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Every year an estimated 200 billion dollars in judgments goes uncollected! 79% of all judgments in a court house are typically uncollected. A judgment is a debt or order to pay, imposed upon an individual or corporate entity, by a judge in a court of law. When someone wins a lawsuit, that's just what they win - an order from the judge, a piece of paper. Now it's up to them to collect. For most people, this is where the victory ends. They don't have the foggiest idea how to locate bank accounts, find the debtor's employer or locate property - all of which can be attached to satisfy the judgment.

This is where we come in!

We offer to collect the judgment for you. We will locate the debtors assets, do all filings , incur all collection expenses and collect for you. In return, we receive 40% to 75% of the collection based on the age of the judgment and mutually agreed terms upon assignment of the judgment to us for $1 for a period of 4 years. Think about it, what have you as the judgment owner got to lose? This is money you would never have seen.

We use a non-confrontational approach . In fact we never contact , notify or communicate with the debtor.

If you have a judicial judgment or dead beat parent judgment that you feel we could work for you. Contact us and we will appraise you if you have a collectable judgment which we will collect for you. Not all judgments are collectable but the majority are. Give us a call, fax or drop us an email and we will provide more information promptly.

Here are some guidelines to consider BEFORE contacting us:

Small Claims Judgments

1. You are an individual with a judgment against another individual.

2. You are a business with a judgment against an individual residing in a home not apartment or rental.

3. You have a judgment with multiple debtors.

4. The initial judgment held is not less that $500.00 and not over $5,000.00 (For Amounts over $5,000.00 District & Federal Judgments contact us for a phone interview).

5. The judgment you hold is over 2 years old to under 8 years old.

6. You contract us to collect this judgment by assigning it to us legally based on the agreement of return and exchange of a $1.00 payment, allowing us to collect as our claim via the courts.

Contact us today! Avail yourself of our expertise and excellent track record . Send us a copy of your judgement and if acceptable we will tender you our agreement offer and proper documentation which you will need to notarize and return.

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