or
                                   xmas....anything helps
                                   #201300248 10/15/2013
                                   Junction City KS  Kansas National Guard.
                                   Single mother of 3 currently serving with the Kansas Army National
                                   Guard.  I have recently seperated from my husband of 14 years.  He is not
                                   supporting us in any way .  We have a three bedroom apartment where my son
                                   shares a room with me because me girls are too old to share a room.  My pay
                                   barely covers the rent and utilities and it was the only apt I could find
                                   with the short notice.  We were seperated because of mental and fianancial
                                   abuse.  Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
                                   #201300247 10/14/2013
                                   Spring Lake, NC  Army
                                   We are an active duty military family with 2 severely disabled kids. 
                                   Victoria is almost 3  She is blind, death and has hypotonic Cerebral Palsy.
                                   The wheelchair was the biggest headache and a medical necessity we fought
                                   months to get. I am just so relieved that Tricare finally approved it.
                                   Victoria may be in the hospital during the Holidays as she has surgery coming
                                   up to put in a central line for TPN. She is currently fed through GJ Tube but
                                   not doing well. A central line is a semi-permanent IV line that goes into her
                                   chest and she will get nutrition that way. Our 5 yr old has major oral surgery
                                   in Dec too so we need prayers more than anything.
                                   #201300246 10/14/2013
                                   Ft. Bragg, NC Army
                                   I am in the Army and am currently stationed at Fort Bragg, NC. We have 3 young
                                   daughters, and my wife is disabled. I am asking for help for Christmas. Thank
                                   you for any help.
                                    Shari Groover Re/Max Choice  THANK YOU                

                                   #201300245 10/13/2013
                                   Las vegas, nv Air Force
                                   my husband is a wounded veteran who was released from suty mid september he
                                   is not working and we are in eed of financial and food assistance ASAP we are
                                   a family of four with two young children I work part time and go to school
                                   full time we are not making ends meet.
                                   #201300244 10/11/2013
                                   Tampa,FL  Army Vet
                                   My husband has been medically discharged from the Army since May 19, 2013 & I
                                   got laid off on April 4,2013. We have been trying to do it on our own for a
                                   while now but this just keep getting in the way. We have to move October 31st
                                   we don't have any money save or anything we don't know what's going to happen
                                   if we can't come up wit this money to move..please if you have any information
                                   send a email..
                                   #201300243 10/11/2013
                                   Sioux City, IA  USAR. 
                                   My husband has been on 2 overseas deployments in the past 5 years, Iraq and
                                   Afghanistan. We need a way to get myself and my son to and from work and daycare.
                                   My husband had to go to FL to help care for his dying mother for 8 weeks with
                                   no income. My car needs at least $920.81 in repairs plus maintenance costs but
                                   there is about $824.56 of it that the Mechanic said should be first priority
                                   for safety reasons. ANY help is greatly appreciated."
                                   #201300242 10/11/2013
                                   Ft. Bragg, NC  Army
                                   Hi there I am asking for Christmas assistance for my kids this holiday season.
                                   We have 3 kids one is special needs. Any help that could be offered would make
                                   this year brighter. Thanks so much and God Bless
                                   #201300241 10/11/2013
                                   Prince George, VA  Navy
                                   My husband is in the Navy. I have two daughters ages 9 and 11( Ahna and Amelia).
                                   I moved to this area 8 months ago and my husband went to Japan for shore duty.
                                   We have been struggling to keep the bills in line and don't have much leftover
                                   for the basics. We are in need of food, clothes and toys for the girls especially
                                   since Christmas and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I have been looking
                                   for a job to help my husband. We need a little boost to help in the between time.
                                   Thank you so much for helping in advance.
                                   #201300240   10/11/2013
                                   Chicago il. Usmc.
                                   i recently was discharged from my job for ptsd related issues, in the same week
                                   my car was stolen and my phone was stolen Need temporary financial assistance
                                   #201300239 10/9/2013
                                   Ft. Bragg, NC  Army
                                   army spouse  whos husband is. Deployed to Afghanistan....we have two girls 4
                                   and 1.5 and have twin girls coming soon....we are looking for help with some
                                   stuff for the new babies and maybe some winter clothes for the other two girls.
                                   we are having financial difficulties due to my my mother passing away and having
                                   to help with funeral and travel. walmart or toys r us electronic giftcards would
                                   be greatly appreciated.
                                    Shari Groover Re/Max Choice  THANK YOU                

                                   #201300238 10/9/2013
                                   Ft. Bliss Tx  Navy
                                   Hello im a navy wife who lives on fort bliss tx and my husband is deployed to
                                   Afghanistan.....we have two beautiful girls they are 4 and 2...this year the
                                   holidays are going to be ruff with him being gone on top of I had to  quit my
                                   job bc he got deployed and childcare was to much..we are asking for some help
                                   with the holidays approaching...anything helps ..
                                   #201300237 10/9/2013
                                   Ft Stewart GA Army
                                   Family of five stationed at Fort Stewart Ga.  We need help for the 2013 holidays.
                                   Due to a terminal illness in the family we won't have the extra money to provide
                                   the Christmas our 3 little boys deserve.  Boys are 7, 4, and 2.  Thank you for
                                   blessing my family.
                                     Helen & Tom Longworthy  THANK YOU                
                                   #201300236 10/9/2013
                                   Ruston, LA  National Guard
                                   my husband after his tour in Afghanistan 2011-2012 his PTSD got the best of
                                   him and he got a DWI. due to us having 3 kids and 1 on the way & him only
                                   working part time right now, we don't have the money to support the kids, fix
                                   our only family vehicle, and pay his fine. if his fine doesn't get paid he
                                   goes to jail and i cant work due to being pregnant so that would leave the
                                   kids and I worse off. if someone could please help to keep him out of jail
                                   that would be great. his fine is $1200. I'm not asking for bill related help
                                   due to the fact that we are considered a homeless family "doubled up" living
                                   with another family until some god given miracle happens. so thank you for
                                   taking the time and god bless
                                   #201300235  10/9/2013
                                   Virginia , Navy
                                   My family is currently living in Virginia. My husband is an E-5 in the Navy.
                                   We have 2 great kids, who have had a really rough year. My son was diagnosed
                                   with Autism and a few weeks later, out daughter was diagnosed with cancer that
                                   has since left her paralyzed. Christmas is going to be rough, so we are just
                                   hoping to get a little help getting a few small things for under the tree.
                                   Anything at all is appreciated. Thank you!
                                   Cheryl Martinez My Insurance Doctor THANK YOU   
                                   #201300234 10/9/2013
                                   San Diego, California USMC
                                   I'm a proud mother of 3. Ages 6, 2,1. And wife of a Active duty Marine. Its
                                   difficult with my husbands pay to support 3 children. I home school my 6 years
                                   son. I ask if there is anyone that could give us any help for the holidays with
                                   thanksgiving meal and Christmas for our children. With toys and clothes.It would
                                   mean a lot to my family to give them a Christmas.
                                   Also a computer to help my son with home school. Any thing I would appreciate all.
                                   Thank you and God Bless.
                                   Charisse Kaufman President, Lives of Promise, Inc THANK YOU   
                                   #201300233 10/9/2013
                                   Fort belvior, va. Army
                                   I would like to request assistance. My husband is deployed and I am struggling
                                   to make ends meet. We have had car trouble, plumbing trouble and now heating
                                   trouble that has drained my savings. I have medical problems as well as two of
                                   my children which require medications and special food. Not all the expenses
                                   are covered by insurance. Now my car is starting to have trouble. We just need
                                   a little help over the holidays so my kids can have a holiday.Thank you. 
                                   #201300232  10/9/2013
                                   Centerton, AR Coast Guard
                                   Hi. My husband is in the coast guard and going to school full time. I am unable
                                   to work due to medical issues. We have 3-kids-11 year old boy,  8 year old girl
                                   and 5 year old girl. We are currently in Centerton, AR. Any and all help would
                                   be greatly appreciated.
                                   #201300231 10/7/2013
                                   Colorado Springs Co Ft Carson, Army
                                   We used to be dual military, but I got out last year. Over this past year we have
                                   faced hardship, being told repeatedly we were moving, hospitalization and family 
                                   illness, making it difficult to get a job or utilize my g.i. benefits to help with
                                   our situation.We have three children, female 9yrs, toddler boy 4 yrs, baby boy 1 yr.
                                   I am having a really hard time keeping them in clothes, and am extremely concerned
                                   and saddened about their Christmas this year.If there is anyone who can assist
                                   please contact me.
                                   Dawn Thomas Pemco Ltd THANK YOU   
                                   #201300230  10/7/2013
                                   San Diego, Ca Navy
                                   hello, im located in san diego, ca. my husband is in the navy. mother a 3. i
                                   am hoping to receive help with the holidays. . things have been hard these past
                                   few years. i have been out of work since "09 and cant seem to find one. i have
                                   been under alot of stress from not being about to help my husband with finances
                                   and do for my children. i would just love to see my children actually smile for
                                   once. holidays, birthdays, etc are hard because we cant do anything for the kids.
                                   we really appreciate any help received.
                                      Thank you David Lighten 
                                   #201300229 10/7/2013
                                   Indianapolis indiana army.
                                   Hi we are a family of 5 I have 3 kids 10-11-13 and my husband just medically
                                   retired on sept. 29 we are deeply in need for food asstiance and or Christmas
                                   help we just left ft campbell to move.back home to Indiana. . God bless
                                   #201300228 10/7/2013
                                   Temecula California USMC
                                   My husband Marine Corps Staff Sergeant is stationed in Miramar and we live in
                                   Temecula California. Our budget is so tight and we are actually in the red due
                                   to a recent huge vehicle repair bill and have worked as hard as we can to make
                                   cuts to ensure we can provide for our family. We hardly have any money for food
                                   and we won't have any extra funds for Christmas presents for our two children
                                   and are hoping we might be able to be sponsored for Christmas this year. We are
                                   devastated at the thought of disappointing the kids.
                                    Cortney Gollands- Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP THANK YOU
                                   #201300227 10/6/2013
                                   Jefferson City MO  US Army
                                   I am a 2LT in the Army National Guard, working (or now laid off I should say)
                                   for the Army as a Federal Technician. This shutdown has caught us at a terrible
                                   time as my fiancée recently lost her job and had to take one 3 hours away so
                                   we are paying an apartment payment and a house payment. I am scared we will not
                                   be able to make any payments and was hoping for some kind of help to keep our
                                   3 kids with a roof over their heads!
                                   #201300226 10/6/2013
                                   King of Prussia Pa Army
                                   Im requesting help for Christmas please. My soldier has a TBI and PTSD. Yes
                                   we get a paycheck but 60% goes to child support. We dont live on base because
                                   there is not one close to our duty station it is over a hour away. We have
                                   three kids one who is handicapped and is going threw major illness right now
                                   and is in pain. Please help my family we live in PA. My kids are 2 boys 14,15
                                   and 1 girl 13. Thank you for reading.
                                   #201300225 10/6/2013
                                   Ft. Bragg, NC Army
                                   I am an army wife my husband is stationed in Fort Bragg NC. We thought he was
                                   getting orders to go to Fort Huachuca  AZ. So me and the kids came to Glendale
                                   AZ 3 months ago to stay with my parents, now we find out my husband is not
                                   going to get to come to AZ. And me and the kids are now stuck in AZ with no
                                   way to get back to Fort Bragg. We are looking for help to get back to my husband.
                                   My husband is an E4 in Fort Bragg NC, In the army.
                                   #201300224 10/5/2013
                                   Fort Hood, Texas US Army
                                   This year will mark the 2nd Christmas I have been deployed  and have spent
                                   away from my almost 2 year old little boy. Without going into detail, I will
                                   just say, financially its.been a devestating year. However, If theres one
                                   thing I could not wish more for my family while I am gone, is that given the
                                   providing circumstances they are able to enjoy to the fullest  the holiday
                                   season and are given the Christmas they deserve. I hope somehow, someway this
                                   can happen.
                                     Lynn Harris Thank you                  
                                   #201300223 10/5/2013
                                   Okinawa Japan  USAF
                                   We are requesting help from an organization to help us with Christmas for our
                                   2 children. We are currently stationed overseas in Okinawa Japan. If you could
                                   help, that would be great!
                                     Joseph Helm Thank you                  
                                   #201300222  10/5/2013
                                   Jefferson City, MO Army National Guard
                                   Hi, my name is Rodney Bexten and I am a 2LT in the Army National Guard,
                                   working (or now laid off I should say) for the Army as a Federal Technician.
                                   This shutdown has caught us at a terrible time as my fiancée recently lost
                                   her job and had to take one 3 hours away so we are paying an apartment payment
                                   and a house payment. I am scared we will not be able to make any payments and
                                   was hoping for some kind of help to keep our 3 kids with a roof over their heads!
                                   #201300221 10/4/2013
                                   Colorado Springs Colorado Army
                                   Hello, I am a Military wife who was just affected by the shut down and lost
                                   my job. I have a 4 year old son who struggles with Epilepsy. I could really
                                   use some help can't really afford anything as of now due to paying for his
                                   treatments. My son means the word to me and all I want is to see him happy.
                                   Anything will help we are not a picky family!!
                                   #201300220 10/4/2013
                                   Cincinnati, OH US Navy
                                   Hello- I am currently deployed. I will be home for the first time in 3 years for
                                   Christmas this year. My wife and I really want to be able to make it a special
                                   one for our two children. My wife is finishing her last year of school and we
                                   used all of our savings to replace our water heater that flooded our basement,
                                   so we are unable to provide a Christmas for our children. Thank you so much for
                                   considering helping my family. 
                                   #201300219 10/4/2013
                                   Chesapeake, Va US Navy
                                   I am an active duty military member with a family of eight and one on
                                   the way look for assistance to help fix our broken family car. I
                                   recently paid for car repairs only to have it run for one day. My
                                   family and I are currently driving a 2000 Kia Sepia to get around.
                                   Thanks for your time and any help would be greatly appreciated.
                                   #201300218 10/3/2013
                                   Gary, Indiana  Vet
                                   Hi we are a family of 5 I have 3 kids 10-11-13 and my husband just medically
                                   retired on sept. 29 we are deeply in need for food asstiance and or Christmas
                                   help we just left ft campbell to move.back home to Indiana. . God bless
                                   #201300217 10/3/2013
                                   Kaneohe Bay , HI  USMC
                                   Military wife with four children. Going through some hardship this year and
                                   stressing over the upcoming holidays for our kids. We are pcsing this month
                                   and due to the Shutdown we are unsure as to what we will face. We are on a
                                   wait list that will take 3-9 months to get a house. . One of our sons has a
                                   heart condition and has undergone 3 open heart surgeries and has more to come.
