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Overqualified Professionals Network

Invest in yourself and Others!

Here Is How You Can Network with Other Professionals In Face To Face Meetings via Video Conferencing Worldwide!!

Enter the O.P.N. chat room in Ivisit.com, download client here

Direct entry to OPN Video Chat room

On connect click WINDOWS Tab, then DIRECTORY, then OPN Room appears

. Consider making a donation for use.

Set for a $5.00 Donation

Note: If no one is in the conference and wish to contact me for vid chat.Call

These essentially are our goals as we see them.

What your future holds for you in this new age of technology.

Your Passport to a better Life

My Personal Comments

Dear Potential Associate, Subscriber, Investor, Sponsor, Grantor;

Thank you for dropping in. Our OPN network which we are creating is for Professionals and their peers. So they may communicate, exchange ideas, create new businesses, give one another expert advice, help home business entrepreneurs all from the comfort of their PC and on a face to face video basis. Read on and see what we have in mind, if you agree join in or give us your comments of how we can improve the fledgling network.

Our Network will eventually be membership based, for this you will receive a monthly online updated Newsletter with comments, suggestions, success stories of other members but most importantly you will have Free 24 hour access to our Reflector OPN room for face to face conversations, consultations and exchanges with other professionals by means of video conferencing. Eventually we will pass word the reflector room access.

You can be online as soon as possible interacting with other networking members and professionals in similar situations. This Network will allow you to collaborate, formulate business interaction, consult with one another and even create some consultation enterprises of your own based on your expertise and capabilities. Costs will be minimal because it will all be via internet so members from across the street or around the globe will be accessible instantly. We will also encourage the use of a program called ICQ, which will allow you to communicate instantly with parties you want link to the second you turn on your pc and link to the internet. More about this later.

Set for $5.00

Our membership will eventually be reasonable and realistic, no more than using AOL, or if possible as low as joining AARP, you will gain an invaluable asset, a network of professionals and associates worldwide at your finger tips willing to collaborate, work with you without hesitation. Ivisit is cooperating with us allowing us use of its reflector based on space availability.This is not for everyone and there is an expense in keeping up the reflector, internet link etc. We would like eventuall run our own reflector and We will attempt to get sponsors to help defray some of the initial costs. A reason why we ask for your generous donations to get started. But overall we will grow the network to service your needs and help one another do what we could not do before after all the expenditures and rejections.

You will be welcome here, we will empathize with you, help where we can and assist others achieve their goals by our advice, support and good referrals. In this day and age where its all me, me , me; we would like to think our values of offering a helping hand and being good to one another will be welcome and accepted by those who like us have experienced the depths of despair and sought some respite and solace for help, cooperation and guidance.

Join us! Let's show all of those corporations, firms and Human Relations Personnel Managers what some "Overqualified Professionals" can achieve if they set their minds and collaborative efforts to work for a common good and keep America working.


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