Florida Vacation Rentals Concierge Web Advertising Agreement
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                             Palm Beach, FL 33480
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This agreement dated Month ___, 2002 is between Advertiser (Your name/Company
Named)_______________________________ and Florida Vacation Rentals Concierge,
a Florida entity, (hereafter referred to as "the company") and (Your name/Company
Name) _______________________________ (hereafter referred to as the
 Advertiser)for the purposes of advertising the (no.) rental home(s) of the 
Advertiser located in TOWN, Florida on Florida Vacation Rentals Concierge's 
http://www.adusa.com/FloridaRentals.htm  web site, only. The term of this 
agreement is for a periodof 1-year commencing when Florida Vacation Rentals 
Concierge completes the listing.The cost of the advertising/Web Page is $55 
for 3 months/3 photo images per home or $135 one year/6 images per home. OR 
you may post the property FREE if as owner you agree to pay a 30% Commission 
on the listed Rental Income.
The company will provide a web page advertisement for the Advertiser on its
Florida Vacation Rentals Concierge Web Site to illustrate the property. The
Advertiser will provide these photos in either a standard conventional 
photographic format or in a compressed (. JPG) format. Florida Vacation Rentals
Concierge will also place the Advertiser's property at or near the top of section
of the Florida page in the http:// www.adusa.com/FloridaRentals.htm  site in the
region where the Advertiser's properties are located. Photo scans from conventional
photographs are chargeable at a rate of $5.00 per scan The maximum size of these
photos on the web site will be no larger than 360 pixels in width. Florida Vacation
Rentals Concierge assumes ownership of any of the photographs or other materials 
sent by the Advertiser.

The page description area will consist of a description of the contents, its 
layout. the neighborhood, proximity to Florida attractions and any other information 
that the Advertiser deems useful and appropriate. The descriptions must be provided
to the Company, via electronic format, i.e. e-mail, WORD document, .TXT document
or Word Perfect format.

The company will put other hyperlink references to other owner web sites for the
express purpose of renting the Advertiser's properties for a maximum of (2), at
no charge. All telephone references, numbers, names and other information will be
that which is associated with the Advertiser, directly.

Ad Changes and Additional Web Sites

The Advertiser may change this web advertisement at any time, however, additional
changes to the advertisement, after acceptance, may be billable, at the discretion
of the company. Florida Vacation Rentals Concierge, will include your postings in:
http://www.ClaireHunterRealty.com but Daytona Beach listings must be posted through
that entity. 

Other Considerations

Florida Vacation Rentals Concierge will bear no responsibility resulting from
any disputes between renters and the Advertiser due to the condition of the property.
The company will bear no responsibility for the description and condition of the 
property as depicted in the web page. The company will be held blameless from any
litigation resulting from any tenants' or renters' disputes at the property.
For advertisers with multiple properties, the Company will endeavor to place
the pages in the appropriate geographic location. Make all advertising checks payable
to: Roger J. Mealey.Jr. %Florida Vacation Rentals Concierge, PO Box 3392, Palm Beach,
Florida 33480.

NOTE: All payable "commissionable funds" MUST be paid to: Claire Hunter Realty, Inc.,
223 Seabreeze Blvd. Daytona Beach, Florida, 32118.



Print Name)

No. Of Properties to list ______ 

Options: 3 IMAGES ($55) /3Months/property ______ Links on additional Florida Vacation
Rentals Concierge sites ($29) ______6 IMAGES($135)/1Yr/Property ______ Post FREE your 
listing if you are the Property Owner and agree to pay 30% of Rental Income. ____Please 
initial what services you would like.  (Discounts available for multiple properties)


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