                                   One of our daughters is deaf and has a hard time being able to communicate
                                   with siblings. Our children are ages 7,5,3,1. Im not asking for expensive
                                   stuff. Clothes and small toys would be appreciated. God Bless and thank You.
                                   #201300216 10/3/2013
                                   Fort Leonard Wood Missouri  Army
                                   My husband enlisted in the Army 6 months ago and we didn't know how bad we
                                   would be struggling financially. We barely have enough food to eat and we
                                   have a toddler and baby. We are really scared for our children. My name is
                                   Maureen and my husbands name is Timothy. We are in Fort Leonard Wood Missouri.
                                     Helen & Tom Longworthy  THANK YOU 
                                   #201300215 10/3/2013
                                   Oceanside, Ca USMC
                                   Requesting for food assistant for family of five. My kids are ages 3,9 and 10. 
                                   Living off of one income at the moment.
                                   Charisse Kaufman President, Lives of Promise, Inc THANK YOU   
                                   #201300214 10/3/2013
                                   King, N.C. US ARMY RESERVE 
                                   We need help this yr with food,gift cards, gifts for our kids. My husbands job
                                   & reserve unit was affected by the shutdown and we are bearly getting by, we are
                                   behind on rent, electric & we want our kids to have a good Thanksgiving &
                                   #201300213 10/1/2013
                                   Ft. Carson CO Vet
                                   My husband is a wounded warrior and is in a wounded warrior unit at Fort Carson,
                                   CO.He is being billed for a medical trip to walter reed without his family. He
                                   went in January 2013 to February 2013 and stayed for that month. His unit paid
                                   the travel expenses but now finance is making my husband pay that back.....the
                                   plane ticket, lodging, food, laundry and transportation for that month. DFAS is
                                   garnishing all wages until the debt is paid which is leaving us with no pay til
                                   the middle of November.
                                   #201300212 10/1/2013
                                   Colorado Springs, CO Army
                                   My husband is deployed and this is our first holidays as a family (married in
                                   Jan.) Along with the emotional roller coaster, and not being near any family
                                   at all, i want to try and do the best i can to help my kids have a special
                                   christmas. I have a 1, 2, and 6 year old. Anything will help as far as small
                                   toys. I appreciate in advance any help we receive. God bless
                                     American Legion Post 5 Phoenix,Az Thank you    
                                   #201300211 10/1/2013
                                   Greenville SC USMC
                                   My name is Sgt Jennifer Chitwood and I am in the United States Marine Corps. I
                                   am currently stationed in Greenville, SC. I have a 7 month old son and I am the
                                   only parent he has, I am in need of Huggies diapers or Enfamil Prosobee, and
                                   childcare assistance. I cannot afford my bills and rent and childcare. Please
                                   help me. Thank you in advance and God Bless.
                                    Chris Byers Thank you   
                                   #201300210 10/1/2013
                                   Belleville nj army
                                   Im in need of holiday help
                                   #201300209 9/24/2013
                                   Denver, Co Army
                                   I was in an auto accident on July 15, and with my injuries and physical therapy,
                                   I have not been able to work.  We need both incomes to run 2 households in big
                                   cities, and we will go into a financial monthly deficit as of Oct 1.  I do have
                                   an attorney, but the case may not be settled for a few months or more.  Can you
                                   please advise me on help with temporary financial hardships?  I can pay a sponsor
                                   back after my settlement, if a sponsor would rather do a loan of some sort.Any
                                   advice or guide to resources will be so appreciated, and I am happy to provide
                                   any information a sponsor may need.
                                   #201300208 9/23/2013
                                   Klamath Falls OR  USMC
                                   Joseph Franklin USMC located in Japan on unaccompanied orders my family is in
                                   Klamath falls Or need assistance on behind car payments Randi Franklin
                                   #201300207 9/23/2013
                                   Fort Benning, Georgia Army
                                   My husband is currently deployed and the army had our paycheck messed up. We are
                                   struggling to stay afloat. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have 2 small sons
                                   and another baby on the way, due November 15th, and in the current state we are
                                   in I am not sure what we are going to do. Our savings has been depleted and we
                                   are struggling. Please if there is any way that you could help I would forever
                                   be great -Samantha
                                     Helen & Tom Longworthy  THANK YOU 
                                   #201300206 9/22/2013
                                   Ft. Lewis,Ill  Army
                                   Hi My husband Erick Ochola is stationed at fortlewis / Mccord I live in
                                   Cahokia Ill we are in current need of burial expenses for my twin sister who
                                   passed away 9-13-13 leaving behind 6 children which I took in 2 expanding my
                                   family from 9 to 12 any donations can be made to Serenity funeral home in
                                   belleville old
                                   #201300205 9/22/2013
                                   Norfolk Virginia. Portsmouth. Navy. 
                                   Hello, we are a lower enlisted family. My husband is currently deployed and
                                   will not be back home till April. I am trying to be prepared for the holidays
                                   and money will be super tight. I am trying to finish my degree in Public Health
                                   and I hope to apply to medical school. Childcare costs are eating up all of
                                   our extra money.  I do not want to ask for money. I just need help for a few
                                   toys and clothes for our kids and maybe a box to be sent to my husband who is
                                   overseas. Thank you so much for any help you can offer. It means a great deal
                                   to me that people still care for our troops that are deployed.
                                     Stacey Towr Thank you
                                   #201300204 9/22/2013
                                   San Diego, Ca USMC 
                                   Hi we are family of 6 and need assistant with food and gas just anything will
                                   help my son had brain surgery so we have dr appts and need a little help Please.
                                   Gomez family 
                                   Charisse Kaufman President, Lives of Promise, Inc THANK YOU   
                                   #201300203 9/22/2013
                                   Birminghham, Ala National Guard
                                   Hello my name is Jennifer Badger and my spouse is a member of the Alabama
                                   national guard. We are trying to find Assistance for our family. Our youngest
                                   child is in Birmingham children's hospital under gone 2 brain surgeries in last
                                   3 days. She is stable but we have extra expenses of food, gas, and being unable
                                   to work is taking its toll. Any help or programs you can guide is too would be
                                   greatly appreciated.
                                   #201300202 9/23/2013
                                   Belle Chasse, LA - Army
                                   I'm a single parent in the Army. I have 3 daughters, 16yr, 6yr and 3yr. I
                                   am in need of help for thanksgiving and Christmas. I deploy out this summer
                                   and would like to give my girls a good holiday season. It has been a bad yr
                                   emotionally and financially. I'm asking for help with the holidays for my
                                   girls being that I may not be able to give it to them. Can you or do you
                                   know anyone that can help me with this. I figured I'd start searching early.
                                   Thank you for any help.
                                    Danielle Waldmann  Thank you  
                                   #201300201  9/19/2013
                                   Indiana, PA, Army Reserves
                                   I recently returned home from Afghanistan from a year long deployment. Since
                                   then I have been attending a police academy for my new job, but the pay is not
                                   enough to support my family at this time (until I graduate). I have two sons
                                   who are having birthday's in the next coming weeks and I am unable to provide
                                   anything for them beyond food and pay utilities. My one son will be 9 and the
                                   other 3. Their birthdays are October 6th and October 13th. If anyone would be
                                   able to help with a cake or a small toy it would be a wonderful thing for them.
                                   Last year I was not hear to enjoy their birthday and the year that I am home I
                                   can't afford one. Please help!
                                     Cynthia Lopez-frias Thank you  
                                   #201300200 9/19/2013
                                   Topeka, KS. Army
                                   Sgt. Thomas F. Fluellyn is a 21 year retiree seeking assistance rent for
                                   $1175 & groceries for his family of 5. God Bless.
                                   #201300199 9/18/2013
                                   Oceanside California navy 
                                   I am exiting out of the military and my husband is now a veteran working for
                                   a construction company. we are trying to mover out of housing into a new home
                                   that we can find and afford for rent unfortunatelywe are running into the
                                   problem of first month rent and deposit which we just don't have at the time.
                                   we have 4 children and with daycare and other expenses and me an E4 we have
                                   been paycheck to paycheck. I dont know how this works or what to do so I am
                                   just asking for any help if possible. thank you.
                                   #201300198 9/17/2013
                                   Richmond Va army  
                                   My husband is a Vietnam veteran with dementia with have a child and we have a
                                   cutting off notice on light bill 250 by 9/18/2013 we had to pay for my meds I
                                   got sick and now have copd with no health insurance is there any help
                                   #201300197 9/17/2013
                                   Fort Wainwright, Alaska  Army
                                   Hi my name is Jessica Renfro and my husband and I are in desperate need of
                                   some food assistance. We are extremely behind of bills and are unable to get
                                   caught up because we are more focused on keeping our family fed. We no longer
                                   have insurance on our vehicle because we could not afford it and we are about
                                   to lose our cell service. If we could just get a little food assistance to
                                   help us fill our fridge we would be so thankful. Tough times are upon us and
                                   right now they aren't looking any better.
                                   #201300196  9/17/2013
                                   Ft. Carson, CO Army
                                   I am a military spouse and we have 4 kids. two boys ages 15 and 13 and then
                                   two girls ages 2 and 5. We are in desperate need of help for Christmas, my
                                   husband deploys out Dec. 6th and this will be our first Christmas without
                                   him, it really has been a emotional year for our family just as others I am
                                   sure. Can you or do you know of anyone who can help me to get gifts just for
                                   the children. I figured I would start searching now for some kind of relief
                                   and not wait till the last min. I am not sure how we are going to make it
                                   with everyday expense little lone come Christmas
                                     Cynthia Lopez-frias Thank you  
                                   #201300195 9/17/2013
                                   Lake Elsinore, CA  USMC
                                   We are a family of 5 my husband has been medically retired on sept 29th, he
                                   is 90% disabled from the va. We currently are in need of our rent to be paid
                                   $1395 for a month. it is going to take 90 days to get a check from the va. we
                                   desperately need help to pay the rent here so we are not kicked out in the
                                   meantime  please help us not become homeless. thank you the erskine family
                                   Lake Elsinore, CA  USMC
                                   #201300194 0/11/2013
                                   Greenville, SC, Army National Guard
                                   My husband just got back from a 1 year tour from Afghanistan.  With the
                                   economy being so rough it is hard for him to find a job.  Being in National
                                   Guard isn't a main income. I am in school full time and we have an 8 year old
                                   son.  We would just like some help for our son's Christmas presents. Last year
                                   was so hard with daddy gone and this is tough with lack of income.  He is our
                                   only child and we want him to be happy this year at Christmas. Thank you for
                                   the consideration.
                                      The Helms Family Thank you  
                                   #201300193 9/11/2013
                                   Worcester, MA  USN
                                   My name is Kristopher Blakely I am located in Worcester ma and I'm in the USN
                                   reserves and my family needs your help. I am having problems finding a job and
                                   my benefits have been cut. All my bills are past due by a couple months
                                   including my rent and I can't buy diapers or anything for my kids. Any help
                                   would be greatly appreciated.
                                   #201300192 9/11/2013
                                   Sry Vine Grove Ky Army
                                   Hello my famliy needs help we are station at Fort Knox but we live on vine
                                   grove my husband got hurt and they are taking forever to pay him and my job
                                   only pays for the rent water and half of the power bill we are behind and
                                   that we are not able to get our kids a Christmas or a birthday this year if
                                   you can help we will be greatful we also need help with food thank you
                                   #201300191 9/11/2013
                                   Jackson, SC  Army
                                   We are an Army family stationed at Fort Jackson SC. We are asking for assistance
                                   in sending our daughter to a Leadership Essential Convention. This is an
                                   educational convention for her to learn leadership skills and build her scholar
                                   background and enrich her mind. 
                                   #201300190 9/8/2013
                                   Rowlett, TX. RET Army
                                   My family needs assistance with September mortgage payment, and September car
                                   payment. We are in Rowlett, TX 75088. The mortgage is $1099.00, car payment
                                   is $587.10. Thank you very much.
                                   #201300189 9/8/2013
                                   Kissimmee, Fla  Ret Army
                                   Currently medically retired from the Army and due to furloughs, army pay
                                   and va pay will take a while to process. Transitioning to the civilian life
                                   is alot harder than I thought. My rent is late and not to mention all our bills.
                                   I see myself including my family having no place to live if we don't pay our
                                   rent. Please help us. We only need help this month. Thank you. Retired SGT
                                   #201300188  9/3/2013
                                   Georgia  Army
                                   Hi I'm Angel.We are in GA and are army. We were told we owe almost $800 in
                                   back jump pay. He's an E4 so the $250 they are taking till Oct. is hurting us
                                   with getting food for our family of 6.I have 2 in diapers and a child turning
                                   4 soon. I dont have the money to get gifts and so far not even  a cake. We
                                   could really use the help to get groceries/cake so I can use the money we have
                                   left after bills to get diapers. Any help is greatly appreciated.
                                   #201300187 9/3/2013
                                   Fallbrook, CA  USMC
                                   My family has fallen behind in our monthly rent ($969) we have a 3- day to
                                   pay rent or quit. We have a three year old daughter with no where to go. We
                                   are station in CA so we can't go stay with family we have tried every local
                                   resource but they are not able to help us. My husband has deployed three times
                                   to the war Afghanistan. We have always stayed on top of our bills we have a
                                   emergency come up and had to use everything we had in saving we are a good
                                   Christian family who just fell on hard tomes.
                                   #201300186 9/3/2013
                                   Ft. Meade Md  Vet
                                   My name is Nickeya Paye, I am in the wounded Transition unit here in Fort Meade
                                   Maryland. I am in need of assistance with my car note and insurance and my past
                                   due rent that will soon lead to my eviction. Single mother of 3 year old twins.
                                   Any help will be gratefully appreciated.
                                   #201300185 9/3/2013
                                   Fort Hood, Texas. Active duty Army 
                                   We are a military family, I am a veteran and my husband is still in. We have
                                   one 2 year old little boy, and lost our other baby last Christmas. We PCS'd
                                   to Fort Hood and have no family or friends. We really need help with anything
                                   you can offer. Christmas this year is going to be hard, but worse that we don't
                                   have money to get clothes and toys for our son.
                                     Morgan Paulsen Thank you  
                                   #201300184 9/3/2013                           
                                   Colorado Springs, CO Army
                                   Hello We are the Williams Family and we are a family of 5.. My husband is an
                                   E-4 Active duty Service member In the Army. Our financial hardships are a
                                   burden on my husband. Our children need some relief from the stress of our
                                   lifestyle.  We have 3 children all girls ages 9,8,and 4.We are currently living
                                   paycheck to paycheck and going to food banks on a weekly basis.We are asking
                                   for assistance with Thanksgiving food & a little Christmas for the girls being
                                   that we are not able to give them that this year. If anyone could Help us we
                                   would be very greatful. Thank you.
