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Price $599.95 pair
(sold in pairs only)
Stock # 183

  • Pivoting acoustic couplers accept virtually all styles of telephone hand sets, including the new cellular radio telephone and cordless phones. Works on all standard communications systems which utilize a telephone handset: tone or rotary
  • Fully self-contained, (no wires to connect or get tangled) lightweight, compact, and enclosed in durable high impact ABS housing
  • Pick-up and hold together or use elastic strap attachment
  • The SCRAMBLER employs a speech spectrum inversion technique which is digitally controlled by the unit code select switch concealed in the battery compartment. There are 13,122 user selectable codes in four factory code groups providing 52,488 code combinations.
  • Coding System operates over long international distances and prevents unauthorized interception by other units.
  • Clear natural sound quality allows voice recognition of individual
  • Operates on standard 9 volt alkaline battery (not included)
  • can be used with conference calls between two or more parties.
  • Easy to read, pulsating status display L.E.D.'s indicate: Voice Scramble or Voice Clear condition, receiver volume Up or Down, microphone Mute and Low Battery


Price: $995.95 pair
(sold in pairs only)
Order # 184

The FS 916 Fax Scrambler units provides you with highly secure fax communications. You no longer have to worry about your confidential fax messages being tapped by unauthorized persons. You can send and receive faxes as you normally do. It has no effect on normal fax communications. The FS 916 receives normal unsecured faxes the same way as no scrambler connected and it will automatically enter the secure mode to receive if a secured fax comes in.

When in secure mode the fax scrambler intercepts your outgoing fax, applies a scrambling algorithm, and sends the scrambled message through the telephone line. When the scrambled message reaches the receiving party, his scrambler unit intercepts it and converts it back to clear unscrambled signal and sends it through his fax. If anyone taps the phone line between the two scramblers, they will only get a scrambled signal which is extremely difficult to decode. The FS 916 scrambler has a programmable scramble key which has over four billion combinations for you to select. You can use scrambler with full confidence that your fax communications are secure.


Price: $399.95 pair
Stock # 185

With our state of the art Telephone Scrambler you now can discuss confidential business and/or personal matters over the public telephone network without worrying about eavesdroppers. This compact and easy to install unit renders taps and monitors useless by way of rolling code encryption. Eavesdroppers will hear nothing but gibberish, ensuring complete privacy for all your telephone conversations. The Telephone Scrambler allows you to set your own unique code ensuring that only you and the party that you are speaking with can decode the conversation. Two units are required--one for each end of the conversation.
  • One-touch scrambling.
  • Thousands of key combinations.
  • "Rolling code" scrambling.
  • Works with Tone or Pulse.
  • Easy connection.
  • LED display.
  • FCC Registered
  • Compact and Portable.


Most businesses and individuals don't realize how much their answering machine can be an open gate into their private and confidential matters. In actuality, any message left on your answering machine is available to a "hacker". Not only can they listen to your messages that might include your customer's orders, confidential price quotes, or personal information, they can also erase messages or even change your outgoing message. Thousands now own devices such as the Answering Machine Intruder (see p.30) that can gain access to your answering machine. But with the Answering Machine Protector, you can protect your answering machine from access by hackers. The Answering Machine Intruder works by sending special DTMF "tone bursts" down the line, one segment of which will be your machine's remote access code. Unlike most voice mail systems, an inherent security flaw of answering machines is that if an incorrect security code is used, the caller can continue to try other codes without being disconnected. On most voice mail and other computer-based systems, once you enter 2 or 3 wrong codes you get disconnected. That's why tone bursts will work on answering machines but not on most other systems. The Answering Machine Protector constantly monitors your line, and when it detects a tone burst attempting to break your machine's security code, it immediately disconnects the caller. authorized security code users gain access normally, but hackers are hung up on. Even the Answering Machine Intruder is useless against this device. Isn't it time that you secured this often-over looked security flaw that invites strangers into your home or office? Operates automatically. Powered by AC adapter (included).
Price: $159.95
Stock # 186

The Audio jammer is an acoustic noise jammer which can protect your sensitive conversations from eavesdropping by generating unfilterable random white noise that desensitizes microphones in the vicinity. It is effective against microphone-based eavesdropping devices, including tape recorders, RF transmitters, and hard-wired and shotgun microphones. It can also protect against microwave or laser reflection pickups. Since the sound generated from the Audio Jammer varies randomly in both frequency and amplitude, it can not be filtered and the only sound the eavesdropper will hear is a loud hissing noise. Each unit can protect up to 250 sq. ft. One watt amplifier. Creates audible sound. Powered by four C batteries (not included). Dimensions: 31/4" x 43/4" x 31/2".
Price: $139.95
Stock # 187

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