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Specialization: South And Central America-Mexico-Caribbean-U.S.A.

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A key factor of a firms success overseas is the effective translation of its marketing materials used to open new markets.

Advantages of a quality translation result in:

Positive, concise image of your company and its products or services.

Time and work savings when related to fast paced changing products such as software.

Better legal protection. (Accurate translations of legal documents leave no grounds for misinterpretations).

Peace of mind. Transitions of establishing new operations in other countries progress quickly and smoothly. Bad translations can destroy the best laid plans very quickly.

We can help you:

Localize your software.

Desktop publish.

Translate documents.

Translate your website.

Interpret simultaneoulsy high level business meetings.

Have a document ready for publication.

Have an accurate translation of a technical manual.

Have a localized translation using colloquial expressions.

Have a finished product.

We have:

 Over 20 years of hands on , in-country experience.

Speak the required languages.

Established business relationships.

Proven, successful, 15 year track record with a major multinational firm handling 28 countries.

Assisted other firms specializing in computers, software, telecommunications.

Translated software, tech manuals and On line help for High Tech firm.

Assisted nationals for consulates of Spain and Mexico

Well versed in Business, Financial Statements, Marketing, Sales, High Level Business Interpretations.

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