                                     Cassondra Harig Thank you       
                                   #201300183 9/3/2013
                                   Fort Hood, Texas - Active Duty Army
                                   We are a family of 5 and my husband is an E5 in the Army. We are a blended
                                   family, newly married in January 2013. We have been struggling to make ends
                                   meet lately. We are currently trying to pay for a lawyer to change our temporary
                                   custody to permanent custody of one of our children which is $2500. We are very
                                   worried about how we will afford Christmas this year for them with much of our
                                   income going to bills, groceries and lawyers. Obtaining custody is extremely
                                   important to us, as it's what is best for the child. We feel awful that we are
                                   not sure how we will afford Christmas this year for the kids. We have a 5yo
                                   daughter, 3yo daughter and 2yo son.
                                   #201300182 9/3/2013
                                   Hawaii USMC
                                   My name is Tavonna Shepard wife of Devin Shepard active duty marine stationed
                                   in Hawaii but I move back home to get help with our new baby and we are in
                                   need of help getting our vehicle home my husband will be deploying for a year
                                   and I need it because I walk every where and it is getting cold here even if
                                   we have to pay it back I can't keep walking with our 4 year old son and 3 week
                                   old daughter
                                   #201300181 8/28/2013
                                   Antelope, Ca Army
                                   My name is Dorothea, my husband is SGT Charles, he is Active duty Army. We
                                   have 6 kids. My husband is in South Korea right now serving a year there. We
                                   are in Antelope, CA. We could use help for Christmas. It has been hard supporting
                                   2 households so any help would be appreciated. It would be a miracle and this is
                                   just a wish list but if someone could pay for passports for me and the children,
                                   pay for airfare and hotel accommodations for us to be with my husband for Christmas.
                                   I know that is a lot to even ask but I thought I would put it out there.
                                   #201300180 8/28/2013
                                   San Antonio Tx Navy Vet
                                   My Name is Selwyn and I have retired to San Antonio Texas and I was in The US
                                   NAVY I fought in The Iraqi Freedom War I retired from North Island In San Diego
                                   CA  filed on 06/31/12 for still nothing disability . I need help with my Light
                                   bill its $300. All my bills are in the red and I cant see a Christmas this year
                                   for my family if disability doesn't kick in please help I served to help now I
                                   need help God Bless and thank for doing all that you do
                                   #201300179 8/28/2013
                                   Denver  Colorado  Reserves Army
                                   I am a current army reserve in colorado and my fiance is pregnat and I cant
                                   find a good paying job to support her and the baby. I currently live with my
                                   parents and so does my fiance. I need to move out asap and I just need help
                                   finding a good paying job or find a cheap apartment where I can live with my
                                   fiance and baby any help is great. thank you and God bless
                                   #201300178 8/28/2013
                                   Ft. Lewis, Wa  Army
                                   I am currently in Fayetteville nc.  My husband's active army (9yrs)and we
                                   just recently got stationed at fort lewis wa.As soon as my family arrived my
                                   grandmother died..she raised me so I had to get home for her funeral well I
                                   was able to get home my daughter and I but now we cant afford to get back.
                                   we are transitioning and the army hasn't reimbursed any money for expenses of
                                   the move yet. .I just need help getting back to fort lewis where my husband
                                   is because my daughter has a follow up appt for a surgery she had before we
                                   #201300177 8/23/2013
                                   Lorain, OH Army National Guard
                                   I'm seeking assistance to move because I'm living with my father who found out I
                                   was a homosexual male and he told me I have 3 weeks to leave his house. I'm just
                                   seeking assistance so I can move into my own place.Thanks so much
                                   #201300176 8/23/2013
                                   Jacksonville, NC USMC
                                   CPL Rodney D Harris, Jacksonville NC 28540, USMC, I Respectfully Request to
                                   get help with Rent As soon As possible due to Finical debt.
                                   #201300175  8/23/2013
                                   Winder, GA  Army
                                   Hello I am a us army vet I am currently waiting to do do what ever I half to
                                   do to make it as far as a single dad plus vet we all know its so many of us
                                   out there some that didnt come back and some that did im one that did life is
                                   so unfair i dont want to beg but at this time i must no others to go to im
                                   lost if i was willing to what ever the case may be die for my country please
                                   do the same for me rent 1234 electric 300 just till i past test for college
                                   electric due tommorrow or its of alone with my 15 year old son please help us
                                   we have no where else to turn to
                                   #201300174 8/23/2013
                                   FT Worth, TX USMC
                                   Morning, my name is Terrence Freeman and I'm a sergeant in the Marine Corps.
                                   I'm in need of assistance for my family. My mother is mentally ill and our
                                   landlord allowed our home to go into foreclosure. Between these issues and
                                   lawyer fees and family needs we're strapped. I'm going into counseling. Any
                                   help is appreciated.
                                   #201300173 8/23/2013
                                   Virginia Beach, VA Navy E-5
                                   we have 4 children ages 12, 8, 2, 3 months. In the past two years we've lost
                                   5 family members. His father by suicide, my grandmother & uncle to cancer, &
                                   two others to car accidents. Due to us helping with funeral cost we've depleted
                                   our savings. We are living paycheck to paycheck and living off of food bank
                                   food. We are asking for help with food for Thanksgiving and Christmas so that
                                   we can have a holiday meal. Also asking for help providing Christmas for our
                                     Brian & Francie Bennett Thank you   
                                   #201300172 8/20/2013
                                   Hanscom AFB   Army 
                                   I am seeking Financial help with moving to be with my husband in Hanscom AFB.
                                   We recently married in Little Rock, AR and we want to be together so I am
                                   trying to relocate to Hanscom. So I am seeking any resource that can help with
                                   this. My husband is active duty in the Army. Any help is appreciated.. Thank
                                   #201300171 8/20/2013
                                   Spartanburg, SC  National Guard
                                   This is for my brother not me i will be fine when i said i was financially
                                   challenged i meant taking him back and forth to the doctors sometimes we would
                                   have to go twice in one week and he has to borrow money just to get there its
                                   over a hundred miles there and then we have to came back he doesn't even have
                                   money to get to surgery on Monday its really hard he's thank u so much for your
                                   #201300170 8/20/2013
                                   San Diego, CA  USN E6
                                   Im now 2 weeks behind on rent and 2 months on utilities. Don't know what to do. 
                                   #201300169 8/16/2013
                                   Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio Tx  USMC
                                   Marine family with three children at Fort Sam Houston san antonio .desperate
                                   need of funds for rent payment  due on the 15th, she said we could pay a little
                                   late with a  fee $35.00  I am asking for 535.00 (our rent is 1000).. trying to
                                   find a new place to live, the place we are living in has black mold, and asbestos
                                   on the floor..  short on funds due to me (wife) leaving my job  I was being
                                   sexually harassed and we are currently awaiting the company to fix it, and
                                   because of school starting. School uniforms  clothes.. also need help to cover
                                   PD electric bill of $210.00
                                   #201300168 8/16/2013
                                   Kernersville, NC US Army
                                   I am a E-6 and have been in the Army for 10 years. I have 4 children of all
                                   ages and my wife stays at home to watch all our children. We are currently in
                                   need of help to purchase food and clothes for our children. If anyone could
                                   help it would be a blessing for our family.
                                   #201300167 8/16/2013
                                   Winchester, California. USMC Vet 
                                   Currently retired after twenty years of combat arms between the USMC and US
                                   Army, to include three tours to Iraq.  I am settled in Southern California
                                   and the change has exhausted my entire savings, because we chose to not take
                                   advanced travel pay and due to government cutbacks our travel pay has been
                                   delayed time and time again.  I just recently found a job and will not make
                                   enough or get paid in time to make my rent payment of $1650 on 1 Sept.anything
                                   would be a great help and assist us in this difficult transition.Thank you
                                   #201300166  8/15/2013
                                   Ft. Campbell, Ky  Army
                                   I am a SSG in the army, stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY. I have a wife and 5 kids.
                                   My wife had to quit working to take care of me since I was severely injured
                                   during my last deployment. I am 90% disabled, therefore money is stretched 
                                   week to week per paycheck. This week our hot water heater went out and we can not afford
                                   the repairs or a new one, this is why I am asking for your help. The cheapest
                                   one I have found is $361.17 at Lowes, which is what I am asking for, as my father-in-law 
                                   can install it for me.
                                   #201300165 9/15/2013
                                   Killen, Tx Army Vet
                                   Single parent of an 14 years old autistic son, and I'm taking care of my 7
                                   years old niece. I was needing assistance with school clothes, shoes, and
                                   things to make an P E C system for my son.  I need assistance with utilities,
                                   and items to go into the car to make A/C cool off because it is so hot here.
                                   School start Aug 26, 2013. Children in 10th and 2nd grade.
                                   #201300164 8/15/2013
                                   Byram, MS  Army Reserve
                                   I am making a request on behalf of my family and I for financial assistance.
                                   This has been a year of surprises for my wife and I. Starting with the death
                                   of our newborn baby girl in January, to garnishments, plus judgements, and
                                   bank overdrafts, we are have been hit hard. Our main bill we need assistance
                                   with is rent.  I was recently notified that the total due is 920.00. This may
                                   have changed if the landlord has filed eviction proceedings.  We were late
                                   last month and they filed on us.  However, we paid it before the court date.
                                   All I have now is a money order for 400.00 and my faith. Thank you for taking
                                   the time to read this.
                                   #201300163 8/15/2013
                                   Charlotte, NC  Retired Vet ( Navy Seabee) 
                                   My child needs school clothes and supplies by Aug 26 please. We need
                                   food gift card and gas gift card. Wife is on permanent disability related
                                   to 4 spinal surgeries. We have multiple bills from surgeries to chemo. Please
                                   help and those who do may God bless you greatly.
                                   #201300162 8/15/2013
                                   Hoffman Estates, Illinois US Navy Active Reserve
                                   I am currently pregnant and we have 4 other children and can not pay our rent.
                                   We have moved from out of state due to his deployment and I have been searching
                                   for a job to no avail. We would greatly appreciate any assistance during this
                                   stressful time. Thank You
                                   #201300161 8/15/2013
                                   Ft. Hood, Tx Army
                                   My wife and I are in desperate need of some help. Due to defas messing up one of my
                                   car payments my car is now up for repo. I don't know what to do we are in over
                                   our head drowning in bills to the point that we cannot even buy food. I am at my
                                   breaking point if I do not do something I will receive an article 15 which then
                                   will take my pay. I am PCS to fort Campbell next month and have no idea what to
                                   do please please HELP!!! Thank you Spc Michael Townshend.
                                   #201300160 8/15/2013
                                   jacksonville fl Navy
                                   Hi my husband is in the navy and we've never had the problem paying rent till
                                   our car went and had to get a new on, so we are looking for help to pay this
                                   months rent as we are 3 weeks late, please e-mail me if you have any options
                                   as to what we can do thanks
                                   #201300159 8/12/2013
                                   Ft. Bliss, Tx Army
                                   We just had our baby Rihanna early at 30 weeks. She is still in the hospital
                                   but doing well thank goodness. We have 4 other children at home. It has been
                                   difficult since we had the baby with going back and forth to the hospital to
                                   see her we are using alot of gas. We are in need of help with groceries and
                                   school supplies and clothes for 3 of our children ages 4, 5, and 15. My husband
                                   is also going through the med board process because of a back and neck injury.
                                   I was working until my blood pressure went up really high and that's when we
                                   had our baby. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
                                   #201300158 8/12/2013
                                   Huntsville, Alabama  National Guard
                                   Hey my name is SPC Priscilla Sheffler. I am a single parent of a beautiful 8
                                   year old daughter. I recently just got back from overseas in April. I am still
                                   not at home because I am currently stationed at Fort Benning, GA in the wounded
                                   warrior program. I am requesting assistance with transportation because I try
                                   to go home on the weekend so I can see my daughter. It gets kind of costly. So
                                   I am requesting assistance so that I can continue to go home and be able to
                                   see my daughter.I need assistance with my daughter's medical bills as well because
                                   Tricare would not pay for it.  Also assistance with food would be greatly
                                   #201300157 8/12/2013
                                   Ft. Lewis Washington Army
                                   We are an ARMY family recently stationed at Fort Lewis from Fort Riley,KS. We
                                   have 2 children who will be attending school shortly.The  moving company
                                   contracted through the military lost part of our shipment, as well as another
                                   family's and we have been hagling with the ARMY to  get funding to replace
                                   what's lost. As of know we do not have the money to pay for the basic items
                                   in which our girls need. As a mother I am pleading for help. Thank You
                                   #201300156  8/12/2013
                                   Lebanon Oregon USMC
                                   We are a family of 7. two adults 5 kids ages 8,6,5,3,and 2. We have recently
                                   PCSed for recruiting duty. We are behind due to the move and not being able
                                   to find a place to live for two weeks. Then the expenses that followed once
                                   we did. We are currently facing eviction. We just need help to get caught up.
                                   We are desperate. Please help!
                                   #201300155 8/12/2013
                                   Lacey Washington Army
                                   Hello we are in desperate need of some help with food and back to school things
                                   for our children. The past month has not been a good one for us to say the least
                                   we have had a financial hardship and also have lost two family members within
                                   the past 2 weeks. We would not ask for help but we are in a bad place right now
                                   we at this moment have two children crying because we cant afford gifts for
                                   their birthday which is today. Any assistance is appreciated gift cards etc.
                                   #201300154 8/12/2013
                                   Richmond, Indiana Army NG
                                   I'm in the Army National Guard (Richmond, Indiana), Afghanistan and Iraq
                                   deployments. I have been trying to deal with my current mental and physical
                                   issues acquired during deployment and bills. Everytime I think I'm close it's
                                   back to square one. I need help with:
                                   $2,400.00- Property Taxes  (soon to begin foreclosure status)
                                   $2900.00- 1 credit card
                                   $13,626.00- school loans
                                   $600.00- medical
                                   $900.00- personal loan
                                   With the news of becoming a father in 6-7 months, no insurance, I have to put
                                   my pride aside to ask for help. Thank you for your time and consideration.
                                   Bless you.
                                   #201300153 8/4/2013
                                   Sugar Notch, PA Army NG
                                   I'm located in Sugar Notch, Pa and i am a member of the Army National Guard.
                                   I was on the Deployment list last year and had to miss my training for my
                                   civilian job which i just got hired at. I lost that job due to their training
                                   schedules and my guard training. didnt wind up deploying, Got a full time job
                                   after 3 months, now me and m fiance owe back rent and bills.
                                   #201300152 8/4/2013
                                   Ft Polk , La   Army Reserve  
                                   Hi i am PFC Almeter Bailey. I am in the Army Reserve and need help. I have a
                                   job and still can not make ends meet. I have a car note, insurance and a cell
                                   phone bill all of which is more than my check from work. I only make about
                                   $180 every check. My car note is 150 car insurance 221 and phone bill is 180.
