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                                         Military Families
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                     I am a portrait artist and would like to donate pastel portraits
                     to military families

                     These can be pastel or oil portraits of kids, adults, or pets
                     my website is nancynickeycurran.com where samples of my work
                     can be viewed.

                     Please let me know how I can be of help in this way
                     nancy curran  email: nancy curran   
                     I am a friend of a navy wife that attends my church here in Acworth, Georgia.
                     Her name is Mandy Guider and she is a very giving, loving wife (whose husband,
                     Jeremy Guider, is presently in Kuwait), mother of two young children and owner
                     of 7 dogs!!  One is the mother dog of 4 puppies who are now getting close to 5
                     MONTHS old now.  She has tried to give them away and has given away 2, but has
                     not had any more takers for the puppies).  She would LOVE to give away for FREE
                     these large, beautiful, lovable mixed breed puppies but is having a hard time
                     finding homes for them.  None of them have their shots yet and none of them (not
                     even the mother dog has been "fixed").  You can imagine what will happen when
                     they get a bit bigger (2 puppies are male and 2 puppies are female).  Is there
                     ANY way you might be able to help her in this ordeal?  She has no vehicle to
                     haul these puppies around to give them away and she really doesn't want the
                     Human Society to take them and put them down.  BOTH her children just got over
                     a terrible 10 day illness, and the neighbors are complaining about all the
                     barking of the puppies in her back yard.  PLEASE HELP!  This is an urgent
                     situation!  Thanks so much!
                     God bless, DeLena Cook
                     email: dizy4dawgs@aol.com


                 I have a special place in my heart for the military families... I have
                 contacted many organizations in my area and are only willing to take my
                 donations and give them to a thrift shop where it will be sold.....I have
                 new and gently used clothing, shoes and sneakers for men, women and children.
                 ....Yes I can donate it to a local thrift shop, but it will be sold and not
                 benefit the military families.   One night I woke up out of a sound sleep and
                 I believe that God put it on my heart to help the military families....All
                 of the clothing that I have is washed in my house, folded or put on hangars.
                 ... The clothing is gone through and only the best is kept for donation.  I
                 also have some toys and some small pieces of furniture, household items such
                 as lamps, microwave oven, mixers,pots and pans, etc. I would like to donate
                 all of these things to the military base to be GIVEN to the military
                 families, not sold...It can be done on a voucher system. Vouchers could be
                 in increments of $50. value...such as an adult receives a $100 voucher and
                 $50 per child...to make this project fair that everyone can have an equal
                 chance at the donations.  I am also planning to move within the next year
                 and would like to continue to donate....If the place that will take the
                 donated items is in close proximity to my house, I would be willing to work
                 to set it up....I appreciate all the our military men and women have don and
                 given their lives and time to provide and insure freedom for me and my family.
                 ..and my friends..This is all I can do and I am willing to help with this
                 project.. Thank you for all that you do for our country..
                          Sincerely,  Ruth Cohen,  1 516-330-1770 cell or 1 516-872-5361


                    Good morning, 
                    I have a lot of baby clothes and items that I
                    would love to pass on to a family or families
                    in need.  Would this be possible through your
                    organization?  I don't mind paying the postage
                    to get it wherever it's needed and/or splitting
                    items between families.  I have newborn clothes
                    that would work for either gender and then mostly
                    summer girl clothes for the 6-12 month range.  I
                    can also pass on winter clothing (if winter ever
                    ends here) from both my 21 month-old daughter and
                    5 year-old son so that some families will be ready
                    in the fall.  Any suggestions on ways I can get
                    these items to military families in need is greatly
                   Thanks so much! 
                   Inquiry about Clothes Offers 


                    My friends and I are looking for a family in Palm
                    Beach/Broward/Miami area to help out.  We always
                    have clothes/shoes for adults and children, toys
                    for children and other kids stuff to give.  We
                    make sure that everything that is given is in good
                    condition and not junk.  Please e-mail me.
                    It is getting a little costly to send the packages
                    and were hoping to find someone locally.
                    Thank you,
                    Inquiry about Local Offers 

                   The Suits  Melinda offered are now gone...........

                   Thank you, Melinda Green

                   Inquiry about Work Suits 
                   We Needs Angels to help us, help the families of these heroes.
                   Visit Our website, see how you can help.  
                                  Contact us if you wish to assist.
                   Request for Assistance
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