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To expedite the process kindly access our Non Circumvention agreement so we may disclose to you complete contact details of request made and then reach equitable agreements on future transactions.

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1)Funding Wanted for down payment         2)Borrower seeks lender willing to offer
and or/100% financing for multi-            an unsecured $40,000 loan for 3 years.
unit properties in NJ and Fl. also          Borrower wants interest only payments
seek rehab loans for single- and            for 3 years. All payments monthly of    
multi-familyproperties.Request              equal amount. Principal repayed in full
 requirements via email.                    lump sum at end of 3 years. Borrower is
                                            offering attractive interest rate. If
3)INTEGRITY HOME BUYERS. Seeking            can meet terms contact us.
financing for investment property.
Need line of credit or money for          4)BWB seeking funds to buy internet business
rehab of 1-4 family houses. Prop            with a proven positive cash flow. Will pay
will serve as collateral. LTV not           liberal interest on the loan.
to exceed 70%
                                          6)New Company in Real Estate Investments
5)Seeking cosigner for $250,000             seeks $100k at 16% interest for 6 months
business loan.                              to buy/repair/sell (rent) foreclosures.
                                            Also need down payment loans (5-30%), 12%
7)Lenders, angels, & Investors              with max 5 yrs balloon, to buy income
BWB couple seeks 100% financing,            properties in NW Il area.
lines of credit., down payment
loans for apartments, multi family        8)Attention Investors: Partners needed
units, single family units & mobile         for down payments on solid multiunit
home parks. Willing to pay higher           housing. Will pay handsome interest along
rates.                                      with equity sharing options, Enjoy cash flow
                                            equity build up, and capital gains, all
9)Angels, Lenders, or Investors             without managing.
wanted for a new funeral home and
insurance company in Shreveport, LA      10)Buyer of foreclosure properties needs a
Need 100% financing on this project         line of credit for up to $400,000, loan will
Money will be used to buy property          pay high rate of interest, or sharing of profits.
and rolling stock,cementery and             Has very good credit rating and secure job.
office equipment. Building and land
will serve as collateral. Willing to
work with finders or investors. have     12)Investor/Financing Needed, down payment
business plan, been in the funeral          or 100% financing for positive cash flow in
business 35 years.                          multi units and large waterfront apartment
                                            bldgs in New Bedfrod, MA undergoing revita-
                                            lization. Partnership available.
11)Real estate Investor with 7 prop
and 19 units with $72,000/yr of +        14)Seeking Grant money, lenders and real estate
cash flow, is always looking for new        investor. Have several contracts to buy in
lending programs that I can get into        Washington DC; need funds to close deals. Also
that would allow me to include closing      have tenantes already lined up.
cost in the total loan and can be
obtained for as little down payment as    16)Funding wanted for unique private school
possible. My credit scores with all 3        on rapidly appreciating South Florida Property
credit rating companies are in the 730       Education of four year old children is now
range.                                       mandatory. Two well educated women seek funds 
                                             to expand school. Well maintained facilities
13)Return on Investment, Residential         has the capacity for 300 students. Will pay
developer on California Coast seeks $50K     generous fee at loan funding.
on up. Secured by 2nd deed, promissory,
IRA rollovers encouraged, (tas-free       19)Have impeccable know how for lucrative mail
investment) Also: corporate structure        order business. Need $6,000 loan. Handsome
assistance available to help you keep        return negotiable. Bad credit willing to work 
your money once you make it s-corp.          12-16 hr days to make your money work for us.

15)Investment Club soliciting for oil     20)$2,000 loan needed for investment purpose. Will
and gas investors.Have current oil           repay $125 a month for 24 months.
production and bew well drilling
programs for immediate royalty parti-     21)Seek financing for neighborhood block developement
cipation. Not an offer to sell securities!   proposal in Baltimore metro area. Seek $500K. Exec
                                             summary available.
17)Cosigner needed for single and multi
familu income properties in NYC area.     22)Successful contractor in Fla looking for lender
Willpay you fee and % of profits.            to carry 2nd mortgage on waterfront apartment 

23)Investor/Lender financing needed for   24)Seek Financing.Downpayment or 100% financing for
purchase money. Full financing of income     apartments in growing market in TN. Loan secured by
producing commercial residential units       income-producing properties. Will consider higher 
and waterfront rental units. Welcome         interest. 10 yr payoff, and possible share of % 
non-conventional financing.                  of sale or annual profits. Exec summary available.

25)Looking for cosigner for a loan of     26)Seeking $100,000 to purchase business secured by
$6,400 for an internet business. Will        government securities.
pay 5% of loan plus bonuses.

27)Super hard working Highly motivated    28)Investor wanted. Investor needs cash for viable real
BWB looking for 100% financing to purchase   estate deals, investment secured. Excellent interest
single-familiy homes and duplexes.           rates, points possible. Quick payback.

29)Investor Venture capitalist wanted     30)Seeking Grant money.or lenders and real estate investors
$200,000 needed by 6 year old non profit     for 104 units in San Francisco Bay area. Sec 8 tenants
coproration to start debt consolidation      lined up ready to rent.
company.Very good cash flow and profit
for owners. Counseling and guidance for   31)BWB with some slow credit problems needs 100% financing
debt repayment and debt reduction will       for fist investment property or line of credit, secured 
be provided. Veru good business will         against real estate. provide terms.
greatly increase after the enactment of
the bankruptcy law. Join us in earning    32)Motivated BWB couple seeking lenders or partners for 100%
financial returns while helping a great      loans for single-family homes or multi family buildings.
number of people.                            We have a triplex and single family home already. plus our
                                             own home.
33)Young Investor searching for evolving 
line of credit, to purchase or build.     34)Real estate investor needs financing for multi family
1st duplex. Need cosigner, silent partner,   , commercial and hotels , all with cash flow.
joint venture, hard money, seller
financing,or no income/asset verification 35)G.O.D. Investments, Inc Company seeks signers to purchase
loan. Credit insufficient @ 550 fico. One    income property to satisfy demand for Sec. 8 Housing in my
time deal or repeat/multiple business.       area. Will give 10% of all profits and 10% of ownership. Only
                                             serious need apply.
36)10-12% return possible with Tax liens  37)$100,000 short term loan needed for rehab of two income
secured by real estate in Lake County, In    proerties recently purchased in CT. Properties will serve
Perfect for IRA. You get all of the return   as collaterals. Advise your terms.
if the tax lien pays off; I get property
if it doesnt and pays you a profit on     38)Funds for Art. Funding wanted for young and emerging
your investment.                             artist. Would like to help artist by putting on art shows.
                                             Established galleries reject newcomers.
39)15% Minimum discount off properties in 
the UK, France, Spain, Brazil and more.   40)Looking for lender/broker for $200,000 loan or line of
Assistance with finding moretgages to suit   credit. The loan will be collaterized with $200,000 in
at 85% valuation. Full refund of any         purchase money mortgage note and buildings. The note will
deposit you make with proper deal            be used for real estate investing. Fico score 740
                                          42)Seeking down payment loan of $100-$200K to help
41)Need money lender/silent partner for      buy a multi tenant office building that I will own/
income Real Estate in Las Vegas and hawaii.  occupy with eye clinic. Safe cash flow. Interest payments
                                             for 4-5 yrs with principal returned at end of negotiated

43)BWB in central NJ seeking $10,000 loan
for consolidation. Will pay $350 over 36

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FAQ Sell Your Note Sell or Buy Your Car Earn 15% Now! Available Now Mortgage Loans Note Buyers Articles/Reports Money Seekers

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