                                   not even including food. Please help.
                                   #201300151 8/4/2013
                                   Jacksonville, Fla Navy
                                   Hello I am AT3 Williams I am in the U. S. Navy I'm stationed in Jacksonville, FL
                                   I am an single parent of 2 beautiful girls I desperately need help with food and 
                                   school supplies for my daughters. We recently had to move out our rented 
                                   house because the started to leak really bad the cost of moving and packing 
                                   has put me way behind. So anything can help if you can help with food and or 
                                   supplies will be a GIANT HELP. My daughters are 6 and 4 and going into pre-k
                                   and 1st grade
                                     Kierra M. Smith Thank you  
                                                         Bethune-Cookman University
                                                         Tau Beta Sigma
                                                         Theta Rho Chapter                                 Thank you  
                                   #201300150 8/4/2013
                                   Arlington, Va Army
                                   Hi, my name is Morgan and I am a wife of a soldier who is an e-4 stationed at
                                   Arlington VA. My mother has fallen ill and found out she had a terminal brain
                                   tumor and my kids and I went out to visit her during her last couple of weeks.
                                   We drove from Maryland to Washington state and are now in need of new brakes
                                   and rotors. Ontop of that we have school coming up for our to oldest girls and
                                   both need uniforms. Anything would be great to help us. Tires will cost us
                                   around $400 for all 4 and brakes and rotors will be about $200 to be replace.
                                   School clothes we are looking at $200 at the discount store. Please if you can
                                   help. Thanks and godbless
                                   #201300149 8/4/2013
                                   Ft Riley, Ks Army
                                   My husband and I are in Fort Riley and I am currently pregnant and due anyday
                                   now. We are needing help with food our car payments are so straining on us
                                   that we are left very little for food.
                                   #201300148 8/4/2013
                                   Marietta Ga Air Reserve
                                   My name is SSgt Sheila Cook. I am stationed at Dobbins Air Reserve Base in
                                   Marietta Ga. I have been in the service for 10 years now. I am currently on
                                   Active Duty orders but I am experiencing a financial hardship. I am a single
                                   mother of one. And I am currently 8 months pregnant. I have no family here in
                                   Georgia. I have been able to survive this long but it's definitely taking a toll
                                   on me. I saw this site on google and decided to give it a try. Any help and
                                   assistance that I receive will be greatly appreciated. 
                                   #201300147 8/4/2013
                                   Jacksonville, Fla Navy
                                   Need assistance with JEA light bill
                                   Jacksonville, FL USNAVY Thank you, Rekisha
                                   #201300146 7/31/2012
                                   Atlantic City, NJ USCG Air Station
                                   Proud mother and Coast Guard wife to AMT Eric Thompson who is currently stationed
                                   at USCG Air Station Atlantic City, NJ.  We have struggled financially since arriving
                                   in New Jersey and financial burden is starting to take a toll on our home life.
                                   My husband and I are both full time students attempting to make a brighter future
                                   for our family. I feel like we are running out of answers and if there is any
                                   way to help my family and I, I would greatly appreciate it.
                                   #201300145 7/31/2013
                                   Jacksonville, Fla Navy
                                   We are asking for emergent assistance with vehicle repair, both of our vehicles
                                   are down, but the one we need most is our SUV which has corroded brake lines
                                   underneath with one leaking brake fluid causing us to lose our brakes. We simply
                                   cant afford what the mechanics are asking because aside from the 7 of us (my
                                   husband and I and 5 kids), we have 2 of my in-laws staying with us until they
                                   get on their feet, leaving us to live pay check to pay check. If anyone could
                                   please help us, we would be forever grateful.
                                   #201300144 7/31/2013
                                   Santee, CA USN
                                   My family has been going through an extremely tough time.  We bought a home a
                                   few months before my husband deployed. He was gone for a year. During that time
                                   our home was discovered to have extensive mold, electrical, and concrete damage.
                                   Since then, we have found extensive termite damage and I fear that we will lose
                                   our home.  We are currently living in a Navy Lodge and our house is torn apart.
                                   We are at rock bottom and trying to save our home. Any help would be greatly
                                   appreciated. Thank you so much for reading this and God Bless. -Tracy,
                                      Thank you David Lighten 
                                   #201300143 7/31/2013
                                   Tampa, FL, Air Force
                                   My husband is deploying in August and we had some financial set backs, we
                                   have about $80 left in our bank account every 2 weeks between bills & groceries
                                   I am supposed to go back to school in Aug. as well but can't afford child care,
                                   we are looking for help with paying for childcare so I can attend school while
                                   he is away.
                                   #201300142 7/22/2013
                                   Eglin AFB, Florida  Army
                                   I am active duty army stationed in eglin, fl.my wife became very ill back in
                                   january and in the icu for 3 months, having to learn to walk again.as if this
                                   wssnt bad enough we fell very behind on bills and credit score has dropped
                                   tremendously.we have a 9 year old daughter who has also suffered through all
                                   if this and starting school soon with no funds for school supplies or clothes.
                                   We have been forced to file bankruptcy cause we are so behind, I am just asking
                                   if soneone would be ever so kind to sponsor her for some school clothes and
                                   supplies.thank you so much
                                    Thank you Suzanne Erickson 
                                   #201300141  7/22/2013
                                   Ft Lewis, Washington Army
                                   My name is Hannah Castleton and I am a army wife of a husband stationed at
                                   Fort Lewis in Washington. I am requesting assistance because I had to move
                                   myself and children from our on base housing last week and immediately separate
                                   from husband. Myself and children are safe but need help with move in cost. I
                                   am unemployed and unable to work because my 3 year old is disabled and requires
                                   24/7 care. My husband refuses to help us and after calling every resource and
                                   contacting his company I still haven't received help.
                                   #201300140  7/22/2013
                                   Schertz TX  Army
                                   Recently relocated from PCS move. Many hardships along the way with the move.
                                   Breaks going out in car. We have 3 small children and car is not safe. Looking
                                   for help to have new brake pads installed in car. Thank you!
                                   #201300139 7/19/2013
                                   Ft Riley, KS Army
                                   My name is SGT Smith, Adam. I am in the Army, and stationed in Ft. Riley, KS.
                                   I have been here for about 4 years, and my family was not able to join me do
                                   to personal reasons. I have been paying bills in to locations for a long time
                                   and now all my savings is gone. I don"t know how I am going to pay my electric
                                   bill this month, and my auto insurance has also ran out. I have not benn able
                                   to afford to see my children for a long time do to this as well. Any help would
                                   be great.
                                   #201300138 7/18/2013
                                   SanDiego, Ca Navy
                                   In the Navy stationed in San Diego. My family and I are having some financial
                                   troubles right now. I just returned home from a year long deployment to Bahrain.
                                   While I was over seas my family had the same bills to as if I was still here
                                   and I also needed to spend money on top of that. We having a really hard time
                                   getting out of the negative. I could get a loan from omni financial or a place
                                   like that but I know there are grants out there and I just don't which one is
                                   best for us. Your help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.
                                   #201300137 7/18/2013
                                   Camp Pendleton Va Beach Navy
                                   Im just reaching out to different organizations given to me by my social worker
                                   out of my unit Camp Pendleton Va Beach. I have my active duty orders,and anything
                                   you need. My fiancee was terminated from his job June 12th 2013 and he was approved
                                   from unemployment but will not get a check for another two weeks. I've paid what
                                   i can but I do have four boys and I'm falling behind on bills and in need of food.
                                   Please let me know if you can be of any help or maybe point me in the right direction.
                                   Thank you for your time.
                                   #201300136 7/14/2013
                                   Ft Worth, Tx  USMC
                                   my name is Terrence Freeman and I am stationed at NAS JRB Fort Worth in Texas.
                                   I am a sergeant in the Marines. The air conditioning went out in our house while
                                   fighting eviction from landlord allowing foreclosure. We need help with utilities
                                   because our money is spread thin. Our children are ages 18, 16, & 3. My wife and
                                   I are also dealing with my mother who is mentally unstable currently and needs
                                   treatment. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
                                   #201300135 7/14/2013
                                   Camp Ripley Training Center  NG Army
                                   I am single military mother of two children. My children's father was
                                   incarcerated back in Sep 2012. I am a month behind on rent, 2 months on my car
                                   payment, have no money to buy food or groceries. I am in desperate need. I have
                                   never been deployed. I am looking anywhere and everywhere for help. Thank you so
                                   much for your time. Please let me know if you need anything additional.
                                   #201300134 7/14/2013
                                   Panama City, Fla   Navy
                                   Hello my name is madeline peters, my family and I are stationed in Newport News
                                   VA, recently I had to make the decision to move back home with my three kids to
                                   be able to help care for my father who has heart and kidney failure. It's been a
                                   struggle trying maintain two households. With moving, having to get a new place
                                   and school right around the corner I was hoping to get some help with food
                                   vouchers and maybe even gift cards to Walmart for personal items. Anything would
                                   be a great help. We now live in Panama City FL.
                                    Thank you Andrew Brill 
                                   #201300133 7/14/2013
                                   Liberty County, Ga Army
                                   We are a military family who resides at Fort Stewart.  Finances are tight
                                   because of a delayed rank issue with my husband as he is deployed (Afghanistan)
                                   and things don't necessarily move as swift over there.  We moved from Texas and
                                   the school clothes code (uniform code) is completely different here in Liberty
                                   County, GA.  I know that you are not necessarily located in Georgia but do you
                                   know of any places that help with assistance for clothing (back to school clothes)
                                   that I could apply to? Best regards, Kimberly A. Fields
                                    Thank you Suzanne Erickson 
                                   #201300132 7/14/2013
                                   Flint, MI USMC 
                                   I transitioned out of the USMC facing a bad situation. I have 4 kids and need
                                   help. Everything was planned to succeed and almost did. Bought a house for cash
                                   in Flint, MI. Needed alot of work and I have completed most of the work replacing
                                   all electrical plumbing plaster insulation. But I have drained my account and
                                   have no money to finish.  5 windows must be replaced because they are broke,
                                   the others will suffice. Still need appliances and kitchen cabinets. Staying at
                                   my Mother's house and don't want to impose with such a big family. I underestimated
                                   the cost of materials. Anyway to get help with the things I need? I really need
                                   a place for my family.
                                   #201300131 7/14/2013
                                   Ft Hood, Tx Army
                                   My husband is active duty stationed at fort hood. Our son was premature and WIC
                                   cut back his 36 dollar formula but he is not ready for baby food. My husband
                                   tries so hard but it's so expensive. We are also struggling with diapers. We
                                   would appreciate ANY help.
                                   #201300130 7/14/2013
                                   Camp Pendleton, CA USMC
                                   Family of 6 looking for help this month with back to school clothing or groceries.
                                   Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Sgt. Ryan Young and AmandaYoung
                                   #201300129 7/14/2013
                                   Camp Pendleton Ca USMC
                                   From camp Pendleton California im in e4 cpl Montes, Rosalio need help paying
                                   my car payment
                                   #201300128 7/10/2013
                                   Okinawa, Japan USMC
                                   My name is Kyle Santiago and I am in the Marine Corps. I have been divorced
                                   and a single father of a 3 year old girl. When the divorce was finalized, the
                                   judge ordered me to pay all of my bills and my ex-wife's bills. This has put
                                   me in a huge hole. My credit has been affected by this tremendously. I owe
                                   more money in bills and collections then my income. I am just asking for
                                   something to help up get back on our feet. Any help would be amazing. Thank
                                   you for your time. I am currently in Okinawa Japan but I am from Orlando Florida.
                                   #201300127 7/10/2013
                                   San Diego Ca  Navy
                                   Hi my name is petty officer Benjamin I'm in the navy and my family and I just
                                   moved to San Diego from ohio and have no way of paying our rent and security
                                   deposit this month due to us having to drive to get to San Diego.
                                   #201300126 7/10/2013
                                   Fort Lewis, Washington,  Army (active duty)
                                   We've fallen on temporary  financial difficulties. Our youngest son was born
                                   with an eye condition called SEVERE STRABIMUS. Our rainy day funds went towards
                                   the (3) 260 mile round trips in preparation for his eye surgery, then received
                                   a bill for us to pay half for services rendered, DUE TO THE ARMY'S BUDGET CUTS.
                                   What we are in need of are beds for our children. Currently they've been
                                   sleeping on beds that are in dire need of replacement. Angels we're in need of
                                   help. Thank You
                                   #201300125 7/10/2013
                                   Ft Stewart  Ga  Active Army
                                   Wife lost her job 6 months ago. No more savings left rent is paid but car insurance
                                   is behind and about to get canceled so is utility's and I have to go on a two month
                                   training mission in Aug I am in credit counseling but there just isn't enough
                                   money to live I AM trying to find a cheaper house so we can live in our means
                                   until she can find a job and get back on or feet any info of help would be
                                   appreciated. Thank you
                                   #201300124 7/10/13
                                   Cherry point North Carolina MCAS
                                   Hi My wife and I are both active duty marines stationed at cherry point. Recently
                                   we have come into some extremely difficult financial trouble and are currently
                                   behind on almost every bill. At this point we literally have no money accessible
                                   in any of our accounts. We have five children and are hoping that the food we have
                                   and gas in our vehicle will last till payday. Anything will help. Even if its 10
                                   dollars to get a haircut. We are desperate. Thank you for taking the time to read
                                   this. Mike and Teri p
                                   #201300123  7/10/2013
                                   West Point, NY Army
                                   Single-parent, with a teenage son who is set to go to college in Fall 2013. I
                                   recently had to sell my car for pre-enrollment and books so my son could start
                                   college on time.  I am an E-4 in the Army, stationed at West Point, NY. We are
                                   not illegible for too many grants, so I have applied for Stafford Loans to help
                                   with tuition. However, with mounting debt my credit isn't good enough to get
                                   loans for another car.  I have asked other family members to help, but due to
                                   so many lay-offs they can not help. All the car dealerships around are asking
                                   for a minimum of $3000.00 down payment just for a used car. I am at my witts
                                   end, because I need a car for basic transportation.  Currently, I walk to work
                                   and ask other co-workers for rides to the commissary but that is difficult at
                                   times.  I am requesting assistance in getting another used car so my son and I
                                   can have basic transportation. Thank you and God Bless!
                                   #201300122  6/30/2013
                                   NC, 27320 US National Guard.
                                   Hello, I am a father of two young kids and am now going through a separation.
                                   I have no money to leave. I need help paying some of the bills before my wife
                                   and I go our separate ways. The rent is behind 3 months: $900, my car is behind:
                                   $450, the lights are behind: $190. I am asking for help. There is barely any
                                   food in the fridge and cabinets. I haven't had a good meal in a while so my babies
                                   could eat. I have never asked for help and I find myself broken and in need.
