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The economy has slowed, the population is getting older, baby boomers are now in their 50's, yet the marketplace negates work to those over 40. Oh YES! Age discrimination is alive and well in America!

For those that were able to put money away for their retirement and live comfortably a rarety these days, we salute you, for the rest of you. Insuring a steady income has become a quest as elusive as the Golden Chalice!

However, here in Florida there are areas of wealthy retires and individuals with substantial disposable income. And they need services which we could provide and live comfortably.

There is a community that is growing quite rapidly and the homes there start at $250,000.00 and have been selling faster than buttered popcorn at a movie theater. They will need landscape services, pool maintenance, pharmacy, deli, icecream shop, veterinerian facility, health care facility, Internet services and facility. To name a few of their needs.

It would be nice to create a nice facility that would include many of these services in an esthetically pleasing presentation which would be welcome by this growing community and a little out of the ordinary
It will create several businesses with a ready client base, jobs for some of the locals and an opportunity for those of you interested.

Now where there is a will there is a way and I propose creating a small business center that will accommodate these businesses and others for mutual benefit. It will require acquiring the commercial property, construction of the site and implementing the various businesses. This will require some initial capital and investment. It can be done as a corporate, a partnership or investment. I am open to suggestions, above all any means of getting capital in quickly and starting such a facility as soon as possible. Time flies and none of us is getting younger.

If interested contact me, lets see what can be put together. I pretty much have a good idea concept in mind but Im sure there are many of you out there not only much more well versed and financially positioned to make this a reality to make all our retirements more enjoyable day by day.

Please contact me if this is of interest and believe might be interested in participating. There will be need of many talents to offer the services contemplated.

We are pleased to have you visit with us and hope you will find our idea of interest and meeting with your approval, Please contact us if we desire to discuss further.

Roger J. Mealey, Jr.


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