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PO Box 3392 Palm Beach, Florida 33480
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Specialization: South And Central America-Mexico-Caribbean-U.S.A.

If you are viewing this page you are most likely seeking serious and professional help in gaining assistance to increase market share or obtain entry into the Latin American or the United States market.

You may be a small business, a medium sized company
or a major corporation that is stymied by the cultural nuances and
idiosyncrasies of conducting business in these foreign countries.
You may be curently seeking that special , qualified individual who
can handle the task with confidence. Not only are there language differences,
but there are subtle national, governmental and important issues to be dealt with
in conducting business in these territories.


Over 30 years of hands on , in-country experience.

Speak the required languages.

Established business relationships.

Proven, successful, 15 year track record with a major multinational firm handling 28 countries.

Assisted other firms specializing in computers, software, telecommunications.

Proven High level business simultaneous translator interpreter

Do you have the time to gain the experience required to establish
yourself as a viable player in this field? Do you have the time and
funds to waste determining where to go first, who to see, where
to stay , how to get around and all the other issues you
will have to deal with in just trying to reach potential buyers?

We have years of experience, success and vital knowledge which we can impart to you in assisting you achieve your goals , sales growth and success. We can , from our home office in Palm Beach, Florida, provide you with concrete, decisive and effective help via electronic means, video conferencing , phone or fax on a personal and direct basis customized to yield the results you seek.

You can, by trial and error, achieve the same results, but you will have expended valuable resources, funding and precious time. You will have lost a great deal more than you would have gained had you had professional and expert help from the outset. You can hire a new head of an International Department, Division or area for your firm. Expending a great amount of monies without any certainty of the individual's capabilities or ability to perform the task at hand.

We are degreed in Business Administration/Management,
we have had our own Import/Export firm, we have worked for
one of the leading stock brokerage firms in the USA, we have
been involved in shipping, finance, negotiating contracts,
distributor agreements , crisis management and a great deal more.
For over 15 years, we handled a Latin American International Division
for one of the countrie's leading multi national Fortune 500 telecommunications firm.

We have always excelled in our operations and have numerous accolades concerning our many successes. If you are seeking some serious experienced, real- hard hitting help to achieve your projected growth, then you can achieve it with our assistance. You will have expert help to assist you achieve your goals, with no major overhead or office expenditure.

We would be pleased to help you on a consulting basis if so desired. A contractual arrangement can be drawn up or if you prefer, consulting assistance is available on an hourly basis. Initial 30 Minute consultation FREE. We will accept your credit card charge for the $150.00 an hour consultation .

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

We can also negotiate a minimum year-long retainer billable quarterly in increments ranging from $3,000 to $10,000 based on degree of involvement. Performance bonus based on profit increases and sales improvements over established goals to be negotiated. We will be accessible to you and working on your behalf to improve and achieve your goals in an area which we have excelled at consistently for many years. We are also open to workable proposals, try us.



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Timing is "The Key To Success". Timing is Everything!

Do you seek U.S. products or products from South America. Ask us, we may be able to assist.

All you need to do now is make the decision to enter the Latin American or United States market. Do you wish to have us Represent you? See our terms and Agreement:

We Buy & Sell Real Estate Notes and Business Notes

To proceed contact us:

Fax 1 775 640 6558
Call 1 561 840 8644
E-Mail: rmealey@usa.net
R Mail: P.O. Box 3392
Palm Beach, Florida
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