                                   #201300121  6/30/2013
                                   Virginia Beach, VA Navy
                                   Hi I'm AC3 Tiemstra and I'm stationed at Little Creek in virginia.. My family
                                   and I recently got back from visiting family back in Michigan where we had
                                   emergency car repair. Because of that unexpected expense we've ended up a little
                                   behind in some bills. Anything will help!
                                   #201300120 6/28/2013
                                   Fort Riley, Kansas. ARMY
                                   I am an ARMY wife and mother of 5. My husband is an active duty soldier recently
                                   home from Afghanistan. He's a deserving father,sole provider and loving husband.
                                   He's been saying he really wanted a Google Nexus tablet? Do to our family size,
                                   it has not been in the budget. If I could afford to buy it I would, just to see
                                   HIM get a gift and smile for a change. I Thank anyone who reads this and or is
                                   able to help.
                                   #201300119 6/28/2013
                                   Quantico Va Army
                                   Hi me & my husband is station at MCB Quantico Va. We have currently came across
                                   a hardship where are power was recently turn off because we didn't have the
                                   money to make the deadline because of our car having to be in the shop. We have
                                   been sleeping in the dark for the last past 3 days and all our food had to get
                                   through our. Anything will help. Thanks in Advance.
                                   #201300118  6/28/2013
                                   Ft. Sill, Ok Army
                                   We are a military family that just PCS to Fort Sill earlier this month. We
                                   currently have 3 children, 4 year old girl , 8 year old boy, and 14 year old
                                   girl. We also are currently taking care of my husband sister who is 15, as
                                   his father is very ill an cannot at this time. After travel expenses from move,
                                   an a unforseen car repair ( the only car we have), we have just enough money
                                   to pay our bills with very little left over for food. Any help is appreciated.
                                   Thank You.
                                   #201300117 6/28/2013
                                   Columbus Ga  Army
                                   My husband and I are seperated. He is in the Army in Mississippi while I reside
                                   in Columbus Ga with kids. He would normally pay rent but has since stopped without
                                   any notice reasoning what so ever. He has a bad gambling problem but I am feeling
                                   the effects of his failures. I am asking for any help possible. I would really like
                                   to know how to reach his Commander 1st Sgt whomever. He wont return my calls and
                                   is dodging me. Pls help
                                   #201300116 6/28/2013
                                   Spring Hill, Fl  NG
                                   my name is SPC Roberts and I live in spring hill fl and I am in need of assistance
                                   because my unit is not drilling in June or July so I have to live on 230 dollars
                                   less a month and I need to pay all of my bills I am hoping to get at least 150
                                   dollars in assistance to help pay my electric bill so I do not get shut off. thank
                                   #201300115 6/28/2013
                                   Norfolk, Va  Navy
                                   Hi my name is Jamie Walker I stay in Norfolk, Virginia I'm in the United States 
                                   Navy. I'm in need of assistance with my electric bill If I don't pay it all by next
                                   week they will cut me off. I have a newborn and really could use help this month to
                                   pay my electric.
                                   #201300114 6/28/2013
                                   San Diego, CA USMC
                                   The Mulkey Family is in need of assistance. My spouse recently was diagnosed
                                   with thyroid cancer. She is expecting another surgery in July and then radiation
                                   treatment. The radiation treatment consists of her not being able to be around
                                   the children for 3 days.
                                   I am getting ready to deploy. She had to quit her job also due to circumstances.
                                   Any assistance would be appreciated..food, costs for childcare during this time,
                                   transportation cost...absolutely anything would help us! Thank you and God Bless!
                                   Charisse Kaufman President, Lives of Promise, Inc THANK YOU   
                                   #201300113  6/26/2013
                                   Rowland Heights, California  USAF Reserve
                                   My name is Kayla Nyquist from Rowland Heights, California. I am in the USAF
                                   Reserve but have been Active Duty since enlistment. I am experiencing extremely
                                   rough times due to a mix up of my orders and am being held responsible for all
                                   the debt that has occurred on my GTC. Now that im not Active Duty they have cut
                                   my orders leaving me jobless with no way of paying any of my bills. 
                                   #201300112  6/26/2013
                                   Ft Sam Houston, Tex Army
                                   Within this past three years my father, my brother and my father in law passed
                                   away. my youngest daughter was in a residential behavior treatment and I was in
                                   Iraq My son join the Air force I got orders to Texas and now I will retire at the
                                   end of this year I have a few medical problems like chronic ptsd. Spent a lot of
                                   money in this trips visiting my daughter, father, brother, and father in law in
                                   different states and now  in a really bad financial situation but my worse bill
                                   are my cars that are behind in payments and one of then is in the process of been
                                   repossess. If we can get any assistant will be greatly appreciated.
                                   #201300111 6/26/2013
                                   Seattle Wa Navy
                                   Military spouse/mom of two boys in desperate need of help. Due to medical bills
                                   I have acquired due to cancer I am having a very difficult time staying afloat.
                                   I don't have enough for my July rent of 975. I barely can afford gas to get to
                                   and from work and have little to none in groceries.I we just simply in need of
                                   some help to cushion these necessities that I will pay back over time as things
                                   ease up in our situation. I never ask for anything but as it stands right now I
                                   just have no other options. It would be a blessing for anything that could help
                                   right now. A huge blessing. Thank you for taking the time to go through this page.
                                   #201300110 6/22/2013
                                   San Diego, ca-Navy
                                   Hi. I am looking for help for airfare I guess in funds or airline miles maybe
                                   your not going to use. My father is fighting cancer (winning the battle so far!
                                   Yea) and now my mother has began having some heart problems. I hate that I, their
                                   only daughter, and only 4 grand kids are across the county from them. I am lucky
                                   that I have kids that want to spend time with them. With all the health problems
                                   popping up this year it has really hit me that I am the adult now and my parents
                                   are not invincible.  The kids go on summer break soon and I just want to get us
                                   to see them. If you are someone that can help us, all I can say is we all thank
                                   you for giving us time together.
                                   #201300109 6/22/2013
                                   Woodland, GA Georgia Air National Guard.
                                   My name is Richard Howard, Jr. I am a member of the Georgia Air National Guard.
                                   My wife and children and I currently live in Woodland, GA. In my civilian job,
                                   I am a firefighter/paramedic.I was diagnosed with PTSD. I tried to resume my
                                   civilian job and have not been able to work it full time due to my problems
                                   experienced with PTSD. We are having trouble paying our house payment (which
                                   we are more than 3 months behind), electric bill and groceries
                                   #201300108 6/22/2013
                                   Fort Polk Louisiana Army
                                   Hello my name is kendra we will have 4 children that must wear uniforms to
                                   school beginning this fall....my husband will be deployed and funds are already
                                   stretched to the Max. Sizes needed are girls 6 slim, girls 7 slim, girls 8 slim
                                   and boys size 5 pants must be tan shirts for girls are 6,7,8 and boy size 6 must
                                   be black or white with collar...long and short sleeve. We are stationed at fort
                                   Polk Louisiana and my husband is an e-5 my number is 614-312-5963 thank you and
                                   God bless!
                                   #201300107  6/22/2013
                                   Jacksonville, NC  XUSMC
                                   Hello, I am a combat wounded (3 IED's) and a purple heart recipient of the war
                                   in Afghanistan. I was wounded on Memorial Day 2011 and received my purple heart
                                   on July 4th, 2011. I have been diagnosed with severe TBI and PTSD. Currently I'm
                                   with Wounded Warrior Battalion East and in the process of being medically retired
                                   from the USMC. I have gotten behind on car payment and need help catching it up
                                   before I don't have an income. If anyone can help God Bless You!!! Thank you to
                                   everyone who helps the wounded.
                                   #201200106 6/22/2013
                                   Wheatland CA USMC
                                   my husband is in the United States Marines he is a wounded warrior. Please help
                                   us buy clothes for three of our five children that will be going to school soon.
                                   We have been living pay check to pay check and can't buy them what they need. We
                                   are in california my husband is a United States Marine he is a E6 he is in 29
                                   palms and the kids and I are in Wheatland CA
                                   #201300105 6/17/2013
                                   Atlanta GA National Guard
                                   I am Christina Cathers of the Georgia Army National Guard. I was injured in on
                                   duty in and have an LOD. I have had surgery and many physical theory sessions.
                                   However my nerve injury has not been resolved. I did work as a MP technician but
                                   eventually got to where I could not preform my duties and I was let go. I am
                                   currently waiting for INCAP pay and ADME to start. I have a few dollars in my
                                   account and $1900 dollars of bills a month. Thank you for your help anything you
                                   can do will help.
                                   #201300104  6/17/2013
                                   Fort Campbell, KY  Army
                                   I was injured during my deployment and my wife had to quit working to take care
                                   of me. We desperately need help with groceries for our five kids. We applied for
                                   food-stamps but were denied because they included our BAH, which we do NOTget
                                   because we live on base. Injured Soldier in the Warrior Transition Battalion
                                   #201300103 6/14/2013
                                   Watauga, Tx National Guard
                                   Name is Kendra Bledsoe E-4/SPC.Currently a married National Guard
                                   solider with 2 children, Samantha and Jaxon. They are the love of my life. My
                                   husband and I are struggling to find jobs due to recently relocating to Watauga,
                                   Tx from Nebraska. We are seeking assistance for our utility bills (electricity
                                   and water). Our military obligations are our priority but worrying about our 
                                   current situation is getting in the way. It has never been our intention to be a 
                                   burden on our country, yet it is our desire to serve our country with a sense of 
                                   normalcy and if its any way possible to receive some type of assistance from you 
                                   or the organization if would be greatly appreciated.
                                   #201300102 6/14/2013
                                   El Paso,Texas  ARMY.
                                   I am a Soldier currently in need of financial assistance so that I may pay my
                                   rent and buy groceries. I am a single parent of a 3 and 4 year old and am
                                   currently having some financial issues. My rent is now past due and I owe $1400
                                   and I also need to buy food for the month. I know that I am asking for alot but
                                   it is only because I truely need it. I would really appreciate it if you could
                                   help me out.
                                   #201300101 6/14/2013
                                   Ft. Hood, Tx Army
                                   Hi my name is Alfonso Reyes. I am in the U.S. Army stationed in Fort Hood, TX.
                                   We are struggling financially. We just received the clear to close on our first
                                   home and will be doing so 20 June 2013. Our on post housing community has delayed
                                   our clearing until 11 July 2013, which means we are not going to have BAH until
                                   on or after 15 August 2013. Our first mortgage payment is the 1 August 2013 and
                                   will have a hard time making this payment because of it. Any help to our family
                                   will be greatly appreciated.
                                   #201300100 6/14/2013
                                   Ft. Hood, Tx Army
                                   My name is SGT Joseph Pilgrim. I am 31 years old and in the United States Army
                                   assigned to Ft. Hood, TX. I have fallen upon hard times  with my rent and utilities.
                                   My wife and I just had our third son a month ago.  We also take care of my mother.
                                   If anyone can help me out in my time of need, it would be greatly appreciated. My
                                   rent is due the 17th of this month it is $735
                                   #20130099 6/14/2013
                                   Ft. Bliss, Tx Army
                                   I am 25 currently stationed in ft bliss Texas, swallowing my pride and realizing
                                   asking for help is being strong not weak. My wife and kids have moved back to our
                                   home town in Virginia. I am in need of help with my mechanic bill, I owe 1600 and
                                   am afraid if I can not pay soon I will lose my car and not be able to get to work.
                                   Thank you if you are able to help me.
                                   #20130098 6/14/2013
                                   St Charles mo USMC.
                                   My name is Randall Kopp. I reside in St Charles mo 63301, I served in the us
                                   marines from 1997-2001. We are going through some tough financial times . 
                                   We have 3 kids and make. $3,365 a month and are being garnished $1,200 a 
                                   month. We can not afford our bills now and are facing eviction. The courts will 
                                   not lower the garnishment or stop it. We need help
                                   #20130097 6/14/2013
                                   Laguna Niguel, CA  USMC 
                                   Hi, my name is Krystle Gruber. My husband Daniel Gruber was honorably discharged
                                   from the Marine Corps due to downsizing in personnel. We have eaten up most of
                                   our savings trying to keep up on bills and rent while he was in school. now that
                                   he is done with school he can't find a job. We have a 2 year old and a 8 month old
                                   and don't know how were going to pay rent the next few months. Assistance with our
                                   Rent would be a great help.
                                   #20130096 6/14/2013
                                   Fort Lewis, Wa  Army
                                   My husband has just returned from deployment and in the med board process for
                                   ptsd as well as injuries sustained during deployment. In our endeavors to save
                                   money we had to pay $3000 in car repairs.With that said we have fallen behind
                                   in our bills and currently owe $477 to our car insurance which will lapse in 2
                                   weeks and $116 in utilities. Thank you for reading and god bless
                                   #20130095  6/14/2013
                                   Fort hood, Texas Army 
                                   Family of 5 soon to be 6. We moved to fort hood less than two months ago due
                                   to being Psc'd we were for forced to move off post and rent in copperas cove
                                   76522. We were just served a eviction notice or we pay 1877 by tomorrow. That
                                   is for our deposit in which getting here took all of our extra cash and we
                                   told our realtor we'd pay the deposit when we could. He was ok with that at
                                   first and 4 days served us an eviction notice for June 14 th our twins 4 th
                                   bday. Please if we can get any help at all we are in desperate need. We are
                                   34 weeks pregnant and 3 small kids and will be homeless tomorrow. Please help
                                   #20130094  6/10/2013
                                   Oceanside, Ca USMC
                                   Hi, I wanted to know how can I get assistance for getting my car fixed? I'm
                                   in the marine corp and I can't afford to get my car fixed or get new tires and
                                   I was wondering if you can help.
                                   #20130093 6/10/2013
                                   Indianapolis, IN  USMC
                                   I'm seeking assistance with rent, and utilities. I have been contacting everyone
                                   from the VFW, Amvets, and other organizations, just to be turned away because my
                                   husband is not wounded.  If you could point me in a good direction, it would be
                                   greatly appreciated.
