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If a firm takes a persons valuable time and interviews them, in some cases two or three times. That human resource individual or responsible party should as a matter of courtesy and ethics; advise the person they were either passed over or another person was selected. However, these firms simply did not have the decency or courtesy to do so. In some cases inspite of follow up e-mails, voice mail messages or correspondence.

That says something about the firm itself. Oh, there is the matter of " we have so many candidates and its time consuming to notify them", or there is " we just don't have the time". Then there is , "well times have changed", Good manners, courtesy and ethics NEVER change but definitely reflects on the person or firms image perception.There are also firms that place large ads encouraging individuals to apply for work yet never respond or even return calls!. But seriously, if a firm has taken the time to invite you for consideration, has interviewed you , in some cases by various individuals in the firm. It only stands to reason they have the common courtesy to give their results or decison be it as it may.

Instead these firms simply become silent, unaccessible and mute. It is understandable then why it is difficult for their firms business practices to be any different toward the consumer. If this is how they treat prospective employees, imagine what a client can expect from such a firm. Their actions speak volumes and all should take heed.

It should be noted also that many of these firms HRS departments have taken to "asking" (in many cases if you do not give consent to do a check your not even given consideration) for individuals consumer credit checks for jobs that essentially do not merit that type of disclosure. IE sales, training, telemarketing, etc .They claim its to check employment record and if there is any derrogatory health data. But the bottom line is these HRS departments are now taking a role of Big Brother in an area they should not be addressing unless the position offered has some direct and undeniable reason to question the persons financial credit reliability. ie Banking, securities, cashiers or other areas where financial clarity is required. However 99% of the jobs offered do not require delving into a persons personal credit that deeply.

There are serious issues when dealing with HRS individuals that lack the most common of courtesies but what is more frightening is the total disregard of individuals privacy rights being violated for qualification of a job under the guise of need to know. Stricter rules need be enforced to prevent abuse in this area and violation of federal laws concerning ageism.

It must be noted that due to the economic conditions this is an employers market, there are over 2million plus unemployed and daily people are getting laid off with few new jobs openning up. Thus anyone applying for a job is competing with not just a few people but thousands for the same job which these employers can offer at lower wages for higher skills due to the need of the unemployed. There are more baby boomers unemployed now as well and they face age discrimination. So its not easy.

If you have a firm that should be included in this list. Contact us and we will include it!

= Unjustified Credit Report Check , = Lack of Business etiquette, = Invading Privacy, = Age Discrimination


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