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What Video Conferencing is about!

What do you Need?

1. Cuseeme Software - Download 100% working FREE Beta Ver 3.1 (Good Till ?)from:

White Pines
Purchase Price $69.95

2. QuickCam - Check Out Information On the cam at:


Are You a Spy Enthusiast or Own your Own Business and Need an Easy to Conceal
Camera? The Picolo is the perfect choice for Video Communication at home in business
or when mobile. The world's smallest micro-miniature color CCD camera features excellent
image quality and the lowest power requirements of any color video camera in the market.
Pixera's digital image processing automatically controls white balance electronic shutter
saturation hue and luminance maintaining superior image quality and color reproduction.
Optical glass pinhole lens produces razor sharp video in a wide variety of lighting conditions.
These camera's are so small they easily fit into the palm of your hand use your imagination just
be careful!


Pixera Model : PXG-150N-PH (Nogatech sticker on face)
Image Sensor : 1/4'' 270k Pixel IT-CCD / Pinhole glass lens; Manual Focus Ring
Effective Number of Pixels : 512(H) x 492(V) pixels
Resolution : Horizontal 330 TV lines
Output Signal : Standard NTSC
Size : 23mm(W)x74mm(H)x9.5mm(D)
Electronic Shutter : 1/60sec-1/100000sec Auto
Gamma Correction : 0.45 typ.
Signal Processing : DSP (8bit A/D 10bit D/A)
View Angle : D:68 H:54 V:40; Internal synchronization
RCA Composite Output Can Plug into a VCR TV (w/Video Input) Capture Card Etc.
Includes Power Adapter and RCA Extension Cable

Product Requirements 

Video Capture Card TV VCR Etc. (anything with a RCA Video Input)
AC Power Outlet


We recommend a double utility digital camera/web cam, so don't waste Money on an expensive digital camera!.

 Looking for a PC camera to go? Pick up the flexible Intel(r) Pocket PC Camera. It provides
 high-quality video clips and pictures-whether it's tethered to your computer or sitting in
 the palm of your hand. It makes capturing and sharing video and pictures more exciting and
 convenient than ever. And the software gives you the freedom to make video phone calls over  the Internet from your desk. You can even build your own PC movies and edit and enhance your


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Here you will find cams and other related computer products at very reasonable prices.


X10's Multi-Camera Surveillance systems just got a lot "smarter & easier" with the NEW InstantON, a video camera that can transmit LIVE COLOR video and CRISP AUDIO signals up to 100 feet. The XCam2 integrates a color analog video camera, a microphone, and 2.4-GHz transmitter into a single device that fits in the palm of your hand. You can add multiple cameras and scan between the cameras like changing channels on your TV! With the NEW InstantON feature you can scan between cameras with no warm-up phase (old version, 1-2 seconds). You now get "instant" high quality and ultimate control!

"This NEW feature upgrade make the "InstantON" Camera ideal for ANY Multi-Camera System!

NEW! The Power of "InstantON!" - With the new XCam2 InstantON there is NO "warming-up" of the camera when it is switched on as the camera is now always on and the X10 signal is now only controlling the transmitter. Hence, the picture comes on at the correct brightness level immediately. With the regular XCam2, when switching cameras, you may notice a 1-2 second "fuzzy" or "dark" period before you get a clear picture. This is the "warming-up" period. The secret to these new cameras is that the power is separated between the camera & transmitter. This provides that the camera is always "on" so there is no warm-up period. The power gets turned on/off for the transmitter so you can easily scan between cameras!. When switching cameras with 2 or more XCam2s (VK49A) you will need to wait about 1-2 seconds so the camera can warm-up and display a clean, bright picture (left). With the New XCam2 "InstantON", as soon as you switch cameras, you instantly see a perfect picture (right)!

7. Optional GeekPC allows private chat added to versions 2.1.1 and below, copy into Cuseeme file directory. Not needed in New versions 3.0 on, its built in.

GeekPc Program

7a. Visit the Homepage of GeekPC for details of their product for prior versions of Cuseeme.

GeekPC HomePage

8. 16 bit windsock.dll needed in cuseeme file for GeekPc program to work, copy into Cuseeme directory

Winsock file

9. Our # ICQ 4272199

10.Now Send Video Email Messages

Express $169.99 Professional $249.99

11. Visit These new products

Here you will find some new software and camera manufacturers that are of great interest.

Wireless cams with multichannels and multi screens in their software. Many new features all incorporated in the software.


This firm offers a variety of video tools, they have a videomail that will create a short video with sounds that is viewable using the microsoft player. Great for a short presentation or to send via email.

They also have a virtual reality character creator which can also do presentations for websites with sound, It has a small footprint making it ideal for streaming presentation. Additionally they have a number of other softwares that do excellent video, editing and presentations.

Folks Im not selling these products, only advising you.

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