                                   #20130092 6/10/2013
                                   Clarksville, Tn  Army
                                   My name is Christina. My husband is getting med boarded in August (70%) and we
                                   are in search of a home to rent. We need to find a place (clarksville,TN oak
                                   grove KY area) that does Not require a huge down payment. It will take a few
                                   weeks to switch from my husbands army pay to his VA pay. We have two children
                                   and can't live homeless when we have to leave on post housing. TIA
                                   #20130091 6/10/2013
                                   Ft. Campbell, KY  Army
                                   Im SSG Santanaramos from Fort Campbell KY at this time Im in WTB program do
                                   to injuries during my deployments,Our A/C die on us May 15 2013 We been trying
                                   to get helped from others company and First Respond was avaliable to help us
                                   with $500 but we had 3 company that came to our home to get estimate and the
                                   lower one was $2,850,hope  you could help us with this situation. God Bless
                                   P.S. if you need any information please contact me here or you could talk to
                                   our AW2 coordinator
                                   #20130090 6/10/2013
                                   Hampton VA, Navy
                                   Disabled Veteran/Honorably discharged almost 3 years ago , unable to find job
                                   that pays enough to provide for wife and kids and all the bills. The hours at
                                   her $9.00 an hour job have been cut to 24 hours a week. IN order to not lose
                                   our home ,we have to file Chapter 13  bankrupcy.  However there are $950.00
                                   in fees to start it and cant scrape it up as we have utilities / food/ bills.
                                   WE are in need of help with a vehicle that we owe on and are behind in ( we
                                   owe 7 payments and it is paid off, payments are $670.00 each)  and electric
                                   bill of $820.00. Our 21 year old daughter is in college full time and hope she
                                   can stay in and finish her last 14 months, she cant help us because she only
                                   works 2 days a week now. Please help us. 
                                   #20130089 6/10/2013
                                   Covington,Ga Army
                                   My name is Sgt. Hayward Murray. I am 36 years old and in the United States
                                   Army. I have fallen upon hard times, and I am in need of assistance with my
                                   mortgage in order to keep my family in our home need the help as soon as possible.
                                   I am married, and I have a wonderful daughter who is graduating this year from a
                                   private high school. She is a teen mom and despite having a baby whom I did all
                                   I could to help her with, she graduated  from a private high school on May, 24,2013.
                                   Please help me keep my home from foreclosure. I live in Covington, Ga.
                                   #20130088 6/2/2013
                                   Camp Pendleton, CA USMC
                                   Hi my name is Kathleen Campen married to LCpl Richard Campen. We recently move
                                   out of an apartment that is not billing us $685 for damages and repairs. We have
                                   tried to make payments on this as best we can but with 3 kids we have now been
                                   limited to very small payments when we can make them. ANYTHING would help. It needs
                                   to be paid by mid June and we just don't have the money to pay it or the car payments
                                   and our current rent will become past due. It is now in collections and to avoid
                                   negative reporting and them taking it up with his command has to be paid.
                                   #20130087 6/2/2013
                                   San Diego, Ca  Navy
                                   Hi. I am needing help with my rent due on Saturday, June 1st. I would need
                                   $1800. Had help that was unable to do it last minute. I am in San Diego, Ca.
                                   Thank you. 
                                   #20130086 6/2/2013
                                   Ft. Sill, OK   Army
                                   Single Active duty mom in need of assistance with food and gas. I am stationed
                                   at Fort Sill and I am in the Army. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. SGT
                                   Lela Bremen
                                   #20130085 6/2/2013
                                   Bicknell, Indiana Army NG
                                   My name is SPC. Jordan Chubb. I live in Bicknell, Indiana and am a traditional
                                   soldier in the Indiana Army National Guard.Due to an injury sustained at my place
                                   of employment, I have been unable to work. I am two months behind on the lease for
                                   my vehicle. I received my fourth past due notice. I am in danger of having my
                                   vehicle repossessed. I currently owe $701.25. My daughter and fiance live with me
                                   and I will unable to transport them or return to work without a vehicle. Without
                                   a vehicle, I am liable to fall further into debt.
                                   #20130084  5/29/2013
                                   Quantico, VA USMC
                                   Hi me and my husband was recently force to move out of an apartment that we were
                                   living in. Our credit is bad and it's hard to find a place. I'm also currently
                                   pregnant and we really need help finding a place. We are station at quantico va
                                   and he is a marine.
                                   #20130083 5/25/2013
                                   Dallas Georgia National Guard
                                   Wendy L Powell wife of  SFC Jeremy Powell GANG. Jeremy was out of a job last
                                   year for 10 months. He got a job in Nov, 2012 at Allied Barton Security. We
                                   got behind on our mortgage and can't seem to get caught up. We owe Chase Mortgage
                                   about $2,898.64. We are facing foreclosure. We have worn out all resources. If
                                   you can help let me know. Oh, I live in Dallas Georgia. And we have 3 children.
                                   Victoria 10, James 8, and Jacob 5. Thank you!!!!!
                                   #20130082 5/25/2013
                                   MCAS Miramar, San Diego CA.
                                   Hi I have a large family of 6 and have recently had bad news after bad news. My
                                   wife is a high risk pregnancy an is unable to work. At this time I am past due
                                   on a lot of bills, just last night my mother in NM tried to commit suicide and I
                                   don't even have the money to travel to visit here in the hospital. Any amount of
                                   money would help in this time of need, thank you.
                                   #20130081 5/25/2013
                                   Ft. Bragg, NC Army
                                   We are a military family asking for help with food for this month with bills and
                                   having 4 children ages 5,7,7,2 on only one income it's rough. We can't afford
                                   daycare and hardly pay our bills. So I'm just asking for help with food for my
                                   family. I am E 5 stationed at Fort Bragg my name is Christopher Giddens. If 
                                   you could help we would be so thankful!
                                   #20130080 5/21/2013
                                   Denison, Tx Army National Guard
                                   SGT James Norman, asking for assistance or help for my family's financial needs
                                   my wife works, but I'm currently unemployed, not by choice. We have another
                                   child in our home from his mom, trying to provide meals, and clothing for him,
                                   and our 12 year old son is becoming a lot to take on. We are 2 months behind on
                                   our rent, and sought out assistance from a couple of local agencies, they don't
                                   have the funds to help us at the moment. Our vehicles got repossesed, and our
                                   phone service is currently disconnected, we need help, I can't move again putting
                                   us into more debt. I have applied for an AGR position within my unit, and I'm
                                   waiting for my start date, we just need help until then.Thank you for you time.
                                   #20130079 5/21/2013
                                   Camp Lejeune, NC  USMC
                                   Private first class Herrera. Zachary. R 2nd mef camp Lejeune nc. Child was
                                   born as of feb 22 2013 and wife is jobless struggling really bad to keep a
                                   place to stay with my pfc pay I get e3 at the first of next month and have
                                   a car payment and a lot more bills and debt help to get me on my feet for a
                                   few months till my wife can find a job would be much appreciated.
                                   #20130078 5/21/2013
                                   Ft. Leonard Wood, MO  USMC
                                   I’m humbly requesting assistance with my car payment due to recent financial
                                   hardship.  My wife was recently injured at work and hasn’t been able to work
                                   her normal hours.  To make matters worse, we’ve had to do some unexpected
                                   maintenance on our only car, which has cost us much more than we expected.
                                   Also, last week my wife’s wallet was stolen which contained her recent paycheck.
                                   All these unexpected circumstances have greatly impacted our finances and
                                   cannot afford to make our payment.  We are currently behind two car payments
                                   of $456.00 but any amount would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
                                   #20130077 5/18/2013
                                   Scott AFB, IL.  USAF
                                   I am reaching out for help to cover a bill that my insurance wouldn't completely 
                                   cover.My daughter's father was in my apartment preparing for the gun range. His
                                   firearm went off striking the sprinkler line in my apartment flooding it and the 
                                   apartment below me. Extensive damage was caused and my renter's
                                   insurance would only cover a portion of it. This left me with a $5000 bill
                                   that I cannot cover because all of this happened as I was in the process of
                                   buying a home. Please help.
                                   #20130076 5/18/2013
                                   Ft. Bragg NC Army;
                                   We are a military family with 2 disabled children. Our 4 1/2 yo has Spastic
                                   Quad CP, an enlarged heart and Autism. We recently found out our 2 1/2 yo daughter,
                                   Victoria has Mosaic Turner Syndrome. She is blind in her right eye, deaf in right
                                   ear, has a Mitral Valve Defect, severe low muscle tone and is fed through a g-tube
                                   24/7. She is unable to walk long distance and her mental and developmental is
                                   that of a 9 month old. She is in need of a medical crib/bed, Sleep Safer High
                                   Bed. Tricare keeps denying the appeal
                                   #20130075 5/16/2013
                                   Coral Springs FL  ARMY
                                   Hi I'm Jennifer Harrell & my husband is active duty about to get out this
                                   June an early ETS. He has been at Ft. Hood for the past three years and I
                                   have been living in C.S w/family for the past 2 years while he was deployed
                                   or training.  The ARMY will move him from TX to Jacksonville which is where
                                   I have been offered a job, but won't move me. The amount of first month's
                                   rent, moving truck from C.S to Jacksonville, power deposit. ARMY will hold
                                   his last pay check for 30 days
                                   #20130074 5/16/2013
                                   Rapid City South Dakota  USAF
                                   Assistance with the repair of my wife's car. I own a 2005 Chrysler 300 in which the main
                                   bearing in the engine went bad, thus destroying the engine. We still owe $11200 on the car.
                                   The cost of repair is looking to be approx $3500, I do have quotes for both engine costs
                                   and having it replaced. My wife is a nurses aid at Rapid Regional Medical Center in Rapid
                                   City South Dakota. I applied to the VFW Unmet Needs program and they turned my down stating
                                   that my problem was due to financial mismanagement (I have been paying child support in the
                                   amount of 1100 for about 16 years) thus causing financial hardships over the years. I am not
                                   home finding ways or working a second job to get the car fixed, so there is a definite
                                   hardship which, as I had said earlier that when I return and the car isn't fixed she will not
                                   be able to work. So how am I supposed to solve this dilemma which no one seems to care about.
                                   It still affects me and my family.
                                   #20130073 5/16/2013
                                   Ft. Hood, Tx Army
                                   Heather Crusch wife of specialist Eric Crusch Army branch fort hood. We need
                                   help with food. We have 3 children.
                                   #20130072 5/15/2013
                                   Ft. Bragg NC Army
                                   Mother of two girls ages 6 and 2, I am also a soldier e-4 stationed at
                                   fort bragg, nc. I am about to Ets and due to repaying a previous enlistment
                                   bonus all of my pay from April 15th till aug 15th (my Ets date) has been
                                   collected. So basically I have no pay due from here on out. I am asking for gift
                                   cards for grocery stores we have a Walmart, food lion and commissary in the
                                   area. The most important thing is having food (and diapers for my youngest)for
                                   my two beautiful girls. Thank you
                                   #20130071 5/16/2013
                                   Havelock, NC USMC
                                   My Name is Eric Riosjesus currently im in a financial hardship and need
                                   financial assistance. I live in NC i am station in havelock , NC Marine corps
                                   Air Station Cherry Point. im a lance corporal in the United States Marine Corp.
                                   #20130070 5/16/2013
                                   Stuart FL Vet
                                   I'm an O.I.F veteran in need of help with a fresh start. My need is financial
                                   help with moving expenses. I need to move into a new place in order to keep my
                                   family together. It's me my fiancé and American bulldog I have an adjustment
                                   disorder and my fiancé suffers with PTSD and our bull dog helps us cope with
                                   our problems. My dig us not allowed where we are currently staying. Please help
                                   me keep my family together
                                   #20130069 5/7/2013
                                   Acworth Ga Army
                                   My name is Wesley Farron and I am from Georgia. I served in the United States
                                   Army and was shot in the abdomen while serving in Afghanistan. I am married
                                   with a two year old son and another baby on the way. Due to my injuries I am
                                   having trouble finding work after being medically discharged. At this time
                                   anything would be greatly appreciated to help my family while trying to get
                                   back our feet. Thank you!
                                   #20130068 5/7/2013
                                   San Antonio, Tx.    Army
                                   Active duty army. I've served over 15 yrs with multiple deployments. While I
                                   was deployed I lost my oldest son to cancer, I returned home for 10 days to
                                   lay my son to rest. My wife became ill and was moved back to the mainland as
                                   I'm stationed overseas.  Upon deployment and after many medical appointment
                                   and all the red tape my wife was diagnosed with brain cancer. With all the
                                   military medical Delays she was forced to seek medical care off base, with all
                                   payment coming out of pocket. Since her diagnoses she's been unable to work so
                                   we are a single income family supporting 2 households. I've had to move her to
                                   a single story home where she can move easier and keep eyes on the kids while
                                   I await my orders on a compassionate reassignment. I have fallen behind on
                                   every bill. I looking for rent help, car payments and anything possible.I
                                   thank you for taking the time to read this. God bless you.Prayers are always
                                   #20130067  5/6/2013
                                   Shaw AF Base, SC US Air Force
                                   I am in the U.S. Air Force. I am stationed at Shaw AFB in South Carolina. 
                                   My wife and son live in Irmo, South Carolina.I have served almost 18 years 
                                   and now currently deployed to Afghanistan. I am in need of financial assistance.
                                   I am an E-6 and trying to pay both child supports for two children in California 
                                   from my first marriage and provide for my new wife and son. We own a $247K
                                   home with a $120K mortgage but my credit score is not strong enough to get 
                                   a better mortgage or home equity loan. I am only look for some type of loan to 
                                   help get my family through while I am deployed. Serving my country has taken
                                   a toll on both me and the ones I love. I just want to help provide and any
                                   assistance would be greatly appreciated 
                                   #20130066  5/6/2013
                                   San Diego, Ca  USMC
                                   My husband is a USMC marine E-5. We have a family of 5 and my husband has to pay
                                   $700 a month in child support. We are drowning every payday because of his high
                                   child support. I have been on many job interviews but I can't land a job. We
                                   desperately need grocery money. Thank you!
                                   #20130065 5/1/2013
                                   San Diego CA  Navy 
                                   We have been transferred and moved 3 times in the last year, I am sick and we
                                   are drowning in debt because I have had multiple surgeries and can not get a
                                   job until I am able to use my hands. We have always paid our bills but with
                                   this last PCS we just cant keep up and if there is anyone willing to help,
                                   just for a month it would make such a huge difference in our lives.
                                   #20130064 5/1/2013
                                   Riverdale, New Jersey. National guard.
                                   Hello, I'm the wife of a specialist infantrymen in the New Jersey national
                                   guard. After not being able to find a full time job in New Jersey we moved to
                                   Rustburg VA. My husband is traveling back and forth to jersey until September
                                   when he is allowed to transfer to a unit closer. We need help affording our
                                   rent(500) and our electricity bill (88) due to the cost of travel. 
                                   #20130063 5/1/2013
                                   Peekskill, NY National Guard
                                   Wife of one serving in the military. My family is need of assistance and I
                                   hope you find it in your heart to help us. We are a family of six and we are
                                   very involved in my husbands unit.  My family feels the loss when my husband/
                                   their father, is away doing his duty. At the moment we are having difficulty
                                   paying our bills our rent which is $1100.00 especially. Presently our 12 year
                                   old daughter is an asthmatic and our 15 year old was recently diagnosed with
                                   a learning disability.When faced with paying for medications, feeding our
                                   family and paying for rent,difficult choices must be made. I implore you to
                                   take a moment and see if there is anything you can do to help our family. Any
                                   help is greatly appreciated.
