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Telephone Cards !


No, its not a phone card with a microchip as seen recently in the market place. These Remote Telecards can have value added services besides the .06 to .14 cents per minute Long Distance Savings rate.

TELECARD is basically calling time that you pay for in advance. It gives you convenient and affordable long distance service with any Touch-Tone phone. From anywhere in the continental U.S. to anywhere in the world!

For many long distance calls, it's less expensive than collect calls, ordinary calling cards or coins. Save even more with larger value cards!


* No Coins

* No Bills

* No problem


Add more time with any major calling card

Customer service 24 hours/ 7 days a week.

Speed dialing making calls quick and easy.

Ideal for children away at college

Bilingual assistance

This Telecard is not like the old style telephone debit card or telephone calling card. It is a remote telephone debit card. This card does NOT store your information on the card, instead it is stored in a remote secure computer center.

Use is simple, the call is switched to our central computer system and accessed with your secure pin code, and can be used from virtually anywhere and any phone in the Continental USA day or night for the same low rate. If lost, its useless to anyone else .

You also have a variety of value added services that can be activated with Telecard: Sports scores, Stock Reports,Voice Mail, News Up dates, Fax On Demand, Customized Instructions, Pre record advertising messages, Customer Support , Customer Interaction and much , much more! Only Telecard can offer these value added services, the old debit memory storage and microchip cards could not offer these services but with our remote computer platform that lies at the heart of the of the new telecard. Value added services offer huge benefits to users and issuers alike.

Telecard, the remote memory card is a totally unique US invention. Major phone companies are now testing and creating their own value added remote cards but none have actually put them on the market place.

Easy to use and no surprises when you get the phone bill. You save up to 62% in long distance, no surcharges, no paper trail, low cost alternative to collect calling , cost savings in business use and more.

Not just useful to your everyday use, but a boom for small businesses with the implementation of the value added services.

If your interested in getting a Zero based TELECARD for FREE just ask us for it.

Send us an E-Mail request with your street address, we will send it to you the same day! On receipt you will need to activate the card with the amount of time you want on it by using your credit car, then you can benefit of the .06 or .149 cent per minute long distance rate on all your future calls! Ask for yours today!

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Use of a Prepaid Phone Card is simple. The Card holder merely dials a toll free 800 or 888 network access number and is asked to enter the personal identification # or (PIN). Once the card holder's PIN has been accepted they then enter the telephone number to be called. The Cardholder will be informed of how much talk time is available to the calling location, and the call is completed as normal. While connected to the network access number the caller may also hear brief messages from the phone cards sponsor, access information services, or voice mail (if available), and recharge the phone card using a major credit card.

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