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The Trillion-Dollar Vision of Dee Hock "We are at that very point in time when a 400-year-old age is dying and another is struggling to be born - a shifting of culture, science, society, and institutions enormously greater than the world has ever experienced. Ahead, the possibilities of the regenaration of individuality, liberty, community, and ethics such as the world has never known, and a harmony with nature, with one another, and with divine intelligence such as the world has never dreamed".

Hire Great People Fast It's the toughest - and most important - challenge in business today. Lessons from Netscape, Cisco, and Yahoo on how to find the right people and get them to spped up - fast.

The Brand Called You This story appears on its own web site with several web-only features not seen in the magazine! Big companies understand the importance of brands. Today in the Age of the Individual, you have to be your own brand. Here's what it takes to be CEO of Me Inc.

Make Smarter Mistakes Nobody's Perfect. Here are six reality-tested strategies for fixing, preventing, and learning from the bad things that can happen too good businesspeople.

Everything I Thought I Knew About Leader Is Wrong To get rich, do yuou have to be miserable? To be successful do you have to punish your customers? Tough questions from a CEO who's smart enough to admit he doesn't have all the answers. By Mort Meyerson

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