                                    Thank you Sher Shearey for clothing  
                                   #20130062  5/1/2013
                                   Fort Bragg, NC  Army
                                   Greetings, my family is currently stationed at Fort Bragg, NC. My husband is
                                   active duty Army. I am 8 months pregnant with a baby girl, seeking any type of
                                   assistance for help with baby items. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,
                                   I would love to be able to receive an electric breast pump, diapers,etc. My
                                   family thanks you in advance, God Bless.
                                   #20130061  4/24/2013
                                   Virginia  USMC
                                   My Husband is in the USMC as a Staff Seargent with 3 tours of duty and receives
                                   counseling for PTSD. We have three children and recently moved cross country.
                                   I have been unable to find work for 8 months and left a job a few months prior
                                   to moving to VA. We are unable to pay monthly bills and have recently fallen
                                   behind in debts from transitioning to one income that our credit is ruined and
                                   have not been able to repay debts on time. We currently cannot pay our car
                                   payment, overdraft fees or high intrest loans we ve accumulated. I have been
                                   applying to at least three jobs per week, however in order to put children in
                                   childcare the hourly or salary would have to be sufficient but I've not received
                                   any job offers at all .The stress is overwhelming and help is gratefully
                                   #20130060 4/24/2013
                                   Lands Fort Houston, Texas Army
                                   Writing this in hopes to help my step sister, her son was just involved in an
                                   explosion in Afghanistan April 21 and his body is 90% burned with 4th degree
                                   burns. She is currently raising three kids on her own making $10 an hour with
                                   a mortgage.  She needs to fly to Texas from California which the Army is taking
                                   care of but her dilemma she doesn't get paid for time off work. Ive received
                                   a few donations but not enough to allow her to spend as much time as needed to
                                   support him. as well as providing for her children....Anything donated at this
                                   point would be helpful, its going to be a long process for him what ever amount
                                   received can allow her more time to be with him.He will be sent to Lands Fort
                                   Houston Texas.
                                   #20130059 4/24/2013
                                   Ft. Hood, Texas Army
                                   My name is SPC miller from fort hood 720th mps
                                   Recently my wife fell into a craigslist jobs scam and has put us in a bad
                                   state. Because of the scam our families account is in the hole $2350 and if
                                   I don't get that money back in there my whole paycheck will get put into it
                                   and leave nothing for bills food gas (etc.) and still be in the negatives...
                                   I am in desperate need of help.Ty and god bless 
                                   #20130058 4/24/2013
                                   Logan, Utah. Army National Guard
                                   My husband is Army National Guard and was just medically retired after a deployment.
                                   His army paychecks have stopped but his retirement checks do not start for another
                                   month and a half (in June). I only make about $500 a month so we can't pay our
                                   mortgage or utility bills. Please help
                                   #20130057 4/20/2013
                                   Ft. Hood, TX Army
                                   I am needing to get help with our electric bill. We have a turn off notice for
                                   April 25, 2013. It's for $120.56 at this time we can not afford to pay it due to
                                   vehicle repairs that had to be made on my husbands truck so he can get back and
                                   forth to post on ft. Hood. We have two special needs daughters who need
                                   electricity.Thank you for any help you can give,
                                   #20130056  4/20/2013
                                   Sarah, Ms -  MS Army National Guard
                                   My name is spc Michael eggert of the ms army National guard.  I was recently
                                   laid off  due to the fact of an injury.  I have a wife and 2 year old daughter.
                                   And we are about to be homeless.  I also take care of my elderly father who
                                   has cancer.  Any help would be appreciated.  I am 1000 dollars behind on my
                                   rent and lights . Any help would be a blessing.  Thank you and god bless.
                                   #20130055  4/16/2013
                                   NORFOLK VIRGINIA  NAVY
                                   My name is Justin bell. My wife recently had a baby and it has strained us
                                   financially because she can't work. I AM LOCATED IN NORFOLK VIRGINIA AND AM
                                   IN THE NAVY. Thank you. 
                                   #20130054  4/16/2013
                                   Ft. Campbell Ky Army
                                   I'm moving to fort cambell soon to my new unit and I need some financial help
                                   with getting my new house for me and my wife!
                                   #20130053 4/16/2013
                                   Fort Stewart Georgia(Army)
                                   I am a single mother of  3 in desperate need of any assistance. I have found
                                   myself drowning in debt and it has made it almost impossible to take care of
                                   the basic needs of my children. Financial help is appreciated but I will also
                                   greatly appreciate any help(food, clothing, toys etc). It is very difficult
                                   to ask for help but with 2 AER loans out and with 3 small children to care for
                                   I have put my pride aside. Thanks for the consideration.
                                   #20130052  4/16/2013
                                   Fort Campbell, KY (ARMY). 
                                   My husband is a wounded warrior .He was severely injured during his last deployment
                                   to Iraq and is now going through the medical retirement process. He was awarded a
                                   mortgage free home through MWSF! We are SUPER excited about this!  Unfortunately it
                                   has come a month sooner then we had expected! We have less then a month to come up
                                   with 1st months payments (taxes, security deposit, HOA fees and insurance = $566.25)
                                   Otherwise we will lose out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!  Here is a link
                                   to the video where we were awarded the home on stage at a George Strait Concert:
                                   #20130051  4/16/2013
                                   Lemoore,CA  Navy
                                   I am a military spouse with 2kids and currently pregnant and have been struggling
                                   to provide myself and my children with our needs (groceries & basic everyday needs
                                   i and getting a hard time from my husband and his command in help helping provide
                                   i do not work because i cannot afford childcare im trying to find out how exactly
                                   i can get help for myself and my children
                                   #20130050  4/16/2013
                                   Denham Springs Louisiana USMC
                                   We recently have had several unexpected financial debts to be paid. We are short
                                   this month though, because I had to fly up to see my sister who has just been
                                   diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma. We have 100.00 left in our account until the
                                   30th, and aren't sure how we will make it thru the rest of the month.
                                   #20130049  4/16/2013
                                   Jblm / Fort Lewis  WA   Army
                                   We are a  military family with 2 small kids. I got sent to Korea almost 2 years
                                   ago and got told my family will soon follow me. I found out over there that
                                   paperwork got lost and my family had to stay back..But my family was homeless
                                   for 6 months had just a little money .My wife for 6 months  had to stay at friends
                                   places where she could only stay for a few days. After 6 months my wife broke
                                   down and i got sent back.Bills had build up. we needed a car and our son is severely
                                   traumatized from the whole situation. Please if anybody can donate just a little
                                   then maybe we can get new ground under our feet and have a new beginning!!!
                                   #20130048 4/12/2013
                                   Scotland Georgia Army reserve
                                   I am getting ready for deployment in june and I need help for my family due
                                   to medical bills for my son and my fiancée we have fallen behind on bills our
                                   water has been cut off and we need $65.00 and we are about to lose our only
                                   means of transportation if i can't get $105.00 within the next day or two I
                                   can not receive a loan until I receive my deployment orders next month its an
                                   emergency if anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated.
                                   #20130047 4/12/2013
                                   Mount Sterling ky  Army

                                   My fiance is stationed in South Korea at this time. I am 23 weeks pregnant and
                                   have had numerous health problems with my pregnancy that has financially crippled
                                   me. My electric is going to be shut off if I do not come up with 400 dollars by
                                   next Tuesday. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
                                   #20130046 4/12/2013
                                   Fort Campbell KY  Army
                                   October 21st our youngest daughter (who was eleven) was sexually assaulted .Our
                                   oldest daughter who is thirteen had been receiving a lot of bullying in her school
                                   over what happened to her sister. So after many tears, heart ache, and pain on
                                   December 5th she tried to take her own life. Thank God the attempt failed! Both
                                   daughters see child behavior health twice a week and now our seven year old son
                                   is going once a week because this all is taking a toll on him as well. We are
                                   over drafted in our checking account, low on food and financially and mentally
                                   drained. My family really needs help! My husband Israel Flora is a E-4 with 6-101
                                   CAB ARMY at Fort Campbell KY
                                   #20130045 4/8/2013
                                   Virginia Beach, Va USMC
                                   Good afternoon, My name is Ryan Seebeck. I'm currently going through financial
                                   difficulties right now as to my wife loosing her job and also car.I have two boys,
                                   ages 4 and 2.  We are currently behind on our electric bill with a balance of $1,200,
                                   and water $145.  I have tried to see if I was eligible for assistance elsewhere but
                                   was turned away.  I have no clue on what to do nor where to turn.  It would be a
                                   blessing if someone could help me and my family out.
                                   #20130044  4/8/2013
                                   Ft. Carson, Co Army
                                   My name is Anamaria Genzler. My husband is an E4 stationed at Fort Carson, CO.
                                   We were recently married last year and suffered the loss of my mother which we
                                   had to take an AER and OMNI loan out just to pay for the trip and funeral costs.
                                   We can barely support ourselves, plus we are pregnant. Any help would be greatly
                                   appreciated. God Bless.
                                   #20130043 4/8/2013
                                   Ft. Bragg, NC  Army
                                   I am Active Duty Army stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC (Living in Parkton, NC). I was
                                   involved in a hit and run accident on 5 April 2013. Thankfully I was not injured.
                                   However, my insurance company is going to total the vehicle, but payment is going
                                   to be delayed because they can't locate the other driver. I just need assistance
                                   with a rental vehicle until I can get another car. I have a wife and 5 kids. Thank
                                   you and god bless.
                                   #20130042 4/8/2013
                                   Montana National Guard
                                   Hello my name is Jamie bridges, I'm a sgt in the mo national guard. Me, my wife
                                   and 5 kids have hit a hard point in our life. I Am a full time college student,
                                   and employed with a hotel "full time".Due to debts owed our struggle has
                                   deepened and I'm worried about losing it all. Any help would be graciously
                                   #20130041 4/8/2013
                                   East Tawas, MI  Coast Guard
                                   My husband is active duty in the Coast Guard. We made a house hunting trip to
                                   Virginia, husband is being transferred there this summer.  While in Virginia,
                                   our mini van's brakes went out and we had not choice but to have new ones put
                                   on.  My husband had to open a Meineke credit card to charge the $800.  We saved
                                   up just enough money to make the trip to Virginia and do not have any extra and
                                   it will be very difficult to pay for this emergency repair. Any assistance would
                                   be very appreciated.
                                   #20130040 4/9/2013
                                   Ft. Hood, Tx  Army
                                   My name is michael ferrell I am an E5 in the us army struggeling to support my
                                   wife and new born son I'm unable to make bills because the army has begun taking
                                   money back for gear that was stolen while I was deployed any and all help will be
                                   #20130039 4/5/2013
                                   Modesto, California Army National Guard.
                                   I recently lost my job because of my military obligations, I tried fighting it
                                   through JAG but nothing came of it, I am married with 2 kids with one on the way.
                                   We are at risk of losing everything we worked so hard for because of the incident.
                                   I have interviews for three different police departments and have good jobs lined
                                   up all we need is really something to help get through the next two months I have
                                   sold everything I could think of I am out of options.
                                   #20130038  4/5/2013
                                   Plano, TX Army Nat. Guard
                                   My name is Sgt. Pouncil, Tyahna S. and I am  writing to  request help with my
                                   rent and utilities.  I have been back from Iraq since July  2011, but have yet
                                   to obtain a job.  I am going to school and trying to better myself to compete
                                   with others who are seeking a job like me.  I live in Plano, TX and I am in the
                                   Army National Guard.  Please help if you can?
                                   #20130037 4/5/2013
                                   Rainbow City, Al  Army
                                   My name is cody i live in rainbow city al I came off of my deployment in september
                                   of 2012 when i came back the job i had was gone im needing assistance with it is 565
                                   #20130036 4/5/2013
                                   Baltimore, MD  Army
                                   My name is Specialist Gregory Carter. My wife, 4 sons and I are facing eviction
                                   on Thursday April 4. The hardship is due to an error and reduction of my BAH. I
                                   have tried to contact numerous agencies for assistance but have run into brick
                                   walls and voice mails. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I reside in Baltimore,
                                   Md. I'm active duty Army stationed in the Wounded Warrior unit at Fort Meade.
                                   Thanks again.
                                   #20130035 3/31/2013
                                   Scotland Georgia Army reserves 
                                   I am getting ready for deployment in june and I need help for my family due
                                   to medical bills for my son and my fiancée we have fallen behind around $500.00
                                   on bills and I can not receive a loan until I receive my deployment orders next
                                   month its an emergency if anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated.
                                   Stationed in Salisbury north Carolina
                                   #20120034 3/31/2013
                                   Fort Lewis,Wa. U.S. Army
                                   Husband just returned from Afghanistan and now going thru a medical discharge
                                   due to his injuries, on top of that our only vehicle is now about to become
                                   non existant. Total repairs are estimated at $1100. Something we just dont
                                   have on reserve with a family of 5. Without our car doctors appointments,
                                   working even grocery shopping is impossible. We are not the type to ask for a
                                   hand out, but we are in desperate need of help to fix our only source of
                                   transportation. To anyone that can help, please and sincerely Thank You.
                                   #20130033  3/22/2012
                                   Columbia, SC Army
                                   My husband is SGT Jones. he is currently in the Army. I do photography, but I
                                   haven't had any lately. we are living pay check to pay check. we were able to
                                   pay all our bills. but we don't have much for our children for Easter. I do not
                                   like asking for help but I want my kids to have a decent Easter and Easter
                                   Dinner. I am really embarrassed to ask for help. we don't want money e-gift
                                   card please. we have a Wal-mart really close to us. any and every help is very
                                   thankful! may God Bless you during this wonderful Holiday!
                                   #20130032 3/22/2013
                                   Fort Myer, VA  Army
                                   I am seeking some help for my family. We have 3 kids ages 3, 4 and 6 and are
                                   stationed at Fort Myer, VA. Husband is an e-4 in the army and we are falling
                                   behind on bills and food after having to move due to a house fire where we
                                   lost everything.We are about to lose our car due to being behind -$423. We
                                   have 3 lbs of meat in the freezer for the month half a loaf of bread and 1
                                   gallon of milk.We are -$179 in the bank due to having to get gas for the van
                                   to and from work. If you can please please help us.
                                   #20130031 3/22/2013
                                   Tucson, Az  Army
                                   My name is rebekah, I'm newly married to my husband who is currently deployed
                                   in the army. We liv in Tucson AZ . He has been so great to take on two children
                                   and treat rem like his own. I recently lost my job as a RN. He is stressed
                                   over finances and I have not found a new job yet.  I am asking for help with
                                   my car and need $1500 to bring my account current. Any amount will help.Thank
                                   you .
