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"When you need an assistance, you need more than just a name"

Roger J. Mealey, Jr. has over 20 + years expertise in business and has travelled extensively through South America, The Caribbean and Central America. He has met and associated with individuals of High Military Rank, Government Officials, Presidents, Wealthy Socialites and Diplomatic Personnel.

Mr. Mealey was born in Los Angeles, California but raised abroad in private schools that catered to diplomatic and military personnel. The years in these countries as a youth allowed Mr. Mealey to blend in easily speaking fluently the languages and cultural nuances required.

Mr. Mealey holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of Central Florida in Business Administration and Management. Has 20+ years of international sales and marketing experience and speaks several languages. Most recently he was contracted and completed translation into spanish of software, technical manuals and online help for a high tech organization.

Our caskets are from a custom casket design and production firm in Dallas, Texas. The company was organized in 1997 to introduce a breakthrough new system for casket personalization. These caskets are now shown in 46 US states and 9 foreign countries.

A growing number of funeral homes across North America now offer their families the opportunity to add meaning and self-expression with the warmth and personality of these unique caskets.

Overnight Delivery

All these caskets are in stock and available for overnight delivery from shipping terminals in Columbus Ohio, Sacramento California, Grand Rapids Michigan and Dallas Texas. They currently offers over 40 different casket design themes that help to commemorate a life well lived. In the casket sections of this web site, the caskets are grouped under 7 different headings to facilitate your review and selection.

Patent Protected

The Decorative Casket Cover System used has been granted a United States Patent, and under the PCT Treaty, protection under this patent has been extended to 19 foreign countries.

Pre-arrangement Program The company has encouraged its funeral home clients to refer families directly to Our provider when wishing to make pre-arrangements for our caskets. We will refer you to the firm that manages the pre-arrangement process for families who select our casket for future use.


Presently, he is offering these unique caskets to the public and seeks potential distributors for South America of same. If interested please contact him at:


The Original suppier was sold. Contact them at 877 278 2275

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