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         Annuities                  REAL ESTATE NOTES
         Auto Paper                 Structured Settlements
         Boat Paper                 Viaticals
         BUSINESS NOTES             Real Estate Joint Ventures    
         Inheritance                & Real Estate Exchange
         Investment Opportunities   Others             

Offer A Note To Sell

Please choose the note that best describes yours Above. If your note is not listed, please choose the "Other" category. It is only necessary to list your note once.


BEFORE you submit your note.

1. Make sure you want to SELL your note.
2. State reason for selling same and the amount you want to clear.
3. Understand you will have to submit documents to conclude the sale.
4. If you do not intend to submit documents once you approve the amount.
   Do not waste our valuable time or that of our investors.
5. If you have shopped your note all over the internet. Do not waste our
   time as you've devalued its worth.
6. Understand there is a great deal of time and effort expended on your
   behalf to get your note purchased. We simply can not waste our time on
   individuals that are not serious as we have others that are.


Please Submit ALL the required information indicated for the type of Note you
would like to offer and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as
possible. We can not help you if you fail to provide all the data or fail to
indicate you have been shopping the note already. We need your assurance we
will be working on your behalf solely for a minimum of 30 days.
Thank you.
If uncertain your sell info went through copy and paste the info into an email and send to or Print and fax to 1 775 640-6558.

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