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  Special Cuisines are carefully prepared by top gourmet cooks who have redefined
  the Food Industry.

100% Natural and Preservative Free No Refrigeration Needed Ready To Eat Simple and Accurate Preparation Entry and Side Dish Packaged Separately Extra Large Portions Two-Year Shelf Life Ideal for: Lunch or Dinner Travel Camping/Fishing/Outdoors Military Rations (MRE's) Relief Organizations Pre-cooked meals not requiring refirgeration? Yes, a unique sealing film locks in freshness and taste. Then, trays are cooked and sterilized in a state-of-the-art "retorting system". Discover the quality and convenience of a gourmet meal while traveling, working, during recreational activities, or use them as any prepared entree for a fast and nutritious meal at home.

The meals are pre-cooked,all natural and preservative-free for a warm, nutritious meal. Best of all these meals are Glatt Kosher, under strict supervision of the Orthodox Union., reliable convenience and tastes in every bite! Product available in Kosher and in Halal.


The production team comprises of leading gourmet chefs and nourishment experts who carefully research permium quality ingredients and develope some of the industry's finest gourmet recipes. Technical specialists operate the Fine Foods state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and ensure product quality and packaging efficiency.

The manufacturing facility, including its production process, ingredients, and end-product, are endorsed by Kosher and Halal Certifications:

                                   Veggies     Pasta     Beef
                               11 Delicious Meals to choose from

      Beef Bourguignon with Parsley Potatoes (Kosher)
      Traditional Corned Beef with Coleslaw (Kosher)
      Beef Stroganoff with Egg Noodles (Kosher)
      Roasted Beef Steak with Mashed Potatoes (Kosher) Beef
      Beef Lasagna (Kosher/Halal)
      Vegeterian Soy Meat Stew with Mushroom and Pasta (Kosher)
      Vegeterian Lasagna (Kosher)
      Mediterranean Style Beef with Rice (Kosher/Halal)
      Beef Strips with Pasta and Mushroom (Kosher/Halal)
      Beef Bourguignon with Primavera Rice (Halal)
      Meat Balls with Spagehtti and Vegetables (Kosher/Halal)
                                 Each case contains 400 grams

    PRICES: All in US Dollars.
            1 20 Ft container 24000 -28000 units Price is $4.0ea firm or $112,000.00 FOB Argentina.

1 40 Ft container 55,000.00 units Price $4.00ea firm or $220,000.00 FOB Argentina

CIF: Charges of a 40 foot container can vary depending on destination. It is suggested you contact a freight forwarder of your own as charges may be less for your established firm. PAYMENT METHOD: Irrevocable and transferable Letter of Credit issued on a Prime Bank approved by supplier credit bank. NO EXCEPTIONS SAMPLES: Samples may be purchased of the product. We do not ship FREE samples. WET WIPES We have "wet wipes", floppy pack with 80 units @ 0.75 cents and for a hard box with same count $1.05 Other brands sell from $3.77 to $5.00 for same hard box product.A 40' container can be delivered FOB from Haifa in 10 days after receipt of order and confirming its L/C. The Floppy pack will cost .82 cents ea when ordering a 40' container.These are good quality. We can offer another higher quality private lable like Huggies which are manufactured in Israel but cost is more. Doing business with us Click Here R. Mealey Mealey's USA Direct PO Box 3392 Palm Beach, Florida 33480 Fax 1 775 640 6558 Fono 1 561 840 8644 Cellular 1 561 951 8244

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