                                   #20130030 3/20/2013
                                   Siler City, NC Army National Guard
                                   I recently lost my job and I'm about to have my second child in a couple weeks.
                                   My wife works one day a week due to being pregnant and all our bills are pilling
                                   up on us. I would greatly appreciate help with my bills and I would pay it back
                                   as soon as I can.
                                   #20130029 3/19/2013
                                   Amarillo, NM  Vet USAF
                                   I was stationed at Cannon AFB, NM from 2004 - apr 2012. I currently live
                                   in amarillo with my wife and 3 kids. I have recently been awaiting a job at 
                                   the sheriffs dept. but it has not went through yet. I got a job driving a truck 
                                   but then had an accident and can't work for a little while. I am in severe 
                                   need of help with groceries, bills, and most of all rent. I really hope I can 
                                   get some help with this and I will pay it back as soon as I possibly can.
                                   #20130028 3/19/2013
                                   Fort Lewis, WA  Army
                                   I have a 15 month old son and no income at all. Long story short my husband
                                   has been put in jail for abusing our son. I stopped working when it all happened
                                   to be home with my child but now that he is in jail the Army has taken everything
                                   from us and I have nothing. I'm trying very hard to find a job but I need help!
                                   Any kind of help would be great!
                                   #20130027 3/19/2013
                                   Scott AFB Illinois,  US Air Force
                                   Family of 5 children and 2 adults. My husbands ex wife had credit cards we
                                   didn't know about and my husband is paying for it because she won't. We are
                                   falling behind on our mortgage ($1200/mo), car payment($720/mo), utilities
                                   ($450/mo) and groceries($500/mo).  We can only put off creditors for so long
                                   until they take us to court. My husband is supposed to go to NCO Academy in
                                   Texas.  This could affect his 16 year career. We plan on paying forward any
                                   help we can get. Thank you.
                                   #20130026 2/19/2013
                                   Camp Lejeune, North Carolina USMC 
                                   Husband got deployed to Afghanistan 6 months after arriving.  We have been
                                   using all the deployment pay to get up to dates on all the bills we were faced
                                   with when we arrived. I bought my husband a used car for when he returned home
                                   and the transmission failed the day after I bought it.  Would love to have help
                                   fixing the car for my husband's return.  Any or all help with getting the car
                                   working before my husband's return would be greatly appreciated.
                                   #20130025 3/13/2012
                                   Lugoff, SC Army National Guard
                                   Husband is in the SCNG. we are having financial problems. and on top of that
                                   we found out we are about to lose our car due to legal issues.The dealership
                                   wants to buy it back and we are left without a car for a week or better and
                                   we still will owe on the car and still have to make payments and look for
                                   another car well in this process we have lost a lot of money for the lawyer.
                                   and we have $1.32 in our account. we have 3 boys 5month 2yrs and 3yrs were
                                   starting to run low on baby needs. and we have no food in our house. few bills
                                   that are about to be turned off  Water-$100.67 and lights-$305.93 I hate putting
                                   our burden on everyone else but we need help. thank you for taking the time to
                                   read this! God Bless you and your family!!
                                    Thank you Josh Hillman 
                                   #20130024 3/13/2013
                                   Ft. Sam Houston, TX  ARMY
                                   Military family of 4 stationed in Fort Sam Houston, Tx. In the US Army. My
                                   husband ets'd out of the Army in July 2012 and hasn't been able to get a job
                                   since. I am the only one providing for our family and have fallen behind on
                                   all of our utilities, car payments and not even having for gas. We are in the
                                   negative every pay check and barley have to feed my children. I can do with
                                   out until my husband finds a job but it breaks my heart that I can't provide
                                   more than noodles for my family. We desperately need any kind of help.God Bless you. 
                                   #20130023 3/10/2013
                                   Wichita KS Air Force
                                   Im 19 years of age. I just got engaged, and recently my fiance found out she
                                   had ovarian cancer. She lives in Atlanta Georgia and im in Wichita Kansas..
                                   She's only 21, and because of the cancer she has to go to chemo and radiation.
                                   I've literally done everything I can financially even down to selling my
                                   personal items like my car, taking out loans etc to try and pay the bills but
                                   now im starting to come up short. Even though things are hard right now I try
                                   to keep a positive attitude because I know attitude determines altitude and at
                                   the end everything will be okay. Hope to hear from someone soon thanks
                                   #20130022 3/10/2013
                                   San Antonio, Tx USMC
                                   We are a military family of 5 we just got stationed in San Antonio my husband
                                   is in the Marines and we are already falling behind on our utilities because
                                   of deposits and such, We are in need of help with our electric/gas bill &our
                                   water bill all of which total $400.00 and we need help with groceries, We just
                                   need a little help until I get confirmation that I got the job that I recently
                                   applied for.Please help and thank you 
                                   #20130021 3/6/2013
                                   Lilburn, GA National Guard
                                   I am 2 months past due in rent, including late fees the amount I owe is $2,289.00.
                                   I was anticipating my enlistment bonus check on February 4th, 2013 in the amount
                                   of $2500 and then was told I would not receive it until February 20th, 2013.
                                   Unfortunately I was unemployed last month and have since gained employment. The
                                   property Mgt. was lenient in anticipation of my bonus check. Due to a clerical error
                                   my bonus check has been withheld for the time being.I had to appear in magistrate
                                   court February 27th, 2013. If the rent is paid today or I at least have an answer
                                   on when I can pay it today  the eviction process will be terminated , If not my
                                   fiance , my 6 month old daughter and I will be without a home. I have no where else
                                   to turn. If you can assist my family in our time of need , I can assure you when I
                                   recieve my bonus check I will repay you in full.
                                   #20130020 3/2/2013
                                   Oceanside California  USMC
                                   Hi i am a military wife, my husband  is in the marines.We are station in camp
                                   pendleton  Oceanside California 92057. Iam trying to start classes on line with
                                   mycaa but i don't have a computer I'm looking for some financial help to buy
                                   one, its hard right now to buy a computer please hope you can help.. 
                                   #20130019 3/2/2013
                                   Oak Harbor, Wa NAS Whidbey island USN
                                   We are a Navy family.  Due to my husband deploying I was not able to continue
                                   my night shift job as I needed to be home with our daughters.  We fell behind
                                   on everything and it is now affecting my husbands upcoming reenlistment.  We
                                   stretch what we can and try to apply as much as we can to bills but its taking
                                   its toll on our stress and marriage.  Any help would be a blessing.
                                   #20130018  2/26/2013
                                   Miami, Fl  US Army Vet
                                   We are requesting Financial Assistance for Rent/Mortgage 
                                   Utilities and kids School Fees.
                                   #20130017 2/25/2013
                                   Mobile, Al  Army Nat. Guard
                                   We are in desperate need of financial assistance.We bought our home in April
                                   2012 on our 1 year anniversary. Not long after I was laid off at work. I was
                                   a Temp for the Army National Guard in hopes of being placed in a permanent
                                   slot at the FMS28 shop in Mobile Al. Due to cutbacks in our military I was
                                   not able to get a full time position. My wife worked for RaCON Inc driving
                                   packer tractors but due to all of the rain was not able to work hardly at all.
                                   We have since then found jobs but have gotten so behind on our bills we cannot
                                   see a way out of this financial nightmare. We will soon lose our vehicles as
                                   well as our home and our credit. If anyone can help us it would be such a
                                   blessing and a relief.
                                   #20130016 2/25/2013
                                   Schofield Barracks Army base  Army
                                   Hi, my name is Ashley Doll. My husband is in the US Army and is stationed on
                                   Schofield Barracks Army base. He has been a soldier since October 2010. I am
                                   currently in South Florida due to some custody issues with my oldest daughter
                                   who my husband plans to adopt in the next few months. We are supposed to fly
                                   back after March 6, but we do not know how we are going to afford it. Its been
                                   really hard on my daughters and I being apart from him. If there is anyway we
                                   can get just a little bit of help we would truly appreciate it!
                                   #20120015  2/25/2013
                                   Chicago, IL United States Army Reserve  
                                   I am a struggling soldier in desperate need of$400 to pay fees at school.I'm
                                   a few credits away from my Bachelors and I won't be able to continue as a student
                                   if this isn't paid.  Being in the military limits my ability to take out a personal
                                   loan to pay this.  Having an education is very important to me and I've recently
                                   started being garnished at work for medical bills but I cannot allow myself to get
                                   kicked out of school and acquire more debt.  Please help, this would be greatly
                                   #20130014 2/21/2013
                                   Oak Grove KY. Retired US Army.
                                   My husband was medically retired in 2010 and we struggled for awhile before
                                   we got on our feet and I lost my job and we're struggling again. I did get
                                   another job but we're trying to catch up.
                                   We need grocery help.
                                   #20130013 2/21/2013
                                   National City , CA  Navy 
                                   We are in need of assistance to you to identity theft our bank account was
                                   wiped out do due to identity theft which will cause our rent check to bounce.
                                   I have already notified the police and of course the bank.  I have 2 children
                                   and a wife, he was unable to work due to Lupus.Your assistance would be greatly
                                   #20130012 2/12/2013
                                   San Diego, Navy
                                   Family of 7 in need of Rent assistance and maybe some grocery gift cards to
                                   give our kids a meal.  My husband is very prideful , but I don't like to see
                                   him sad or stressed over our financial situation at the moment. He is the only
                                   one working and it is hard for him to take care of a family of 7. We are behind
                                   2 months rent and live in fear everyday of our Landlord knocking on our door
                                   and giving us an eviction notice. We would greatly appreciate any help. Thank
                                   you very much and God bless you all that help our military families
                                   #20130011  2/21/2013
                                   Fort Hood TX. US Army
                                   Hello My name is Joseph Verdin and I am requesting some help to pay off some 
                                   debt before I am Medically Boarded out of the Army and so that I can get my 
                                   credit up so I can afford to buy a home for my family. Anything would help, 
                                   but if you wish for me to be specific I need about four grand to six grad to 
                                   get me back to competition for housing thanks again and god bless.
                                   #20130010 2/19/2013
                                   Camp Lejeune , United States Marine
                                   I am trying too provide for my family but I am swamped with bills and struggling
                                   to pay everything and getting ready for our new born baby. Please help.
                                   #20130009  2/19/2013
                                   Colorado Springs, CO- Army
                                   We are in dire need of assistance. My husband is an amputee who chose to stay
                                   in the Army and we are paying for the decision financially. We need help putting
                                   food on the table for our children and our truck is on the brink of being
                                   repossessed and we can't afford to put gas in to get through to the next pay
                                   check. We are struggling beyond belief and have no where else to turn for
                                   assistance. We would deeply appreciate the help.  Thank you
                                   #20130008 2/19/2013
                                   Jacksboro, Tennessee. Army National Guard.
                                   My family and I are in need of assistance due to my being out of work because
                                   I had to have shoulder surgery to repair an active duty injury. I have a wife,
                                   an 8 month old son, and a baby girl on the way with our home about to be
                                   foreclosed on at the end of the month. The transmission went bad in my Jeep
                                   and my wife's car is quickly falling apart from the ware of the necessary weekly
                                   trips to the VA hospital that is located about 200 miles from our home.
                                   #20130007 2/19/2013
                                   Louisiana Army National Guard
                                   My name is SGT Cavalier, Jonathan. I'm in the Louisiana Army National Guard.I'm
                                   currently facing a financial hardship. My wife has been diagnosed with stomach
                                   cancer and has been in the hospital since November 11, 2012. Medically, the
                                   doctors are saying it's nothing additional they can do, due to the extent of
                                   the cancer. We have a total of 4 children. 2 of which, are not currently living
                                   with me due to the financial hardship. I currently provide the only income in
                                   the house. Anything would help. Thanks in advance.
                                   #20130006 2/19/2013
                                   Winchester, VA  Reserves
                                   This is SPC Charles Harris living in Winchester, VA in the 978th Quartermaster
                                   Reserve Unit in Annapolis,MD. My family is having financial hardship and is
                                   request 2000 the stop possible eviction quick action is necessary. Thank in
                                   advance for your time
                                   #20130005 2/19/2013
                                   Fort riley Kansas. 1-1 BSTB HHC MP platoon
                                   Wife's pregnant we can't afford our car payments and insurance were are
                                   leaving off 35 dollars for two weeks. Trying to figure out what we can do to
                                   better our situation. Wife's stressed out and it's hard without any help
                                    Thank you Nina Welsh 
                                   #20130004 2/19/2013
                                   New Orleans, LA  USMC
                                   Requesting Financial Assistance. Active Duty Marine Sergeant, Marine Corps
                                   Support Facility, New Orleans, LA. Lost everything we owned in a house fire. I
                                   was 8 months pregnant with a husband (prior service Marine) and 1 year old
                                   Daughter. We had a small renters insurance policy which only covered a small
                                   portion of our losses. We have had a difficult time recovering from this, and
                                   still have many items that need replacing which has caused a financial burden.
                                   Any information you may be able to provide me and my family would be greatly
                                   #20130003 2/19/2013
                                   Ft Benning GA, US ARMY Active Duty
                                   My name is SPC Jimenez. I just came back from deployment on Jan 2013. My wife
                                   and (3) kids are Canadian and we have been working on the relocation process
                                   to move here. This process has proven to be more expensive than we ever expected.
                                   Starting in April my wife's rent will double and we we don't have the resources
                                   to keep up with this. If this continues my family could end up evicted. Any help
                                   would be appreciated.
                                   #20130002  2/19/2013
                                   Copperas Cove/ Fort Hood, Texas  Army
                                   I need finacial help. I can not get a traditional loan. I need the loan or grant
                                   to pay off credit card debt so I have money to buy groceries for my family. I need
                                   a large loan or grant. Aprox. 6,000 dollars. I have 4 step chlildren and my wife
                                   and have 2 children together. I paid off 4 loans with our tax return and it still
                                   didnt seem to help. Thank You Bryan Kish
                                   #20130001  2/19/2013
                                   Daytona Beach, Fla  USMC
                                   My husband (Wounded Warrior Veteran - USMC) and I moved from his discharge to
                                   his tech school location. The move took quite a bit out of us and we are mostly
                                   living off of savings until his full VA pay comes in and I land a job. Our rent
                                   will be coming up in two weeks and we are struggling to be able to pay the full
                                   amount ($875). Anything would help if you are able to provide.
                                   To those that have helped the Military Families
                                   A heartfelt THANK YOU!
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AS of 1/1/2012 2012 136 Families helped 538 remained 2011 276 Families helped 311 remained 2010 99 Families helped 108 Remained 2009 104 Families helped 61 Remained 2008 21 Families helped 89 Remained
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                             Request for Assistance(military-families@usa.net)
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