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Thank you for visiting our pages, we are seeking to create a reasonably priced video conferencing network for small businessmen, professionals, retirees and the numerous unemployed talented professionals found nationwide and globally which will allow them to conduct business, exchange ideas with their peers, support and even help one another.

The idea is to have it nationwide, global and inexpensive, while paying a yearly reasonable membership or monthly access fee. There are a number of products on the market which are H323 compliant such as Cuseeme, Pictel,Microsoft Net meeting, Intel Proshare, etc using a simple software that can be added to an individuals PC.

We would like to create a new entity and business environment from scratch in which the cooperative creators and visionaries become part of the firm and enterprise . Since we hope to cover the globe there will be a requirement for offices globally with staffing, reflector sites and more.

Visit our temporary site and get an idea of what I have in mind!

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Investors, venture capitalists willing to participate in Our Vision

There is no doubt if you get good minds together with great ideas and vision, everything can be accomplished. Now this is starting from scratch, everything has to be formulated, created and done. SO no idea is off the wall. If we can get several programmers willing to cooperate globally together, who knows what we can accomplish.

The goal is to create a viable enterprise in which we will all participate. If others can start viable businesses from nothing, what could those of you willing to take a chance accomplish!

Do not say that an opportunity never was presented to you. Here is a shot at the moon and back. The worst case scenario precious time is lost, the best case scenario, there is success and a new mega unique global network is created. Many companies are going for the big customers, corporations and big business trying to sell them expensive video conferencing network systems and networks, just look at the losses XEROX sustained in their botched and ill conceived video venture.

We seek top create initially a non profit organization similar to the AARP format. The initial intent is to help the millions of older professionals that can not find employment, have become disfranchised from corporate america simply because they are over 40! Their talents, abilities and expertise going to waste. The goal is to make them productive, give them a means to network in a way that State employment agencies, headhunter firms, classified ads and other means simply are unable to help. The goal is to make these individuals productive and in turn create new enterprises for profit offering more services by these capable and able individuals

But money is made one person at a time. If a person gets value for their money and accomplish good video networking and conferencing via internet using new compression systems etc. A reasonably priced system will garner millions world wide. Its a matter of trust, willingness to achieve and determination. I do plan to do this one way or another. SO if interested LETS TALK!

Major players Telecoms are merging, and even the cable firms are looking into this as a future. But new technology exists allowing larger bandwidth via copper pairs instead of digital, meaning that some firms could provide at a lesser cost fast transfer of data, at prices lower than digital ISDN lines or even the new DSL's which offers very fast transmissions but are limited and still costly. It is noted that at this date 51% of major corporations now perceive Telecommuting as a viable alternative where it was not taken seriously before.

In FIVE years time Video conferencing, telecommuting will be much more acceptable and main stream being offered for e-commerce, telemedicine, personal video phones and business conferencing. Cable companies, phone companies and wireless firms will be offering such services. Having a niche catering to retirees, small business, entrepreneurs, professionals at a reasonable cost, is likely to earn great profit and provide an excellent service nationwide to countless individuals, just as ISP's do now

Its simple an issue of being in tune with the future and applying one's self to the creation. We need visionaries, white knights with the funding, and expertise. That it will come to pass, there is no doubt. If its not us, who?

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